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Ab Lounge Ultra
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Product Description

You can eat more potato chips if you do your crunches! Well, actually, this Ab Lounge Ultra's "Jackknife" exercise delivers a better abdominal workout than simple bent-knee crunches! Unlike crunches, it supports your body, especially your head, neck and back, throughout the exercise. It effectively works your muscles in the upper and lower abdominals, and obliques (the "love handles" area). And because you're up off the floor, your muscles have a total range of motion for better results. The new Ultra model has a top Focus Strap along with padded handles, for varied hand positions. Rolled steel frame supports up to 250 lbs. Premium mesh seat breathes for comfort. Workout DVD included. Measures 39 1/2 x 30 x 44 1/2", weighs 32 lbs. Some assembly required. Folds for easy storage. Now about those potato chips... keep in mind that crunchy raw veggies now and again won't kill you! That flatter, stronger stomach you've always wanted is closer than you think! Order your Ab Lounge Ultra today! Fitness Quest Ab Lounge Ultra

Focus your abdominal workouts on all the right areas with the Ab Lounge Ultra, a comfortable, effective ab machine for people of all fitness levels. The Ab Lounge Ultra offers a unique ergonomic design that helps support your head, neck, and back, so you won't put undue pressure on the wrong areas while performing your abdominal exercises. The Focus Strap and Iso-Grip padded handles, meanwhile, support multiple hand positions depending on which exercise you're performing. And thanks to the rolled steel frame, the unit easily supports up to 250 pounds. Other details include a premium mesh seat material, a foldable footprint for easy storage, handy foot pedals, and a workout DVD. The Ab Lounge Ultra is backed by a 90-day limited warranty.

  • Abdominal workout chair for focusing ab workout on stomach muscles
  • Unique ergonomic design helps support head, neck, and back
  • Focus Strap and Iso-Grip handles allow multiple hand positions
  • Rolled steel frame supports up to 250 pounds; includes workout DVD
  • Premium mesh seat material; foldable footprint; 90-day warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works but not for me
    This is a good product.
    I felt the burn instantly and is actually not a dreadful workout.
    Eventually I got "bored" because I prefer to do elliptical, stationary bike and dance, you know, workouts where I am not laying down but standing, running, dancing and such.
    I now have stored it under my bed as I do not have sufficient space to keep it out. I wish I could keep it out, maybe in front of the TV to put it to use but like I said, I lack space.

    This is a great exercise product with an excellent 'lounge" chair feel.

    Very comfortable while watching television. Queeze a lil' workout into the routine!...more info
  • Perfect Ab Builder for women post surgery
    I bought this because I had abdominal surgery twice (hysterectomy, too) and completely lost my tone and muscle control in my abdomen. Not only is this machine easy to use, but it is convenient. I am committed to tightening my stomach, so I leave it set up in my LR and hop on it 2-3x a day. It's the only exercise I have ever done that doesn't strain my lower back. Forget the Pilates machine if you have bad knees, which I do. I didn't even watch the DVD... just assembled, hopped on and started it. I have only been using this 2-3x a day, for a few minutes, every other day and I have lost 2 inches off my stomach in just a few weeks. Now that I have watched the DVD, I can see it will help me with side muscles too. The machine was easy to assemble but arrived missing a bolt. No problem, called the company and they shipped it out pronto. LOVE THIS MACHINE! And, this is the best price too.... trust me, I shopped around. ...more info
  • Can't review a product I couldn't receive
    I ordered an ab lounge ultra from this site but did not receive it because they did not have the product. I did however, go to my local Academy Sports Store and bought the product for cheaper than I would have paid on this site. I can't really review a product I could not receive from you.Ab Lounge Ultra...more info
    I received my order very quickly but when I opened the box I can see broken pieces of plastic. I realized the broken plastic was the knob that is used to hold it open and removed when it is to be closed and stored.
    I was able to use it with pliers I just won't be able to close it all the time it's not worth the effort. After using it twice I noticed the top half of the chair is bent and the cross strap is broken.
    I wouldn't make a purchase like this online again. It's not worth paying to return to product and waiting for a replacement.
  • Review of Ab Lounge Ultra Purchase
    The Ab Lounge Ultra was delivered on time and in good condition. We've only had it for a few days, but it appears to work well. We are happy with it....more info
  • Works well, could use minor improvements
    Works as advertised. No problems either in delivery, setup or use. Improvements needed: Quick disconnect for the one brace that must be unscrewed before you can fold the lounger for storage (and of course, must be screwed back in before the next use).

    As the lounger works only as a platform for sit-ups, there is no resistance, and hence no way to increase the resistance, to doing a sit-up. In general, unless you are woefully out of shape, it is much too easy. It is only a method to do sit-ups that is easier on your back.

