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Battlefield 2142 takes you into the far future, for all-new warfare in a world that's familiar but still different. As a new ice age depletes the planet's resources, two multinational coalitions wage a brutal war for the only cause that matters - survival. Armed with devastating futuristic weaponry and gear, plus Battle Walkers and vast airborne bases called Titans, you must coordinate the efforts to win the war for Earth's last fragile pieces of livable land.

  • Lethal Vehicles-- Gamers control menacing Battle Walkers that stalk the land and futuristic gunships that patrol the skies.
  • Titan Mode-- Wage epic-scale war to defeat your opponent's Titan, a massive flying warship, controlled by the team's commander.
  • 64-Players Online-- Experience all-out war with Battlefield's legendary multiplayer for up to 64 players.
  • Real-Time Persistence-- To the victor goes the spoils! Equipment, medals and other rewards are awarded in-game and in real time.
  • Customizable Abilities-- Gamers can expand their abilities and blend multiple player classes to match their play-style.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent FPS!!
    What can I say... Battlefield, next generation. It's awesome. (If your machine can handle it.) I actually upgraded my entire computer, mostly so I could play BF2142. My old Athlon XP 3200+ / Radeon 9600 128mb card / 1GB DDR 400 could play it, but there was some bad lag, even on lowest settings. (Now I'm running Athlon X2 5600+ Radeon 2900XT 2X1GB DDR-II 800, etc...) The tactical options are great. Weapons rock, and vehicles are totally cool. The only downside is that you have to play online to earn upgrades. (not that playing online is a downside, online multiplay is SO much better than AI bots... but it would be nice to be able to earn upgrades in single player mode offline.) The original release was buggy, but with patches, this game runs flawlessly, even on Vista Ultimate. Two words, BUY IT!!!....more info
  • Battlefield 2142
    This is a great price and I love the game. EA has some issues with online game play at times which is irritating but most online games do. Overall this is a great game and I play it daily....more info
  • Bad controls, vehicles overpowered.
    This game was god awful. It's frustrating to play. Infantry seem way too slow, or the map too large. Vehicles are invulnerable to infantry, infantry has no grenades or anyway to counter them unless they find another vehicle.

    Vehicle controls are horrendous, I feel like I have little or no control.

    That and the in-game music makes me want to kill myself. It's so boring it's actually frustrating in itself.

    Thats just from the demo....more info
  • More bugs than an ant hill.
    I don't know if you have seen the commercial or heard it. The one that goes "EA Sports, it's in the game"? Anyway, I think they should re-do that commercial for 2142. Something like, "glitches galore, exponential exploits, hacks like spam arty attacks, they're in the game". I played this game for hours and hours in beta. I found many exploits as did all the testers. We brought them out into the open and called EA and DICe on it! They said sell it first, patch it later. WHATEVER!!

    So, 3 or 4 patches later and they fixed 5% of the exploits and even less of the glitches. They want your money @ $40 a games + $10 a booster. I love the game but hate the buggy / glitchy coding. What can I say, I have a love hate relationship with EA. I love their games and hate the company. Now if you want me to tell you that the game is full of spyware and intrusive software, "The game is full of spyware and intrusive software". There is no Official rules of engagement published for this game but that does not mean the AZZHATZ over @ BFROE aren't sporting a woody over all the glitches and the opportunity to report you to EA, like the 4 year old tattle-tale sister you used to beat up and lock in the basement.....

    Oh, and I didn't even mention the HAX and Aimbots for this game!! Want to pwn and don't care about fairness or equal playing fields? for all your pwnage.

    EA SuxormyBazll...more info
  • Get off Your "E" Machine and it plays GREAT!
    This game rocks... but don't try to use a 2-year-old e-machine to play it (knucklehead).

    If you only download the demo, you can't write a review.

    If you want varied game play... cool vehicles... and a cool variation on the old team fortess model, play this.

    Go back to playing the original Medal of Honor game from 1999 and be happy....more info
  • best punk buster game ever
    I just wish the ad's were better,er,pa, I think pa is panda america, a coin company. This is the best game i have ever played, if you don't mind punk buster kicking you out of the game, for going behind enemy lines, high ping or raming chopers in to a mech or tank. I know it's who ever rents a server, they write the rules. still i play far and still get kicked 10 times in a hour. I see people cheating all the time so it's a love hate thing.

