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  • UltraViolet
    Admittedly, if Milla Jojovich was not my favorite female action-star, this film would not have gotten 4 out of 5 stars, but then again, no less than 3. Heavy on the effects-laden action sequences and set against a sci-fi dramatic backdrop it's the story of soulless humans out to exterminate the lab-virus-gone-amok infected oppressed, who at times are more humane than the humans. Can the infected UltraViolet save the young human boy from the evil human ArchCardinal who is out to destroy them both? ...more info
  • Very underrated
    Dazzling visual style, eye-popping special effects, wild imagination, thrilling martial arts, balletic violence, an absence of gratuitous sadism, and probably the most beautiful woman in the movies today add up to a feast for the eyes - a visual poem, a live comic book. This is the movie Sin City wished to be. ...more info
  • Very stylish, cool to watch
    Good movie, done in a very stylish, classy way. I enjoyed it and will certainly watch it again. Some of the computer generatic graphics weren't that good, but most of them were, so it didn't detract from the movie. My only pet peeves are that some of the fight scenes seemed a bit unrealistic, with no explanation of how she suceeded, and the other thing is that soft focus is used on the faces sometimes. It's annoying when the rest of the frame is sharp. but you can't see detail in the faces, especially annoying with such a beautiful woman in the picture.

    The plot and script is not quite as good as Equilibrium, but I had fun watching it and it is enjoyable nonetheless....more info
  • Good product
    I was very happy with my purchase due to the fact that it arrived within about 4 days of the actual purchase. I was extrememly pleased with that. However, I was a little dissappointed to find that it was the PG-13 Theatrical version, as it did not specify that in the "item description". Granted, I should have researched that a little better, but still, I feel it should have been on there. Overall, I'm satisfied with it....more info
  • Makes 'Resident Evil' Look Like High Art
    Admit it. Milla Jovovich with purple hair is hot. You're right, she is. Well, you're not alone because that seemed to be the only idea behind this production. Other than that, Ultraviolet is cold, stiff, shiny, cheap-looking, badly shot, and woodenly acted.

    Rent if you must! ...more info
  • Cute as a cap pistol
    Great atmospheric sci-fi with a light plot, like a twinkie. The movie lhas an 'Asian Anime' design that looks great to me. The film has more power in its style than its story, so don't look there, just enjoy the picture and accept the arcade game plot and look. Otherwise, go someplace else.
    Great on BluRay! and DVD....more info
  • Milla Jovovich: you gotta love 'er. Or, she'll kick your arse.
    Milla Jovovich is another of those actors who inspire me to watch whatever they are in. She was great in The Fifth Element, and everything else I've seen her in; Resident Evil - The High-Definition Trilogy (Resident Evil/ Resident Evil: Apocalypse/ Resident Evil: Extinction) [Blu-ray]. However this film is not quite as intense as her usual butt kicking flicks.

    I would not sell my copy, and the cover alone is worth keeping, but I cannot give the film five stars. I like it, and Milla Jovovich is always sexy but the this is not on par with Resident Evil, etc. Regardless, you don't see my copy for sale on Amazon. ;-)...more info
  • Awesome DVD!
    Very very good action DVD...Milla Jovovich is simply stunning in this movie!
    She is "perfect" for the her role!...more info
  • ultra-disappointing
    Just a well-meant piece of advice: While watching "Ultraviolet" you better shut off your brain. Otherwise you might get hurt. Forget about the plot. It's a mere excuse to give Milla Jovovich plenty of opportunity to perform some ultra-cool moves in some ultra-bright colors. Unfortunately that's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. I have seen better martial arts choreographies, better special effects often before. Besides, the whole movie appears artificial and lifeless....more info
  • Great Sci-Fi
    An incredible movie reminiscent of The Fifth Element. It's a high-speed roller coaster ride of fast action and great visuals, but it also has much to say about how far reaching our choices can be.

