MOBI MobiCam Ultra 900 MHz Monitoring System with SW Power
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Product Description

The MobiCam Ultra system is the most compact, portable and multi-functional wireless monitoring system available. Designed specifically for easy mobility of both the camera and the receiver, the MobiCam Ultra system can be moved to any location within the home (or any other location you choose to take it). With a transmission range of up to 300 feet and advanced new RF technology, security and peace of mind is always within sight.


  • Includes Wireless Color Handheld Video Camera with AC 6V adapter
  • Large color display for easy viewing
  • New technology for clear sound and picture
  • Compact camera and receiver for easy portability
  • Night Vision with up to 25' range
  • Extra wide camera viewing angle
  • Voice-activated transmission feature with auto mute
  • Versatile belt clip, table stand and hanging loop
  • Efficient battery life or AC power
  • Installation free - ready to use instantly
  • Expandable up to two cameras and unlimited receivers
  • Ultra-high resolution TFT Color 1.8" monitor with 900 MHz signal
  • Monitor requires 3 "AA" batteries, not included
  • Camera requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included
  • Video Monitor measures 5.5" x 3"
  • Video Camera measures 5" x 3.5"

  • 1.8? color high resolution TFT LCD Display and ultra clear sound and picture for nursery, home, or office
  • Compact camera and receiver for easy portability with a transmission range up to 300? indoors
  • Features a night vision with up to 25? range and extra wide camera viewing angle
  • Comes with voice activated picture and sound with auto mute and versatile belt clip, table stand, and hanging loop
  • Expandable up to two cameras and multiple monitors
Customer Reviews:
  • MOBI MobiCam Ultra 900 MHz Monitoring System with SW Power
    I'm not fully impressed with this product. For the money spent I expected better quality. Nighttime picture quality is fuzzy, though daytime is very clear. Batteries don't last long. Back clip broke off easily and now I have to prop up the monitor with something else to view. At night it puts off quite a bit of light so I wouldn't recommend it if you need complete darkness to sleep....more info
  • Mobi Camera Hack
    This product is just like everyone says. Works great in theory if you can get past all the static and jumping image. I was about to quit using it when I had a thought to open up the receiver unit. I popped off the battery cover and took out the three screws that hold the unit together. I then popped the whole thing in half and noticed the reason for the poor reception. The antenna is tiny!!! It is the smallest piece of wire imaginable. I guess the whole 2 cents it would have cost to put a decent size antenna wire was just too much. So I stripped back a section of the existing wire and attached a piece of 16 gauge speaker wire to it. I just twisted them together and plan on soldering it later. Presto the thing works great now. No static, no jumping image. Just a clear picture and wonderfully clear audio. I bet the camera unit has the same chincy wire antenna as well. So before you trash the thing you might look into it. I only had to break the unit in half and just barely open it to get the wire unrolled so I could work with it. ...more info
  • Do not buy anything from MOBI ever!!!
    My husband and i have gone through two mobicam ultra and two mobi night lights in the last year. we have two boys age two and three who share a room so having a night light and a video monitor is imperative. all together we have spent over $500 on MOBI products and have tothing to show for it. the products just stop working for no reason, there is no way of getting a refund or replacement. we now have a new baby on the way and will never buy another product from MOBI.

