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A Posteriori
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Sixth in a series of never-quite-the-same recordings from Michael Cretu, the Bucharest-born electronic musician/studio wiz known as Enigma, A Posteriori has the capacity to delight one camp of Enigma devotees while it perplexes another. Less overtly sensual than earlier recordings and devoid of female singers in lead-vocalist roles (no Ruth-Ann, no Sandra), A Posteriori nevertheless stands as a worthwhile recording that at its best moments handsomely displays Cretu's talents for effective songcraft and imaginative sound design. The 54-minute disc--an ode to science and discovery rather than brainy erotica--launches with two impressive instrumentals, "Eppur Si Muove" ("and yet it does move," a phrase attributed to Galileo following his heresy conviction for asserting that the earth rotates around the sun) and "Feel Me Heaven," gorgeous tracks that are part audio space probes, part pulsing Euro electronica. Momentum wanes (or chills) until Cretu strings together a series of tracks that use a heady amalgam of ambient, techno, dance, and rock textures: "Hello and Welcome," "20,000 Miles Over the Sea," "Sitting on the Moon," and the dense, edgy "The Alchemist," which evokes notions of a 21st-century version of Ultravox. "Moon" stands out in particular, guided by a subtle pop melody that exudes the gentle irresistibility of Dido's best work. Cretu wisely limits (or eliminates) the use of Gregorian chants and ethnic voices, once-fresh ideas now demoted to gimmickry. He lets his own voice, a raspy take on Peter Gabriel, carry this disc's three vocal-driven tracks to mixed effect. While not everything glitters here, enough does that A Posteriori warrants investigation by earnestly inquisitive Enigma followers. --Terry Wood

There are no black holes in Enigma's musical universe. Nothing ever just vanishes here. It's been 16 years since October 1st 1990, when Enigma's debut, "Sadeness Part 1," rocked the earthly airwaves and hit the top of the charts with sounds the planet had never heard. All of a sudden Enigma was no longer a UFO but the most famous spaceship of world music - and the music world. On September 22nd, 2006 A Posteriori, the sixth album of Michael Cretu's Enigma project was released.

You can get an idea of where A Posteriori is heading from song titles such as "Dreaming Of Andromeda," "Message From Io" and "Goodbye Milky Way." It takes you on a voyage through a multilayered soundscape, to the limits of your sonic experience, but always stays true to the essence of Enigma. The album will carry any hitch-hiker along to explore extraordinary new galaxies aboard the sound-ship Enigma. There is also the overture that, as on the five predecessors, welcomes the listener to Enigma's latest album, before creating the first tonal Fata Morgana 30 seconds later. Wafting through a soft carpet of sound come mysterious voices suggestive of power, shouting something Latin into this new sound-sphere—a sphere where A Posteriori will linger. Enigma once again create associative sound-signals that embed themselves in your head forever like a mental tattoo.

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MCMXC a. D. - The Complete Album DVD

Limited Edition digipak pressing of the long-awaited 2006 album by Enigma. Michael Cretu returns with Enigma's much-anticipated sixth album A Posteriori [which is Latin for what comes after, meaning, perhaps, something gleaned from experience] and also ties into the first two Enigma albums, which made Cretu a worldwide superstar. Yet another fine silver platter filled with Electronic World Music hard to describe but easy to enjoy. EMI.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mixed, but overall not bad
    First of all, I love ALL of Enigma's albums, even the much-criticised Voyageur. Yes, that was a departure from the "old enigma", but it was a great album in my opinion.

    So, onto this one:

    1. Eppur Si Muove
    Starts out with a familiar riff, but turns into a very Jean-Michel Jarre sounding track, reminds me heavily of JMJ's Chronology 6. Which is not a bad thing, as I love that track also. Upbeat, electronic. 4/5 for this track.

    2. Feel Me Heaven
    The JMJ-like riff of the first track fades into the background on this one, giving another track that is similar to, but different, to the first one. 4/5 for this one also.