    ...more info
  • One of the Best Online Games of All Time
    The title says it all. I haven't played another game since I got this a couple of months ago. I even suspended my WoW account for now. As one of the earlier reviews said, this game is a masterpiece, especially once you learn to play as a member of a team (squad). Its superb action from the start of the round till the end and everything you do matters to the overall success of the team. And yes, you never run out of things to do. Everything from the gameplay, graphics, sound, music and controls are top notch. I won't go into the details of how its played and what its about since there's already enough information elsewhere. All I can say is that you are missing a lot if you don't get this game and at least try to get competent at it. It might take a some time before you become competitive against the many people you'll play against but its well worth the effort. FIVE STARS!...more info
  • good game
    getting a little old but still a lot of fun
    love the upgrades you gain throughout the game....more info
  • Don't believe the hoopla... this game rocks!
    I am reading some bad reviews on here that are pretty stupid... one guy was griping about how the game doesn't do this or that, but he was playing the damn demo and not a full release (so dude, if you didn't pay for it, don't gripe about it, Mr Cheapo).

    Another guy griped about how its glitchy... to him I say, UPGRADE YOUR MACHINE then! I just built a new machine and I can play any game I want full-blast, so if it's glitching that is your fault. Don't buy games your system won't support. Here is what I am using to give you an idea of how you can really rock this game... I am using 512MB Nvidia 7950GT, 2GB system Ram, AMD Duo Core +4200, Serial ATA Hard Drive.

    Another guy, believe it or not, LOL! Had the nerve to come on here a gripe about how the game sucks because it is mainly Multiplayer Mode... WHAT!!!??? This is hilarious! I'm not even going to comment on how ignorant you have to be on that one... My suggestion would be to not come on here and give a great game only 1 star because you're mad they didn't make single player mode on a multiplayer game.

    I heard griping about in-game advertising... well, get used to it because a lot of companies are probably going to be heading in that direction in the future. I don't find them to be evasive at all, if I don't want to look at them, then I don't, I close them and they are gone, end of story. I most certainly am not going to miss out on great games/titles because I feel a need to rebel against the in-game advertising... I'll leave that up to the guys who sit around missing out on all the fun to prove their stupid point, by which no one really cares.

    Yea, you have to login to EA's console... I think this is great, it will help reduce game piracy (I paid for so can you, cheapo!), but the coolest feature is the character building feature... The more you play the game, the higher up in rank you go (private, sergeant, staff sergeant, etc...), and each time you move up in rank you get to unlock a weapon for one of your soldiers. It is a great concept, it separates the noobs from the hardcore players right off the bat! Not to mention how pimp your guy can become with all his badges, medals, etc...

    Like I said, if your system is equipped to play the latest and greatest you will have no problems with this game. I haven't had one single crash, no bogging, no glitchiness, nada! I take good care of my system, and my video card rocks... I am sure they will be patch releases and upgrades, as there should be with any good game. I will be more than happy to download these when they are released, so what, big deal if it takes a whole 20 minutes of my life/time. There is always room for improvement with any game and as time goes on they will keep release cool stuff to keep us all in the game. Learn patience, good things come to those who wait....more info
  • The franchise is ruined
    EA Games/DICE have ruined a wonderful franchise. BF1942 & BF Vietnam were excellent games. Many hours in my house were spent battling for control of control points, sniping friends, flying under bridges & upside down. But now, it's just dumb.

    BF 2142 is just plain garbage. Absolute trash. I purchased this game against the suggestion of many reviewers, and I regret it. I can deal with the attempt at placing ads in the game, it's annoying, but their agreement seems to protect me.

    What I can't deal with is the total lack of coherant control systems in a game. Why in the world does every bot have grenades, but I can't seem to get a them? Why do the instructions say "drag an item into your kit" but the items never drop into my kit? Why does it take me 45 seconds and 20 mouse movements to swing a turret 90 degrees? In that time, I'm dead.

    I won't get into too many details of the game. Suffice it to say, if this is warfare of the future, we're all doomed....

