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The Last Boy Scout
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  • this is a terrific mix of actoin and comedy
    this movie takes two of todays more popular actors and throws them into a movie perfectly written....more info
  • The only Tony Scott film worth bothering with...
    I generally don't like Tony Scott's work, but I did like this film. Bruce Willis plays another smart a** character here, but Bruce's schtick was still fresh at the time, so it still works. Damon Wayans is very good as his sidekick. Aside from a grueling, cringe inducing opening scene (a takeoff on Hank Williams, Jr.'s Monday Night Football song, which is also cringe inducing), the film is filled with very violent action, great one liners, a good sense of humour, a decent story, and a great scene where you see a wide receiver pull a gun (NFL players, don't get any ideas). The film has no depth or substance, but I have to admit I liked it. This is the only Tony Scott film I really like. ...more info
  • The Best Boy Scout
    This movie is the true Willis vehicle and Damon Wayans only eggs the Man on...If you're looking for Oscar material, get over it. But! if you're looking for a goodtime, then this is it. I love this movie and Bruce Willis is in true form in this flick, Wayans is awesome too. Sometimes you get tired of watching the Fat A---d Rich guy Win time and again. This Movie is about doing what's right, even if it means going about it the wrong gotta do what you gotta do and Willis does, with a little help from his Friends. I was Cheering at the Explosive ending and I Love when a low life gets his. This is a non-stopper and it only lets up to let you catch your breath and then you're off again. Willis gives new meaning to getting a "light" for a cigarette and shows us that "Yes" he can dance a jig. Wanna have some fun? Wanna Cheer for the Underdog? Wanna see how a Man stands up when the chips are down or his Kid is in Danger? "The Last Boy Scout" is your ticket. Great Action Flick!...more info
  • Awesome movie, definitely not for kids
    This movie must go down as one of the best of its type of all time. Wayans and Willis make a fantastic team and I can't believe with all the one-liners between them, that it never made a spin-off TV series attempt. One of the coolest scenes in a movie can be found in here (when Willis first meets Milo by a swimming pool and offs one of his henchmen), but there are so many other quotables and good moments that the film bears repaet viewings. I love Willis, but this is his best and I have nearly worn out my copy. My only wish is that I had seen it at the cinema, but the football theme put my wife off and I had to wait for video....more info
  • The Last Boy Scout is great.
    This was a great movie. It is a favorite of mine and my friends. It has a great plot and great actors. The movie is an instant classic. I give it 5 stars. I hope you like this movie too....more info
  • Good Action Flick
    Bruce is grest and so is Damon. Too bad Halle Berry dies so soon. Good action sequences....more info
  • Demoralizing but humorous.
    Bruce Willis & Damon Wayans teamed up for the first time in this action film on gambling, drugs, prostitution, city violence, prostitution and family breakdown, etc. which centers the LA scene. Demoralizing as it seems to be, the Last Boy Scout is quality entertaining for mature audiences despite of the vulgar language that is spoken throughout. And Willis & Wayans are good at that. Sick humor is the best word to describe it....more info
  • "water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets"
    Well,despite the assembled cast in this film, this isn't one of Bruce Willis's best action flicks.Its a pretty cheesey/hammy action film made when Hollywood scripts were still heavily employing wise cracks and one liners,and this film is full of them,and a whole lot of something else.Damen Waynes as the "tag along" I'm goona help kick some A@!? character is fairly annoying as is the basic plot in this film,"the corruption of professional football".It comes complete with a really cheesy bar room jingle that just outright sucks,the singer even had the brass cojonies to have a mullet.This film is full of action,allot of unrealistic action,but its not the first,nor will it be the last.The foul mouthed 12 year old was a totally unnecessary character as were the retarded subplots trying too creep in and maintain the viewers interest which it vaugley does.Yes, Bruce has some funny one liners and I got a chuckle out of a few of them and I even liked some of the cartoony action,but the Last Boy Scout is a dud hands down and I'm sure that Bruce Willis today would much rather forget he was in this film.I suppose it was sort of a launching platform for Damen Waynes and even the Oscar winning Haley Barry in her hay day has a 10 minute onscreen presence before being cut to ribbons durring one of the major action sequences in the begining of the film.Bruce is a great/likeable actor, but sometimes too much of Bruce is too much,especially when he's out saving the world all the time from the likes of homosexual phsychos like in this film which was pretty freak'in lame.The Last Boy Scout is semi-watchable,but really nothing to get your panties in a twist over.Willis can be seen in other,better made action films if you know where to look...just take your pick....more info
  • Bogart, move over
    No guilt involved. A snappy, violent, very fast moving action fest. Full of one-liners, fast editing, and "tough - guy" humor. I wouldn't let my children watch this movie, but I like it. Especially late at night when I want explosions, gunfights and not to much intellectual baggage. In my opinion this is one of Bruce's best flicks....more info
  • Quality entertainment.
    Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans provide an excellent tag team duo of entertaining violence and wit. Original story line, clever screen play, sarcasm and clever one lines abundant. Quality entertainment, humorous and compelling....more info
  • Excellent product
    The movie is awesome, and although the DVD doesnt come with many extras, I didnt expect it to, so no problem there. One of Mr Willis' finest movies, in my opinion....more info
  • Friday Night is a Great Night for Football
    There are two types of movies in this world. Movies that are for guys and movies that aren't. The Last Boy Scout definitely fits in the former category. It's as though producer, Joel Silver, and screenwriter, Shane Black said "Let's make a movie that red-blooded American males age 18-34 will enjoy. We'll need some babes, some comedy, a couple big name action stars, a good explosion budget, and what the hell, let's throw in some football."

