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  • Dream or Nightmare Catcher?
    Warning: spoilers. Hmm, interesting. Morgan Freeman's E.T. hunter is a crispy critter, burned out from chasing E.T.s for 20 years until what would drive normal human beings insane, like the sight of an extraterrestrial, is taken for granted by him. Hmm, the government agent walks through the quarantined citizenry and tells them that everything is okay and that things will be resolved shortly and then turns around and plans for them to be eliminated. Hmm, a branch of military operations that is above all laws, disguises its identity, and answers to no one, having something to do with Blue. Hmm, the alien hunter should have quit after what happened in Montana? What the hell happened in Montana and why wasn't there anything in the news about it? Hmm, E.T.s carry a waterborne virus that infects and spreads and multiplies and shows up as a skin rash and flatulence but only grows to full force in half the populace, or, eat something that looks like red meat and your belly will bloat up and you grow a huge worm. Hmm, E.T.s can read and impose their will over human minds, mimic voices, insert false memories, read our memories, manipulate what we see and hear---what if we have already been invaded but haven't realized it because the aliens make us think we are living a normal life? Hmm, ister gay is afraid of someone who has been institutionalized and written off as being deficient. Hmm, as a boy Duddits was tormented by heartless bullies who were from privileged families and who were genetically superior. All this happens in the snowy back roads where hunters and snowmobilers go to vacation---if it could happen there it could happen anywhere. If you can make sense of all this, then you know and understand: I Duddits!...more info
  • Rotten Movie
    If you're smart, you won't even waste your time on this one. Not only is the movie cliche, it really doesn't make much sense. I never did figure out what the mute boy had to do with anything in the film. I am surprised Morgan Freeman even took part in this horrible movie. ...more info
  • So bad I destroyed my copy.
    This movie was so bad I destroyed my copy. The plot was so bad that even the au-some might of Morgan Freedman could not save it....more info
  • Not great but if you have time to kill, okay.
    I didn't really care for this movie but it's not the worst I have seen. If you liked the book, then you will probably feel the same as I do.

    The movie just misses way too much of the story and the ending is completely horrible. I watched this because I really liked the book and was hoping that this would be somewhat worthy but it is not. Why are so many movies that are made from Stephen King stories so off? His books are incredible (one of my favorite authors) but the movies are mostly flat. I think they miss out on the feelings that King displays so well in his characters.

    I'd recommend reading the book and skipping this movie all together. ...more info
  • Disappointing grossness
    The book was magical though gross. The film is gross but not magical. The novel was long, subtle, full of details and developments. The film is too short, too simple and onesided, lacking too many details. We do not understand the deep political problem behind these military special forces that try to take over the US and are defeated by their very American prisoners just before these could be executed by those special forces, because all that is missing in the film. Here what we guess are the regular armed forces come in and wipe out the nest of fascistic soldiers. Sorry folks, the film does not believe in democracy and the right to rebel against the invader, even and especially if this invader is from inside. Was it not politically correct in 2003 to imagine some fascistic armed forces could take over the government of the USA ? Then the fact that the leader, the ? boss ?, of these special military forces that are ready to kill Americans to save THEIR America, is black takes a very regrettable taste, flavor and perfume. In one word it stinks. The film is replacing the magic of the words and the entertwining levels of consciousness in the characters and among the characters with special effects but special effects will never be multifarious enough to embody the whole forest of imagination. We are reduced to a couple of trees, at best, if not only half a dozen of shrubs that are nothing but dwarf-trees. The rest then is unclear and in this shortened and simplified version it appears to be a paranoid approach of non-human life from outside earth dressed in the garb of worms with plenty of teeth, E.T.s with two big yellow eyes and other aliens laying eggs by the dozen if not the thousand, in other words gibberish 3-D robotized animated plastic models of common and standard visions of what monsters could look like. It is in many ways regrettable because the book, which is not one of the best by Stephen King, is a lot more interesting and even gripping and thrilling. Why on earth does Stephen King need to sell the rights of his books and short stories to people who do not have the intellectual, imaginarial and financial means to make great films out of them ? He does not really need money that much to let his own plots and characters be debased by the average mediocre and in the end greedy visionless imagination of some filmmakers.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University of Paris Dauphine & University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne
    ...more info
  • Insane adaptation that makes no sense
    I read dreamcatcher and loved it. It was my first King book, and i was very excited when i heard there was a film. I was hoping the thrilling, cinematic quality of the book would have been transfered to the big screen with precision and brilliance. And what do i get? An absolutely crazy film that should be a comedy but somehow isn't.

