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D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router EBR-2310
List Price: $53.99

Our Price: $25.00

You Save: $28.99 (54%)


Product Description

Create a wired network in your home using the D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router (EBR-2310). Connect this Wired Router to a broadband modem and share your high-speed Internet access, check email, share files, and enjoy online gaming. This Wired Router provides four 10/100 Ethernet ports to connect up to four Ethernet-enabled PCs or network devices. Switching capabilities have been integrated into this device to efficiently manage your network traffic. It includes a built-in firewall for safeguarding your network from hackers and malicious attacks. Parental control features are also included to monitor Internet usage and block inappropriate content. For creating a simple wired network for your home, the easy-to-use D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router (EBR-2310) gets the job done.

  • Easily Create a Basic Network to Share Your Internet Connection
  • Advanced Firewall Features and Parental Controls to Protect Your Network
  • Check E-mail, Chat with Friends, Share Files, and Enjoy Casual Gaming
  • ?Check E-mail, Chat with Friends, Share Files, and Enjoy Casual Gaming
  • One year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • cant do anything
    it's a solid router, but i use it for my ps3 and pc, and when i do multiple things on my pc like download music and use firefox, it almost picks one to work with and the other wont work...for example, if im on firefox and start to download music, firefox wont load anything...more info
  • clumsum
    I bought this unit a little over 2 weeks ago. I installed it per the instructions and have not had a single problem with it. I works great. I ran a test to see how well it hides my connection from hackers and it passed with excellent results. Mine was packed with large bubble wrap which had holes in it, it was probably bounced all the way to my address and still worked fine out of the box (I guess you could say it passed the drop test, too). I would recommend it. This is an honest and unbiased review by an average user of a PC...more info
  • Just doesn't work very well...
    I connected the router to one computer - and it worked perfectly.
    I connected a second computer and the internet connection to both became very slow, disconnecting multiple times, even when only one was being actively used.
    I could share a printer through the router, but not the internet connection.
    Online tech service is a joke.
    Documentation is not helpful.
    Try a different brand....more info
  • solved my problem
    Older Netgear router needed to be reset a few times a day, generally while downloading large files. I couldn't figure out how to update the firmware so I decided to throw $35 at the problem and see if it would go away. The D-link router setup and installation was quick and painless. My reset problem has disappeared. I wish that I had bought a new router a year ago....more info
  • smooth and easy . . .
    I used the D-Link EBR-2310 router to create a network to share a DSL modem connection. Two computers were running Windows XP, and the third Windows Vista (64 bit). Following the directions, the process was pretty smooth and easy. I installed the included software in one of the XP machines, followed the onscreen directions of the setup wizard, and was done in perhaps thirty minutes. Software installation was not required for the other computers.

    The router requires AC power, and has one Ethernet port for connection to the modem, and three output ports. One Ethernet patch cord is included, so you will need a similar patch cord for each computer on the network. The network has been running for only a few weeks, but there have been no major issues so far. Hopefully that will remain the case.

    Rebates can be an incentive to buy, but sometimes getting that rebate check can be an adventure. D-Link products often have rebates available, but doing a little research online, there are apparently many D-Link customers that have had problems getting their rebates.

    D-Link's rebate form has to be mailed within thirty days of the date of purchase, so if it takes a week for your product to arrive you only have 23 days left. You also need to cut the UPC from the box, and send it with the form. Amazon or whoever you buy from, probably will not accept a product return if the UPC is removed. Ideally you want to run the network for a while, and verify that the router is working properly, before you cut out the UPC. I almost forgot to send in the rebate before the deadline, but hopefully D-link, even with a spotty reputation, will come through with a check.

    It didn't work for my order, but you may want to look into Amazon online rebate redemption option, which is available for some products. Deadlines are still critical, and once you apply for a rebate, the item cannot be returned! So be sure If there is a problem with the rebate, it is not clear what assistance Amazon would provide, in dealing with the company offering the rebate.

    Rebate issues aside, the EBR-2310 is competitively priced, easy to setup, and works well for establishing a basic network.
    ...more info
  • constantly loses connections. Testimonials from others included. Do not buy at all costs.
    This router works great when it works. However, It would lose connections every now and then and you have to wait a couple minutes to 10 minutes for the router to come back. When it's lost connections, you cannot use the internet. It might go a whole week without losing connections but sometimes(like today) you can lose connections a couple times a day. Today, I lost connections 5 times and that motivated me to write this.

    Turning off and turning it back on helps too somtimes but it doesn't always work.

    I was so frustrated today and went to their website. They do not have a firmware to fix this. Also they now have forums and other people were having the same problems at this product's forum.

    It seems that no one has the clear answer after a couple months and I now have to buy another freaking router because of this issue.

    ...more info
  • Home Network
    The router was easy to install. I was able to connect it to my existing wiring and have it up and running in less than an hour....more info
  • Excellent product!
    The D-Link router was very easy to install and works great. I have had no problems with the router. Highly recommended product & fast shipping from Amazon....more info
  • D-Link EBR-2310
    The router installed without a hitch. The included software created a functioning LAN between multiple computers, including shared peripherals. My only complaint is, I was punished for selecting the "free shipping" option with a one-week delay. Once the thing shipped, it was delivered by USPS (that's right, the "snail mail" people, not UPS) just a couple of days later. That tells me, choosing to pay extra for shipping is not to cut down the transit time, but to accelerate the shipping date. If you're not in a hurry (I wasn't), don't waste your money on a bribe!...more info
  • wired router works ... but ...
    wired router works ... but ... with cable modem and power switch at the door it needs to be coaxed back into sharing the modem - looks ok for real time always live but would not recommend for a novice unless they have lots of time to access it with a browser and tweak it until it's happy - but for $25 it solves a problem so maybe it's ok for us, the last of the wired dinosaurs ...more info
  • D-Link Router
    Work as advertised. Good price and delivery. Had Linksys for over 5 years, but finally it gave up. D-link had better overall customer reviews compared to Linksys. Followed direction and easy setup. Been operational for over a month with no problems. Recommended....more info
  • Great product and even better support !
    Purchased this router on 3/3/08. It arrived on 3/7 and installed it the same day. Required a call to their support staff who were helpful, quick and very well qualified. Router works great, runs as fast as my cable system and the Network Magic software is fantastic ! ...more info