    This isn't a film that is going to go down in history as ground breaking. Bruce Willis is more exciting in Die Hard. Damon Wayans is funnier in Blankman. Lethal Weapon (also by Black and Silver) is a better action movie. And Halle Berry is only actually in about three scenes. But this is kind of a Jack-of-all trades movie. It's one of those action/comedy classics that you add to your video library on the shelf right next to Big Trouble in Little China.

    The DVD features are nothing special. All the standard bells and whistles are there (multiple soundtracks, multiple sub-titles, scene access, widescreen and pan & scan versions). Special features include the film's trailer, as well as trailers for several other films. There's no director's commentary, behind the scenes footage, cast interviews or cut scenes, but there are a few rather informative productions notes. This isn't a disc you buy for features though. This is definitely a film you buy to watch.

    All in all, it's a very fun movie. It won't stick out as an all time classic in any genre, but it is a fun flick for a weekend afternoon. There are several cameos by football personalities, constant witty one-liners, bitter scum-of-the-earth good guys and gentlemanly if effeminate bad guys. It's an action movie that you can watch with your girlfriend (well your tolerant girlfriend) just as easily as you can with your old college buddies....more info

  • the action film is carried to surreal extremes
    the action film is carried to a rather intriguing extreme with THE LAST BOY SCOUT, a movie that pushes the world-weary detective stereotype to new, surreal levels. Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis), is a shamus hired by his best friend to protect a stripper who is subsequently killed. her washed-up football playing boyfriend (Damon Wayans) hooks up with Joe to find out whodunit and why. Willis' performance and Black's screenplay combine to produce a portrait of a guy who is so down and out that our first glimpse of him is a shot of him passed out in his own car while being harassed by snotty neighbourhood kids. throughout the whole film, Willis delivers deadpanned one-liners while constantly getting the crap kicked out him. BOY SCOUT is a guilty pleasure. it is mindless, formulaic, and particularly hateful towards women (and men as well) in spots with an uncompromisingly un-PC attitude that is very unusual in this day and age... and very funny. action films don't get any nastier than this one....more info
  • Bruce Willis, Ultimate Toughguy, This is "Essential"
    For One, those that whine about, being demoralizing towards women, please, as men, we all know women can be the ultimate evil, maneaters, I mean his wife cheats on him, with his boss, that's some saddistic evilness if I've ever heard it, he handles it so well, besides forget this line? " I wish I Still didn't love my wife" he still did after all she did to him,and when wayons told the football player, to let the girl up, he didn't so wayans, mashed him in the nose with a football, seriously cool, this is a very unique film, seriously how many Sports-Action Films, are there? - Willis is "Soooo" Cool in this Film, it Should be Illegal, he's just the ultimate toughguy like I Said, aside from of Course, Joe Pesci, Sorry bruce, your amongst my favorite actors, but you aren't a wiseguy, yet, maybe sometime, see this movie, I give it my highest recomendation, this is the sleeper hit of the 90's, wayans is a great actor,and deserves more pub, in this side of the entertainment industry, these two play marvelous off each other, it's the ultimate buddy movie, I prefer this "FAR" Over Lethal Weapon Series,and I Dig them as well, Willis is One Cool Cat, See this Film, Nuff Said..