    It has something to do with Lawrance Kasdan's direction, and it's prominent throughout the film. It's maddeningly fast-paced, as you jitter from scene to scene with little or no explanation as to what's going on. No passion or emotion has been injected into it, and though the characters look and play the part (apart from Morgan Freeman, who has been grossly miscast as Kurtz), they aren't allowed any time to show what they can do before we are whisked away to another scene. All the far fetched stuff that worked so well in the novel looks ridiculous in the film: using a gun as a telephone, jonesy being 'inhabited' by the alien, the aliens cry to the soldiers. The most insulting thing, though, is that the books perfect ending has been ruthlessly slashed for a stupid finale with no ryhme or reason to it.

    At least the special effects arent as bad; the "S**t weasels" look as they should and the UFO sequance is impressive. It's strangley amusing in its own terrible way, and somehow compelling because nothing like this has been done before, bad though it is. Not really worth it unless you are a King fan or you want a hilariously random piece of mad sci-fi....more info
  • Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.
    I cannot believe this movie got made, with decent actors no less. Don't waste your time watching this movie, unless you enjoy senseless, annoying, and incredibly moronic writing. Movies produced using the works of Stephen King are typically quite awful. The only exceptions include movies that are based on short stories and movies that he himself did not have much to do with. This probably has something to do with the fact that he churns out mindless works one after another, much to the delight of his lowest common denominator audience. Save yourself the time and watch Magnolia....more info
  • This is Destiny that goes DEEP!
    I watched this flick years ago and recently purchased it-I loved it even more this time. Watch the alternate ending-both have deep meanings but I think the director's picked the best in the original release! If anyone doesn't get the meaning behind the plot-they need to watch it again-it helped me understand that the boys bonded for life by a (chanced?)single event...Destiny....more info
  • Dreamcatcher - the movie
    Seems to chop up the story from the Stephen King novel it is based off of, but don't they always? Four friends who were bonded at childhood by a special friend who called himself "Duddits" go to an annual cabin for a hunting and camping excursion. Suddenly animals in the forest are running for their lives, and a hunter making strange sounds has come to their camp. Rick McCarthy seems to be ill, but this guy and his belching is the least of their concerns. A destiny is revealed, as Duddits link to the realization of an alien force is about to come true. Snowy Mountains and psychological wars will be waged, and Morgan Freeman plays the captain of a specialized yet somewhat rogue military force that has overtaken the entire area. There is a lot going on so pay attention, because you might miss the entire point. The film doesn't do a great job of showing Duddits ultimate connection with everything, but it works okay. Tom Sizemore also stars as Owen, a member of the military group who realizes that one of the captured hunters (played by Thomas Jane) seems to be able to read his mind, and also seems to be showing him that his commander is out of control. The entire human race hangs in the balance! Gory weasel like creatures and of course, Aliens with BIG eyes abound. Jason Lee and Timothy Olyphant also star. Entertaining Science Fiction type movie that is kind of fun....more info
  • What a vile mess!
    I was warned by many to avoid this film. I even saw this movie given 1 star in a local newspaper that is forgiving in its rating system. I was intrigued to see just how bad this movie is. Now I can relate with all who have seen this pathetic excuse for a movie. The acting is horrible! Jason Lee sounds embarrassed to be spouting his horrible dialogue, Tom Sizemore is just glad his role is a supporting character who dies before the end of the story, and Morgan Freeman is simply desperate for any role to take on such putrid filth. Then there are the child actors who were cast because they look right for their parts regardless of the fact none of them can act at all. This story is a supernatural-sci-fi-horror yarn about an alien invasion by worm-like creatures that gestate in the bowels of animals until it is time for them to lay eggs. The scenario involves tainting the Boston water supply with alien parasites. Okay, fine. The alien craft that is shown at one point is huge and obviously technically superior to anything we measly humans could create so why hasn't the invasion succeeded? Why not just crash a parasite-laden alien ship into Lake Michigan and begin with Chicago instead? I suppose Boston is closer to Stephen King's home in Maine so the story should be close by. The plot is plainly stupid. I cannot believe the once great Lawrence Kasdan was at all involved in this film, let alone responsible for the screenplay, production, and direction. With this chaotic, confusing, ridiculous movie his career has definitiely turned a corner...and straight into oncoming traffic! Avoid this film. ...more info
  • A stupid movie
    I don't like it. The story sounds unoriginal. I saw the summary to the book (which I have not read and never will), and I can say that it is one of King's worst ideas. The movie's plot is worse. I advise you to stay away and never watch this crap....more info
    I am convinced that buried deep in the perpetual snowstorm of this film is a perfectly logical plot struggling to come out. Problem is it never does.

