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The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack
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Product Description

In Sims 2: Pets, you'll create the perfect pet for your Sims to train, play with, and love throughout a lifetime. Choose from dozens of popular dog and cat breeds like Schnauzer and Siamese, or create a unique cat or dog by modifying their features and body type. Teach the pets tricks, take them for a romp in the park to meet other furry friends, or buy them toys, beds, and much more. But pets have minds of their own-so expect the unexpected! Upload your favorite Sim pets to to share with other players

  • Adopt dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs for your Sims to play with.
  • Your Sims' pets have their own genetics. Cross different breeds to create designer pets or make new ones and register them to appear in Create-A-Pet as a unique pedigree.
  • Pick your Sims' pet's personality! Is your pet gifted or goofy, hyper or lazy? You decide!
  • Choose career tracks for your Sims' pets. Skilled pets can work their way up to be Pet Show Biz Stars, part of an elite security Pet Corps, or a heroic Rescue pet.
  • Show off your pets! Share your favorite Sim pets with other players through an online exchange.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great gift!
    Was purchased as a gift for a family member, she said it works great and she absoultly loves it! Thanks...more info
  • Fun Game
    This game is fun, but it has slots for where "open for business" and "nightlife" things go....more info
  • The Best Expansion Pack for Sims2 (Next to Seasons)
    I love this game as much as my teenage daughter! She loves playing the people's lives, while I love building houses & creating families. The Pets expansion pack makes the game itself so much more fun to play. We have an Australian Shepard & Papillon, neither of which were included, but both were easy to make. Sims dogs and cats have personality traits that so closely resemble the real things, it's amazing! The whole Sims2 series in just good clean family fun that, with adult supervision, can be enjoyed by all. ...more info
  • Just about the best
    The Sims 2 Pets is a great, fun game. It doesn't come with a lot of pet things, but it does come with the basics. The dogs and cats are great. It is very enjoyable. It is a lot better than the Sims 1 Unleashed. I recommend this game more than any other Sims game....more info
  • Fun but Involved
    This expansion pack is wonderful if you are a hard core Sims 2 gamer. I could say 100 wonderful things about this pack. The only downside is just how much time and energy your sim must devote to the pets. So often the Sim has trouble keeping a job and taking care of their pets. The pets just seem very unruly. Other than that it's tons of fun!...more info
    Great delivery. tHANKS GUYS...more info
  • So Cute!
    The pets on here are so cute! They are fairly easy to train..but you have to stick with it, or they will go back to old habits again!...more info
  • Great Game
    I got this game for Christmas. I enjoyed playing my regular Sims and could not wait to add an expansinton pack onto my game. The pets a very realalistic and the graphics are great !!! You can have big dogs, small dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, birds, and a hamster. I wish they would have put other pets like fish ,horses,and turtles, but the other animals are cool too. Your pets can have jobs like movie star or rescue pet. Your pets can even fall in love!(how cute) Anyway I recammend this game to pet lovers and Sims fans of any age. It really is a great game to paly ...more info
  • Great Edition!
    I loved this because it's making it more realistic which is what I LOVE about the Sims (I'm into that life simulating stuff) and it's alot of fun to have pets around! Put I get overly tired of them destroying the furniture. So it all most becomes a pain but I guess pets can do that....more info
  • love my pets
    i couldnt wait to get this expansion i created a chihuahua that looks identical to mine...loved it...more info
  • LOVE it!!!
    I LOVE this expansion pack. The create-a-pet option was so much fun, especially when it came down to layering a pet's coat so it could be mult-colored. Gameplay was fun too. It was weird getting used to not being able to control your pet (they have a mind of their own... you can see their needs, but can't control them. You have to use your sim to train them or encourage them to eat/play/chew/etc.), but also a new level of fun....more info
  • Mad at this Game.
    Since I'm not able to play it, I put 1 star, I put 5 stars for overall rating because the picture on the game looked fun. The reason is because I did not see anywhere on this amazon Sims 2: Pets page, that you had to have Sims 2 and whatnot in order to install it. Now I'm gonna have to buy, and install that damn Sims 2 game just so I can play this one. What a ripoff. Why do they give you two discs if you have to have another game with it all together?...more info
    We own every expansion pack for The Sims 2 and this is one of the better expansions. With this expansion you can design your own cats and dogs and move them in with your people. The pets are very realistic and are lots of fun to play with and teach them new skills and tricks. Your pets can get jobs of their own and earn money for you. You can adopt cats, dogs, birds and guinea pigs. You can create your pets different personalities for example you can make them hyper or lazy, clean or dirty, a loner or friendly. You can also share your pets online. This is a very fun expansion and I am sure you will like it. ...more info
  • Sims has too much foul language to be fun
    The Sims 2 Pets game has tooooo much foul language to be fun for anyone in the entire house within hearing range.
    Yuck....more info
  • Great But Dissapointing
    Sims 2 pets is a great don't get me wrong. But it is a little dissapointing because u can't control the pets u have 2 use a cheat code (i haven't tried that yet!!) I'ts fun cause u can have colored pets of blue,red,green,yellow&many more colors.Lots of collars to choose from and earn ...more info
  • Very cool game, just wish I could control pets...
    I bought all the other Sims 2 games that do not have Secure Rom ON them before Pets 2, because I did not know if I would like the game. However, I truly enjoy playing this game! I did not think pets would be that much fun because I do not have any real pets of my own, however this game made me want pets! Not only playing with pets was fun but all the accessories that come with it. The only thing I do not like is the fact that I cannot control the pets,there were no new hairdos for Sims, and you cant see the fish in the fish tank! If that is a glitch can someome tell me a patch to fix it? Nevertheless, I recommend this game to anyone who is a Sims2 fan!!

