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GE Security 001859 AccessPoint Stor-A-Key Locking Key Case, Gray
List Price: $10.99

Our Price: $7.90

You Save: $3.09 (28%)


Product Description

Never be locked out of your home or car again. The Locking Stor-A-Key is a secure key holder that lets you hide your house or car key in a discreet spot for emergency access or just as a spare. Attach this key holder in any convenient location: Its powerful magnet will adhere to a wheel well or magnetic grill cover, and it also comes with adhesive tape to hold it in place anywhere. A user-settable combination lock adds security to the standard hide-a-key system for added peace of mind. This extra-large container holds most auto and home keys, and it's even weather resistant. This device is also available in a portable version. If you don't need the added security of a combination lock, a simple, magnetic Stor-A-Key is also available. For maximum security, mount the Digital KeySafe in a convenient location. This key storage device requires that a digital PIN be entered to release your key.

  • Security locking case with 1,000 combination possibilities
  • Equipped with powerful rare earth magnet that keeps it place
  • The removable foam insert to keep keys from rattling
  • Crafted from durable weather resistant plastic
  • Includes attachment point for lanyard or cable tie

Customer Reviews:

  • This Thing Is Useless
    Another great GE product:

    If you twist the cover with very moderate force you'll crack open this thing. The reason I even tried doing it was because the combination lock stopped working and I had to retrieve the key.

    Don't waste your $$$ on this....more info
  • Peace of mind
    I got this product a year ago, after my wife accidentally locked the car with our 1-year old baby inside. Fortunately, a window was slightly open a she handled to unlock the car 10 minutes later. After that I searched and found this product. We keep it on the roof below the roof rack. It has never felt down and the key inside is in perfect condition.

    Last week I went on business trip and when I got to the airport I realized that lost my car key in my way from the parking lot. It was good to take the airport knowing that I was able to drive back (the parking lot personnel find my keys anyway but it was good to have another option)

    ...more info
  • GE Security 001859 AccessPoint Stor-A-Key Locking Key Case.
    This locking key case is precisely what I was looking for. It is very well designed, and very well built. The magnet that retains the key case in a secreted spot, is extremely strong. So if you hide it somewhere on your car, there would be little, or no, chance of losing it.

    If you need a reliable. easy to hide, key case, this is the one I would recommend to anmyone....more info
  • Small, discrete and easy to open/close
    It's small and very discrete with it's magnetic backing that can be mounted very easily. The combo lock is easy to open/close. If you are looking for a secure hide-a-key this serves that purpose. I would recommend it....more info
  • Too small for keys!
    This does not fit the bigger car keys that have the lock/unlock/panic functionality inside. If I can't have a new standard key made, I'll return it....more info
  • Easy to force open without tools
    This thing is so weak that I could open it in seconds with my bare hands.
    I did so, and threw it in the trash. A better choice would be an all metal keysafe. But my friend taught me a better way to store a spare key in the car for free. Wrap the key up in bubble wrap or something so it doesn't feel like a key, then put a few layers of duct tape over that, and put a misleading label on it like "spare fuses" or "mini first aid kit". Then put it somewhere out of the way in the car, like behind the tailight access covers in the trunk. The tape and duct tape mean it won't rattle around in your car on bumpy roads, and will deter people who come across it (e.g. car repair people) from opening it. My friend says the police once searched his car for contraband for an hour, and even they didn't bother opening it up when they found it....more info
  • Good for the price
    While I'm sure that you can smash this case with a hammer or rock, I still think that it adds security over the simple "hide a key" case that I've had before. It has a much better magnet. The foam inside keeps the key from rattling. The gray color keeps it from being easily seen. It seems to seal up well to keep out moisture. I think it seems like a good deal for the price....more info