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GE Security 001795 AccessPoint TouchPoint 30-Key Cabinet, Clay
List Price: $90.00

Our Price: $45.95

You Save: $44.05 (49%)


Product Description

Stronger than any key cabinet in its class, this wall-mount unit is constructed from 16-gauge heavy duty steel for optimal security and durability. The cabinet holds up to 30 keys for safe storage and easy access. A pushbutton lock provides easy access and added security and convenience. A unique clutch mechanism protects from forced entry. And, the entry code can be changed as often as you like, with over 1,000 possible combinations available, so you'll never have to re-key your lock again. A continuous piano hinge keeps the door in line with the cabinet for years of reliable use. Keys can be hung separately on hooks or with multiple keys on supplied key tags. Four-point mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes ensure easy, stable installation. --Brian D. Olson

  • Locking wall-mount cabinet for storing keys
  • Holds 30 keys; pushbutton lock with over 1,000 re-settable combinations
  • More depth for larger key rings; 16-gauge heavy-duty steel construction
  • Includes screw and wall anchors for easy mounting and setup
  • Measures 12.04 by 8.11 by 3.19 inches; limited 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • If you're looking for security, don't buy it.
    If you're looking for security, forget it. Stick a pry bar in the side and it's open in a matter of minutes. But, this is the option that most people have. However, I just found the Buddy Electric Key Safe Cabinet model 3221-32 that's a bit more expensive, but definately secure. It's built like a safe... a necessity to protect your keys from a determined theif. It's equipped with two bar locks instead of a tiny metal latch. Plus the hinges are concealed. I found the best price on Sam's club website, but it ranged from $100-$200 when I googled it. This GE type of key cabinet built with a metal latch is nothing better than a heavy duty storage cabinet for your keys. I wanted security and storage. Bought the Buddy Key Safe instead. Much happier. ...more info
  • There are better options out there
    I was planning to buy this item, but was scared away by the reports of the locking mechanism breaking. I found a much beefier alternative (9 gauge steel) sold by Harbor Freight (model 95041 - "Electric Key Box") which has a battery-powered electronic keypad and an external key backup, all for about half the price of the GE. I had trouble finding this item on Harbor Freight's website, but it was in stock at their store. I am happy with it so far....more info
  • Touch pad broke - less than a year old
    The touch pad lock broke with less than a year of infrequent use on it and all my keys were locked inside of it. In desperation I took a large screwdriver to it and pried the door open. It is not as secure as I had hoped and not as reliable as I expected. I have ordered a Buddy Electric Key Safe Cabinet (BDY322132) as a replacement. ...more info
  • Great Buy
    My wife had a tendency to leave our spare keys laying around so I got this key box to make sure we knew exactly where our keys were. The installation wasn't that bad it's just finding those darn studs that made it difficult. I highly recommend this for people who want to be more organized. ...more info
  • Lock broke with light use!
    I bought this safe to keep my garage door opener safe from potential thieves. After about a month of light use, the knob turned but the lock mechanism didn't. All my keys were stuck inside. In a desperate panic I turned and turned the knob and it opened after about 200 turns. I was late for my appointment but at least I had my keys. The box has remained open since. I plan to replace it with a different, keyed, brand available on amazon....more info
  • Great for Workplaces.
    I bought this key safe for my workplace and find it is great to use for that. I don't need to keep an extra key just to open a box to get to the other keys! I spent an entire weekend looking for a keyless entry key safe for a reasonable price and this was the only one I found. There were others similar, but more expensive and I believe they used the same safe and named it something different to sell on their own sites. The least expensive I found for this model was here on Amazon (in March 2007). Save yourself the trouble, just get this if you're looking for a keyless pushbutton key box.

