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Trauma Center: Second Opinion
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Product Description

The follow-up to Trauma Center - Under the Knife, this is the first surgical video game for the Nintendo Wii. Sure, we've all imagined what it would be like to become a doctor. Years of medical school, residency, and clinic duty eventually pay off in a rewarding position saving people's lives. Or, you could skip all that and just put in a few hours after dinner.
The critically acclaimed medical drama simulation is making a house call on your Wii! Dr. Derek Stiles is back, but he's not the only surgeon on call?a new player joins the team, bringing along everything the doctor ordered: difficulty modes, new surgical implements like the defibrillator, and an exciting never-before-seen conclusion. So what are you waiting for? If one dose of Trauma Center wasn't enough, it's time you got a Second Opinion!

Cure a cold, or amputate an arm, all without cracking open a bottle of pills or getting bloody. The latest in the Trauma Center series of games by Atlus, Trauma Center: Second Opinion lets you play the surgeon in an exciting medical drama simulation game. You'll need to cure patients of

Your the doctor. Time to heal the sick! You might even save some lives. View larger.

Make life or death decisions. View larger.

Fix those broken bones. View larger.

There's even hospital gossip. View larger.
everything from routine medical maladies to life-threatening designer viruses.

Game Storyline
Sure, we've all imagined what it would be like to become a doctor. Years of medical school, residency, and clinic duty eventually pay off in a rewarding position saving people's lives. Or, you could skip all that and just put in a few hours after dinner. Trauma Center puts you in the position of having to make life or death choices at the operating table.

Heart surgery and tumor removal might look easy from the morphine end, but how do you think the doctor feels? Well, you're going to find out! In Trauma Center, patients' lives are in your hands. You'll experience all the drama we've come to expect from the medical field. So go ahead, toss on some scrubs and step into the O.R.--it's time to play doctor.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion, is a robust "Wii-make" of the game "Under the Knife," and features a totally revamped medical toolkit that includes scalpels, forceps, defibrillator paddles, syringes, and more--all designed specifically for use with the Wii Remote.

Other game features include new graphics and animation, new and remixed musical themes, new surgical implements (including a defibrillator), and operation types, a second playable character with all-new missions, multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels, and a revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote.

  • Atlus USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Wii controls of all the Wii launch games
    Trauma Center Second Opinion is a Wii-make of the original which was the first game on the DS to really show the DS true potential for new and innovative game types for the portable handheld gaming machines.

    The version for the Wii fills exactly the same role for the new Wii console. It really shows the true potential of the Wii for new and innovative game types but for the home console. It is the most polished of all the Wii launch titles and has the absolute best controls. It controls even better than the Wii menu interface. The pointer functionality is extremely accurate as well as the rest of the controls and the game challenges you to fully utilize the excellent controls.

    In fact the controls are soo good that the version on the Wii becomes much more accessible and fun game compared to the version on the DS which was much more difficult. The DS game only had one difficulty setting, your hand or stylus would get in your way and the control scheme didn't allow for rapid tool switching which the Wii version using the Nunchuk control style allows.

    In addition to the better controls/gameplay the Wii version has. It also includes more content, better graphics, more refined tools, and better story overall. The first 5 chapters of the Wii version are more or less same as the DS version with minor changes (improvements) and it also has a chapter 6 as well as alternate doctor story called chapter Z. Also if you complete all 6 chapters and chapter Z than it unlocks the really challenging chapter X.

