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Unreal Tournament III
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Product Description

Also dubbed UT3, get ready for a shoot-out that's unreally real. Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the world's premiere first-person shooter to the PC. Unreal Tournament 3 unleashes the full power of Unreal Engine 3, taking graphics, gameplay, and challenge to a whole new level. Players engage in intense battles with other human players online, or against Unreal artificial intelligence that sets the industry standard. With the most powerful futuristic weapons and vehicles available, this is FPS action at its best! Enhanced popular game types, including - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and all-new Warfare mode and more. Online innovations. Unreal Tournament 3 brings back all the award-winning online features of previous Unreal Tournament games, plus seamless loading on servers, improved matchmaking, and co-operative campaign play online. PC version bundled with the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 Toolset. Build your own levels, game types, and more, or download the latest mods from the massive Unreal community

  • Vast Arsenal of Weapons: Unreal Tournament has always been known for brutal weaponry, and now the arsenal is even bigger and badder. Detonate your opponent from a distance with the ever popular Shock Rifle or blast away at close range with the Flak Cannon.
  • New Single Player Campaign: Unreal Tournament like you've never seen it before! The Necris invasion has begun, and your clan was one of the first to be slaughtered. Join this Epic battle to defend humanity while taking your revenge.
  • New and Favorite Characters: Fight side-by-side with or compete against new and returning characters from the Unreal universe, all with enhanced abilities, extremely detailed designs, and distinct personalities.
  • Enhanced Popular Game Types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and all-new Warfare mode and more.
  • PC version bundled with the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 Toolset. Build your own levels, game types, and more, or download the latest mods from the massive Unreal community.

Customer Reviews:

  • OMG.....Halo? Whats that?
    This is a god send to all true FPS fans everywhere. Finally epic puts out a new title to crush Halo once and for all. This is the most intense blood bath you will have ever faced in a FPS shooter(comparable to Gears of War). If you are like me and are sick of seeing a childs version FPS(HALO) have such a critical effect on gamers, then BUY THIS GAME! It is everything that Halo is not, including fun. Somewhere along the lines people forgot about Epic games, and started praising these cheap wuss FPS games like HALO(Ooh aliens attacking earth, lets get master chief to put on his power ranger gear and kill them). Well EPIC is back to take their title as head honcho. Watch out Bungee, HALO rules no more. And please people, before you give this review ugly responses, play UT3. I gaurantee you will feel something you have never experienced from a HALO game, a decent single player mode that is not boring and repetative, and a multiplayer mode that has more than one character. (Bungee, remember, it is not all about graphics)....more info
  • 3+ years for a half finished game!!!
    I run a UT2k4 gameserver and couldn't wait for UT3, had a 32 player server all ready to go, then we find out that there is no Linux based server yet, so on to a windows server we go. Where to begin, dark boring maps, same weapons, cheesy new items (white arrows, Hoverboard.)

    On the admin side there is no webadmin, which makes managing the server a PITA, no working redirect using compression!!

    Overall they released a 1/2 finished game it's a shame, UT99 and UT2k4 were such great games, seems like they are more interested in getting this ready for console play. :( ...more info
  • Seriously Incredible
    I had heard mixed reviews and opinions about UT3, but after playing it for 20 minutes I was blown away by how much fun it is and completely shocked that I got it for $15 off Amazon. I still can't believe I got it for $15, it's kind of a shame that a game that's only a year-and-a-half old is selling for so low (glad I saved money, though). It's got the same fast-paced, intense feel of UT2004, but with new vehicles and incredible graphics that make for a much more immersive experience....more info
  • Awesome game
    I've been a massive fan of the Unreal franchise for ages now but I was slightly disappointed in UT3.

    The Main reasons I'm disappointed with the game is the fact that there are only 5 texture and difficulty settings when the past games have had about 15 each.

    Luckily this doesn't really pull down the overall fun factor of the game. The game is definitely doesn't hold anything back when it comes to gameplay and overall style.

