Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jumpstarter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light
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Product Description

The Power Dome is a great all-in-one portable power system to make you prepared for any emergency situation! It features a powerful 600 cranking amp jumpstarter, 260 PSI air compressor, 2 DC power sources, 2 AC power sources, as well as a 400 watt inverter, and 5 buil-in LED lights.
No problem for fixing dead or weak car batteries and flat tires! This power station provide power for 12 v or 110 v appliances. Use for your laptop, power drill, TV, DVD player, cell phone, etc. Use this to provide power anywhere and any time! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

There are times when an alternative power source is called for, not just to jump-start your vehicle but to power appliances in an area where there is no available outlet. The Wagan Power Dome 400-watt power source provides more than enough power to restart your car and run lights and power tools in emergency situations.

Jump-Start Your Car and Power Small Appliances
The Power Dome features 900 peak cranking amps, and connects to your vehicle battery via industrial grade number 6 cables and heavy-duty booster clamps. There are 2 AC outlets and 2 DC outlets for running smaller appliances with overload protection and easy-to-read bi-color LED indicator lights to inform you of power status and charge levels.

900 peak cranking amps makes the Wagan Power Dome an important addition to your camping or emergency supplies.

The unit comes with 2 AC and 2 DC outlets.

An air compressor allows you to inflate tires, sports gear, and more.
Portable and Powerful
A powerful 18 amp-hour battery is at the heart of this portable power system. It pumps out 600 cranking amps to jump-start a car, truck, or boat and provides up to 400 watts of 110-volt house current to run TVs, laptops, stereos, cell phones, and more. It also has two lighter sockets to power your 12-volt accessories away from the car. The Power Dome can jump start most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines and will operate a wide range of DC-powered products. Ideal for power emergencies, the Power Dome is a perfect compact power source that goes where you do.

Runs Small Appliances
The Power Dome also has 2 AC and 2 DC to run items like hand-held games, laptops, and lamps if there's no household outlet nearby. For convenience and safety, the product has a built-in 5-LED light for extra illumination. With a run time of more than 15 hours, the light is useful during an extended power outage, a weekend camping trip, or when jump-starting a car at night.

Built-in Air Compressor
The built-in 260 psi air compressor inflates tires or sports equipment with ease. The high-powered motor and high-pressure air hose inflates a 16-inch tire in about 6 minutes.

Recharges Anywhere
Charge the Power Dome at home or in your vehicle with the included adapters to make it ready anytime, anywhere you need it.

Includes complete gauges, overload protection, and external fuse for safe operation.

  • 400 cranking amp jump starter
  • 275 PSI air compressor
  • 5 built-in LED lights
  • 18 amp hour DC power source
  • Rechargeable via the included AC or DC adapters

Customer Reviews:

  • Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jumpstarter with Built-in Compressor and Led Utility Light
    thank you for the fast delivery of the product in was in excellant condition, but I didn't use it yet....more info
  • No Start
    I dont like writing poor reviews and this is the first one I have ever written. My wife left the key on in her 2005 Stratus all night and ran down the battery. What an opertunity to show her my new Wagan power dome
    Jump start in action. Freshly charged for 34 hrs and ready to go. Wrong!
    Hooked it up, Hit the starter on the Dodge and all I got was click click click click. No start. What was wrong?? I checked it again, and again. Still nothing but clicking. The Power Dome was trying really hard but no luck. I got out my jumper cables and hooked them to my old 1994 chevy pick up and the Stratus took off Zoom Zoom, Zoom. No problem. To say the least I was shocked. The only thing I could think of was the cables on the Wagan are not strong enough to carry the load, I have read in other reviews complaints about the cable connectors. Some even have replaced them because of brakage. If any one has any sugestions what to do Im all ears. Sorry my review was not a good one....more info
  • love it, but......
    I loved this little machine. I kept it in my car to inflate my tires, charge things and jump my car. I must have left the jumper switch on because it discharged the entire battery, so now I cant use it unless I buy another one, or a new battery for the generator. Its under warranty but i live in the Virgin Islands and to ship it back would probably cost more than the generator. ...more info
  • Everyone should keep one in their trunk.
    I actually have a comperable unit from QVC but found this one and bought it for a gift for a friend. When it came in I almost gave my friend my old one and kept this one! But I couldn't do that. A very nice unit, everyone should have one in their trunk. If you're alone and need a jump you don't need someone elses car. If someone else needs a jump you don't have to lift your hood, just bring this unit over to their car. Besides with newer cars today you just might screw something up just by giving a jump. My Dad has a new Cadilac and gave someone else with a truck a jump, next day had to be serviced because the cars computer was all screwed up. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so....more info
  • Tried it, but couldn't jump my car
    I bought this jumper and fully charged it for a few days. When my car was dead I tried to jump it but apparently this Jumper didn't have enough juice. I then tried my older portable jumper and that was 2/3 charge and that was able to jump my car. I think this one didn't have enough amperage for my car since it was completely dead. This probably works well for most people because their cars aren't fully drained. However if your car is totally drained I would not completely rely on it. ...more info
  • NOT as useful as I had hoped
    This will run a fan - good for power outage in hot weather. It will also run a 3-bulb ceiling fixture - but little else.