    I love this movie and have definitely made it part of my permanent DVD collection.

    Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended Cut)...more info
  • "Gun-blade" movie which commits seppuku, and then shoots itself in the head for good measure
    If there is genius here, it must reside in the ultraviolet spectrum, for this fool's eyes can't see it. Perhaps writer/director Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Sphere) thought it was sufficient to wrap ideas from past successes around the scaffolding of this movie's comic-book foundation. However, this structure will not last eons, and probably will crumble from the minds of most audience members the minute "End" is registered by their photoreceptors.

    In the recent past, a bioweapons lab, seeking to modify the DNA of a known virus for military application, instead accidentally makes the pathogen infinitely more virulent than it was before. Far from causing a few sniffles, this new bug escapes the facility via rapid transmission and replication, and speeds along Homo sapiens evolution by a couple of hundred millennia of so, facilitating the emergence of the Hemophages. The government seeks to contain the "plague," and collects those who are contagious, sending them to concentration-camp-like isolation zones. When it is discovered that these collected persons are never heard from again, the Hemophages organize for their very survival. Although they have superhuman powers of lightning speed and great strength, the Hemophages seem incapable in making inroads against their oppressors: they require a secret weapon of their own.

    Seemingly doomed to the role of fighting-vixen for all time, Milla Jovovich again dons the Lycra-impregnated jumpsuit to fiercely impart justice to any random redshirt who tumbles her way. Violet (Milla) is the ultimate infiltrator of the Hemophages. This group of pseudo-vampires has banded together to elude the hygiene-obsessed Daxus (Nick Chinlund). In principle, this seems simple--unfortunately, Daxus acts as despot over an army of gasmask-wearing, Uzi-toting thugs who seems singularly incapable of doing any actual fighting. The film opens with Violet piercing the security systems of Daxus' main laboratory. She successfully poses as a courier, enduring bone, retinal, DNA, blood, and voice-scans before being allowed full access to the package she has been "hired" to deliver. The real security-courier arrives seconds after the package has been delivered into Violet's gloved hand, triggering klaxons, low-level minion attacks, and an escape sequence which, quite literally, defies gravity.

    Following countless action sequences--during which the viewer neither believes not cares that Violet's life is in any real danger--it is revealed that the "weapon" is really a young boy who acts as host for a virus capable of eradicating all Hemophages. Trapped in an extra-dimensional space inside the package, Six (Cameron Bright) soon whisks away Violet's common sense with one or two pouty expressions, requiring her to also find refuges from her previous kin.

    There are an abundance of new and borrowed science-fiction ideas secreted away in this mess of a movie--a pity because a better story may have implemented them more interestingly, and more cohesively. The extra-dimensional storage space is capable of holding near-infinite quantities of weapons, ammunition, boys, etc. The sanitation-themed society bears similarity to the real world of yesterday, in regards to the maniacal devotion to facial-handkerchief implementation seen in individuals who succumbed to fear of the SARS virus. Super-powerful ninja-vampires suggest a "Blade"-like influence.

    However, no amount of special ideas could have saved this movie from being, at best, fluff. The dialogue is atrocious, with endless pseudo-philosophical ruminations which remind us of the more easily-forgotten "deep" conversations we all thought we had in college. The plot is intricate in a maddeningly unimportant way, as I simply didn't care to puzzle the whole thing out. The action is absolutely unbelievable, horribly edited, and 100% bloodless--a bit of gore could have at least appeased the viewer's inner voyeur. Inside, we get sterile, uninteresting, and repetitive "gun-blade" fighting (guns are used as projectile and melee weapons). This movie is like "Equilibrium" under the influence of a fistful of diazepam, with a couple ounces of any given hallucinogen thrown in for good measure.

    Chinlund is an excellent actor who steals every scene he's in--as the noseplug-wearing Daxus, he is suitably over-the-top and quite entertaining. Jovovich is eye-candy for those favoring females of Kievan Rus extraction, and little more. Bright is believable as a doomed boy-weapon thrown into a titanic struggle where he is only a pawn. He is also less creepy than he was in previous roles, but only by a hair.