    We set off with such pizzazz, part horror part stunning scifi, that I buckled up to disagree with practically all the reviews on this site.

    But the last forty five minutes provide conclusive proof of its mediocrity. Fantastical elements are smooshed in by the minute: ESP, schizophrenia, possession and the inner reaches of the human mind, you name it.

    The vicious form-acquiring alien in our case is a slimy half-eel with a centipede for a dentist. It consumes the insides of its victims and then slides out his/her bottom, a process that the film depicts unflinchingly. We provide the flinches.

    All this goes on onerously for as long as your drowsy eyes can endure. I am not sure -- and frankly couldn't care lesser -- how this is supposed to hearken back to Stephen King's novels, but it fees less like a film and more like an assignment you put off indefinitely.

    Watchable rental for the effects, but an hour into it, feel free to take phone calls and such. ...more info
  • It's OK
    Most of SK's novels are far too detailed for movies, or at least so far they've foiled any director's attempts. This one wasn't really bad, on its own. The alternate (original) ending contained on the CD is better than the one tacked on to the movie, and the one in the book was better than either of them. Read the book. ...more info
  • Great book, Lousy Movie
    Stephen King should pass up the money and not let his novels be made into movies. It never works out right. The one decent movie made from one of his books ( The Shining ), he hates.

    This movie is great for the brief period of time that it follows the novel. The first act where you are introduced to the characters could not have been done better. The casting is great as well as the initial build up of suspense. The problem is that when the aliens are finally introduced, the movie tries to go over the top with cliched military conspiraccies and surprise twists when a subtle hand is what is needed. The ending is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen.

    Don't waste your time or money on this. Check out the book from the library and leave it at that.
    ...more info
  • Aliens From Ur-Anus
    As we all know, screen adaptions of Stephen King's books usually tend to stray from their source or just omit things entirely. Taking on Dreamcatcher is rather ambitious because it attempts to cram an 800+ page novel into a movie just over two hours. Not to mention that so much of the book takes place in people's thoughts and minds.
    King's Dreamcatcher was an interesting take on the old alien invasion story, but with a little Stand By Me thrown into the mix. It wasn't King's best book, but it was a very good one. It involves four men, who as kids befriended a boy with Down Syndrome. As a result of their friendship with the boy, Duddits, he passes on his telepathic powers to his four new friends, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. This bond comes into play when the four guys are on their annual hunting trip and they find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion. The invasion is only part of them problem coz the evil military is keeping the area under a quarantine and plans to kill off all those infected by the aliens(in the form of a red fungus called "Ripley Fungus"). Some folks are infected with eel-like alien parasites that incubate in their bellies and give them some rancid farts(kinda like some friends of mine) The military destroys the invaders early on, but one alien has taken possession of one of the protagonists and has a plan to infect the water supply.
    Dreamcatcher wasn't a bad movie, but it might have fared better as a miniseries. Most of the important plot points from the book are in the movie, but in order to fit them all in, the movie moves at a fast pace, leaving little time for much character development. Once we get to the last act of the movie, Stephen King is pretty much given the boot and the screenwriters take control. This bugged me coz everything seemed rather accurate up to that point. Oh well.
    The casting was okay. In the book, Henry is supposed to be more of a skinny, nerdy type, and Thomas Jayne just doesn't seem too much like a psychologist. Tom Sizemore was a great choice for Underhill as was Jason lee for Beaver. Morgan Freeman is the crazy Colonel leading the quarantine, but he seems a little more mellow and toned down than his character was supposed to be. It probably would have been much better to get an actor who had Down Syndrome to play Duddits rather than Donnie Wahlberg. I mean, come on!
    The movie wasn't too bad. Not great or nearly as good as it could have been, but a harmless time killer. It's not nearly as bad as many reviews make it out to be....more info
  • dreamcatcher
    This movie has awesome special effects. Mr Gray is stunning in both his alien form, and when he has infected Jonesy. This does not copy the book word for word, but it is still an awesome movie. just pay attantion or you might get lost. the special effects are awesome. the acting is pretty good, and you cant help but love Duddits....more info
  • Disappointing
    This movie could have been so much better. It started out fairly well but just didn't hold together after the initial introduction. The movie lost me completely in the bathroom scene. You've got a monster trapped in the toilet, but that toothpick on the floor is out of your reach, and you need it so badly that you let the monster out to get it? You have to ask yourself, "What's WRONG with this person?"