    it can NOT even power a TOASTER! Nor microwave. Not even the smallest space-heater.

    it MIGHT run a sump-pump (the reason I bought it) - have not had the opportunity to try that.

    I am VERY disappointed - uses are limited...more info
  • Nice, compact package -- a few quirks.
    I thought that the "bang for the buck" with Amazon's Power Dome offering was a good deal. Overall, I'm pleased with the device. There are a few nits that I have with it:

    * The A/C or car adapter don't recess into the unit; they can't be conveniently stored with the unit.

    * The plastic faceplate on the front can't close when the unit is being charged.

    * Seems to drain power pretty quickly, even when not in use. (Perhaps I have a defective battery?)

    Despite those concerns, I really like the compactness and versatility of this unit. I've used it in a variety of cases (for the light, to inflate sports equipment, to power other items, etc.). About the only thing I haven't used it for is to jump start a car. Everything works pretty much as advertised!
    ...more info
  • Depend on this one
    I have had chargers from schumacher, sears and others which I would not buy again. This one holds a charge, recharges well, and is a solid product. After a year of testing it, I bought a second one for my wife's car, replacing the one that lost a charge after a week....more info
  • Thank God for AAA!
    I have 3 cars and work at home so I don't drive them enough to keep the batteries charged all the time. Therefore I go through a lot of batteries and a lot of jumpstarter units. I bought this one because it was like an "all in one" unit and the price was very reasonable when I got it ($99).

    Since having it I put two of my vehicles in storage and I exclusively use one vehichle (PT Cruiser) which only has 10,000 miles on it. I live where it is easy to walk to almost every kind of store or business I need so it is not unusual for me to go a week at a time without starting up my Cruiser. It will occasionally not start up.

    This unit worked fine the first 3 times I used it. After each use I recharged it to the 15v levels. The 4th and 5th time I needed it, "click, click, click". I was saved each time by AAA. I'm writing this review now because I'm stuck at home because the unit didn't work again tonight.

    The only time it now works for me is when I hook it up to the car battery, as a precaution if I haven't driven the car for at least 5 days, but before I even try to start the car the first time. I just assume their "might" be a problem and don't want to use up what little energy the battery may have which would then require more energy from the lethargic 400 Watt Power Dome. I took a chance tonight that my car would start. It didn't. I hooked up the freshly charged jumpstarter. The engine tried to crank up for all of 2 seconds. That was it! The meter still reads at 13v but my car battery won't start.

    I have only used it once as an emergency power supply, just to test it. It was a lot louder than I expected. You could hear it thoughout the entire house. Maybe that is normal, I have never used an emergency battery such as this before.

    The unit is compact and attractive and seems like a really "cool" idea. But the best I can hope for it is to use it to charge up my cell phone in a power outage. But I better see if it can even do that before I really need it.

    I gave it 2 stars for attractiveness and because it worked 3 times when I needed it. I can only give it one star now (and that's because I have to!)

    It still looks good. Maybe I can take a photo of it sell the photo on flickr or something. I am thinking that at least a few of the 4 and 5 star reviews on this unit are from people who have had a few good results but haven't had it long enough to see it self destruct....more info
  • Lowest Price: $64.95
    As of this post...