    "Ultraviolet" is recommended for those bed-bound, who are also fortunate enough to be accompanied by several good mates and a smattering of potent beverages. To summarize, this is a perfect drinking-game movie. Drink once for every ten vanquished enemies, twice for every five shots of Milla's exposed midriff, and thrice for every smile that cracks the face of Daxus....more info
  • I like this movie
    No it's not a great movie. It's a fun movie. The action is great. Milla is just beautiful in every scene. The comic book atmosphere and the camera angels/shots are really terrific.

    I do like this version much better than the extended cut. ...more info
  • Go with DVD version
    My comments only concern the DVD versus Blu-ray issue.

    I have the unrated extended cut of the DVD version and the PG-13 theatrical cut of the Blu-ray version. My experience has been that DVDs mastered in high definition look identical to the Blu-ray version (either on a Blu-Ray player or an upconvert DVD player). Ultraviolet is no exception. Moreover, the look of the film seems to soften details, which really defeats the point of Blu-ray.

    Aside from no improvement in the look, the Blu-ray version has no more special features than the DVD, and the extended cut DVD has seven additional minutes. Go with the DVD version on this one....more info
  • Good brainless fun!
    In the distant future, a viral infection called Hemophagia that causes humans to become genetically enhanched vampires with special speed, amazing stamia, strength and high intelligence has broke out thus creating a sub-species race of vampire-esque humans. A secret war between the Hemophagia infected and the normal healthy humans have waged on, scientist/dicator Daxus (Nick Chinlund) wants to wipe the Hemophagia infected out from humanity and an infected woman named Violet (Milla Jovovich) searches for a special cure for her kind to become normal again as she struggles to find it and defeat Daxus.

    Exciting Sci-fi fantasy actioner in the tradition of "The Matrix", "Gattaca", "Blade Runner" and "Blade", "Ultraviolet" is a live-action comic book brought to life. I thought the action was spectacular including the martial arts choreography with some very good stunts, sure the acting could have been better but this is a nice futuristic b-movie. The film co-stars Nick Chinlund, Cameron Bright and William Fichtner, the movie is just enjoyable b-movie popcorn leave your brain at the door fun.

    This DVD contains the unrated cut with never before seen footage that was cut out of the theatrical release and contains only two extras like as a featurette and feature commentary from the lovely Milla Jovovich with trailers to other Sony releases....more info
  • Great Blu-ray movie
    Great quality and clear movie, with lot of action. Those "Matrix" fan will love to see it....more info
  • Haunted by Bad Writing
    Ultraviolet / B000FGGE5Y


    Oh, I really wanted to like Ultraviolet. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, just some decent action and a nifty dystopia, something along the lines of Aeon Flux, Equilibrium, and (of course) The Matrix.

    Ultraviolet starts off with a bang. Milla is a superb action heroine, as always, and she dazzles with a wonderful combination of high-tech gadgetry (she's got an anti-gravity device!), high-speed chases, and high-skill martial arts. Combo in an intriguing (if a bit long and draggy) voice-over involving vampires, and Milla's mysteriously changing hair color, and this should be a perfect mindless Friday night flick.

    Unfortunately, the action slows to a crawl after the first twenty minutes (as do the cool hair color changes - it will remain disappointingly black for the rest of the movie, despite all the cool changes you saw in the previews), and you won't get to see too many more fancy moves until the final race to the finish. The filler dialogue is teeth-grindingly bad, with Milla having approximately eighteen earnest heart-to-hearts with the Capture/Rescue Kid. Some of these heart-to-hearts occur back to back and while enemy soldiers are closing in, and the resulting overexposure of Milla's tender side (which the savvy user grasped in the initial opening voice over, for crying out loud) feels like a hammer to the temples. She's a vampire! She's dying! She's saddened by the loss of her pregnancy! She's bonding with the child! Yeah, we got it.