    3. Dreaming Of Andromeda
    Slower, with an operatic singer in the background. 3/5

    4. Dancing With Mephisto
    Soft-spoken female singer in the background, speaking english with a bit of french. Good tempo and percussion. Very familiar to old Enigma fans. 4/5

    5. Northern Lights
    Slow one. No vocals. About the same pace/feel as Callas Want Away from Enima's first album. 2/5

    6. Invisible Love
    Back to very JMJ-like, arpeggio-driven sounds. Michael doing vocals, I think, but not too many (good idea - I think he's not too good when doing lots of vocals). 3/5

    7. Message From IO
    Builds very much on the last one, but with no vocals. 4/5

    8. Hello And Welcome
    Slower. Rich, fat, sound. No vocals. Nice and mellow, but with great electric guitar in the background. 4/5

    9. 20,000 Miles Over The Sea
    Gregorian chanting (?) through a vocoder - not seen that before! Slow, subtle piece. 3/5

    10. Sitting On The Moon
    Uh-oh, Michael singing lead vocals. Not my favourite type of tune. However, it's growing on me each time I listen to it. 2/5.

    11. The Alchemist
    Best track on the album. A real driving beat. Big fat guitar sound. Wish that it was longer. 5/5

    12. Goodbye Milky Way
    Non-descript fadeout track. Michael on vocals again and done badly (not enough instruments to make his voice drown into the background). 1/5

    In summary, like others, I was disappointed at first, but it's growing on me, with the exception of the last track......more info
  • Sophistication of Sound
    A longtime Enigma fan, since their first album, I picked up "A Posteriori" with some trepidation after reading the reviews here. The first spin yielded a lukewarm reception, only the first track seemed to appeal. However, each repeat listen brings up something new that I hadn't heard before and I feel as if I'm hearing a slightly different album every time.

    Richly layered, "A Posteriori" is in some ways a new level of sophistication for Cretu, in my opinion. Putting Enigma 1 into the player after listening to this one makes the first effort sound almost jarring and sophomoric by comparison (except for the lovely "Callas Went Away").

    My favorites to date have been "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi" and "Voyageur" with certain tracks on the other albums appealing to me more than others. "A Posteriori" is bidding fair to join my top three Enigma albums and reflects the evolution of sound that Cretu has been following subtly since "Roi" and more obviously since "Voyageur".

    Definitely worth a listen for long-time fans and newcomers who appreciate a more subtle, trance-like sound....more info
  • Give It a Chance
    While not the best Enigma album ever, it certainly grows on you after repeated listening so give it a chance. Two of the best tracks are "Sitting on the Moon" and "Milky Way". I would definitely purchase it again....more info
  • Excellent
    I love Enigma, and this is just another perfect CD to ad to my collection....more info
  • In agreement with R O C K E T (above review)...
    Just a quick review to concurr with ROCKET's review somewhere above... I listenend to this album for the first time in my car on a long road trip. Was really dissapointed, thought it alittle shallow in sound, etc. I then got home and put it on a decent soundsystem and it was almost like listening to a different album. There is a lot of subtle mixing here that really lifts the whole thing. Last track is a bit cheesy though......more info
  • Original and Fun
    As a devote Enigma fan, I cannot, in good conscience, critisize this CD. The real beauty of this CD is in it's simplicity. Organic is a word that comes to mind. I do agree that there is a lot of repetition here. But if you listen carefully, you'll find that each song stands on its own terms. Of course, I miss Ruth-Ann and Sandra, but Mr. Cretu has created a piece of music that is simply beautiful with or without lyrics....more info
  • ..."Come With Me"...
    Enigma does it again!!! I was so excited with this cd when it came out & of course I was not disappointed at all.
    "Dancing with Memphisto" is hard & sexy sounding, the drive of Enigma.
    Check it out if you don't have it. A must purchase....more info
  • Don't speculate - appreciate!
    As an owner of all of Enigma's albums I have seen Michael Cretu's style change over the past 2 albums, so my purchase of "A Posteriori" I expected to see something new from him. I think part of Enigma is the "enigmatic" experience he continues to deliver. For me, this album did take a couple listens to feel the flow and direction Cretu took with this as well as playing it on our surround sound (took advice from other reviewers).