    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY...more info
  • pretty good, staticy, ui could use work
    The ability to see our son in his crib is great, we can tell if he dropped binky or has worked his way out of his swaddle. Those benfits are offset by a lot of static and poor user controls. The display unit is about 50 feet from the camera and we still get interference on both channels. I tweaked the channel setting on my wireless router (802.11a/g) and cordless phone (5.8Ghz) but that did not help. On the camera unit, the switches are on the bottom, which is a challenge to operate with one hand holding the baby. Also there are seperate selections for night vision and day time, more than once we thought we had night vision turned on but did not and had to go to the baby's room to turn it on risking waking him up. On the display unit the switch is sometimes tough to turn off....more info
  • best tool
    This product is working great for me. I can rest assure that my baby is safe asleep with using this monitor. I don't have to worry about checking on her frequently. The video image is great on the monitor. Only sometime I have bad reception but most of the time is good.
    ...more info
  • Piece of Junk
    I received this monitor as a shower gift. I feel sorry for the person who spent this much money on this piece of junk. I've only used it for 2 months and it's already not working correctly. At night time it's hard to see inside the room- even with the night vision on. And if you turn the night vision on- then you can't see anything in the morning when there's daylight in the bedroom. I put batteries in it once to use outside and it didn't work at all- couldn't see a thing. I woke up this morning to a blank screen that turned poltergeist on me. I would NOT recommend this to anyone- waste of money!...more info
  • Awful product!
    This video monitor is just terrible. I set it up in my baby's room and at first I was quite impressed, because I've only used the normal (non-video) monitors before, so it was so cool that I could see the room as I walked out of it. Well as I walked further away (only a few feet) I noticed it getting fuzzy and loud static building up. By the time I got downstairs, all I could see and hear was static. In our house, all of the bedrooms are upstairs and everything else is downstairs, so I'd normally be watching him from downstairs except when I'm in bed, but even from my room, which is just down the hall from his, there was considerable static. I pulled out my old basic cheap monitor and could hear perfectly. Seeing your baby when you're not in the room is a definite convenience, but not being able to hear anythign except super loud static is unacceptable. Even the $15 monitors provide that. THEN, as I took my daughter to the bus stop one day, I noticed one of the other mom's holding a video monitor similar to the Mobicam. I asked if it actually worked all the way down there, because she was about 2 houses away from her house, and it did! She showed me the clear picture and you could hear the music in his bedroom! She had the Summer Infant one, so I am returning this for a Summer Infant one asap!! Oh, and with the Mobicam, if the room is dark, you can't see a thing. And I dont' know about you, but when I leave my baby in their room alone, it's usually dark. There are day/night ones out there......more info
  • Love the technology / dislike the product
    This is our second purchase of the Mobicam. The first one lasted approx. 18 months. Be careful !! the unit is not durable and will break eventually.

    Overall, we love the technology and have found the Mobicam to be extremely useful and user friendly.

    1. Decent color and night vision picture quality. (I can see the baby's breathing chest movements).
    2. Decent sound quality .. good enough to hear crying and calls for mommy.
    3. Easily portable.
    4. Provides just enough comfort and security that the baby is doing well.

    1. You WILL HEAR tons of static. If you live in a basic suburban home, static should be tolerable ... if you live in an urban area or have a close proximity to an older 900mhz phone -- the static will drive you nuts.
    2. Battery life is horrible .. always plan on plugging it in.
    3. The units are NOT durable .. don't drop them, avoid being hard on the buttons and the extension cords.