    This is the single Wii launch title that I would recommend to everybody who gets the Wii console in addition to Zelda Twilight Princess. It is just that good and really the only Wii launch title (in addition to Wii Sports) that shows the full potential of the Wii innovative gameplay potential....more info
  • His vitals are dropping... I need more time... Don't die on me...
    This game is hard and challanging. Sometimes I have to take a break or i trip overthings in my living room to do persedures. But, over all, if it wasn't hard, it wouldent be fun. I do think it needs to be harder. I say that because even if you change the level of difficulty, you can still make the worst stitch and get a "cool". I enjoy playing this game and suggest this game to KIDS and ADULTS who are into doctors. It has a few cuss words now and then, but if you ignore them your fine. The patiants are modest. The game has a story behind it and so do certain patiance... as Grey's Anatomy! The main part is a dissese called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin) has been relesed unto socioty. GUILT is a man-mad virus. Thanks for reading my review and... Uh-oh! I've gotta go! We've got a patient with GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Trauma Center Second Opinior/Wii
    This game is very fun, until about when you get 8% of the way done, you have to draw a star on the patients chest to slow down time and they say its a magical tuch. It is so retarded I just stoped playing, it is hard to draw the star, and by the time you do you are almost out of time.
    It would be a great game but they had to screw it up and waste my money....more info
  • Story presentation is dated. Controls are innovative. Repetitive gameplay.
    This game is fun but it's very old fashioned in the way its story is presented (text). I got tired of reading all the BS really quickly.

    The operating part is fun. The controls (with wii-mote) are very intuitive. It's very difficult to do a perfect operation. Especially with the nurses interrupting you at opportune times and requiring you to acknowledge their text by pressing the A button (in the middle of open heart surgery, for crying out loud). I DID enjoy using the defibbrilator paddles but it gets old after a while.

    One thing they really did right is the quickness of the cursor on the screen tracking your hand movements. I had no idea the wii-mote was that precise but this game will really showcase that. It's VERY precise. Even the cursor in the Wii-menu seems to move slower than when you're using hte scalpel in this game --- so I was impressed.

    Other than that, I think this game is getting kind of boring and I don't really want to play it anymore. The graphics are pretty blah. The sound is repetitive (reminds me of the old days of video games where they recycled songs between scenes --- think StreetFighter2 between matches).

    I'm stuck on a surgery right now. I'm not sure if I'm willing to try again or just give up on the game and sell it used. That's sort of how I feel about the game and why I gave it 3 stars. I would have given it 2.5 if I could. It's just so-so.

    Final words: "Nice to play once but not something you're gonna pick up in 2 years and say 'Hey I want to pass this game again'"...more info
  • Trama Center... Lots of Trama, too much Drama
    I've been playing this game for an hour or so, and let me give you my impressions.

    #1. It's fun playing doctor. My mother, a surgical tech, watched me play and said, that while not very realistic, it's still better than the Operation board game. She laughed at some of the placements of the incisions, and the copious amount of antibiotic gel that has to be spread around in the body cavity.

    #2. Too much soap opera type drama for me. I read the first few screens, but, it's just too much like a soap opera for me. The cartoon characters in still frame with the words on the screen, it looks low-budget. This is the part of the game that I hate.

    Overall, I'm having fun with the game. I like the challenge, I like having to remember how to perform certain procedures, and I like the medical element to the game. I wish it were a tad bit more realistic, and I hate the way you have to suture large wounds.

    I'd definitley rent this game often, if it were available to rent, but since the Wii games are 'buy only' now, I'm going to play it til the end and trade it in for some more. Definitley worth playing, though....more info
  • I just got it and I like it a lot
    I skimmed through instructions a few minutes and then I did surgery on 3 people this morning LOL. It's the closest I will ever get to being a real surgeon so I think it's fun. Anyone that likes to watch medical shows or when they were a child they liked to play operation would love this....more info
  • Decent puzzle game, would be better with multiplayer
    This game won't appeal to everyone, it's essentially a set of timed dexterity/memory puzzles. Its fun but not CRAZY fun. Had the publisher included a doctor-nurse co-op mode or a head-to-head mode I could see this game as a real blast. As it is, its a decent Wii game in a relatively small field of competitors. If you needed a fix of Wii and can't wait this might fit the bill....more info
  • boring unless you like to read
    More reading then anything, game was accurate. If you need to cut or stitch didnt matter how straight it was. Got prefects when I hurried or went slow, no difference. Not recommended...more info
  • This game ROCKS!!!!!!!
    This is one of the best games I have played in a long time. I am a medical worker and it is close to home ... even with the cheesy settings and dialogue. It tests your skills and your memory and is just a blast! I recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Fun in the OR . . .
    This game is fun, fun, fun.