    Morgan Freeman's performance in this movie was also a big disappointment. He's such a talented actor, but here he seems to be just going through the motions. His character just falls flat. And as noted in an earlier review, the hair and eyebrows make him look silly and cartoonish.

    No big surprises in the final battle sequence. You pretty much know by this point who the two sides are going to be. But that last little bit after the fight - whose idea was that? I just wanted to shout at the television, "What? NO! That CAN'T be the end!" What a let-down....more info
  • Just your average flesh eating aliens slugs infection/
    We have this a special men in black team led by Morgan Freeman
    ( not God or the President this time out?),
    and four telepathic friends of a "retard"...
    All taking place in a forest hunting retreat
    where the aliens had the misfortune to crash.
    The government policy is nothing gets out of the zone alive.
    One of the fellows ( Jonesie) gets taken over by a gray man's
    mind control, but not completely.
    This battle is a horrible one of a Stephen King type......more info
  • Only for Sci-Fi Geeks
    If your really into science fiction and you watch the whole movie you will love it. The reason I say that is I almost turned the TV off during one part that was really stupid but I kept watching the whole thing and I loved it at the end. I can understand someone not liking it though, but if your into sci-fi you'd should give it a chance....more info
  • Better Than Expected
    This film is much better than most of the reviews claim. I do not know when it became "cool" to hate Stephen King's work, but that is the sense that I get from the negative reviews. This film is a nice spin on the "alien invasion" theme. Pay attention and don't get too lost in the "visual metaphors" that run through the film. Any true fan of sci-fi will enjoy this film. Recommended!...more info
  • A RIOT!
    Anyone who has watched "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" may recall a battle scene where the action stopped and the a character voice-over said "Okay, two options: One, dodge the claw and do a spinning back kick! Two, take the claw to the face! When the action resumed the character chose option two and was clawed in the face. However silly it may have been, I found this somewhat amusing because the movie was completely making fun of itself. Obviously, nobody in a real-life situation would have chosen option two, yet in this completely stupid movie, somebody had. You may be wondering why I include "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" a comedy movie, with "Dreamcatcher", a horror movie. You may also be wondering why I gave "Dreamcatcher", which on the surface is one of the most terrible movies ever made, a five star rating. The fact is, "Dreamcatcher" is a comedy movie in disguise. It's a joke, right? The producers could not be serious in making this a horror flick. In it's previews, "Dreamcatcher" had been billed as something like "Scariest film of the new millenium based on a Stephen King novel over 1,275 1/2 pages." In the first 50 minutes or so of the movie, I hadn't been scared a single time. Then came the scene where I realized that the producers must have considered their movie a joke from the beggining and had no idea what genre it belonged in. My guess is that they decided to write different classifications (Action, Sci-fi, Drama, etc.)on individual slips of paper, then select one slip out of a hat. It became apparent me that this movie was an obvious comedy and "horror" was, unfortunately, the slip that had been selected. The scene I am speaking about, is, of course, the sequence where Jason Lee's character hears his friend get killed by the unstoppable sinister alien force in the bathroom. The character then proceeds to wait outside the bathroom door, crying like a little b*tch and waiting until he is sure the alien has killed his friend so he can go back into the bathroom. Why, you might ask, would he do this? Why would he not do something believable in a supposedly serious movie, such as... run...away? I decided that the movie must be a complete joke because no producers could actually think an audience would seriously believe that a person in such a situation would stick around to let the alien kill them. Much like "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" Dreamcatcher is such a silly comedy that it makes fun of itself. Once I began to see the movie for it's true comic entertainment, I saw just how hilarious it really was. If you took "Dreamcatcher" seriously and wrote this movie off as terribly uninspired and unsuspenseful, and I beg you to go back and see just how funny it is when you look at it as a comedy from the outset. ...more info
  • DREAMCATCHER is anything but SSDD!
    From what we've heard, quite a bit of Stephen King's DREAMCATCHER was lost in the translation from the page to the screen; but not having read it, we were free to enjoy the movie as a creature feature involving, among other things, slimy, toothy worms that issue forth, in a crescendo of blood and gas, from their victims' recta. There hasn't been this much tension generated in an `Aliens Have Come To Take Our Planet' movie since HOWARD THE DUCK! (Although we had to wonder what director Lawrence Kasdan - who made such high-toned dramas as THE BIG CHILL and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST - was thinking about as he set up the scene with the alien in the toilet.)