    I am a fan of ambient and progressive trance music so I immediately connected with this album. The first 3 tracks are somewhat of a different style for Enigma and more upbeat, but very catchy. The flow from upbeat to "chill" is well masked as the tracks progress. The CD is much more instrumental, but the underlying melodies and layered sounds generated deliver a unique sound. Cretu adds some vocals to stick to the older style of Enigma, but I miss the women's vocals.

    Overall, this is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Enigma album behind Le Roi Est Mort and a toss up between Voyageur. Give it a listen and it will grow on you! Although the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" phrase has labeled this album as a disappointment, appreciate Cretu's latest work as a representation of the word Enigma: "a mysterious, puzzling and unexplainable event" and you won't be let down!...more info
  • a natural evolution
    The latest Engima album A Posteriori is a natural evolution of Enigma's sounds as Michele Cretu's musical stylings mature. Smooth and Melodic filled with soft background beats and rythmic guitar rifts that follows in the path of Delerium, Honeyroot, and Royksopp. I can see why fans of classic enigma works would be dissapointed but i believe the course of which enigma has chosed to go is a good one. You can only do the same thing for so long before it gets tired and old. Every musical group that continues refines their style and sound as they go on. Groups and artists like Pearl Jam, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Seal, Moby have all altered their sounds as their careers have gone on. Sometimes change is good, other times the fans don't like it so what can you do.

    for people who didn't like the Voyageur, you may not like A Posteriori as it is sort of a morph between earlier Enigma and Voyageur.

    I think michele cretu should be applauded for seeking out new avenues for his musical stylings, while they aren't the same, they certainly aren't completely different either. Either way check out A Posteriori and decide for yourself. ...more info
  • ENIGMA is back!!!
    This CD is great, I have listened it many times since I bought it and I don't get tired of the sounds, they're just enchanting. And I would say that Enigma is back again, because the previous CD (Voyeaur) was a little different from the others but it's good though and this one I'd would say that it's Enigma again. All the music is fantastic and my favorite ones are: Message from IO and The Alchemist. I really recommend this soundtrack, it's worthwhile....more info
  • Mr. Cretu, please bring back the Enigma so many of us fell in love with!
    Back in 1994 I discovered the project Enigma and was blown away by the richly layered, exotic and sensual music. When I learned of an impending 6th Enigma album, I was quite excited and a bit wary. After the first four solid albums, Voyageur was a bit of a departure from the earlier Enigma albums, but it was still enjoyble. Waiting for the release of A Posteriori, I wondered if Michael Cretu would go back to the Enigma that I fell in love with or would he go further away from it. After listening to the album twice it is my opinion that he went further away from it. Alone, A Posteriori is a decent album.. a nice "chill out" album, but compared to Enigma's earlier masterpieces, it fails miserably. (my rating is actually 2 1/2 stars) It sounds incomplete, almost as if it's just one layer of music and the other layers are missing. It's pretty much an even tempoed album from start to finish. There is no stand out track. No songs that made me think "wow!" No "Sadeness" or "Eyes Of Truth" or "Push The Limits" I'm sure many of us Enigma fans who fell in love with the project back in MCMXC ad days are longing for that Enigma again.. that flute, the Gregorian chants, the sexy French whispers and that hypnotizing background beat that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The best thing about A Posteriori is the very beginning of the album when, for a brief instant, the famous Enigma fanfare passes through, almost reminding us of how fabulous Enigma once was... and still could be. There is no doubt that Micheal Cretu is a talented man. I just wish he would go back to the Enigma that I fell in love with. Change isn't always a good thing. A Posteriori is clearly an example of the old adage "If it isn't broken, don't fix it". ...more info
  • Awesome!!
    I have to say I was hooked on this album from the first listen. 'MC' has really outdone himself this time. There is not a bad track on the entire CD. This is a definite MUST OWN for any Enigma fan, as well as anyone who is into meditational or mood music....more info
  • new age, new sounds....
    I completely agree with most of you-you have to listen to it couple of times to really appreciate it. My personal favorite-Dreaming Of Andromeda and Message From IO....Enigma definitely turned more "futuristic" but that is to be expected-it's not 1991 anymore!!
    I was dissapointed since some people suggested that its time for Michael Cretu " to close his shop".....the truth is that times change, people change and music needs to make the same progress. Nothing is like back in 1991, so why should Enigma..?...more info
  • 3.5 Stars: Enigma VI Reflections
    I was bitterly disappointed by the 5th release of Enigma 'Voyageur' that was released a few years back. I vowed to never listen to that album again after the 3rd try. I am a fan and lover of the first 4 albums and enjoyed Cretu's success and creativity of blending ethno-fusion, chants and native indian sounds and voices together into a wonderful concoction of world beats that could take you away from this reality to another dimension all together. I value Michel Cretu as a artist and creator and producer. He is talented and super wonderful mixing music together within his Enigma project and solo career.