    With the ability to download 2 Physx based maps the overall gameplay take a massive boost but in order to truly play using the Physx maps you need a computer stronger then what it takes to run EA Game's Crysis.

    This game falls under Unreal Tournament 99 as the second best Unreal Tournament game of the franchise.

    This is a must buy for all FPS fans and gamers just getting into the genre. ...more info
  • There's a lot of recommend it...but I had problems.
    Huge fan of the original...I've played it since it first came out in demo version then preordered it.... This latest version UTIII has a couple of levels that make it worth what I paid 100%. Really, it's a nice looker too! Some of the levels are just gorgeous, and I love the revamped levels from the original game. The vehicles are really fun to pilot, just like the ones from UT04. The gameplay is pretty solid, although I had some problems finding people to play against online. ??? Still, I enjoy the single player experience probably more than your average player. The bots seem to have excellent AI. Another negative, it doesn't have as many game style options as UT04, which I hope will be fixed in UT4, when they get around to producing it. So...keep your copy of UT04. Now, why only 3 stars? I ran into a problem running it on my particular PC and I was offered only a workaround. It takes longer for me to get a game up and running because I have to switch user accounts just to play this one game. I end up playing UT04 much more. Specifically, when I try to run on my regular XP user account it will tell me my code is invalid, which it isn't, I bought my game. I've read where people have rebought the game hoping to fix the problem and it doesn't work. :( I plan to pick up the BLACK version, even though I know that won't fix the problem either. Still, it's more levels and I'll just have to get used to switching users, at least until they finally fix the problem.

    Anyway, bottom line is this is fun if you don't mind less options and the chance you have to take longer to start a game. ...more info
  • Finally!
    Since the original UT, I've been a bit dissatisfied with this game. I moved to the country and haven't had a netgamer-worthy internet connection, so I've been out of the action for awhile. Recently I got DSL, so I'm back in the action.

    UT III feels a lot like the original UT I loved, with better graphics. I have a new Alienware, and it's really smooth on that machine. What surprised me is seeing it on my old box. It runs really well there, too. I think the engine is highly optimized.

    I believe that they concentrated more on the core game, and left it up to the community to flesh out the things that other reviewers say are missing from this release. My favorite weapon, the razorjack, is missing. I hope someone adds that as a mod.

    I've never liked mechs or vehicles in any shooter I've played. I thought they were clumsy and poorly implemented. UT III is different, though. I had a blast in the mech vehicle in the demo.

    The user interface when you're actually playing, is really good. The only downside to the game is the non-game interfaces. Finding online games, setting video options, etc., are done using really clumsy, confusing UIs. I almost gave the game a 4 for this reason. But I can live with a clumsy "not-in-game UI", as long as they didn't mess with my WASD (and they didn't).

    I highly recommend this game. ...more info
  • 2007 Disappointment of the year, buy the original instead
    This game was hyped up and it promised to be as good as the original Unreal Tournament and even have a good singleplayer, but it seems that Epic was more focused on the technology (not even the art-direction, just the technology) and as a result we got a cluttery incomplete game that looks like it ripped it's art from Mortal Kombat and was built using recycled resources from Gears. The overall feel of the game actually isn't too bad, in some areas it even feels better than the almost decade old classic it was supposed to surpass, the weapons have that satisfying 'feel' and are well balanced (well except for the over-powered enforcer you start with) and the game is fun for a little bit, but you'll quickly start to notice things lacking. There are hardly ANY maps for CTF and Warfare gametypes and the rest of the gametypes are basically just different types of deathmatch. To add even more to the list of problems UT3 weapons do NOT aim perfectly at the crosshair and there is NO center weapon option which means unless you hide your weapon your stuck compensating your shots left or right. There are also more annoyances as well like: double tap dodging can't be disabled unless you tweak a file, double jumping (we've been complaining since 2K3/Championship) makes a return, in contrast to the original and 2k4 THERE IS ALMOST NO ONLINE TRAFFIC, the players weigh like a gazillion pounds and can't jump high, lack of jump dodge and various other things. Overall this game was a total letdown and your better off finding a copy of the original UT, downloading Nexuiz, or heck even a copy of UT 2K4.
    ...more info
  • Bought this for 3 systems
    I ended up buying this for the PC, PS3, and the xbox. Each has a unique part that I like. The xbox has split screen so I can play it with a friend. The PS3 has so many downloadable mods it's incredible.