    Really, this would have been a much better film if the writers had trusted the audience to get it and just cut 90% of the filler dialogue and just left us 'silent scenes' instead of Milla dragging her reluctant charge around this world gone mad. Although I love mindless action films, I simply can't bear to sit through Ultraviolet again, so I'm selling my copy and hoping the next Milla film will have better writing that she deserves....more info
  • loved it
    Killer! The ultimate 'comic book comes to life' movie. In that way it's better than (gasp) Sin City and its fight scenes better than Kill Bill. A true cult classic ! Jaw-dropping scenes, and Milla Jovovich, one the the word's most beautiful women....more info
  • Comic book movie
    As a long long time reader of comics this is how a comic would be filmed. Right up there with Ironman. And as other have stated, Milla is easy on the eyes. My kind of girl. ...more info
  • Nighteagle
    This movie was great..!!!! Very action packed with a few tender moments to keep everyone happy. And yes, Milla is as hot as usual.!!!!...more info
  • A futuristic slice and dice
    The Fifth Elementwith Milla Jovovich made me a fan.
    Again she has a superhero type role but with violet hair instead of red.
    This reminds me very much of the Kill Bill, Volume 1
    with Uma Thurman,but Ms. Jovovich doesn't have big feet.
    Even faking playing with swords and guns is dangerous work.
    My opinion is that Jovovivh can hold up on acting if she would try such roles. These films about virus killing off or mutating the human race are getting pretty old and too many of them!
    This one is very well done with pretty good special effects....more info
  • This could be your fate if you don't live right
    Think of an eternity of burning torture. That's what watching this mess of a movie is. ...more info
  • Trying to be some... thing
    A fairly entertaining movie, but pretty shallow when it comes to story. The action/fighting is very exaggregated and I think it fails to do whatever it tries to do. It comes out pretty stupid at times. 5/10....more info
  • Part Art Project, part Comic, part Video Game. Nothing whole.
    Now, I had not heard particularly favorable things about Ultraviolet, but I didn't care; I can appreciate B (and lower) movies just fine. I'm also a huge fan of Milla Jovovich, and writer/director Kurt Wimmer's previous film, Equilibrium.

    My main problem with the movie is the story. Now maybe it was Sony's editing that is the cause of the problems, or maybe it just didn't translate well to the screen, but it is *all* over the place. I don't have an issue with gaps in logic and/or common sense in a story, if the wording is chosen right and things are glossed over. But here, no attempt is even made to cover the incredible leaps of logical thinking required to take the story seriously. Which is what the story is played as, as opposed to tongue-in-cheek or something. I won't go into detail here, but if you're like me, you'll be banging your head against the wall. That could help put you into a daze to better appreciate the movie's real draw, which is the action.

    The action and fight scenes are very well done. There's a moment here or there which could have been easily improved with the proper editing (the flaming sword fight at the end comes to mind), but overall, they're good. This was the much anticipated (in some circles) second appearance of Gun Kata, which first made itself known in Equilibrium. Though you can see the same ideas and principles behind some of the movements at times, its appearance here is unfortunately lacking. The filmmakers would rather wave a hand and say "It's super-science," or "It's magic," by way of an explanation here. Quite unlike Equilibrium. Be that as it may, the action is still good.

    Honestly, if Milla Jovovich wasn't in this movie, I doubt I'd be interested in it after viewing it once. But with Milla, I'll hold unto it, putting it next to my other comic movies.

    I'd give this movie a 2, maybe 2 1/2 stars, and suggest it only to fans of Milla or Kurt Wimmer, and even then, waiting until you find it for under a dollar, used.
    ...more info
  • Action-packed time killer
    Movie has some cheesy CGI special effects especially the motorcycle scene. Milla Jovovich looks great and her hand-to-hand action sequences are worth seeing (she's a real-life black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu). Entertaining movie if you have a couple of hours to kill (but please leave your brain at the door before you start watching the movie)....more info
  • eh has special effects and doesnt afraid of anything
    Okay, basically, this was a bad movie. A prime example of how special effects don't make up for plot and/or presentation.