    For the price ... I'd buy the Mobicam again -- although I'm looking forward to improvements in the technology and quality before we have our next child....more info
  • Not a good product
    This product was given to us as a gift for our first child (1.5 years ago) and we've hardly used it. It uses up batteries like crazy and reception is terrible (audio and video). We're having our second child and we've moved into a new house, so I thought I'd give it another try as a way to hear my son in his new bedroom at night--that way we could leave it plugged in and avoid the battery problem. Still, the audio and video reception are terrible. Video isn't so critical at night, but the audio is just plagued with static.There's no way I would get any sleep with this thing within earshot (which defeats the purpose). We have a lot of electronics and wireless things on our home, which may be part of the problem. If you get it, don't tear up the packaging because you may need to send it back....more info
  • I think this is a great monitor
    I was acutally shocked when I just read a lot of bad reviews for this monitor. We have used this monitor for almost 2 years and it still works great. We live in a fairly large (4500 sq ft) three level house and it works everywhere including the yard. I have no problem with reception with the camera in my daughters room on the third level and I am using the monitor down in the basement on the otherside of the house. I highly recommend this monitor....more info
  • Terrible sound connection
    What do you want in a monitor. You don't want the monitor to be hissing and making noise all night. You don't want it making noise when the baby is just breathing normally. You want to hear when your baby starts fussing or crying. And you don't want hissing and popping. This device couldn't transmit through a single wall over ten feet. It was crackling for no good reason, and when our baby was crying the sound quality was terrible....more info
  • not worth the price
    Unfortunately this product does not work well at all. The receiver times out after about 10 minutes and stops receiving the feed. There is so much static if you turn the volume up loud enough to hear. it is horrible!...more info
  • bad reception
    Horrible reception. I bought two because I have twins and one of the receivers broke entirely and the other on is on the fritz after a year and a half. I thought maybe there was some interference in our neighborhood, but anywhere I take them I get poor reception. The batteries also wear themselves out even when it isn't in use....more info
  • Not for extended use
    This was the second video monitor we bought, after the first one (SVAT) had some problems and wouldn't work. This was great for a while, but over time (about 5 months) it began to give out. At first, we used it for our daughter's overnight sleeping and for her naps while we were waiting for the replacement for the original monitor (SVAT - which I wouldn't recommend, either). Anyway, we used it for many hours a day, every day for about 5 months. After that, we retired it for use on vacations, where we needed something a little more mobile than our wall mounted SVAT monster. We've had it for about 1.5 years, but hardly ever use it anymore. When we do, the picture is only good for about 20 minutes and the sound is terrible. When we first turn it on, it's perfect, but slowly goes down hill in picture and sound quality with every passing minute, making it useless. I would not recommend this model, unless you're going to be using it on a limited basis, and not as your primary monitor as we did....more info
  • Don't Buy This!!!
    Complete waste of money. In fact, if it was free I still wouldn't use it. The reception is terrible and I would guess it is the same with all of these type of units. Until someone comes out with a "Digital Video Baby Monitor" - don't waste the money....more info
  • Look elsewhere
    I should have looked for these reviews before ordering the MobiCam. Poor reception for both video and audio. The product was useful only within 20 feet of our child's room. Now having to jump through hoops to return the product. This has not been a pleasant buying experience....more info
  • Good and Bad
    The image is deceiving. I do not get a clear color picture of my baby. However, it picks up every little sound so I do not have to worry when out of the room.
    It is now causing a fuzzy picture after 8 months of use. My thoughts, over priced for the quality....more info
  • JUNK!
    Picture was ok, but the sound sucked...all muffled! Not what I would consider quality made. Plus you can only move the camera lens up and down, so it's hard to position. Sent it back....more info
  • Pleased First Time Parents
    PROS: Mobi Cam was suggested to us by a good friend who had purchased one after trying many other types of monitors with no very good success. All other monitors seem to function on the same frequency as my wireless laptop and cordless phone whereas the Mobi Cam does not. With the other monitors we were restricted to placing the receiver on the floor in certain locations which changed daily otherwise you would not be able to hear my child all you would hear is static. Extremely irritating especially if you wanted to nap. The Mobi Cam works flawlessly without static and provides nice audio as well as great video. The voice activation feature works great to conserve batteries and also allows you to get some things done instead of staring at the monitor the whole time watching in amazement what a baby does when no one is around.

    Con: Base on both the receiver and the transceiver are not the most stable but I do like the fact that the belt clip functions as a stand you can lean the monitor back against. If they could only make the bottom of both flat and not rounded it would be perfect.

    Definitely recommend over all other monitors. We previously had a Fisher Price and disliked it greatly....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I purchased this product when my baby was born and it worked OK... for 7.5 months. After that, it started falling appart. I can't see anything anymore and the interference is so bad that I can't hear anything either. I will say that it did work for a few months, then it went CAPUT. Now I am looking for something else. ...more info
  • Do Not Get
    I never have time to send in reviews. I made time!

    This was the single worst purchase I ever made. Do not even consider this model. I could come up with better quality using string, mirrors and paper cups.