    The PC has the editor which I am having a blast designing my own levels. That's the best part for me personally. ...more info
  • They borked this one up..
    There's plenty to complain about so I won't. Go read around on some UT forums and you'll see what I'm talking about. The game was released unfinished. The amount of people playing online is very low. I have a feeling some of the good reviews here have a vested interest in seeing this game do well.

    Don't waste your money until you've done some research. ...more info
  • Classic Tournament Gaming with a Facelift
    Nothing brings back good memories such as sniping on a CTF map, hidden in a tower, and after hearing headshot several times, hearing the announcer scream "HOLY S*%$!". Unreal Tournament is a well known franchise so there's little introduction to what you need to know about this game. If you've unfamiliar though, all you really need to know is shoot the other colored team. Shoot them good!

    UT3 feels really familiar since it is esentially the same exact game as all of the other Unreal Tournaments, just with fancy graphics. So why upgrade to the new UT3? Aside from the graphics, the gameplay is enchaned with new modes and new takes with deathmatch and team deathmatch. One of the more interesting things they've added is the titan-style vehicles in certain maps. Basically, you are pitted in a normal deathmatch with players (or bots) and dual until a giant vehicle is available to mount. At this point, you literally just rake up kills until the machine is destroyed. It's a load of fun.

    There is a single player campaign, but it's really nothing more than a tutorial to show new players how to play all the game modes. It is co-op, which can be a bit more fun than just playing against the bots. Playing through the campaign allows you to unlock new characters, so it's at least good to go through once. However, you may feel annoyed during some of the capture and hold missions, as your team usually will not hold a territory for an extended period of time.

    Anyone who's played several of the Unreal Engine 3 based games already know how wonderful this engine looks. Everything from particles to lighting look great on this engine. Something you'll really like is even though this engine looks amazing, you can usually crank up the graphics and experience no lag whatsoever. This has always been a great feature of the UT series. So slower PCs should still be able to load this sucker up and crank out frags at a steady frame rate.

    This game sounds just as amazing as it looks. If you are fortunate enough to have an X-Fi sound card, you'll be thrilled to hear an amazing piece of software to test the quality of your card. This game was built with the X-Fi in mind. All of the guns will thump with bass and bullets will literally sound like they're wizzing past your head.

    One of the only disappointing choices they made was the lack of "Assault" game modes. These modes were similar to those of Team Fortress 2, where one team has an objective and the other team tries to prevent it from happening. However, the reason this mode was not included is because according to Epic, it was the least played mode in the series. Hopefully a future patch or mod will fix this issue.

    If you're a fan of Quake or Unreal Tournament, you'll feel right at home with Unreal Tournament 3. The maps are better, there's modes bleeding from the sides, and there's a good heavy arsenal at your despense. The mod community hasn't jumped this one like the others, but there's still a good selection out there, including maps and characters. Let's just hope this is expanded soon....more info
  • Totally Awesome!
    I had some hesitations about UT3 after what I'd heard about 2003, and what I'd experienced in 2004. The addition of vehicles and improved graphics were about the only things I found to be better in 2004 as opposed to the original. With UT3, Midway has finally come through with the UT series and made one worthy to stand with the original. The graphics easily rival Halo 3, and I can't play Halo 3 on my PC, so Midway has Microsoft and Bungie beat. The best part of UT3 is that it finally has a campaign with an involved story line, something I can get into, but it still is great in multi-player. While its nature is far removed from Halo, most people would still compare the two, so here's what I say. Halo may have a more involved story line, but when it comes to multi-player, nothing can rival UT. The addition of the hoverboard and Necris vehicles is simply amazing, offering unparalleled multi-player possibilities. My only complaint is about the ending of the campaign, which I won't spoil, but I hope this means we can expect another good one from Midway....more info
  • Going In The Right Direction.. Slowly..
    Before I start I'm going to admit that this game is very fun and very intense. No doubt that it contains way more action than it's predecessors. The only problem is.. it's not finished. And what I mean by that is that this game needs some serious patching updates before I'd even consider it a full fledged product release. Some players have embraced it's flaws with hopes of fixes (like myself), but some people need to understand what they're getting in to before they get disappointed.