    ~ Michael Cellio....more info

  • High Quality Action Movie That Really Pays Off
    Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are dynamite in this movie. Both play has beens who had been much more in a previous life. Ironically the ones responsible for ruining their careers just happen to be seriously corrupt and when the two team up to stop them some wonderful action sequences erupt. This film is really a lot of fun if your looking for a nice action flick to rent. Though keep the kids away from it for it does contain a handful of bad language and violence. But it is really exciting and tons of fun and ranks with other good buddy action films like Midnight Run, 48 Hours, and Lethal Weapon. Check it out....more info
  • Guilty Pleasure
    I have to admit, this is one of my guilty pleasures of "filmmaking." Bruce Willis plays a down-on-his-luck PI (Who can do "down-on-his-luck" better than Bruce?) who is given a surveilance job by his partner-who incidentaly is having an affair with Willis's estranged wife. His job: to protect a stripper (Halle Berry) who is the boyfriend of ex-football hero Damon Wayans. When Halle turns up dead, the plot thickens, teaming Willis and Damon up to find the killers. It turns out that the "Killers" are a powerful footbal owner who is trying to blackmail the California governor into legalizing pro-football gambling. Again this is your basic buddy-buddy action-comedy, but Willis and Damon's chemistry make it worthwhile....more info
  • Great experience
    Item was well priced, site was easy to navigate, and shipping was fast....more info
  • The most underrated buddy cop movie of all time
    You cant talk about underrated action flick without mentioning The Last Boy Scout. I mean this movie came and went and stayed off the radar for a while. Let me give you a brief description of what its about.

    Bruce Willis plays Joe Hallenback, a down on his luck private investigator who comes home and finds his best friend sleeping with his wife. He later teams up with an ex-football player named Jimmy Dix(Damon Wayans) whose girlfriend Cory(Halle Berry) just got murdered.

    Opinion: Lets do a quintessential buddy cop checklist and see if this movie meets those requirements.

    Does it feature an unlikely pairing? Check.
    Does the unlikely pairing work well together? Check.
    Does it have moments of humor since one of the stars is a comic? Check.
    Does it give you one hell of ride from start to finish? Check

    So what the hell are these people expecting? This was made to be a popcorn flick but it was one hell of popcorn flick. Bruce Willis still shined as the action hero of the movie. Damon Wayans was funny but he also faired well when it was time to do a serious scene. I still laugh at the scene where Jimmy claims that Joe has to be the dumbest man on planet Earth because Joe is trying to solve the murder of the same best friend who slept with his wife. The audience still cares even we we come to the realization also. This movie came out at a time when you can expect a good action flick and the director Tony Scott hadnt dropped the ball yet in that department. If you dont expect oscar material you might like this one but I still think its one of the most underrated buddy cop movies of all time. ...more info
  • Loved it!!! So will you!!!
    Though I do not understand why this movie was named "The Last Boy Scout," I was entertained the whole way through. I think it's impossible for someone not to love this film....more info
  • "You think you're so cool, don't you?"
    Bruce willis plays a burn out detective whose latest case lands him in very hot water. His wife just cheated on him, his new buddy is a semi-junkie pro football player, and his daughter just won't stop cussing. What a great family movie, right?

    This is a classic comedy/action movie that doesn't stop with the jokes or the thrills. Whoever wrote this script was a great comedian.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • This is among the best movies of the 90's
    Critics hate it, but I think it is great. Willis and Wayans made an excellent team. Marcone and Milo are excellent bad guys, and even the plot was excellent. Entertaining, funny, and I watch it over and over and know it by heart. Can't beat that. The "It just happened" quote from Willis was a classic along with Die Hard's "Yippy-Kye-a"...more info
  • One of my favorite action flicks...
    If you're looking for over-the-top action and are the sort that can sit down and enjoy a movie without overanalyzing it, this one's for you. Some movies you can pick at all the plot holes and inconsistencies, but if you want an action movie that's loaded full of action plus some obligatory dry humor, you can't go wrong with The Last Boy Scout. Fans of Bruce Willis shouldn't miss this movie either. Willis plays an alcoholic detective who recieves a call from a colleague of his to do surveillance for an exotic dancer named Cory (played by Halle Berry). But when Cory gets killed in a professional hit right in front of her boyfriend (played by Wayans) and the detective, the 2 team up to figure out why she was killed and of course, in true action film style, there is much more than meets the eye.

    It's fast-paced and exciting and provides plenty of laughs. The Amazon reviewer said something to the effect of that this movie shows great contempt for women and I just didn't get that from this flick. Maybe I was just too mesmerized with Bruce Willis, but whatever the case, The Last Boy Scout will entertain you down to the very last second. ...more info
  • the best action film ever
    this is the best action film ever!!!!!! Even though it is the best action film it is also very funny. Bruce Willis and Damon wyanes are an awesome team. But, the movie is pretty vulgar (but thats one of the many things that makes it good). It has violence and a lot (a whole lot) of swearing. Joe (Willis) and his wife swear at each other all the time and even when they are saying there sorry to one another. If, thats not enough his 13-year old kid says every dirty word in the book. The main plot of the movie is a guy named shelley, an owner of a pro football team,and his crew are going to bribe senators to legalize sports gambling. But, they are afraid Senator Bainer won't vote for it, and are going to frame Joe (Willis)for his his murder. Jimmy (Wayans)comes in when they murder his girlfriend. He was a pro football player but got kicked out for gambling. A must see movie!!!!! Another great Tony Scott movie is True Romance....more info
  • A Great Guy's Movie
    The Last Boy Scout, is one of the last and greatest 1980s-style action movies. In my mind, it is to 80s action movies what The Wild Bunch was to Westerns: it's a marks the end of an era--with a bang.