    Get ready for Bad Movie delirium as four friends (Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, and Timothy Olyphant) head up to a remote cabin in snowy Derry, Maine, as they've done every year for the last twenty years. The area, it so happens, is under paramilitary quarantine; rogue commander Morgan Freeman is trying to isolate and destroy a vicious race of galactic visitors, though decades of E.T. hunting have left him a few pennies short of a dollar. This is a heartening return to villainy for Freeman - let's not forget his breakthrough role as a heartless pimp in 1987's STREET SMART. But 1987 was a long time ago, and Freeman, working against dozens of noble past performances, just seems more irritable than usual.

    The four guys have telepathic gifts, passed on to them by Donnie Wahlberg, a mentally challenged kid they once saved from bullies. (Don't ask). Sometimes these gifts manifest themselves in interesting forms, as when Damian Lewis "calls" Thomas Jane on a handgun borrowed from ambivalent soldier Tom Sizemore. In what immediately became one of our all-time favorite mainstream forays into the surreal, the gun actually rings, and Jane chats away into it. And if you want first-class deadpan comedic genius, check out Sizemore's blandly inflected response after the call is done: "Give me back my gun."

    We also enjoyed Jason Lee's nervous-tic characterization as Beaver, who scoops peanut butter out of the jar with his finger and is never without a toothpick between his teeth; while sitting on that toilet lid to keep the alien confined, Lee must reach perilously to the floor for one of the few spilled toothpicks not floating in anal gore. Call us crude - but you just have to LOVE a scene of suspense built around fallen toothpicks and a toilet monster.

    It all eventually collapses under a barrage of exposition. Perhaps King's book explains why the alien who takes over Lewis's body is known as Mr. Gray and speaks like John Cleese, or what happens to all the alien-infected people quarantined in Derry, or why the recesses of Lewis's mind look like an overstuffed library archive (complete with X-rated fantasies filed by year).

    Adaptations of Stephen King novels are often more MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE than CARRIE - but despite King's convoluted original, what's most insane about this awesomely cack-handed crazy salad, is that seasoned screenwriters like William Goldman (MISERY) and Kasdan are responsible. In fact, the more we think about this loud, confusing, cheesily enjoyable movie, the more we have to read King's book. (Just please don't tell us it doesn't have any toilet monsters.) ...more info
  • Your Not Jonesy....
    This is one of the most insane unbalanced big budget b-movies ive ever seen.
    Forget the premise and plot this is Stand By Me meets The TommyKnockers with a dash of the Dead Zone thrown in for good measure.
    I saw this twice in the same day and laughed my way through it both times.
    A near twin to the book the film never strays too far from the source material.
    Great fun!!...more info
  • Loved the movie, but....
    the DVD froze up on us in the same spot each time we tried to play it. Didn't matter what we tried to do to get past the spot, it was froze up only about a third of the way through the movie. We had looked all over for this movie as we loved it and watched it whenever it came on cable tv, but wanted a copy of our own. Were very disapointed with the quality of the DVD, and also with the return policy. My question is, how do you know the DVD is of bad quality until you open it and play it??...more info
  • I couldn't get past the eyebrows...
    The movie is incredibly entertaining...unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. The upside: the s***weasels (I'll resist the temptation to overanalyze their startling similarity to vaginas with teeth) were fabulous--nifty puppetwork. The acting...oh dear. Morgan Freeman was horribly miscast as Curtis, and the miscasting was exacerbated by shaping his hair into an odd white pseudo-crewcut and giving him bushy white eyebrows that looked like leftovers from a high school costume room. Freeman is a gifted and nuanced actor as well as a most effective villain (he was absolutely chilling as a pimp in Street Smart, and gave Christian Slater a run for his money in 2004's Hard Rain), but between the laughably bad script and the eyebrows, he got lost.