    O and I am thankful to the people who sent this game to me within 3days. YOu Rock!!!! ...more info
  • fun..but bad too
    This is an ok game.The bad part is the pets your sims get either rip up your furniture or go to the bathroom everywhere!They also complane at night!...more info
  • Not the greatest Expansion, but fun if your Sim must have a pet
    I didn't run out to grab The Pets Expansion Pack for The Sims 2 as I did with other expansions. I still had bad memories of The Sims Unleashed Expansion Pack for the original game, The Sims.

    But I have many pets myself, so it was only a matter of time before I broke down and bought it.

    This was much better! Like human sims, you can create your own dog or cat sims, or use the pre-existing ones that are installed in the game. Dogs and cats have relationship scores with the people they know, as well as other animals. They will react based on simple personality traits and past relationships to other sims in the game.

    Once set, those traits don't change, but there are other pet tendencies and learned behaviors that you can influence with training like tricks/commands, whether or not they destroy furniture, sleep in your bed or on chairs, greet strangers with a snarl or a wagging tail, or if they do their business in the right place or not.

    Pets can also be put to work, earning a limited living based on what they've learned. But you cannot control pets without using cheats or hacks. Instead, you have to interrupt a sim to correct whatever the pet is doing that you don't want them to.

    The most maddening thing is the tendency for roaming dogs to enter a lot and destroy flowerbeds or dig holes. If you have The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion installed like I do, and are trying to get into the garden club, you might want to set another sim as a lookout for stray dogs during the inspection. A hole in my front yard torpedoed my top score in that mini-game more than once.

    The special sim type in Pets is the Werewolf, who unlike regular dogs can go after the burglar.

    I have only three families in the neighborhood I play with pets. Other than that, it just didn't turn out to be a must-have addition to my digital families. If someone you know is just loopy over all things pet related, this will still appeal to them, but for me it became more of something to complete my collection and round out my sims' pixellated lives.

    The neighbors' dogs destroying my sim's yard was a little too much like reality though. Someone should create a custom no dogs allowed sign that actually works to keep critters from wreaking havoc in the flower beds. ...more info
  • most fun game i ever played
    I love this is the most fun game i ever played.I recommend this game to be bought....more info
  • Not much fun
    I bought the Pets expansion pack in December of last year and I was really excited to try it out. Unfortunately it has been a huge disappointment - it isn't much fun at all. You can't control your Pets and if you have even a medium sized family - such as husband, wife, one or two kids - having to feed the pet, wash the pet (if you have a dog), play with the pet, teach the pet tricks, etc gets to be a bit much. I find that my families inadvertantly ignore thier animals because there are more immediate things to do, like build skills for work or network to make more friends or help the kids with their homework. The one thing I do like about having a pet is you can get them a job and they can bring in decent money. Some pet jobs make $800+ simoleans per day, which is a nice chunk of change to add to the family funds.
    Besides cats and dogs, you can also buy a bird cage and put an exotic bird in it. You can teach the birds to talk, which also fills your Sims' social meter and builds the charisma skill. I'm not so great at taking care of the birds though, because I've had so many of them die on me when I forget to have someone feed them.
    You can also buy a womrat, which looks alot like a ferret - womrats don't really do much and you don't gain anything by having one. They're cute, that's about it. I've had a few womrats die on me too.
    When the cats or dogs die the Grim Reaper comes for them just like he does when a Sim dies - I can't say I've been sad to see any of my Pets go. I recommend this expansion pack to animal lovers who would enjoy adding a dog or a cat to their game. Otherwise I really don't feel that Pets adds enough to the game to justity buying it - save your RAM for something fun like Seasons or Nightlife....more info
  • Another great Sims game
    This is a great game just like every other Sims game! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Not what I really expected however.....
    as we all know maxis and EA are just making newer versions of the sims one expansion packs for the sims 2. if anyone didnt hear about the 2 new expansions coming up, hollywood (superstar) and bon voyage (vacation that sortve proves it. as far as pets goes it wasnt as bad as everyone said it was. the pets idea as always is inovative but i find 2 out of 5 times the pets end up getting in the way. for one you cant control the pets like in sims 1 which just ruins the purpose of the game. the idea of a blue dog was pretty cool though :) the item add ons are terrible i expected so much more. its a neat expansion but it was rushed and its sloppy. theres also alot of breeds missing pet wise.

    the ups.

    playing fetch with my blue beagle.

    having animals like parrots.

    the downs.

    bad items

    too few breeds

    pathing issues.

