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ViewSlimmy: Thin Front Pocket ID Wallet
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Product Description

ViewSlimmy is a front pocket wallet specifically designed for the person on-the-go who wisely prefers to carry a wallet in their front pocket for security and faster access. Slimmy's ultra simple, sleek design looks smart with casual, business or formal wear. It is made from the highest quality full grain leather for a soft feel and durability. Slimmy features an innovative open, three-pocket design. The ViewSlimmy adds a window to the side of the traditional Slimmy, allowing for display of an ID or business card. This patented design conforms firmly to the contour of your currency, credit cards, driver's license, business cards and receipts for maximum slimness, conforming more tightly with use. Slimmy is a break from tradition and preferred by G.A.I. (Geniuses, Artists, and Innovators). STYLE WARNING: This wallet is not a magic trick. If you have a George Castanza-like wallet, with over 10 credit cards, pictures of distant relatives, and 5 years of financial records, you WILL NOT be able to magically conceal the same contents in the Slimmy. The Slimmy experience is about security, comfort and minimalism. Carry only what you need so that you are less exposed to theft, less encumbered, and look better. American Express has warned travelers, particularly men, to carry fewer credit cards and receipts in their wallets to guard against identity theft. Carrying your wallet in the front pocket further reduces your risk of any theft. The American Chiropractic Association warns against keeping a wallet in your back pocket because it can cause Sciatica. A Slimmy can help, but you have to want to change. If you are over 30 years old, have a hard time trying new things, or are resistant to change, this may be too hard for you and we ask that you consider sticking to your current plan. Slimmy: 3.875" (L) x 2.875" (W) x 0.312" (H)

  • The Slimmest Wallet on Earth
  • STYLE: Simple, clean, unique look for any occasion. Not a traditional wallet.
  • PERFORMANCE: Highest quality stitching and full grain leather.
  • UTILITY: Slim enough for the front pocket for security, convenience, and to fight sciatica.
  • UTILITY: Open, three-pocket design with an ID window

Customer Reviews:

  • Merchandise was mis-stitched, but the company handled it professionally
    When my ViewSlimmy arrived, I found the wallet had been mistakenly sewn shut along the top edge; there was no way to access the inside portion without ripping all the stitching out, which I did. I've now got a serviceable wallet, although it's a bit of a mess where the stitches had to be removed.

    I spoke with Jay at Koyono, and he's convinced the wallet I received is an isolated case; he offered to send me a free wallet for my trouble. We settled on a 25% discount on my next Koyono order. Jay was at all times very professional and helpful.

    The wallet is very good as a Drivers License/picture ID holder, and a good place to store some emergency cash too. If you order one, check the stitching to make sure it's done correctly. ...more info
  • Nice Wallet - does exactly what it's supposed to!
    Wallet is well stitched, and first impressions were very favorable. I agree that it probably should cost 19.99, but I can't complain about the function. It slips into jeans and dockers w/o any trouble, and having the ID window saves time when having to flash it for checks, purchases, etc.

    I keep a photo ID, 3 cards(2 credit, one insurance), 3-5 bills and a couple of receipts at a time in there, and it really works well.

    ...more info
  • Best Slim Wallet
    This is the second wallet i have bought. Its one of the best slim front pocket wallets i have used. It also is a good gift item for guys....more info
  • Nice for those with few wallet items
    This is a nice wallet for those with only 4 or 5 credit cards + and ID. More than that and it becomes pretty unusable. The wallet is well constructed and definitely small. If you're able to get your wallet item count that low, it's a great choice....more info
  • I Love This!
    First off, this is in my pocket right now.

    I had the old style bifold wallet in my back pocket for years. My friend, who is a Physical Therapist, suggested that the monster wallet I had probably wasn't the best for my back. (Sitting on the wallet all day long.)

    Anyway, I took the plunge and bought one. I got the viewslimmy so I could stash my ID up front with my college ID behind it. Three credit cards, two insurance cards and a card or two other and I'm set.

    Face it. You don't really need all of that garbage in your wallet anyway. Get this. It forces you to clean house. Now, my wallet easily fits in my front pocket.

    The only trick is to make sure you put it in your pocket stitched seam down or your cards may come loose. Never been a problem for me, but I could see where it might be.

    When this one wears out--which will be a long time as it is build very well--I'm buying another one.

    YMMV....more info
  • Slim indeed
    This is a great product.

    I managed to get all of the same things into it that I had carried in my old wallet, except three cards (which I learned I don't really need) and one of those was practically a business card, so not very thick. Even so, my full ViewSlimmy is even thinner than my old wallet empty.

    Now I can carry my wallet and my cell phone in the same front pocket and my iPod in the other.

    My only problem is that I keep my metro pass in the view window so that I can flash it when needed, but anytime I need to take it out - say, to use in a turnstile - it's a pain because it's so securely stuck in there....more info
  • Better than I Thought!
    I've had back trouble for years and a chiropractor that I went to told me that sitting with one side elevated by a fat wallet (cards, not cash unfortunately) was one of the causes. I got this wallet and it has worked wonderfully.

    I had to get rid of a lot of things that I had been carrying around for years, but I am still surprised at how much I can still get into this. I have two ID cards, a micro SD flash card for my cell phone, two credit cards, 10 other membership cards, and three bills of folding money. With all of this stuff, it is still only a little over one half inch thick! It fits very comfortably into my front pocket.

    The wallet is sewn closed on two sides and open at the top and one side. I was worried that stuff would fall out of it, but no problem. All my cards and cash stay neatly tucked in. I had more trouble with things falling out of my traditional wallet than this one.

    The quality of the leather and finish is still very good after over a year of use.

    I won't go back to a traditional billfold or trifold again.

    ...more info
  • Great wallet!
    I've been using this wallet for a couple of weeks, and I really like it. It took me a few days to get used to it because cards don't slip in and out of it like a standard wallet, but the sleekness and utility of it outweighs any learning curve you might experience. The only negative thing I have to say about this wallet is that it seems a bit expensive given that it's smaller and uses less material than the average wallet. I think $20 would be a fair price for it. You are paying for convenience when you buy this bad boy!...more info
  • Perfect for me
    I've searched the world over for a great slim wallet, and this is the best. Great quality/craftmanship. Excellent design. This will be my wallet of choice for a long time....more info
  • View Slimmy
    Works as advertised. As long as you read the reviews and know what you are getting, you will like it....more info
  • Slimmest Wallet Ever...!!!
    When I'd first received this wallet I was skeptical, but after I tried it out I was a fan.... You hardly know it is there, front or rear pocket wearable... I would Highly recommend this to anyone looking to reduce the size of that wallet bulge and the pain in the A** it causes. I've tried quite a few different designs, this being the Best I've come across... ...more info