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GE Security 001413 Interlogix Supra S6 Pushbutton Combination Keybox, White
List Price: $35.99

Our Price: $26.88

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Product Description

Surface Mount Push Button Lock Box - White Surface Mount Push Button Lock Box Same features as Portable Push Button Lock Box, but mounts directly to your home! Change the combination as often as you wish. Screws and complete instructions included. You’ll never have a need to make a spare key again! Just a few fascinating ways to use a store a key.... Uncle Dan is visiting, and he’s arriving on the red eye. Dan can let himself in and you can see him in the morning! Your keys fell out of your daypack, 4 miles up the trail. That’s 8 miles round trip! Your brother needs to borrow your car, and you don’t want to leave the keys in an obvious place, like under the seat! You simply don’t like to carry keys. Stop the key bulk and key rattling noise once and for all! Your elderly mother can’t get to the door, open up the Store A Key, and you’re there to help. Available Colors

Never get locked out again. Mount this locking key case to any wall or flat surface for easy, secure access to up to two keys. The Slimline KeySafe securely stores up to two keys for both house entries, offering easy access for kids, key losers, service workers, renters and more. The included mounting hardware means quick and easy setup. An easy-to-use pushbutton combination lock can be changed at anytime for added security. There are over 1,000 different combinations available. The box design has a solid track record for unmatched quality and security. Great for after-school access for kids, the unit features weather-resistant metal construction for years of reliable, rust-free use. --Brian D. Olson

What's in the Box
Case, mounting hardware

  • Combination key case for permanent wall-mount storage of up to 2 keys
  • Great for after-school access for kids who sometimes lose keys, adults also
  • Easy-to-use pushbutton combination with over 1,000 personalized combos to chose from
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy setup
  • Solid, weather-resistant metal for rust-free performance

Customer Reviews:

  • Safe, secure and convenient
    The idea of this sounded great and has proven to be just that. I bought one for the house so I don't have to worry about locking myself out, one for our garden shed so I don't have to carry my keys with me when I want to work outside and one for my Mom who has recently locked herself out and wanted me to drive 2 hours to let her in. Never again. Setting a combination is a simple turn of the screw. If you can't remember your exact combination order, but you can remember all the numbers in your combination, that's okay. As long as you enter all the correct numbers, despite the order, it will unlock. I'm using the KeySafes daily and no longer have to panic when I close the door that locks behind me and realize I forgot my keys. It's so much more secure than a hide a key. I've seen weather covers for these at other sites, but tried to mount them so they weren't feeling the worst of the rain and didn't bother with the covers. I've yet to encounter any weather problems....more info
  • It Didn't Work !
    I had high hopes for this key safe when it arrived. Fortunately I did not install it before trying it out. After attempting to set a new combination the safe would not open. I tried repeatedly, carefully following the directions... but no luck. Back it went. My new Master safe lock is great! And Mater's rotating combination mechanism works a lot better than the GE's push buttons....more info
  • Lock box review
    The product was as advertised, arrived very promptly and at a great price. I saved our church more than $20 over the price locally. The box works great as I knew it would since I have two of them on my own properties. ...more info
  • Easy to install and works well
    The product does what it says and it easy to use and install. It took me about 2 minutes to install and set a combination and works well. ...more info
  • discreet solution for forgotten key or power outage
    I had one and have bought two more, one for each daughter, they mount between entry door and storm door, need no power and hold two keys, knob and deadbolt. If the power was out at my home or the garage door opener quit or the remote was dead, this would be my backup. Easy to program the code, easy to mount into wood....more info
  • Security Combination Keybox
    This is a solid product at a good price.
    Simple to work and sturdy enough to hold up.
    ...more info
  • GE Lock Box Review
    Great lock box. Custom combinations of 5-7 digits makes it very good. I bought this because I've seen them before and already like it very much. Does the job. Just screw it to a wall outside your house inconspicuously somewhere, and you're set!...more info
  • It does what it's supposed to do
    I've been very pleased with this product because:

    1. It's easy to set the combination
    2. It's easy to mount
    3. It holds enough keys for several doors
    4. It's very sturdy and won't rust

    ...more info
  • Great product
    Every home should have one of these. You never know when you will be locked out and will need a key....more info
  • GE Slimline Key case
    I really like the ge key case. it is easy to put on the wall and very easy to get into when you need the key for safe you are trying to get open. The ge key case is very easy to close once your done with the lock up of your safe....more info
  • Not for cold weather
    This worked just fine until the weather gets below freezing (perhaps the worst time to get locked out). The mechanism freezes up and it no longer works, leaving you outside looking in....more info
  • Key box works well
    Easy to install. Feels sturdy and secure. A bit "fiddley" to open but I feel I will do better with practice. ...more info