    So it was with bated breath and low expectations that I purchased this album not knowing what to expect and hoping that Cretu had heeded the majority of Enigma's fans' requests and pleadings. It is now my 4th listen to this album 'A Posteriori' and I am left with each listen that much more saddened and disappointed. I can state that this album is a much better sounding piece than 'Voyageur' was. I honestly feel the old Enigma sound is lost as Cretu continues to bring new sounds to his Enigma project. What this album lacked was the hauntingly seductive voice of his wife Sandra. Only 3 songs had lyrics and these were sung by Cretu himself.

    I will continue to listen to the earlier Enigma, this album is okay, nothing special to write home about. 'Epper Si Muove' and 'Goodbye Milky Way' were my favourite songs as they showed glimpses and I mean mere glimpses of the Enigma we came to know and love. In the first song we momentarily heard the well know trumpets of Enigma. That brought a smile to my face.

    Like several other reviewers have stated and I agree with them. It is time that Cretu puts Enigma to rest. Let us remember the 4 good albums of Enigma. There is no more need for Cretu to release new Enigma if each release will get worser than the last.

    Overall this is a listenable album but I was disappointed. It is a album I will play rarely. ...more info
  • perfect time and perfect music
  • Loved it from the first tune
    I admint, I am a big fan of enigma but overall this album is very good. It's a culmination of their previous albums I would say - similar sounding tunes a little modified. I liked it...more info
  • Uno de los mejores de Enigma
    El mejor disco del "segundo cap¨ªtulo de Enigma", como llam¨® Michael Cretu al cambio que hizo empezando por "Voyageur" y que ha seguido hasta el m¨¢s reciente "Seven lives, many faces". Esto s¨ª es evoluci¨®n. Ni trata de imitar viejos estilos como en E7, ni trata de volver el proyecto a su lado m¨¢s pop como en E4, y tiene una l¨ªnea como en sus primeros cuatro discos, o sea, que tiene una tem¨¢tica que se "discute", por as¨ª decirlo, a lo largo del disco, y son los descubrimientos y confesiones de la ciencia, adem¨¢s de met¨¢foras con el cosmos y la v¨ªa l¨¢ctea. Muy espacial, muy electr¨®nico, muy fr¨ªo pero enigm¨¢tico, y muy bueno!!! E.X.C.E.L..E.N.T.E....more info
  • Understanding the Universe
    Definetly A POSTERIORI is a movement of reflecting our lives into our innerself. We clearly see how being the 6th strong musical creation is based in the human placed in this world. Is not only about the rythms or just the musical composition, but the feeling to it. This production remind me that I'm in a journey, that I'm leaving a legacy through my acts, my words and my influence in others. Is an excellent music that will make you, maybe not dance on your feet, but dance inside yourself to your own emotions smiling and crying just the same. Don't miss the opportunity to listen well to this CD....more info
  • Big, nocturnal rhythms
    Enigma continues to be original and high quality. Producer Michael Cretu expands his epic sound with an album that's more abstract and electronic than its predecessors, and seems more sinister in tone. Intense synthesizers and slow, deep rhythms occupy the beginning of the album, with memorable lyrics in the last half. Tracks three and four must be Enigma's most forboding yet. Enigma blends the industrial / electrical with the ghostly like I've never heard before....more info
  • Hello and welcome