    When Epic released the UT3 demo back in October it was released with GREAT anticipation. FINALLY a glimpse at an Unreal game that contained lifelike characters with bigger and badder action like never before. Created with the Unreal Engine 3, the characters and environments alike are definitely sweet eye candy.. which leads me to believe that the last several years this game has been in development have been merely to make it look good. The Beta contained a LOT of bugs, which is normal considering its a "Beta Demo," but when it was announced that UT3 had gone gold in a matter of weeks many had their doubts that the bugs that plagued the Beta Demo would be fixed in the retail version. Many of the bugs had remained. One such bug has the players viewpoint very close to the ground. It's like playing UT3 with little people instead of the proper height of the character models.

    Much of what made UT2k4 and UT99 so great have been stripped from UT3. If you're a fan of the movement styles of 2k4 then you'll be greatly disappointed as the jump dodge has been removed. Jumping in itself is bad enough because some obsticles just aren't low enough for the character to jump over even with double jump. Fans of both eras will notice that the colors are washed with 100 types of gray and brown. The absense of bright colors (on players and environments) tend to make the game depressing and grundgey. Only a few levels even contain color and even so they're just lights. The game is also drowns in bloom and distance fog. Sure, the bloom and fog give the game more realism, but they also hinder sight when playing the game. At one point a players screen can get so bright (due to power ups coloring the screen) that it makes it even more difficult to see anything.

    The User Interface (menu system) is very consolized and not PC friendly. Because the game is coming out for the PS3 and 360, Epic decided to give PC users a very consolized looking menu. Many areas do not have tabs or drop down menus for easy navigation. You find yourself going menu after menu then going back to a previous menu only to go forward again. It's a real hassle. Deep customization is gone from this game. PC users cannot control many of the graphic settings they could control in previous Unreal Tournament games. It's either all or nothing by sliding "World Detials" and "Texture Details" 1 through 5 with 5 being the max detail settings. If you REALLY want Unreal Tournament 3 to be truly customized you would have to go into the game's .ini files and edit the code by hand. And even when you do so, your game still needs to connect to the internet where Epic and/or Gamespy have servers that SAVE your .ini files. Yes, Epic and/or Gamespy have servers that store your game's .ini files on their servers. The mothership does call. Sometimes your changes stick and sometimes they don't.

    Epic chose Gamespy, much to the "delite" (sarcasm) of UT players everywhere, as their choice of software for finding game browsers online. The browser in both the beta and retail have not changed. You MUST create an online profile for yourself in order to play online. Sometimes, when you want to play offline, the game still asks you to connect to the internet. It's very annoying. One problem is that when browsing for specific games (like having the option to not show empty servers or full servers), you finalize your decision and then when the game list shows up.. it didn't even filter out what you're looking for. So you have to go back, redo everything and try again. There are no favorites tab, you cannot see who's playing on any of the servers, and you cannot spectate any server.

    The single player campaign in itself is a fun addition to those who just want to play offline. There is a story that goes along with many many battles. You play all the gametypes (except duel) with your team (Ronin). The bot AI on the enemy team is very good... but I can't say the same about any bot AI on your own team. You'll have to experience that one for yourself.

    Warfare is a fun addition to the game along with the other classic gametypes. It's one big game of capture the flag mixed with Onslaught (a gametype from UT2k4) with a ball. My only gripe is that Warfare has a LOT of maps, while gametypes like CTF and vCTF (Vehicle Capture the Flag) have a handful. A small handful.

    Character customization is not as deep as it could have been and there aren't as many characters to choose from. You have to play through single player mode to unlock new characters such as the Necris.

