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Cabelas African Safari
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Product Description

Cabela's African Safari lets you experience the challenge of hunting African Big Game beyond belief and the danger of the Feared Big Five - Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Cape Buffalo. Live the adventure of a lifetime, as you go on 40 safari hunts for a variety of dangerous game. Go on 7, 10 or 14 day safari hunts & track big game, antelope and plains game. Begin each safari hunt at an African hunting lodge where you will be given your safari objectives Interact with a Safari & get tips you'll need to succeed in this expansive and unforgiving country All new shooting controls and features including Adrenaline Mode, Hunter Sense and Shot CAM - admire your kill shot in slow motion

  • Over 30 exotic species including the Feared Big Five and Sable, Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland, Impala
  • Unlock a Trophy Big Five level where you will experience the world's most dangerous animals at their best
  • Hunt massive herds of moving plains game while you control the direction of your safari vehicle
  • All-new bird hunting including African waterfowl and upland birds will sharpen your shooting skills
  • Choose from a variety of big caliber weapons that you will need to bring down a charging rhino, thundering elephant and attacking lion

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game!
    This game is incredibly fun whether you like hunting in real life or if your one of those gamers that just wants to have fun running around and shooting things!...more info
  • Cabela's African Safari review
    I liked this game. I liked in on the PS2 when I had.

    Pros: Fun game that makes you feel like you are in the wilds of Africa hunting animals other than the usual domestic deer & bears.

    Cons: Graphics - it was as though I was playing it on my PS2 - same graphics. Luckily it was/is the same game so I will keep it because it is fun.
    ...more info
  • Way too easy!
    I just bought this game yesterday and I've already beaten it - in the same day. Mind you, it was very fun, but it was just way too easy. The hardest thing in the game in the herd hunts, where you're sitting in a jeep and you need to weed out the biggest darkest males (kudu, or other antelope-like species) and shoot them in one shot. If you shoot at or injure a female or a smaller male that's not dark, then you get fined 100 points. Generally that never happens because it was a rather simple task to do.

    If you plan on buying this...don't. It's a fun game, but it's better that you just rent it so you're not wasting your money because you'll probably beat it too in a few days....more info
  • Game for Kids
    If your looking for a realistic high-quality hunting sim, this is not it.
    I would recomend it for 13yrs or under. I got the game last night and I finished it within the next 5 hours. The hunting grounds are super tiny and you can see where animals are on your mini-map. The graphics have nothing going for them either. Not even a game for you if you just want to blast away at everything you see because doing so will cause you to fail the mission. ...more info