    RKN, GA...more info
  • It works OK, but...
    The product works well IF you don't place the monitor ith the screen close to a phone, computer or any appliance for it has LOTS of interference. I wish the screen was bigger, but it has worked for me.
    Down side besides the stated above, only 900 MHz, so it won't work too far from where the baby is at and walls and doors will cause the image to be disrupted.
    ...more info
  • Good while it worked, which is not long
    This is my first review ever. I just had to write because I was so disappointed with this product. The first day we got it, we were very pleased with the sensitive audio and nice day and night video. The second day it broke. I thought it was just a fluke, so we exchanged it - our second unit lasted less than a day before the audio stopped working. I can't believe we had 2 broken units in 2 days! For this price, you'd expect better quality than that....more info
  • Horrible night vision
    The night vision is worthless. It's overexposed, so you can't see anything. There is a big white circle in the middle of the screen, right where the baby is. We took back the first one we bought because mobi customer service said we must have received a bad monitor. However, the second one has the same issue, so we returned that one too. ...more info
  • Not the best video monitor out there
    I had read some good things about MobiCam monitors, so I decided to give this one a try (even though we already have a Summer video monitor) . . . what a mistake. The monitors are lightweight, but in a cheaply-made sort of way. The reception was okay, but not great. Had we not had a Summer video monitor, I may think this monitor was good enough, but we do, and it's far superior to this MobiCam . . . definitely worth the extra money....more info
  • Do Not Buy
    I have never in my life posted a review for something. However this monitor is so bad I couldn't resist. I am now on my 3rd one, just received a replacement yesterday and as of today the screen is completely black and a 4th is on its way.
    Why this monitor is so expensive I am still trying to figure out. The original one I received was brand new and for the first couple months it was average. The picture was okay but the static was unbearable. I would end up turning the volume off at night. Which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of having a monitor. Finally the static was so bad I could no longer even see the picture. The monitor was no longer under warranty so I had to pay a discounted amount to receive a refurbished one. That one worked for about a month until the picture turned to gray fuzz. Then for free they sent me another one(took about 2 weeks to arrive). Used it for a whole day, screen is now completely dead! 4th one is in the mail had them overnight it to me. Why I am still even having another sent I don't know. I guess I just figure since they won't give me a refund I'll just continue to make them give me replacements.
    GRRRRRR I hate this monitor DO NOT BUY!...more info
  • Audio nothing but static!
    This product did not work for us. The audio was nothing but loud static no matter where we put it in the house and we tried it in 4 different rooms. We followed the directions and tried both channels with no luck. We even unplugged our phone thinking it was causing the problem, but that didn't help either. Also, the cover for the battery compartment on the receiver kept falling off constantly. My husband and I were expecting so much more out of this video monitor for what we paid. We bought a Summer video monitor and it works perfectly! Hardly any static at all. ...more info
  • This is a must!
    I found the MobiCam to be a great item, and a must if you have a baby or like us Hospicing a parent! It gave us a peace of mind, and we were able to get some sleep! Yes, I did go through batteries, when I used the batteries, but I learned to use them only when I had to, example for outside. At times I did get static, but I leaned what took the static out of the unit, as turning it as you would a radio, or put a glass of water next to it, believe it or not it helped....more info
  • One of the best on the market!
    I did a lot of research before I finally gave in and purchased the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Monitoring System. Unfortunately, my first one did not work appropriately, however Amazon rushed me out a new one and took the old back, no questions asked. NOW, I must say - I AM VERY HAPPY with this product. I had a cheaper lights & sound monitoring system for my first child and really wish I had found this one much earlier! I would like to address the concerns you will read and what I found to resolve them. The static can be there, however I found that by moving my phone base to the other nightstand removed all static issues. My cheaper monitor ALWAYS had static no matter what I did, so by having to move my phone base, it was a simple fix. I even carry it outside with me and have almost 4 acres of land which seem to have no issues picking up where I go. The light can be bright in the middle of the night, however it is voice activated and only on for 30 seconds while you determine if you need to attend to your child or not. With sound only monitors, you have to "sneak" in to peek on your child, which usually disturbs them and with this video