    There are many problems that plague this "final" release of the game that are currently being fixed in beta patches that are being privately tested as I write this. What's disappointing is that the game should have been finished when it was released, not patched heavily within a short time. If you're that picky about it then maybe you should wait for an official patch.

    Nonetheless, if you can look beyond the flaws and want a game where you can run and gun, blow things up with vehicles and lay some smack down to your friend across the country.. then this game is for you....more info
  • Sorry I opened the package!
    Couldn't play it on my 4 y.o. Gateway, wish I knew it wouldn't work before I opened it. It wouldn't even start. What a waste!...more info
  • Great game
    I used to play this game back when it was new and had a computer that could meet the minimum requirements (somehow a gforce MX 440 128mb worked) now my laptop (that's newer) doesn't have a good enough video card. So make shure your video card meets the requirements....more info
    The game is awesome. Truly great. Why anyone would give it a bad review beats me. This is a great replacement for ut2004 and i can't too see what the mod community puts out.

    Pros: Beautiful game if you have the correct hardware. Awesome weapons and new vehicles. Gameplay is fast and fun.

    Cons: Not enough default maps, More player skin choices....more info
  • did not work
    unfortunatly the game I purchased did not work. When I went to install it on my computer it failed. I did notice that the disc had some kind of transparent plastic coating on it that wasn't completely adhered to it but could not be easily removed so I left it on. Anyway I gave the disk to my brother and hopefully he can figure out if it will work. I am disapointed with this purchase and would be very upset if I had paid more than I did for it. Be very careful ordering used items. I bought it from---- mistermoney-hq---- and have since sent them an email. Their rating on Amazon is good so I assume this was just a fluke but one should consider the money they're willing to possibly throw away when purchasing an item that may or may not work. Luckily the cost for this item was minimal--I did purchase other used games (that were very cheap) from other sellers and was not disapointed....more info
  • This is a way cool game!
    This game is really cool and the new game engine is awesome to use thanks....more info
  • Low GP dont get this game
    I have a gfocer 8600 gt and when i tried to play this games, i felt like i came back to the atari days, the resolution suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big time but i guess isn't the game fault is my computer's...more info
  • Nothing changed, which is good
    The Unreal series is one of the best FPS series in the videogame industry for hardcore gamers. This game is just as fun as its predecessor, and then some.

    Graphics: Just beatiful. It is similiar to Gears of War, but a little better. However, the physics are unrealistic, but its probably Unreal's trademark to have extreme physics.

    Sound: For an Unreal game, the sound improved. You can actually hear your opponents sneeak up on you.

    Gameplay: This game is for hardcore shooters, but noobs are free to join. Its best to play offline so you can be prepared for the online battles. If you join a battle online, you will get creamed. The game has the same weapons from UT3 and similiar levels. The levels did get bigger, but the problem is that some levels are just better than others. Each level isn't special in their own way, they are just better than others. The same with the weapons(Bio Rifles are useless). There are more features in the game, but thats for you to find out.

    Overall, this is a solid FPS and is definetely worth buying. There isn't anything new, but its' still enjoyable. BUY IT!!!...more info
  • Precedented. Matched. Rivaled. Unfortunately, it's real.
    This game has to be one of the most overhyped games of all time. What Epic Games said they would have in this game, they didn't have 10 percent of. The singleplayer is easily worse than anything I've ever seen in a "campaign", and the gameplay overall is too dull. You can die in a few shots from just about anything. In terms of deathmatch, I would say this game triumphs over UT 2004. On the other hand, everything else about 2004 was better in terms of gameplay and modding. This game is very difficult to mod, very difficult to install mods into, and also very difficult to map; not making the maps, but installing them. The unreal series has thrived off of use created content. It's sad to see that nothing amazing for this game will ever come out.