    The best part of the entire film was the 12 second scene where she prints out a disposable cell-phone. That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

    If you consider buying this movie, you'll be much better off renting it. Once is all you'll want to watch it, if that....more info
  • Why I hate this movie
    Here is a reason I hate this movie, though others may not be
    offended by this film:

    No godly woman ever holds, or wields, a sword. A sword is
    typically made of metal, and is STRAIGHT. In the APOCRYPHA,
    a collection of writings, ('apocrypha' is a word which means
    "hidden from") it is written in the Book of Judith, that
    Judith used a fauchion to cut off the head of Holofernes.
    A 'fauchion' is a CURVED blade, like a scimitar. Because
    all things are possible with God, perhaps St.Joan of Arc
    took a samurai sword with her into battle?

    Consider the samurai sword. It appears to have a slight
    curvature, and yet if you took a string and held it tightly
    across its length, such that the string formed a straight
    line, would it not cover the entire length of the blade,
    never leaving the surface of the blade? In other words,
    the samurai sword is both straight, and curved; It is
    "gender neutral". In the Bible, no godly woman wielded a

    Judith used a fauchion, which is a curved blade, in the
    shape of a crescent moon, like a mid-eastern scimitar, to
    cut off the head of Holofernes, with two swings.

    A woman may wear a man's garment, but she is not to wear
    that which pertaineth unto a man, for example, she is not
    to use a sword. See, Deuteronomy 22:5, KJV. Joan of Arc
    told somebody to go to a certain place, a church, and
    there would they find a sword for her to use. For all we
    know they brought her back a samurai sword, for all things
    are possible with God. A Godly woman will not use a sword,
    to fight. She might use it as a crowbar though, to open a
    package. Can not a gun be used as a paper weight? In the
    Bible (KJV), a sword is never referred to as a weapon.

    The genders were not created equal. The sun is masculine,
    and the moon is feminine. The greater light rules the day,
    and the lesser light the night. See, Genesis 1:16, KJV.
    Yet, is not the sun, smaller in appearance than the moon?
    A paradox is of two statements, both true, but which appear
    to contradict each other.

    On the cover of this dvd, you see her holding what appears
    to be a giant long ruler, like the kind used to measure
    length with, with writing upon it: I guess you are supposed
    to believe she is holding a sword. I find the cover art of
    this DVD to be blasphemous. For a woman is not permitted
    to teach, the Word. See, 1 Timothy 2:12, KJV. If you are a
    BELIEVER, avoid this movie. Females who use swords in movies
    ought to be holding samurai swords (gender-neutral) or blades
    with pronounced curves, such as scimitars or fencing "swords"
    which bend easily.

    Also, a married man is a woman, for two saith the Lord shall
    be one flesh. A married couple is a SHE. A man and a woman
    wed when they "fall in love", and they marry when they lie
    down together in a consensual way. A wedding precedes a
    marriage. And a wedding ceremony is foreplay. This word
    woman may refer to either a single person, or a couple who
    are one, as in, 1+1=1. The enemies of Israel are using
    dictionaries and mass-publishing to redefine words, but that
    does not mean that the true meaning of words which appear in
    the Bible (KJV) have changed.

    If you are a Christian or a Jew I recommend you avoid this
    DVD because of the cover-art alone....more info
  • Milla Jovovich in an exciting role!
    This movie is actually much better than I expected it to be. Milla shows emotional range in her role and the supporting cast is surprisingly good as well. Basically, Ultraviolet is an action packed thriller with explosions and martial arts. Also, Milla looks very good in her outfits that seem to change color with her hair.
    This is a five star product-...more info