    Highest Price: $100.04
    Lowest Price: $64.95
    Average Price: $94.66
    Tracking Since: February 3, 2008 3:10:37 AM PST...more info
  • Wagan power dome review
    I received the item and charged it per the instructions but the meter indicated it was not charged. So i tried the item and it seems to work and if I tap the charge meter it begins to register. I contacted Wagan and they informed me that I should contact the place where the item was purchased. I have not as yet contacted Amozon but I am not happy about the item not registering properly....more info
  • Good for the drive in auto theatre
    I bought this power source for running heated blankets at the drive in auto theatre. The power source works well and keeps me powered and the blankets from roadpro keep me warm. I wish the battery had a bigger storage unit but for what it's sold as i love it. I'm thinking about buying another at Pep Boys. ...more info
  • Great Deal - Best Price Found
    After a short search on the Internet this purchase was found to be the lowest price. Power Dome received was exactly as advertized! Shipping was quick - Transaction was easy!...more info
  • it works!
    Read reviews - looked like it had a reasonable chance of at least some components not working. I got one that worked! Within 5 days of receipt, I used the compressor to inflate a low tire on our SUV and gave a jump to a friends mini-van. It also took a charge OK after all that. It goes in the trunk for emergencies....more info
  • Don't trust it - Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome
    It failed when I needed it. A tire needed inflation to 110 psi; first time using it, the fully charged battery slowed to a crawl, the compressor started smoking and quit working at 40 psi (it is rated to 300 psi). It may be useful for something else, but not anything I want to trust it on. I can't even use it as an anchor....more info
  • Jack of all trades - master of none
    Conceptually this is the greatest reasonably priced flexible utility ever conceived - portable AC/DC power, emergency jump starter, light source and tire inflator. The reality is it's an unreliable $15 lawnmower battery that powers several cheaply made $10 accessories that offers piece of mind when taking up trunk space which has the off chance of working when called upon. This is NOT a generator, this is NOT a durable air compressor and a lawnmower batter with $5 jumper cables is only good for starting lawnmowers. ...more info
  • Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome
    this looked so cool all in one but it sucked the fan went out the first week i owed it and the jumper cable could not jump a car if it want to....not a good tool .....bad bad bad...more info
  • Power Dome
    I bought two of these as gifts for my family. They really liked them. Time will tell how well the power domes hold up, but I'm not anticipating any problems....more info
  • Handy Unit Has Saved My Bacon Several Times
    I have owned the Wagan Power Dome for over a year now. It has gone camping and recharged cell phones and DVD player, come out in the event of a power outage and provided nice lamp light, and jump started my car. I have a "classic car" and sometimes in the cold weather it takes too many tries for the car's battery to get it started. No problem...out comes the power dome and we get right going. I have topped off my cars tires, inflated various and sundry items. I even purchased a flexible (rolls up) solar panel (Power Film Solar R15-1200) which will charge the power dome while camping. In theory with this combination I have unlimited AC and DC power. Overall, I have been very pleased with the power dome and am considering buying a second to power a few more items during a black out.

    Here is what prevented 5 stars...

    1) It can't run my coffee maker....I guess I need more than the 400 watts to do that
    2) Overall build quality is only acceptable. No major problems but - one of the rubber "Stoppers" that go into the 120V outlets has never really fit right
    3) The jumper cables are not very heavy duty and while they have been sufficient to jump start my 400 ci V-8 numerous times....I would have preferred higher gauge cables
    4) Not really a critisism but an FYI ....inflating an automobile tire takes great patience. I don't count this as a criticism b/c like issue #1 you have to be realistic in your expectations.

    Overall, a great value, a great product. The only reason I haven't ordered my 2nd unit is I'm trying to decide if I want to spend an extra $40 for a 600W unit (Duracell maybe) so I can run the aforementioned coffee maker.

    ...more info
  • Great tool for camping, road emergency, sport activities and easy-to-use.
    This heavy duty Jumpstart system and compressor will help jump start a flat car battery. No need for another vehicle to help. Great tool for the outdoors and easy-to-use.

    This item very good tool to keep for any type of emergency - I recommended to all families.

    ...more info