    Multiplayer wise, this game is bland and laggy. Warfare is just a crappy rehash of Onslaught, and it ends up being a crappy Onslaught anyways; No one ever uses the orbs. This game was one of the most disappointing games ever. I urge anyone who is interested in buying this game to not do so....more info
  • UT keeps getting worse.
    Unreal and UT99 used to be the pinnacle of gaming. Each sequel has managed to botch the awesomeness of their parents.

    Dont miss understand, ut2004 was decent, but I felt too much balancing and cartooning was done. Though some good things were added.

    UT3 is the bad boyfriend/girlfriend that their admires desperately wish to like but can't because the game is so wrong. its like lindows, omg yay its unix like, o nvm it has windows functionality.

    The good:


    no double jumping. though can tuck legs under for a very tiny amount of added height.

    the weapons play is fairly fun. the damage seems to be better than it was in ut2004. the weapons now work like ut2004 (which is bad), but hit hard like ut99 (which is great). also grenades have been added back to the rocket launcher (but requires odd mouse button punching to do so).

    graphics are stunningly nice. no interactive environment, but still awesome enough to make me go wow.

    can customize characters.

    has quake 3 team arena skull collecting game. hurray for not having to install q3ta for that. (kill people collect their skull, and dump it back at the enemies base.)

    it's ut based. that alone qualifies it for 3 stars. better yet this game actually tries to emulate the original ut game instead of being a confused hybrid of halo/cs/quake/unreal. basically means that its fun, but not as fun as its predecessors.


    The Bad:
    really stressful on hardware and eyes.
    the game can be played in low res, but it still requires some power to use. but a decent computer costs like 2k or less.

    the eye problem is that so many details are there that its overly glittered. its like reading comics that do too many minute details and the image becomes like big pile of mush. some of the levels are so filled that people can easily be missed. granted can turn down the graphics and maybe rid them, but some objects can't be penetrated. also the characters are so prettied that they are unlikable. they look gorgeous but that glitter makes them liabilities. easy to see, big and chunky so easy to hit (well some).

    limited characters:
    the roster is few, and practically no real memorable faces. there are plenty familiar names (if previously played other ut games), but the characters are basically new. also NO XAN, MALCOM, SKAARJ, NALI OR WARCOWS! that alone requires a wth to epic. the few characters that are there = 10ish. can make menial changes to their armor to pretend they are new people.

    no custom crosshairs!
    can choose between simple (a crummy huge cross like image), full (where each weapon has its own), or hidden/none.
    while this seems like menial griping, a good crosshair can really help. o where ist mein dot from ut99 :'(.

    NO PIPING! for those who dont know, pipeswitching was when i could bind multiple weapons to the same key. why do that? less keys needed to use all weapons, and can the keys and cycle between them in the order they are bound. so if i have flak/rocket/impact hammer (yes that is back yay), and they are all bound to 'f', then if i hit f, and the flak is out of ammunition, it checks for rocket, but oops, i dont have one, o so trusty impact appears and smash the opponents body.
    there is a way to jury rig this function back into the game, but is complicated and doesn't work as well. pipeswitching is also used for other commands. ie. taunt|fire. used to be able to run around flipping people off and firing at the same time, or drop flag and say position of where it was dropped.

    no option to turn off spawn protection. can do it in an ini some where, but that beats the purpose of a ui. its a user interface for a reason. seriously when did ut become harry potter? omg he was just born i can't keeel him. good to have, but even better to be able to quickly disable.

    no bombing run/domination/invasion.

    MUST have online connection. must make an account and is even worse through steam. can play offline after, but still a pain in the butt.

    the ui is not user friendly. most reasonable items such as crosshairs, easy character editing, name switching, game settings have been severely hampered.

    the game really looks like it was designed for console and the developers lost interest in it. maybe towlie visited. no patches in ages, and ut3 now seems to be the deformed baby that is locked in the basement and neither of its parents want to assume responsibility. i think ut is trying to be the game it thinks it should be instead of the game that many fell in love with years ago. ...more info
  • Nothing New
    I bought this game for my husband for Christmas. I am not a gamer, so I collected information from him for this review. He reports that the game is fun to play, but hasn't really changed much from earlier versions....more info