    This is a great key box for many reasons:
    1. No key is needed, just punch in a code on the push button combination on the front.
    2. It holds 30 keys (although that many is a little crowded) and has #d key rings to attach to the keys.
    3. It holds about 10 keys on the inside of the door itself.
    4. It is a sturdy metal box, not a thin metal one like at retail places like office max / depot, etc. and comes with mounting hardware.
    5. I use it at my workplace where only a few people can have access to certain keys. Those keys go in this box and I didn't have to worry about handing out keys. If someone leaves, I can change the combo easily.
    6. The combo was easy to set and is easy to change, just a couple of minutes.

    I noticed some reviews mentioning home use and I agree that if someone really wanted to, they could break into this, after all, they could just pull it off they wall and do what they needed to it. But I think most of us realize a $60 lock box isn't the last line of defense, or should be. It's best used in a trusted area to keep people from having the opportunity to take the keys that aren't locked up in the first place....more info
  • cabinet
    One first one I got was broken but they replaced it very quickly and the one I have now is great....more info
  • Good stuff, not perfect...
    This product is working as we had hoped. It is very effective. I would say practically speaking it will only hold about 15 keys easily, not the 30 listed. It is not large enough to allow for more. Seems that if it was just two inches deeper it would be perfect for a higher number of keys. Overall a good simple to use product....more info
  • ncessary security improvement
    Keys laying all around the house? The case is great for keeping them secure. Not 5 stars as it is thinner front to back than I anticipated and it makes storing keys with big key chains difficult. Fully customizable combo is good. A good stud sensor is recommended as it is most secure when mounted to a stud. So a stud sensor, a level, a drill and a screw driver are the tools needed. Easy install with the right tools....more info
  • Multiple Key Safe / Lockbox
    The key cabinet offers SOLID security for all your keys and a must-have to prevent others from access to your personal property. Locking all keys in the cabinet eventually becomes a good habit and provides you peace of mind, knowing no one can take the keys to your car, entry doors, office, etc. This cabinet is very simple to open and close, such that it becomes a daily routine requiring very little thought. I purchased one for my home and recently installed another for a lady who lives by herself....more info
  • Great idea, poor quality parts
    I bought this unit as I wanted to stay away from the electronic units. For the first 4 months of use, it was great. But then the keypad "broke". It appeared one of the numbers was always "pushed". Luckily it was part of my code, so I could get into the safe.

    After taking the keypad apart, here is what happened. There is a flat plastic piece, similar to a tree branch. Solid down the middle and little "branches" that go in between the push buttons. The top broke off, so the number 1 and number 6 are eternally in their "what it was when it broke" position.

    Since this seems to be a quality issue (if I get a replacement safe, I would assume the new one would break in the same place)...I have to give it a low rating....more info
  • Good quality and easy to use
    Box is sturdy and lock is easy to set your own combination on and use....more info
  • A Must Have for the Security Concious
    There's a reason why they install these (and it looks like this exact model) when they do the security make over on "It Takes a Thief". The reason is they work an they make sense. It took me about 5 minutes to install and now all of my keys are locked up safe and sound. As an added benefit now I don't waste time looking for my car keys as I always know where they are.
    ...more info
  • Great idea, but needs a little more
    As one of the previous reviewers noted, the locking mechanism broke - it was within 2 months of use for us which was disappointing. The keys were locked in and my husband opened the box with a hammer and a screwdriver (which ended up being surprisingly simple to do). He took it apart and found that the gear chamber was very thin and had worn out! But on the plus side, it was great having all of the keys in one place and it was very easy to use....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    This proved to be a perfect solution to the many keys that I have in my office. I did not want a lock box that required another key. I am able to give the combination to my employees and not have to worry about keys floating around. Combination can be changed in the future if need be. Quick to hang and setting the combination was very easy....more info
  • ge key safe
    I am pretty satisfied with the ge accesspoint 30-key cabinet. I mainly wanted it to store keys (such as car keys) that my teenage sons can't get at. I don't care much for the feel of the push-buttons or how the knob can still be turned without punching in a code but it doesn't let you open the door without the code. It works well for my purpose. ...more info
  • Very professional and easy to work.
    The key box is every professional looking and was very easy to setting code. It look great and fits in with my home decor....more info