    Yes, the cut-scenes can be silly, and yes, voice acting would have been great, BUT the main focus of the game is performing surgery, and performing surgery is exceptional. Why, you ask? Because the controls are perfect. Shows you what the Wii is capable of.

    On the downside, I didn't give it a perfect rating because the game is a little on the short side. I beat it in about 8 hours and you could probably beat it in 6 if you were good. Might be better as a rental, although the replay value is high. It's a toss up.

    This is a game unlike any other--surgery just wouldn't work without the Wii's motion-sensing remote. Rent or buy, but check it out! A great launch title for the Wii....more info
  • Always wanted to be a Surgeon... without going to Med school.
    This game is very fun but also very challenging. Any setting after easy is pretty tough to people other than hardcore gamers. I would recommend this game for anyone who wants to practice their hand-eye coordination with their hand-motor skills under pressure. (i.e. shakey hands) Only one player though....more info
  • Different...
    This game is different which basically sums it all up. The story-line is ridiculous (but with the tap of a button you can skip it), it's corny, and not all that entertaining.

    Perhaps one who like Anime will find this game to be highly entertaining, but for the majority of people, pass on it, or at least rent it first.

    The surgical procedures are challenging, and are somewhat interesting, but the game as a whole isn't entertaining....more info
  • This game is awful!
    I hate this game, I can not believe I wasted my money on it. The story line is stupid, the quality is even worse....more info
  • Trauma Center Deserves Second Opinion
    Atlus definately shows its strengths with this launch title. The gameplay, using both the Remote and Nunchuck, make Trauma Center feel fluid to your hands - and they need to be, because as you progress through the storyline, you quickly discover you need the fastest fingers on the planet.
    The game begins simple enough, with basic surgery of lacerations and the like, but something gruesome happens in the year 2018, and you need to be quick on your feet and quicker in your hands. You will feel your palms sweat and your body shake as you try to remove the most bizzare and deadly diseases with not a moment to spare save for wiping the sweat from your forehead.
    This is no childrens game. By the end, this game will keep you and your onlookers at the edge of their seats, not from the long, winding and enjoyable (I like soaps) storyline, but from the near impossible surgeries that you pull off usually by the skin of your teeth.
    A required launch game. Do not rent. Buy....more info
    My husband is a physican so I thought he would like this game. There is just too much talking and reading! When you finally get to surgery, the controls are too sensitive especially when it comes to handling the forceps. At one point, when we finally figured out how to handle the controls, time was up and the surgery failed. I think with a little redesign, this game would be fun....more info
  • Operation with a plot-line
    This game is pretty much the board game "Operation" for Nintendo Wii with Japanese artwork and a strange plot line. Its decent and has some entertainment value....more info
  • Fun, Addicting, & Informative
    It's refreshing to see a different type of game like this compared to all the same old fighting, racing, war, & rpg games, etc. Trauma Center Second Opinion puts you right in the hands of a surgeon where you control the fate of your patients and its quite a rush! The controls and game is easy to get used to and the storyline and gameplay is very fun. My only complaint would be they should've had voice overs for everything instead of having to read all the dialogue. Just think how even more real it would've felt with people talking to you about the patient, diagnosis, what instruments you need, etc. Hopefully they'll make another sequel and incorporate that feature. This original game is fun, addicting, and very informative. You'll feel like a doctor...time to play some more Trauma Center and then watch Grey's Anatomy.

    Worth every cent, a must own for the Wii, the wii controller works great and makes much more sense than with any other controller cause this feels like what a real surgeon would do since you have to be precise and accurate.

    Gameplay/Controls: A-
    Graphics: B
    Replay Value: A+
    Story/Plot: B+

    OVERALL: 5 out of 5 (A-)...more info
  • A great edutainment model worthy of refinement and extension
    As an educator I am routinely challenged to present the vocational world in a way that is accesible and interesting. Many if not most professionals do not do this particularly well. Getting kids TO college is a far cry from helping them decide what they should do once they get there. Games such as this could help.