    As Jonesy, Damien Lewis had the unique chance to battle himself once possessed by Mr. Gray (I'm completely skipping any attempt at plot synopsis since it's been done thoroughly and well by others who have posted). He did so by speaking in an American accent as Jonesy (as well he should, Jonesy being from Maine and all) and portraying Mr. Gray in this ridiculous Masterpiece Theatre British accent that sounded bizarrely like Baby Stewie from The Family Guy. What should have been skin-crawlingly creepy was simply laughable. I suppose it is to his credit that his American accent was good enough to render his English accent (he was born in London!) unconvincing. And the ending, which I will not give away, was the most truncated, ridiculous, unsatisfying thing I've ever seen. "I Duddits!" indeed....more info
  • Don't , just don't....
    This is a horror movie about poop. Yes, there are aliens and government conspiracies, but all the tension and horror in this movie revolves around the human digestional tract, bad gas, and the toilet. Still interested?

    The only kudos I will concede to this movie are: 1. I do like how Jonsey's mental warehouse was filmed. It did justice to the discription in the book. and 2. Yes, Duddits is played by ex-New Kid On The Block, Donnie Wahlberg. Considering how horrible his musical skills were, his acting is great.

    If you are still going to buy this DVD, check out the bonus feature that has an outtake of Owen, Duddits, and Henry in the car. It is almost hilarious enough to make the purchase worthwhile....more info
  • Sweet fancy Moses...........
    This is one of the worst Stephen King adaptations I have ever seen. I read the book first, enjoying it more than the last few by him I've read.

    I think many reviewers are being too kind with this film. I will go so far as to say it is almost entirely miscast, with the grand poobah of miscasting being Morgan Freeman. He doesn't come even close to conveying the evil of his character. The British accent of Mr. Grey was nearly unbearable, and the ending, for those of us who have read the book, comes completely from left field. I don't understand what the director and writers and producers were thinking when they penned that. "Hmm, we obviously can't use the King ending--it's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time and actually wraps up the story in a manner that makes sense. We can't have that." I hope SK got a big paycheck to look the other way because they really took a d*mp on his work.

    I do believe part of the problem is that SK's dialogue often doesn't transfer well to the big screen. Verbatim tidbits that I remember from the novel coming out of the actor's mouths often fell flat.

    I give two stars for the things the movie does well. The gestating weasel and subsequent bathroom scene was very well done. The cabin as it gets covered with spores is also great. Actually, most of the first act material is pretty decent (aside from the casting), plus the library/office stuff inside the main character's head. If you haven't read the book, your chances of enjoyment are much greater, and I could possibly see this as a decent monster/action time passer. If you've read the book, see it only as a rubbernecker....more info
  • What's missing?
    I watched this film (against my better judgment after seeing some of the celluloid sludge made from King's other novels) and am now curious about what exactly got hacked out of the book in order to make this ineffective movie.

    The story makes a pact with us, the viewers: Four long-time friends who each have a "gift" are pulled into a terrible adventure, and the implied promise is that each of them will contribute something unique to the fending off of Evil. Alas, they do not. While I don't mind main characters dying in the first hour, it'd better be for good reason. What I saw was not "good reason."