    Don't buy this game. Get [...] while you still can. Download the patches & archive them. You'll get many more hours of enjoyable playtime with those games. Even with the idiotic bots of BFV, it'll be more enjoyable. ...more info
  • Killing is good fun
    If you like online first person shooters, this is a great game. It has a very wide range of graphics settings so that many POS machines will be able to run it just fine. Killing and/or teamwork will get you points that will eventually earn you weapon and equipment upgrades. ...more info
  • I like it ... though it could use some refinement to validate the price
    I'm new to BF games. My son isn't and has had BF games since BF Vietnam. For some reason BF 2142 did not work on his Prescott 3.4Ghz machine ... so I inherited it ... I like it. My son begs to play it on my machine (Core 2 duo clocked at 3Ghz w/2GB Ram.) He loves the game. (When I let him play ... He's 14)

    I gave it 5 stars for fun. 4 stars for overall. The complaints I have read seem justified and oft from previous BF players. I would feel ripped off if the "Next" game in series cost me full ticket price and was only marginally "New" and seeming more of a mod than a new game.

    I tend to only play Titan mode which happens to be a newer development of the game.

    I typically don't buy newer games but stick to games 2-3 years old and buy technology and overclock it 6 months ahead of market. Games play smooth and well when my technology exceeds my software.

    This game does work well however with my overclocked system. It does not work with my sons Prescott 3.4Ghz system w/ 1GB Ram and 256mb ATI PCI-E Video. ( I suspect it is due to it being somewhat a Frankinputer tho rather than basic specs not par.)...more info
  • too many crashes
    This game is a lot of fun when it works, but many people including myself just experience CTD after CTD, its far too buggy, it should never have been released in such a poor state...more info
  • Battlefield 2142
    This game is fantastic! The only issues that I see with are that a) sometimes the other players on the server aren't too team oriented (not the game's fault, I know). B) the air vehicles have a simplified flight system that makes flight easier, but prohibits pilots from performing advanced manuvers, such as barrel rolls and flips. The customization feature is also great, allowing you to pick the right guy for the right job, and the new Titan mode is fun. On the whole everything is really just awesome, even the servers are not as laggy as Battlefield 2...more info
    This game is pretty fun but when it comes down to it the singleplayer has low choices, The multiplayer however is much more fun. Online sopport is bad....more info
  • It's fine.
    I don't see why every one hates BF2142 so much. The Spyware effects nothing and who cares about advertising. It's in your everyday life! But at any rate BF2142 is a very fun game. Weapons to unlock and many vehicles. I have not experianced any crashes with the games. And not much laggieness but face it you get lag with every online game. I think the people who exsperance crashes are ones with slow computer due to looking at porn or excessive files. Like I said, this is a fun game to play with all your buds. If you don't like it. Then don't buy it?...more info
  • Great successor and reason to "upgrade"
    I've been a regular player (not extensive, maybe 5 hours/week) of Battlefield 2. I enjoyed the game a lot but with very dominant air superiority,bad auto balancing and the recent announcement of EA not to release any patches anymore I lost my interested.

    Looking at Battlefield 2142 I thought, I give it a try and I have to say I am not dissapointed, on the contrary! The game hast all the fun from the original Battlefield series PLUS cool additions.

    Here are the things I presonally think EA has improved:

    - The Weapon upgrade mode is better, you can upgrade additional items more often andnot only new wapons

    - the map display looks better

    - the vehicles and terrain looks better

    - the titan mode, where you have to hold as many "flags" as possible to destroy the enemies base but also can attack that base directly is a lot of fun

    - it seems that people play more as teams online - even without knowing each other...

    All in all - well done EA. Too bad that you sell the addon Northern Strike instead of giving it out for free as a patch......more info
  • WOW
    I am highly impressed with this game. The gameplay is simple and very fun. The single player mode is a great and fun way to kill time....more info
  • This Game Freakin' Rocks!
    I have heard many things good and bad about this game, but my experiance with BF2142 is awesome. I have played it alot since it came out and I have had NO PROBLEMS out of the ordinary like others speak of. I am a giant fan of BF2 and this is the perfect advancement to the series. The gameplay and graphics are second to none and the selection of upgrades that you can unlock as you advance rank are immense. I rate this game an overall of 5 stars because I have played it more than enough to find any and all bugs it may have. I have found none, but from what I have seen I recommend it be played on a medium to high end gaming computer with atleast 2 gigs of Ram and a series 7 Nvidia GPU. That being said, I say 'THIS GAME ROCKS!'...more info
  • Amazing game!