    I think Nintendo should develop an entire line of vocational samples and package them in one or a few games. I would especially like to see:

    1) engineer, designer, architect, mechanic, computer technician, security professional, technical support rep, computer programmer, technical analyst
    2) parent, manager, educator, coach, trainer, institional psychologist , social worker, HR manager, politician, organizational executive or leader
    3) disaster relief worker, paramedic, fire fighter, police officer, explorer, soldier
    4) financial professional, accountant, banker, investor, actuary, collection specialist
    5) chef, waiter, fast food service worker
    6) contractor, carpenter, electrician, plumber
    7) driver, pilot, skipper, in-transit attendant, travel agent
    8) inside sales, telemarketing, car sales, store clerk, cashier, insurance sales
    9) research scientist, theoretician, politician, lawyer, legal and medical claims technician, insurance adjuster, detective, investigator, systems analyst
    10) library tech , semi-skilled researcher , administrative assistant , secretarial work , filing , billing , telephonic customer support
    11) (and of course health care) doctor , pathologist , nurse , OT , PT , psychotherapist , x-ray tech , lab technician , hospital administrator , health care insurance specialist

    Any jobs that have a fairly high representation in the global job market or represent fields with especially high romanticization, disatisfaction or turnover seem like good choices.

    I see MANY kids leave high school with the ambition and talent to go to med school, but without the correct disposition!. It's just PROFOUNDLY disturbing to see them again 4-6 years later as disillusioned college graduates in fast food, retail sales or office administration because they decided too late that medicine was not the career for them--and they either had no plan B, or placed no emphasis on a backup career. There are geniuses out there who could be making a substantial contribution to society, but who turned from medicine in their junior and senior years of college simply because they couldn't stand the sight of blood.

    Programs like this one (when well designed and integrating substantial field expertise) have the potential to save parents, nations and most importantly young people so much heartache and money lost stalwartly pursuing fruitless and romantic ambitions instead of experiencing the satisfaction of realizing practical (and achievable) goals....more info
  • Appropriate for Kids, Quite Fun
    Remember the Operation game of your youth? Trauma Center is like an online, graphic version of that - with puzzles, too. You need fast fingers and a sharp mind to save your patients.

    You're in the future, and you begin with simple operations. Repairing broken bones, stitching up cuts. You use your Wii controller in the right hand to point at the various items, and the nunchuck in your left to select the tools. It's really quite intuitive, although it requires you to hold the controller like a pencil for pinpoint accuracy, and this can get really tough on your hand, really quickly. You need a super steady hand to pull off some of the moves.

    Then the game goes into futuristic mode and now you are trying to zap moving creatures that are crawling around inside people. There isn't any blood or gore - even "drain the blood" only has fuzzy red areas. Parents don't have to worry at all about upsetting young tykes from this point of view. Even I, who am normally squeamish about blood, didn't have any issues here. The worst was perhaps using the scalpel to slice open the flesh and see it open up into a red wound. But again, it was very tame, just a red inside on a tan body.

    The issue for me is that I would have loved for the game to be more realistic from a medical point of view. They love throwing around complex words in this game, to give it a hospital feel, but then they get some basic anatomy wrong that even I realize! Part of the fun of watching shows like CSI is that you are learning something as you go. Here, you are getting inaccurate information, which is a real shame.

    Also, while the realistic episodes such as "get the arm bones back together" are very satisfying, it's much more odd when you're tracking down moving "enemy objects" inside a person. I would really have loved many more complex, real life situations. Medical operations are tense and complex enough on their own without having to throw in unnecessarily silly items to jazz it up.

    Speaking of tense and silly, the game intersperses your doctoral duties with a soap opera of cut scenes. These involve stationary images of people shown on the screen, while a hyper voice babbles in the background. It's bad enough when these happen before a mission, getting you riled up and worried about your patient. It's far worse when you are IN an open chest wound, trying frantically to pull out the shards of glass or whatever, and your nurse barges in with inane babble, that you have to deliberately click to "hear" and continue with!