feature you can see what is happening vs. guessing & playing the waiting game to see if they are going back to sleep or really need you. The light from the video did not bother me as it then goes back to black until the next sound, which is set to the sensitivity you prefer. I found volume 3 to be the best for me as my child can roll over a lot hitting the edge of the crib so it doesn't set it off for that, but when my child starts talking or crying, it comes on instantly. It does like batteries, however if you keep it plugged in when batteries are not necessary, you'll find you aren't changing them as often as you think. As I mentioned, I did a lot of research and while I didn't pay the full $189+ like most sites sell it for, it was worth every penny I did spend & I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. Good luck in your decision. ...more info
  • You need this for your first!!
    I didn't get this until my first child was 1 1/2. Still great for seeing if she's really awake in the bed or just talking in her sleep. It's perfect for first time moms who are obsessive like I was and want to see that everything's okay. We are now using this with our second. A word of caution...we tried to use this with two cameras for both kids. It didn't work at all. Whether this was because the rooms were too close (it won't work if the two cameras are within 300 ft or something...) or we had static from a neighbor or wireless...I don't know. If your system only works with one camera on one channel, there's a good chance it won't work well with the second camera. Otherwise, great product. Love the night vision. Oh, and it does eat batteries like no tommorrow!...more info
  • Good idea, needs some work
    This monitor is really cool, but still needs some work. We have been using this system for 3 1/2 months and have found many problems. The batteries in the video end run out in about 2 hours and the screen shuts off without warning to conserve batteries approximately every 60 seconds when the batteries are low. The video is not very clear unless the two units are fairly close. There is constant static in the speaker. While I am glad we have this for the night, I am buying a new monitor without video for day to day functionality....more info
  • great product !!! good video quality
    got it as a shower gift. first i was thinking of returning it after reading other customer comments about it but then i decided to take the risk. the quality of the video picture is very good and the sound detector that wakes up the monitor and the baby cries is very good. will recommend it!!!...more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    Well, you don't always get what you pay for! This monitor has so much interference I haven't gotten a good night sleep since my daughter was born. She's been sleeping through the night for months now so I know the monitor has to be the culprit. We have nothing in our home running on the same frequency therefore it shouldn't be a problem, but it is. All you hear is static. Also, the screen is so small that if you have to wear any kind of prescription glasses you will probably have a hard time seeing your little one on it at night when you're half asleep. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I was thoroughly disappointed. ...more info
  • Loved it, UNTIL it blew up
    We have used this monitor for over 6 months with no problem, and it worked wonderfully. Then today it started making Pop/Crackle/Hiss noises. Upon investigation, I found a caramel colored liquid leaking out of the very hot unit (subsequently when I wiped the liquid up, it had eaten through the paint all the way through to the wood)
    I am at this point assuming that I am the only one this has happened to, as I have not seen any similar experience anywhere online about this unit.
    I contacted Mobi Technologies at 1-818-771-1620 and spoke to Jason in their customer service. He was a nice person, and helpful to a point, although I was a little irritated that I had to pay for a replacement monitor until their RMA department can ascertain that my unit is indeed faulty.
    Anyway, if our unit had not blown up I would give this monitor 5 stars for the quality and peace of mind it has always given us, which is also the only reason I am willing to give it another chance. We haven't had any problems with interference, but our cordless phones are on a different frequency. I do however agree that the audio is Seriously lacking in quality, we keep it turned down to avoid the irritation of the buzzing....more info
  • mom of 2
    The reception on this is horrible. We bought this as a monitor for our second baby. The first we had was a Safety First that worked great (until our toddler dropped it). Then we wanted one for our 2nd baby that wasn't the same, in hopes we wouldn't have any interferance. Also like the compactness of it. Surprisingly it picks up our other babys video monitor better than it's own (with no sound). There is always static, and half the time the picture is rolling and doesn't come in. My sister-in-law had this problem with the previous model, I thought this one was an improvement. Guess not! I would never buy this monitor. ...more info
  • Good product but poor Customer Service from Mobi Technologies