    This is one of the best First Person Shooters my friends and I have ever played. It's basically 100% multiplayer, so you need to be online to play, but it's graphics are beautiful, the ideas are dynamic and yet coherent, and there's something for every action/war fan out there! The only reason I don't give this game a HUGE five-stars (choosing four stars for the overall rating instead), is because it is made by EA Games, the buggiest, most flawed-programming, worst-customer-service company ever. Their corporate size is so massive, they know that they don't need to work really hard to please individual customers (and by individual, I mean thousands of them in huge, angry masses). Battlefield 2142, like many EA Games, sometimes disagrees with computer setups or internet connections. The good news is, if it works for your setup, then it probably always will. Good luck- aside from EA's uniquely slipshod programming, the game's just absolutely fantastic. ...more info
  • frag feast
    if you enjoy a fps, this is for you, love the unlocks, graphics, game play, the only negative is team play, alot of players do not get into a squads,besides this I've had no lockups, and my systems purrs on this game, recommend if you play get at least 2 g of memmory and the fastest cable or dsl connection. also look for servers that have low address numbers for example instead of thiw will keep your ping low (45 instead of 85) the lower the number the less lag you will have on playing the game......more info
  • Lots of fun, but not for Vista
    Initially, I loved this game. I played it for about 2 straight months and had done well to level-up.

    I recently upgraded my system and in doing so went from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

    Battlefield 2142 under XP has a few bugs, but under Vista has tons of bugs. You basically can't play for than 30-90 minutes without a crash to desktop. It got frustrating to the point that I had to stop playing (because I didn't want to change back to XP). If you are running Vista, do not buy this game. It doesn't work well. I went through all of the "tweak guides" to try to minimize crashing and it still crashes.

    You can argue that BF 2142 wasn't designed for Vista, because it wasn't, but this is the only game I own that won't run on Vista. Other games I play such as WoW, CoH, C&C3, & LOTRO run fine on Vista.

    So, I rate this game 5 starts for fun, but 1 star for running on Vista.
    ...more info
  • The PUNKBUSTER addition makes the game unplayable.
    I used to love this game, until PUNKBUSTER was added to the Multiplayer version of this game. I'm not an intentional team-killer and one day, I found that I could not play Multiplayer anymore. I would get into the game and then be kicked out within 10 seconds with a non-intuitive error message, stating "PUNKBUSTER". WOW, that's not helpful at all. I went to the EA Support website to find out how I can get rid of this error message and all their support documentation amounted to "Download some file from the Punkbuster website". When I tried that, I found that Punkbuster probably has some of the worst support documentation I've seen on a website (they should give awards for that). Not only is my issue still unresolved, but I can't resell this game, because of EA's bad reputation with Spyware/Adware-related software on games like this....more info
  • Great Game, Don't listen to the whiners.
    This is a GREAT GAME.

    Before I go one let me make the following statementThere's been a lot of controversy over this games in-game-adds, and the so-called spyware attached to the game. I have experienced NO PROBLEMS. And in-game adds don't bother me, and the pay for EA to keep patching the game. So stop whining.

    ALSO, anybody who has ranked this game below 3 stars is only doing it because of these in-game adds. Also don't look at these reviews because NONE OF THEM HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME. they're just whining about the adds.

    Onto the game itself. I was at first skeptical because every futuristic game i've ever played is boring. But this game is fun. They managed to make it futuristic, without making it unbelievably boring and repetitive. There are only four classes, but you can gain a ton of upgrades as you g o through the game. The vehicles are all fun to drive. I was very skeptical about the Mechs, but they are VERY VERY fun to drive. They are also very powerful. Titan mode is very fun, everyone is scrambling to get to the missile silos to take them over so they can shoot at the enemy mother ship. This makes for great combat.

    There is little more to say about this game, besides the fact that it is extremely fun. If you liked BF2, you will love this game.

    This game rocks, you get to control robots, high-tech space ship things, there are the really HUGE tanks you get to drive around in, there is much cooler and more high-tech jeeps, and the weapons are abosolutly AWESOME. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this game if you like "Battlefield" games and high-tech stuff....more info