2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike
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Product Description

The Elliptical machine Provides a total body (legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders), low-impact, cardiovascular workout for all family members, regardless of ability level. This unit resembles a walking or jogging machine. Your feet move in a natural elliptical motion, providing a no-impact workout for less stress on the joints. As you walk, your hands grasp poles that move in conjunction with your leg motion. This results in a smooth, fluid movement that tones arms, chest, back, hips, legs, and glutei. Better than a treadmill! Burns 5 times more calories than walking. Adjustable resistance dial. Dimensions: Length-34", Width-24", Height-60". Highest quality construction that will last for years that is comparable with any of the major manufacturers at a fraction of their cost. Instruction manual and all necessary tools for easy home assembly are included. Full factory warranty. Weight: 65 lbs. Compare similar machines at $299 and up! Buy direct from the factory and save! customer comments: I just wanted to let the staff at golf outlets know that I love my elliptical bike. This particular bike is really a smooth ride and easy on the ankles, knees, hips and back. I've attached some before and after pictures so you can see what this machine did for me!!! A colleague of mine was so impressed at how fast i lost the weight he came over my house to see this machine that I'd been talking about, it took him all of 30 seconds of riding it before he asked me where he could purchase one! Andy - Levittown, NY.

  • Use sitting or standing
  • Handlebars also lock in place when you want a "free running" workout
  • Strides forward and reverse
  • Lightweight, compact and wheels away for easy storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Purchase
    When it arrived at out house and I realized that then I had to put it all together, I procrastinated for a week. Finally put it together and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I worried over nothing. We love our new purchase!...more info
  • Warning about this machine
    The machine is tilted forward at an uncomfortable position. Other reviewers said you could fix this by putting a piece of wood under the front leg, but I did this and the metal under the back leg cracked.

    I've had this machine for about a year and I've only used it about 40 times. I ordered the elliptical machine, but instead the company sent me the 2 in 1 elliptical machine and bike. By the time I realized this I'd started putting it together and I decided I liked the 2 in 1 even though it was not what I ordered so it didn't seem worth the hassle of contacting the company.

    The biggest problem with this machine is that it tilts forward to an unacceptable level. It's like you are riding a bike standing up and tilted 45 degrees forward rather than the horizontal motion you would expect from a true elliptical machine. But this is because it is essentially pedals attached to a bike, unlike the more complex machinery in a elliptical machine at the gym, but that's why they cost $2,000 and this is $120. The electronic timer is useless and broke in about two weeks.

    It tilts because the front is about 4 inches too short. I read another review that suggested putting a piece of wood under the front, and this worked and made it more of a horizontal motion. However, I just realized today that the metal near the back of the center rail has a 6 inch crack in it and is going to snap completely soon. It's because having the rail resting on a piece of wood in the front puts pressure in the wrong place on the bike. So it's my fault that the bike is unusable after about 40 uses, but I just want to warn people who read the same review I did that you can't actually correct the machine's weird position

    I'm a college student and I'm pretty weak, but I was able to move the bike easily. It's only 60 lbs and it fit in (my fairly large) car to move home for the summer. It was compact, fit in the corner of my dorm room, and has wheels on the front to help move it. It seemed fairly sturdy (until it cracked of course!) and I'm well under the weight limit, so it didn't crack just because I was putting too much weight on it. If you're looking for a cheap sturdy bike and you don't mind exercising at a weird angle as a trade off, I'd recommend this bike. But overall trying to get more out of a cheap bike just brought a lot of irritation....more info
  • Nice equipment
    My son in law put it together for me, so I had no problems with that. One of the seat braces was bent, but seat tightened up fine. Good work out. Who knew I was so out of shape. ha Only complaint is adjustment wheel doesn't really make a lot of difference, unless I just don't have it figured out yet. For the money, this is a good piece of equipment....more info
  • Nice bike...
    I like this product. It works really well and its versatile. The only problem is that the sensor for the monitor computer flew off after about two weeks of use. Now it doesn't read out, but the bike functions well. Assembly was easy, too. I recommend the bike but don't rely on the monitor. ...more info
  • waste of money
    After 2 months of use, the front wheel became loose and started making a strange grinding noise. It got louder and louder and the screws left black powder on my carpet. Do not buy....more info
  • Elliptical Bike
    Im satisfied. I'm able to use it as a bike and elliptical. Its a bit unsteady after a few uses and my arms are short so its hard when it extends. For the most part its worth the money....more info
  • nice surprise
    I bought this with a little worry because of the many negative reviews. I was having such a hard time agonizing over spending a lot of money that I just wasn't exercising so I decided just to get an inexpensive one and get going. What a great surprise! I thought it was easy to put together, it worked well right away, isn't too loud, and is fun to use. I suppose every different body shape feels comfortable on a different shape machine but this one suits me just fine. I can't sit on the seat and use the handles but I don't really want to anyway. It's just fine for a good basic workout to get your heart going....more info
  • Somewhat pleased
    I am a beginner to exercising. I am completely out of shape. I have tried lots of different exercises and have found them to be too difficult for me at the beginner stage. However, I love the elliptical/bike trainer. I was able to bike 5 miles the very first day. I think that for a starter machine it is excellent. I feel that I will need to trade up as I become healthier. I don't think that the machine was built to last long. The second day I used it the machine started to make a clicking noise. I haven't figured out where it is coming from but I am concerned that it indicates a breakage. I also disliked the instructions. My daughter and I took almost two hours to put it together. We had to follow the pictures because the written instructions were almost illegible. ...more info
  • Just OK...
    It's ok for the money. The foot pedal came off the first time I used it but hasn't come off since. I'm not a big person, but that bike seat is uncomfortably small! OUCH.
    It's ok for the money, but if I had the chance to try it before I bought it, I would have went with something a little more expensive and sturdy....more info
  • Cross Trainer Elliptical has missing parts
    The Elliptical that was ordered through Amazon.com from Golf Outlets of America was missing important parts and could not be completely assembled. Phoned G.O.A. and asked for parts. They were not shipped. Emailed G.O.A to remind them that parts were not received and that I was going to return the Elliptical. Received an email from UPS that package was being delivered from G.O.A. Should be receiving parts 30 days after receiving the Elliptical. Hope parts are correct. Then I can actually review the product....more info