MacGyver - The Complete Final Season
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All 14 electrifying episodes from the 7th & final season. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/28/2007 Starring: Richard Dean Anderson

The houseboat is history. In the final season, MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) moves to a loft in an eccentric inner-city neighborhood. The point seems to be to paint the secret agent as less of a loner, but living away from the rest of the world seemed to suit MacGyver better. Fortunately for fans, Mac's ever-enthusiastic buddy, Jack (Bruce McGill), and surprisingly lively nemesis, Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), who faked his death in year six, come back to add a little zest to proceedings that were starting to grow stale (see "Obsessed" and "The Mountain of Youth"). Aside from Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar, now wearing dark glasses due to glaucoma), MacGyver's boss, other recurring characters include Mama Lorraine (Kimberly Scott), a voodoo priestess, and the Colton brothers (Cleavon Little, Richard Lawson, and Cuba Gooding Jr.), who return in "The Coltons," pilot for a series that never materialized (Della Reese, who plays their mother, would have better luck with Touched by and Angel). In addition, Mac's son, Sam (Dalton James), is introduced in "The Stringer," the series' fitting finale. Sadly, Elcar, who also starred in Barretta and Black Sheep Squadron, would pass away in 2005.

Instead of a full season, only 14 episodes were produced for the seventh, including the silly two-parter "Good Knight MacGyver," in which a bump on the noggin transports Mac to Camelot. As he spends more time with the Challengers Club than the Phoenix Foundation, other stories revolve around domestic matters rather than the international crises of yore. Guest stars include Shelley Berman ("Honest Abe"), Wendy Malick ("Obsessed"), Henry Gibson ("Deadly Silents"), and Dick Butkus ("Split Decision"). The final season was followed by two tele-films, an appearance on The Simpsons, and a Super Bowl 2006 MasterCard commercial in which Anderson revived his most famous character. Priceless, indeed. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • great season too
    watch it the day i got it too enjoy all seasons of macgyver thanks for allowing to voice myself on here bill...more info
  • seventh times a charm
    Season 7 was the coolest season i think because he was dealing with more guns and gangsters and he was in L.A the other season are great to but when he is outside the show seems better, but i think it finaly needed to end....more info
  • The Ending that Should have been the Beginning
    This is not the best Macgyver season, however, it is worth watching to see how it ends. If you are a Macgyver fan then you can't miss it.

    I would only like to point out that the series should not have ended. And as you watch the final episode you will see that Macgyer and Sam could have hundreds of new adventures. There is also so many new situations that could've been created that Macgyver could have solved in the way that only he could. These situations would be augmented by new technology as years pass and also by amateur writers who write fan art.

    Well it was 7 good seasons. Richard Dean Anderson was probably ready to use his acting skills on different characters. Still if Macgyver lasted 25 seasons with new situations and solutions, it would have been phenomenal....more info
  • Wonderful
    Fabulous Shows. It was nice to go back in time a bit when the shows were produced for family entertainment. Mac was always playing in my house....more info
  • Final Season for a Great Show
    This is one of my all-time favorite TV Shows. This seventh and Final season will live on in my heart as a good ending season of a great show. I wish this show could have lasted more than it did but even the good die young....more info
  • Love me some MacGyver
    This was my favorite show as a kid and I still highly enjoy the episodes. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Love it! Especially the last episode. Wish there were more episodes this season....more info
  • mac gyver season 6 epesode wall
    this epesode told us bout how mac gyver never give up, even the person who he help hate him & insult him at the first he tried to help her....more info
  • A disappointing ending to a great show
    Season 7 follows Paramount's straight no frills approach as the other MacGyver box sets so don't expect any bonus features. As you watch the episodes, it will quickly become apparent why the 7th season includes only 14 episodes punctuated by a finale that leaves you nostalgic for the good old Mac. While it was nice to see the familiar faces of Jack Dalton, Dent (Dick Butkus), the Coltons and Murdoc, the episodes don't seem to have the excitement or creativity that was MacGyver's trademark. The best example of this is the Colton episode where Mac only makes brief cameos at the beginning and end of the episode. Overall, you'll enjoy season 7 if you like McGyver, just don't be surprised when the series crawls to an end....more info