    Bristling with gunfights, explosions, wisecracks, vulgarity and testosterone, it's definitely a guy's movie, the kind of movie that probably couldn't be made today due to Hollywood's obssession with "girl power!" and political correctness.

    Featuring 3-dimensional main characters who struggle with their inner demons while struggling with the bad guys, The Last Boy Scout remains an entertaining movie, even upon multiple viewings.
    ...more info
  • Pure Art!
    I almost choked when I heard "Friday Night's a Great Night for Football" (sport themes are not my style) BUT I didn't need to worry for too long! Fast paced, snappy dialogue and great action. My copy is almost worn out. When can I get a widescreen version on VHS?...more info
  • The Last Boy Scout
    Action packed with mature humor mixed in. One of Bruce Willis's best films.
    ...more info
  • Best Action Movie Ever Made.
    I don't know what Jeff Shannon is smoking, but his "review" (it was more like slander) of "The Last Boy Scout" was totally wrongheaded and a little bizarre. Where does this so-called "hatred of women" come in? If anything, the film shows that men can be pretty rotten to women and that they stick around because of loyalty or love. The movie is high-energy action at its best and it's a highlight in the now-low-brow genre of buddy movies. Shane Black got his two million dollars for this script because it's filled with hilarious, quote-worthy dialogue. Anyone who says they haven't at least stolen one line of dialogue from this movie is a liar. Bruce is at his grumpy, self-hating peak here at Joe Hallenbeck. And Damon Waynes gives possibly the only good performance of his career.

    Take a seat, pop in this DVD, and have a ball. Because that's what this is: a good time. If you're looking, like Shannon was, for something that will change the world or give you a new view of yourself -- look elsewhere. This is entertainment. Pure and simple. And good entertainment is hard to come by....more info

  • One of the best Action Flicks of the 90's
    The last boy scout is one of the best action movies you are likely to see on DVD, if you want action then this is the ticket, not only is it a fantastic rollercoaster ride of an action movie, it is also one of the most hilerious and funny action films you are likely to see!

    Let's face it, its was never going to win any oscars but the film is brilliant and very watchable time and time again which is an important criteria for any DVD purchase

    The picture is fantastic as is the 5.1 dolby digital sound as it blasts out from every corner of the room, the disc is only let down by little extras but don't let that put you off, if you want to watch the movie BUY IT!

    The best Action Comedy of the 90's...more info

  • Did I just tivo Die Hard?

    I love Bruce Willis - despite the fact that his characters tend to be one-dimensional, and the movies he's in tend to be heavy on explosives and light on plot. I am a hard core Die Hard fan (even the third and fourth installments). However, I was not thrilled with "The Last Boy Scout"

    This movie was basically a Die Hard sequel with more gore and with a slightly less likable lead character. Cop-like character down on his luck - check. Same character having problems with wife - check. Same character spending most of the movie killing people, shouting one liners, and eventually saving the day - check, check, check.

    I also DID find this movie to be misogynistic. I'm a little frustrated that most of the other reviewers didn't notice this aspect. The first woman we see (apart from cheerleaders) is a bare-breasted woman being held under water by a football player. We then get close-ups on a stripper's body parts while she dances - and is then killed. One main male character admits to cheating on his woman (said stripper) early in the movie. Finally, the "romantic" one liner is Bruce Willis saying "f#ck you" to his wife. Not really the most woman loving of films ...

    However, I did occasionally laugh, and I did enjoy the surprise ending of the first football game we got to watch (though I was not sure how this played into the rest of the movie). And, of course, I do love snarky Bruce Willis ...

    ...more info
  • The Last Boy Scout
    Came early, and was in good shape.
    Their products are always in good condition.

    Tom...more info
  • One of the Worst Films of All Time
    I cannot believe anyone can watch this movie without laughing at the utter stupidity being displayed on screen. From the disgusting advertisements of Marlboros to a script that is beyond description, this movie had no redeeming qualities...except for Ms. Berry who is killed during the first 30 minutes. Awful, disgusting, and stupid movie!...more info
  • "Water's wet, sky's blue, women have secrets."
    Probably the only action film of 1991 that people will remember in a couple of years and one of the film cop-buddy films that didn't spawn a sequel ( which it should have ) A great film with a great cast and a good storyline. A terrific blend of action and comedy....more info