    3/5 rating

    ...more info
  • The expansion pack I was waiting for
    I was hoping for a "Pets" expansion pack for Sims 2 and it is certainly everything I had hoped for. The pets included are a guinea pig-like rodent, parrots, tropical fish, cats, and dogs. You can pick colors of all and the cats and dogs are very customizable. If you want to make a chihuahua, you can. If you want to make a bulldog, you can. If you want to make a turkish angora kitty, you can! You can even layer the fur so that not only do you get the texture right, but the colors are layered too for more realistic patterns.
    The pet behaviours are simply right on the mark. One of the first pets I created was a mirror of my real life cat. I was stunned to see the Sims 2 cat doing many of the things my real life cat does at home. The way it twitched it's tail, the way it meowed. It was all very cute and even a little unsettling at times.
    Interactions are wonderfully added as well. Your sims can play with the pets and many of the actions are hilarious. Watching my sims play "teaser" with the cat was captivating.
    The pets will of course get into trouble as well, tearing up furniture and making messes on the carpet. But what fun would the sims be without some challenges, right?...more info
  • PETS
    I love this game its so much fun and this expansion pack is lots of fun. The detail you can put into the pets is amazing. The only problem I have with it is I noticed the miss named the breeds they have a few of the mixed up but it's a very very little problem that you can easily ignore and get through....more info
  • i'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i might get this game today at walmart for only[...] .i will expreirience the fun in the game.(i am not new to any of the sims games.)...more info
  • This Game is Fun
    This game is fun since you can have puppies, however only when your cat or dog get pregnant by another cat or dog and you have to be at least friends with them before they will do this for you. However your sims can have fun playing with their very own pets. You can give your pet a job, teach them new tricks, your can every train them, and buy items for them. You can only do limited tasks like playing, feeding, let out, and clean cage with small pets like the guinea pigs and birds. If you like pets and Sims 2 you should buy this game....more info
  • Soo much fun!
    Sims 2 Pets is one of my favorite expansion packs! I have two dogs of my own, so it's always fun to create sim pets that look and act like my own. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to change up their Sim routines....more info
  • ......Buy Open For Bussiness Instead
    I bought it 2 days ago and reutrned it today for a full refund.I thought you could actually control the pet and make it do fun stuff.Actually you can't even command it to move.WHAT KIND OF PET IS THAT???!!!Only a small variety of breeds.The only lest bit fun of it is that you can custom design your pet.


    -You can open up a pet store if you have this


    -You also have to have business to do that


    :(...more info
  • The Sims 2
    I own every single Sims 2 Expansion Pack and Stuff Pack. I really enjoy them! I can play them for hours on end. I have a tendency to lose track of time when I am playing it. Pets is an awesome Expansion Pack, but the best by far is Seasons. Every one of these EPs and SPs is worth the money! ...more info
  • Good addition to the game
    This was the last expansion pack I bought to complete the game set before Sims3 came out. I have enjoyed the addition to my Sims families. For anyone looking to get into the Sims2 I would recommend it!...more info
  • Super Cute!
    This exspansion pack is just adorable. You can have fun with your pet and just stare at the pet you've created and can't help but go awwwwww. It's easy and i love the new items i have. After playing it for awhile i hope to make a English Springer Spaniel breed(which sadly wasn't a breed featured.) I hope to get Seasons next. ...more info
  • ok
    my kid loves sims, but these pets take a long time to set-up and are kind of creepy looking. limited in what you can do with them....more info
  • PC game review
    I purchased Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack at the request of my children and they love it....more info
  • Ehhh...
    So I love the Sims and The Sims 2 and own all of the expansions, but overall I believe that the Sims 2 Seasons and The Sims 2 Pets are two of the weakest.

    Do not get me wrong, there are good points to this expansion, but they are not really worth the bad points.

    I love the added aspect of having a pet, being able to own a pet store, getting your pet a job and all that, but really, it is almost the same as having a kid in the game, just one that is fuzzy and walks on all fours.

    Also, this expansion, along with Seasons are two that really can slow your game a lot. The load time more than doubled for me when I added this expansion. I played it for awhile, then took it off of my system because it really did not add enough to the life of my Sims to bother with. Also, the added stray animals are really just annoying as all get out.

    If you are a fan, it is worth checking out to see if you like it or not. My wife really like this expansion. I do not....more info
  • A Perfect Companion for Your Sims 2 Game!
    If you love your Sims 2 game and you love pets, you'll love having this expansion pack to further your gameplay fun! Plus there are more build items to increase your build mode options! Happy Simming!...more info
  • Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack
    Bought game for my son but he hasn't gotten to play his gift game yet. He has played the game previously though and enjoyed it....more info
  • A great time to complete your Sims 2 collection
    Since Sims 3 is on the horizon I've noticed that many of the Sims 2 expansions are now on sale. Pets has never been one of my favorite expansion packs. As far as objects & interactions go, it's pretty weak compared to the others. The dogs & cats are cute, but not enough to warrant an entire pack to themselves. The space themed Atomic furniture is quite nice though.

    So although I believed Pets was overpriced when it was first released, the current price now is worth it and reflects the game play value of the pack....more info