    Knowing King's writing, there was much, much more to these men's contributions to the cause of good (or at least very compelling reasons why they should fail). Unfortunately, they get themselves necked pretty quickly, and then we're forced to watch the same old military standoff with its cardboard military types (guess who's the good guy and who's the bad, and no prizes for figuring it out five minutes into their first scene).

    And I suppose any psychologist worth his salt would know the exact location of the reservoir aqueduct (Shed 12) that feeds Boston's water supply.

    I wasted two hours on this film because I was in a time-wasting mood, so I'm not too steamed. It just seems a shame because I know Stephen King's work probably deserves a lot better than this....more info
  • Dreamcatcher - as good as it could be...unfortunately
    Four friends gather in a winter wilderness lodge where they will hash over old times, compare their idiosyncrasies and somehow save the world from a race of voracious worm aliens. As boys, the four befriended an apparently mentally-challenged boy known to them as "Duddits" - in true Stephen King style, Duddits isn't all he seems, and he rewards his new friends with newfound powers - one guy can find whatever is lost...by anybody, another has a perfect memory (and can visualize it as a warehouse - remember that warehouse at the end of "Raiders"?), and so on. As adults they plan a weekend away in a forest cabin, chew the fat and compare notes about their powers. Their weekend reverie is cut short when it becomes clear that their stretch of woodland has become a battleground between the aforementioned body-snatching aliens and a covert military force that's been fighting off otherworldly aliens for years. Because the aliens here can control men's minds or even incubate within them, the ET-patrol sometimes finds itself drawing a bead on innocent human beings - and with these soldiers led with murderous efficiency by Morgan Freeman, "sometimes" becomes "every other hour". With nowhere to turn, our heroes soon find themselves using their powers against the alien beasties and the evil soldiers.

    This was just an incredibly horrible movie. On the surface, it's probably diverting. You have to look a bit deeper if you want to get the "so bad it's fun" effect. I know that HG Welles's invaders made it all the way from Mars without stopping to invent the wheel, but the worms of "Dreamcatcher" made it across the galaxy without the benefit of opposable thumbs (and happily for the US military, did us the favor of arriving on terra-firma, rather than anywhere on the 2/3rds of Earth covered by water, or otherwise beyond the reach of a decent military). The plot gives the aliens the power to shape-shift - though they conceptually shift as well, with the script unable to decide if the aliens need to hatch from eggs or incubate in human beings, or whether they need to have any shape at all since they can assume anybody else's, and though denizens of a distant planet, are familiar enough with ours to understand the evil of the British accent. Because the aliens' intentions are unclear, the plot remains similarly vague, and never gives the leads a plot to follow. Left to their own devices, our leads act with utter stupidity (witness one of the characters, having trapped an alien in the toilet, reach desperately for...a toothpick?). The biggest problem is that "Dreamcatcher" has something like a 2+ hour running time and nothing to fill it with but a pastiche of old sci-fi & horror stories and Stephen King plot ideas (the group of special friends from "It" & "Stand By Me"; aliens from "Tommyknockers"; the evil & covert shock troops seem like a paramilitary wing of "The Shop", the covert & evil government agency that's appeared in varying degrees in different King books) which are already a pastiche of sci-fi & horror stories. The movie isn't a very tight fit for its shriveled plot. Early on, you watch waiting for something to happen, and it doesn't; by the middle of the movie (by which time, the plot has apparently lost sight...of everything), you watch and wonder why things happen, or give up hope of anything happening - like the movie becoming a compelling and reasonably original story. Instead, "Dreamcatcher" remains consistently unwatchable, and never really all that scary....more info
  • Terrible
    I lied ... this movie actually gets zero stars, but this rating system wasn't built for movies as bad as this one, therefore it unofficially gets a 1. In fact, you can't even describe this movie as being bad. It would have to improve by about 800% just to become bad. At no point is this movie even close to being watchable. When I saw this movie, I had slept for 15 hours that day, and was all hyper due to being so well rested. However, it put me to sleep again in about 5 mins. The only reason I woke up was because of a loud farting sound, apparently caused by aliens crawling up people's butts. Then I stayed awake long enough to have the honor of seeing some kid pick up a dog turd. Afterwards, I forced myself back to sleep. Don't watch this movie....more info