    Also, I think they could have done a better job of laying out the HUD. Part of your screen is taken up with an image of your nurse or other person, which is of course completely unnecessary. The pulse line, showing the health of your patient, is of course critical to the operation but is very hard to keep a handle on when you're in the thick of things. Half the time your nurse only warns you about a danger when it is too late to do anything about it. So you have to either keep looking up there yourself or have a friend watch it for you, calling out when it begins to drops. Just about every other game out there has some sort of a health line / bar and handles it better.

    Finally, especially for a kid's game, they are a little harsh on the consequences. If you do something wrong, the game could say "Another doctor stepped in to save the patient, and you decided to be a nurse instead". Something that indicated failure but not catastrophic emotional trauma. Instead, they talk about the patient dying, you quitting your job in despair, your life being ruined because of this one mistake. Most people play these games to release stress, not to feel like they have destroyed a person's life because they didn't zig-zag their sutures quite right.

    My boyfriend got hooked on this and played it straight through in about 3 days, playing maybe 5 hours a day. So in that sense it's relatively short, although of course you an go back and re-play it to get the highest score on each of the levels. I do want to comment here that the soundtrack got MADDENINGLY annoying after a while. It's pretty much the same. DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMM! The music is like watching a soap opera hospital scene, where you sense impending doom every ... second ... of ... the ... time ... The nurse is screaming out "Doctor! What is that?!?!?" I realize they want to get your adrenaline going, but there's such a thing as overkill. If you turn off the music, though, you lose the few indicators you do get about the patient's health. I really would have liked an option to have just "medical sounds" playing - alerts for the health, that sort of thing - and be able to have silence otherwise.

    Still, the game is fun to play and very intruging in concept. I would *love* to play a sequel to this. Again, my suggestions would be to remove the annoying cut-scenes (at least mid-operation!), give options to remove the music and super-hyper-unprofessional sidekicks, and to have more realistic scenarios. I think this could become a must-have title if they headed that way....more info
  • Perfect vessel to demonstrate what the Wii can do
    "Let's start the operation!"

    Trusty scalpel in hand, loyal nurse at his side, Dr. Stiles enters the O.R. to perform surgery on a patient. That's the basic premise behind Trauma Center: Second Opinion, one of the quality launch titles for the Nintendo Wii.

    Conceived (clearly) as a beefed up version of the Nintendo DS version of the game, this game truly shines with its wonderful use of the Wii's innovative contoller. Use the nunchuck to quickly and smoothly select an instrument, and the Wiimote to execute surgical procedure. The motions include making a sort of pinching motion to use a pair of forceps, cautiously sliding the controller along to make an incision, and even pushing the paddles onto a patient to administer a shock that could save their life.

    All in all, the controls and gameplay are fluid and masterfully done. The graphics are sharp anime style, and the music is sufficiently hospital-y (whatever that means) The only beef I have is the lack of voice acting. While there are a few phrases, most of the story in conveyed textually. Voices would have helped with the game immersion.

    This is a fun and engaging title that I recommend fully. In the early stages of the Wii, this game truly utilizes the innovation of Nintendo. One can only hope that future games can build on the start presented here!...more info
  • Addicting gameplay
    Let me begin saying I got this for my twin sons to get them interested in medicine (I am a MD). Well this game is not realistic, but it is fun and addicting. I have found myself coming home from practicing real medicine to practice the fake one! The dialogues can be boring but they can be skipped. I have a blast playing it and I return to previous surgeries to improve my score. I highly recomend it but I would suggest that you rent it first since some folks do not like. We do not all share the same likes!...more info
  • Trauma Center Second Opinion
    I'm very satisfied with this product and the company that delivered it. The game arrived on time and in great condition. The only thing i was upset about is that I thought this was an entirely new story, but in fact it's the DS game with a side story....more info