Skylink Household Alert Garage Door Monitor GM-318T
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Product Description

Remembering to close your garage door can frequently be difficult, especially if your hands are full when you enter the house. But your home can still remain safe, thanks to the Household Garage Door Alert Sensor, which works by sending a wireless signal to the Household Alert Receiver (sold separately), which in turn indicates the status of the garage door immediately with both audio and visual indicators. Since the Household Alert Receiver expands to accept signals from four sensors, the Household Garage Door Alert Sensor can also be used to expand the Household Motion Alert System, the Household Door/Window Alert System or the Household Water Alert System. The garage door sensor mounts near the bottom of your garage door and sends a wireless signal to the receiver in your house when the garage is opened. With its range of 300 feet, you'll be able to place the receiver in any convenient location in your home. If you're planning to leave your garage door open while you work in your garden or on your car, the audible alert can be muted easily.

Customer Reviews:

  • Junk
    This garage door alarm works, but wont shut off when the door is closed . Tech support wont answer your calls for help. Update, tech support did return my phone call and told me I could send the unit in to them for repair at my exspence. Thanks but no Thanks SKY LINE. Do Not buy this defective product. Buyer BEWARE. Amazon did replace it once but the second one does the same thing....more info
  • Notifies you when a garage door is open.
  • Supervised Sensor: monitors the sensors and their battery condition automatically.
  • Long life Lithium Battery included. Operating range: 300 feet.
  • Easy to set up. FCC/IC approved. One year warranty.