    Pros - This product has provided great peace of mind when watching my baby, day or night. Night vision capability is very nice and we did have a problem with a grainy picture for a while; however, this issue has resolved itself (possibly due to repositioning of the camera closer to the crib) Cons - 1) Mobi Technologies Customer Service is non-existent (another reviewer mentions the same). 2) The receiver eats through batteries after one day. You'll need to keep it plugged in for the most part 3) Product description mentions expandability; however, I have yet to find where you can buy just the additional receiver. 4) Unable to buy replacement parts - the AC adapter with our unit is faulty. Constantly have to adjust/jiggle the cord in order maintain reception/picture. ...more info
  • Inexpensive peace of mind
    This camera has given me SUCH peace of mind! I am able to see my baby anytime I open my eyes. It's nice to know what's going on instantly without having to navigate the hallway in the middle of the night to see if my baby is just fussing for a second or is actually crying for a need. Plus I do not risk waking him up while checking on him. The resolution is excellent. I can see the details on his bed sheets. I highly recommend this product for any soon-to-be or new parent....more info
  • good product, bad customer service
    I am glad I bought through Amazon because I got a defective unit and Mobicam was not at all helpful in getting it replaced...Amazon took great care of me. The monitor is very clear and has limited interference even with all the wireless stuff going on in my townhouse, I also use it in conjunction with my regular monitor and have no issues, great night vision...Also helpful on trips, only bad thing is that the batteries die very quickly!...more info
  • Look elsewhere, there are better
    I bought this thinking that I'd be able to use it in my average size house to transmit only 30 feet or so. I was wrong.
    I run a 5.ghz phones and 2.4ghz wireless network. With both of those running the picture on this unit was weak and prone to flickering. The worst thing was that you couldn't turn up the volume at all. Any volume resulted in clicking and humming... and not by me!
    I tried switching things on and off in the house when I realized that if this wasn't going to work with the things I had running, then forget it, I'll find a more stable system.
    I bought one of the Summer handhelds. Works much better. Has great sound, no flicker, and a lot better picture.
    My advice, buy them all, and return what doesn't work in your house. If you don't have any other electronics maybe this unit would work... but if you don't have many electronics chances are you're not the target market for a video monitor anyhow... so none of this applies.
    ...more info
  • Very good system
    I must admit the the other reviews left me somewhat skeptical to spend this much money on this item. Anyways, the item arrived and it set it up immediately. It works absolutely perfectly. As for the interference that the other reviewers are complaining about, it is to be expected. I get hardly no interference at all. Perhaps it is just the area where I reside. I've also been having a little fun with this item. I put it in a pitch black room and the video on the remote unit was great. It looked as if the were plenty of light in that room. Great product......more info
  • Great at first...until it died.
    We loved our Mobi MobiCam Ultra Monitoring System when we first got it. We used it every night and couldn't say enough great things about it... until it died. Our son is only two months old. Initially it was a clear picture and sound not including the expected interference with other 900Mhz devices. As time went on, the monitor became more grainy in appearance day by day until now you can't see a thing but static....more info
  • I love this!
    I really do love this product. It works as great as I hoped it would. The nightvision is amazing. The screen on the monitor is small, but the picture is usually very clear. One of my favorite features is the ability to put it on a standby mode. Then when the baby makes noise the picture and sound come on automatically. This way I don't have to have it on staring me in the face all night while I try to sleep. But it comes on when I need it to. We have a 5.8 Ghz phone and a 2.4 Ghz wireless internet system. That is why I chose this monitor and it works great with no interference. We can have the baby in her room upstairs and take the monitor all over the house and it works great. It does run out the batteries pretty fast if you don't have it plugged in, but it's not much of a problem for us. We just take the cord and plug it in wherever we need it. I am very pleased. I was a bit worried after reading some of the reviews for baby monitors, but I am very happy that we bought this one! ...more info
  • poor reception
    Just returned the mobiCam- had poor reception, even in adjacent room! smallo screen & not stable - falls easy & seems like would break very quickly with a 3 yr old in the house!
    ...more info
  • Mediocre at best
    I've had my Mobicam for approximately a month. Initially, I was excited because the color is pretty good, but the nightvision is just so-so. It buzzes a lot at higher volume levels, so we have to keep it on 1 or 2 which too low to hear the baby. (Our room is close to his, so I can still hear him without the monitor)