    For those looking for something harder: Stretch an elastic band (such as a bungee cord) between the back frame (where the hand holds are placed) and the bottom frame (where it sits on the floor). A minor amount of resistance here translates into quite a bit of resistance to doing a sit-up. I have no actual numbers but my wife, for example, can do about 500 sit-ups at one setting yet I can prevent her from doing even one with just the force applied by my little finger holding one of the hand straps. The force is easily adjustable in this manner....more info
  • The right exercise equipment for me!
    This product was easy to put together. I keep it stationary in front of the TV in one of my bedrooms. I just sit on & exercise while watching the news. I didn't do any kind of exercise before, so I found that this product is perfect for whoever is hesitating about exercising. I already feel a difference in my stomach muscles and my neck doesn't hurt at all! I like to put the pedals on top of the center rail, I feel that the effect on my stomach is more intense. ...more info
  • Excellent machine for working out your abs!
    I used to go to a gym where this item was displayed, and I was really curious to try it....well, I did and I loved it. Everytime you work on this machine you really feel your abs getting tight and toned. I highly recommend this item. And thanks to Amazon for delivering and executing a great transaction....more info
  • Ab Lounge Ultra Helpful for Scoliosis
    I have a slight curvature of the spine due to the uneven development of the muscles on the two sides of my back. Consequently, sit-ups have never been easy for me. In fact, they have been downright painful at times. With the Ab Lounge Ultra I am able to work my abdominal muscles without hurting my back/spine. I don't feel it working on my Abs until about the 13th repetition but I have done as many as 50 reps at a go and I have only had the thing for about three weeks.

    Thank you Ab Lounge! I recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time with traditional sit-ups for any reason and who would like to work on developing their Abdominal muscles....more info
  • Please Don't Waste Your Money
    At a sporting goods store last night, I had the pleasure of trying out the latest version of this money making contraption: Ab Lounge Ultra. It didn't exercise my abdominal muscles at all. In fact, it practically folds up by itself when you sit in it . . . doing the sit up for you! It really saddens me to see marketers take advantage of people's desire for health and happiness....more info
  • Buyer Beware!!
    Do not purchase this product from Liquidation Wizard! I ordered and paid for mine the 6th of November and have finally received my refund today, the 15th of December, 39 days later. The first unit they sent me was defective. The frame was bent and caused the entire Lounge to wobble back and forth; very unsafe. Liquidation Wizard has no phone number, all communication must be via e-mail. They take a minimum of three business days to reply. They sent another Ab Lounge Ultra, slightly more stable but, still with a bent frame. This caused the seat to 'sit' crooked, which would damage your back. This unit was not level on the floor either. I had to re-pack and send both back through UPS. They weigh 50 lbs. each - not so easy. I eventually made a separate folder on my yahoo e-mail to contain communications with Liquidation Wizard. This folder contains 22 messages! I'm so relieved to finally be finished with this transaction. My best guess is Liquidation Wizard must purchase defective units and then sell them as new. To top it all off, while trying to leave feedback to warn other potential buyers, my feedback was accidentally erased. You only have one chance to leave feedback and a maximum of 400 characters - so good or bad, be sure you get it right the first time!

    I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not giving the Ab Lounge products a bad review, I am giving Liquidation Wizard a buyer beware review. I highly recommend purchasing your Ab Lounge directly from Fitness Quest! That is what I plan to do on Monday. I have used the Ab Lounge at a friend's house and it is an excellent way to tone and fun to use. It may cost a bit more money, but you know you are getting the real product the first time and Fitness Quest has excellent customer service. I hope this helps you make your purchasing decision!

    Update: (5 star!)

    I did purchase the Lounge directly from Fitness Quest. I ordered on the 17th of December, normal shipping, and it arrived on the 20th! I decided on the Ab Lounge 2 rather than the Ultra because of the great price - $104.16 grand total. Purchasing from Fitness Quest means you get a warranty and if needed you may try it for free. It comes with a DVD and a diet plan if your issue is losing weight rather than toning. It is durable, safe, and very steady. It only took 15 minutes to carefully put it together. The directions are very easy to follow. They have upgraded the Ab Lounge 2 by placing wing nuts rather than screws to collapse it. It is very simple to do - it took me 90 seconds - and it folds completely flat. Folded flat the dimensions are 7" by 60" - if you remove the handles (easy as well) you can reduce that to 5" by 60".

    I am 5'8" (172.7 centimeters) and it is long enough for me. I have seen some reviews that suggest a significantly taller person would be better off with the XL model. If you have the money to spare I would recommend purchasing the XL because it has a 'quick release' feature that collapses it flat instantly. The Ultra model is slightly faster to collapse; you only have to unscrew one side rather than both and I believe from experience it is slightly longer. Both the Ultra and the XL models have mesh seats; that has not been an issue for me however.

    I LOVE this machine and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to tone and build muscle and strength. Also, because the Lounge bends beyond 180 degrees backwards, it really stretches out your back which is heavenly. I had to put it away (in my small apartment - no problem) for Christmas festivities but, it is coming back out in the morning. I can't wait to get back to it! Four reps of 50 a day and I should be back to a size 3 in about a month - I'll be back to give another update. :)

    Update : (6 star!)

    It's now early summer and I just love my AbLounge!! Just 100 full sit ups a day have dropped me to between a size 5 or 3 depending on the garment. It's clear my hip size will get better and better and my stomach is hard as a rock! Working out is fun and enjoyable ... as the summer wears on I'll get up to the previously promised 200 daily and give another update. :)

    And oh yeah, the reviews concerning height : after using the AbLounge for so long I've realised (zed) it is leg length that is the issue rather than total height. My inseam is 33" / 80.5 centimeters; if your inseam is significantly longer I would suggest the XL or Ultra. ...more info
  • I am glad I made this choice
    I love my purchase, it is everything I was looking for, very comfortable to use, easy to move around. I was really worried about putting it together, what a sinch so easy. I am glad I got the Ultra lounger.

    The best part is it is so quiet, you cannot hear any squeaks or noise, you can watch TV or listen to music without any noise from the lounger.

    Great product....more info