    I love Enigma. I love to chill out on a cold winter's night with a cup of hot chocolate and an Enigma cd. I've been an Enigma fan for several years now. I have to admit I wasn't all that fond of Enigma's last album "Voyageur". While I have to give credit to Michael Cretu from branching out from his traditional sound of ambient/pop music, the songs unfortunately didn't resonate with me like his previous albums did. I was a bit wary of "A Posteriori" but thankfully I was wrong. "A Posteriori" is certainly not like his first two albums but it certainly is not "Voyageur" part two. I thought the music shared all the elements of Enigma's past and present music. I was rather disappointed that Ruth-Ann and Sandra Cretu didn't contribute their enchanting vocals to "A Posteriori". The woman Michael got to sing on the album was quite good though. I enjoyed her vocals quite a bit.Nothing will ever beat Enigma's earlier albums but "A Posteriori" certainly makes up for "Voyageur" in my book....more info
  • Inter-Planetary Moods
    This is a GREAT album and if you're an Enigma fan you will already know that almost ALL of their CDs have ONE main 'tune' or melody that Cretu arranges/mixes in many different ways. I find myself humming one arrangement and skipping to parts of another track on the same CD. They blend together naturally. That's also the reason why most of the tracks continue on right into each other-without pauses in between.

    There is definitely a 'Cosmos' feel....i.e. futuristic/other-worldly feel to this CD....more info
  • Nice mix of sound
    It was a little different than what I was expecting, but I liked it the first time through. I have always like Enigma and I think as time goes on, I like it more. There are some great modern sounds on this album, as well as some great grooves. I really like it....more info
  • Enigma Does it Again
    There hasn't been one song since Enigma starting putting out music that I don't like. This is another great masterpiece!...more info
  • Easily The Best Enigma Album Ever... EVER!
    I have been a fan Enigma since I was 9 and have followed them religiously for the past 18 years. This album has won a great recommendation from me which is why I'm writing this review.

    Even after listening to the latest album, 7 LIves many faces, I must say that A Posteriori is easily the best album they have produced so far. The songs are intricate, dynamic, and sensual. My favorite songs are "Feel Me Heaven" and "20.000 miles over the Sea" which give you the feeling that you've just left earth and the confinements of gravity.

    Overall the CD has a very Nocturnal, Spacey sound. When listening to A Posteriori, there are times I feel like I'm travelling to a mystical galaxy, other times, exploring a deep dark sea. It really is a fun and adventurous album. True there are some cheesy songs such as Goodbye Milky Way and Hello and Welcome. I guess what I like about the album most is that it has a lot of dark tones, from the sinister sounding songs such as "Eppur Si Muove" to "Alchemist." It is truly the most unique and exquisite album of the Enigma reportoire. Don't even bother with Voyageur, in fact you could avoid that one like the plague - utter catastrophe.

    Hope this was helpful - rate me now!...more info
  • Are we listening to the same CD?
    I think this is a great CD, even the first listen. After the first song and the Enigma signature riff, this takes you on what I call the Enigma Journey. Sorry folks,I don't think you and I listened to the same CD. These tracks were well done and I love this CD. ...more info
  • different but good
    not an enigma conorsuir, but I do have three other cds. This one is very different, very chill and I love it....more info