    Having said all of this, I still like it because I do not run to the baby's room with every peep, especially when we are in another part of the house. I can look at the monitor and see him and then decide whether or not I need to go.

    I did try unplugging our cordless 900 mhz phones, but it did not help with the interference....more info
  • mobi wireless
    VERY GOOD PRODUCT VERY SATIsfied, the night vision is great clarity is very good and portability is awesome plus the price is even better...more info
  • Every new parents dream...
    The Mobicam ultra has lived up to every expectation I had about video monitoring systems. I wouldn't have another baby without having the Mobicam ultra. The audio reception is crystal clear. Night video is a little hard to see but it is clear enough to tell if your child is moving around or has his eyes open. The regular video is also crystal clear. The only issue I have had is that the video starts having bad reception within the house if you get more than 50 feet from the camera but the sound works when I walk outside in the backyard or to get the mail. (About 200 feet) I would suggest this model to anyone interested in a good quality baby video monitoring system....more info
  • questions about the unit
    Does anyone have any advice about how to deal with the bright light that shines in the monitor screen when it is on night-vision? Do I just have to tilt it to see the baby clearly, or is there a better solution?

    Also, the Troubleshooting section of the manual refers to the Auto button. Am I missing something?

    Suggestions would be appreciated....more info
  • Baby Monitor
    The screen is too small and subject to interference (at least in my house). Still an effective way to listen for your baby....more info
  • One star is to much
    I echo the previous comment. We bought this unit so we would be able to see our daughter in her crib while she slept. In reality all we were able to see was "snow" on the camera and we had to keep the volume all the way down so we wouldn't hear the static from the unit. The only time we were able to get a clear picture was when the camera and the receiver were in the same room together. I wrote to their tech support and all they could tell me is that there was interference with something else in our house.
    We have since spent a little extra money and purchased an AVTech Solutions monitor with much better results. The screen is bigger and the images are much clearer. It is well worth the extra money....more info
  • Great product for watching baby
    I bought this Mobicam based on a recommendation from a friend. We really love being able to see and hear the baby vs. just listening on a monitor. The infrared feature is awesome - you can see in total darkness. I chose the 900mhz so that it wouldn't interfere with the 2.4 ghz wireless network nor the cordless phones in the house. This one has no interference from any of these devices. It does tend to pick up a little static from time to time, but is not really noticable. I guess I need to read the directions as well.. because I have yet to figure out how to turn the monitor off during the night (it's really bright), so right now we just kind of point it towards the wall. Overall, we love it and would purchase again...more info
  • Pretty Good Unit For It's Size
    This MobiCam has a better than average quality of a picture. The only problem I have with it, is if you turn it up too loudly - it does buzz and have a lot of static. But the night feature is great! I had just a listening monitor type which was good but I wanted to be able to see my granddaughter during the night when she sleeps over. With the night feature it looks like daytime in her room. I would certainly recommend it. ...more info
  • Grammie review
    I bought this for my daughter to use for her new baby. She says it is awsome. Her first little one only had a audio monitor and she would go into the room to check him. With this she can check on the baby from any room she is in without disturbing the baby. She recommends to everyone. Worth saving your money for or put at the top of you registry list....more info
  • Exceptional viewing - would highly recommend.
    My husband (suffering from cancer) needed me with him most of the time so it was mandatory that I had a monitor that I could not only hear him, but be able to see him as well. This was a perfect choice for me. It relieved some of the stress from running back and forth checking on him, before I could even return from completing a small task for him. You have the adapters to plug in for the monitor and camera, plus channels to choose from, so it can connect in any room. Batteries can be used - AA's 3 for monitor and 4 for camera, but they will run down quickly and hooking into an outlet usually works out. This is a color monitor, but it allows you to see at night time (infrared LEDs) with black and white image. Looking for this, Amazon's price was the best. I highly recommend this monitor and Amazon's price and delivery worked out very well for me. ...more info
  • Good Product, Terrible Service
    My husband and I purchased the Mobicam 70007 to use as a baby monitor (although, it can be used for other things). I really wanted the video portion so I could see my son at night and not have to panic running into his room to make sure he was ok. It helps me sleep well since I can just open my eyes and see him (even when he was in our room in the pack and play, I had to get up and walk over there to see this is way easier). The picture is fairly good as long as you don't have any "interference" (like a cordless phone, microwave, running fan, or anything else like that around). I find it gives a lot of static at times, which is frustrating.

    There are two things everyone should be aware of:

    1) Mobi's customer service is non-existent. I wrote in with a simple question over a month ago and never heard back. That is UNACCEPTABLE to me. Not even an auto-generated response. This alone will keep me from buying any more of their products since they obviously don't care about you once you buy from them.

    2) You will need to keep the camera AND receiver/monitor both plugged in almost all the time. The camera is easy to plug in, but the monitor eats through batteries. So while it seems convenient to have it be wireless and portable, you'll have to change batteries literally every day! But, keeping it plugged in most of the time is ok.

    Overall, this product does what it needs to do and helps me sleep at night. I'm just disappointed in the "service" from Mobi, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth after spending a good deal of money with them for a product I had to wait a month to get....more info
  • Looks good, sounds bad
    The system would get 5 stars if not for interference it gets almost non-stop.
    I don't own anything else in the 900Mhz range, yet the system receives so much static sound that it's almost unusable. I have used 900Mhz/2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz phones and none of them ever had this kind of static....more info
  • Best Baby Monitor Ever
    The Mobicam Ultra is by far the best baby monitor we've owned! We used to own a 2.4 ghz baby monitor that would interfere with our cordless phones and cut off our internet connection. Wanting to try something different, we came across the MobiCam Ultra. We were amazed by the clear sound and picture quality! It is also portable and very easy to use. With the night vision feature, we don't have to get up out of bed and stumble around in the dark to check on the baby. We rely on this monitor and would recommend it to everyone! ...more info
  • Not practical
    I returned this monitor after 2 days. I could not get it to stop crackling (popping static sound) intermittently. Also, if you don't have the camera wall mounted, in order to use the night vision option, you have to lift the camera and move a button under the unit. This is not practical since you run the risk each time of not repositioning the camera correctly. Then you have to set the switch again in the AM. This just wasn't the product I expected for this price....more info
  • the is no ULTRA
    This product really needs to back to the design board. I am a new father and thought this would be an amazing addition to the collection of baby products that we invested in. however no, it is not. the IDEA of it is great, but in practical applications it is of little use.

    The audio it sub par. for a produt that cost nearly 200 dollars and it labeled with the ULTRA classification one would expect amazing performance. however it is quite lackluster. The audio is something that has been mastered by other baby monitor manufacturers so one would expect that this one would be too. Not so. The audio is unusable. I had to go and purchase a 30 dollar baby monitor to hear my child.

    The Video. well, that is what this product is for right? well, good luck. I happen to live in New York city so the is interference all around. as well as a WiFi network in my apartment. In this day and age of everything wireless one would expect a product costing 200 dollars to have some sort of RF rejection circuity to make sure that the signal to get through to the unit. Not so. I understand that it is on the 900Mhz spectrum which should not interfere with the 2.4 Ghz spectrum of Wifi and cordless phones. but no, the video constantly rolls and is barely usable. The Night vision is a nice idea, however the IR lights that help the night vision work are too strong, so the image is blown out when trying to place the camera at a distance where one can see the eyes of the little one to know if they are awake. So then placing the unit at a distance so that the night vision actually works puts the camera too far away to see their eyes in the day time. it is a toss up.

    Overall i am very dissatisfied with this product. It functions only now to be used in addition to a 30 dollar baby monitor to see if the little one is moving around. not as the primary monitor, which i thought it would be.

    The video sounds cool and is a neat idea, but a webcam might be a better option if you have a computer.

    plus the receiver unit/video mointor EATS batteries. It should have an option to just use the microphone, that way it would be more economical....more info
  • Clear picture; Good audio; and Ultra-Simple Setup
    With our first baby on the way, my wife and I began looking at the various baby monitors on the market. Not content to settle for audio-only monitors, we checked out the various reviews of video baby monitors, and found that MobiCam came highly rated.

    We purchased the latest version of the MobiCam - the 70007 model - and have used it now for a total of two days. With no baby yet, we've positioned the camera to monitor our two pugs as they sleep. The color video image is quite exceptional; colors are vibrant, and detail is plentiful. It's not photo-quality, but it's pretty darn good. And the screen size appears to be larger than on the previous model. The night-time images are provided by infrared lights that can be activated by a push of a button at the bottom of the camera; these images are just a tad-bit grainy, but nothing to really complain about. I haven't fully tested the range, but I estimate that the camera can be about 15 feet away and still get good color pictures; and maybe about 10 feet away for the black-and-white pictures. The audio is good - at five feet away, the audio transmission allows me to hear the pugs snoring quite well.

    I've been able to use the receiver all throughout my house without interference of any sort. This latest model operates on the 900mhz frequency, which means there should be much less static interference than with other baby monitors that operate on the 2.4ghz frequency.

    Setting up the camera and the receiver was ridiculously simple. You simply plug one power cord into the camera; the other power cord into the receiver; and turn both devices on. Presto! You're good to go. I read the instructions, just to make sure I didn't miss anything, but nope. That's all there was to it. (The instructions came on a single, gigantic sheet of paper, which were translated into just about every language conceivable).

    Again, this version of the MobiCam was just recently released, and I've only used it for two days. But so far, I'm extremely pleased....more info