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Netgear HDXB101 Powerline HD Ethernet Kit
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Product Description

NETGEAR's Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter for high quality video and gaming is an ideal solution for connecting a PC, DVR, X-Box 360, PS3, or other game console to the home network. Simply plug one HDX101 into an AC outlet near your router and the other HDX101 near the device you wish to network.Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) ensures high quality, consistent performance for things like real-time HD video and audio streaming for a digital media adapter (DMA) like the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer (EVA700) or for Internet gaming and VoIP calls. With data rates up to 200 Mbps large file transfers to networked storage devices like NETGEAR's Storage Central (SC101) can be up to 12 times faster than previous Powerline networking products, all with encrypted security.

The NETGEAR HDXB101 Powerline HD Network Kit offers:
  • Two HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapters to create a network out of the box.
  • 200 Mbps bandwidth for high-quality video streaming.
  • Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) for optimal gaming performance, and uninterrupted VoIP calls.
The NETGEAR HDXB101 Powerline HD Network Kit turns any electrical power outlet into a network connection. This kit comes equipped with two HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapters. If you're looking for a fast, easy way to provide Ethernet connectivity to just about any device in your home, then this handy adapter is an excellent solution. The HDXB101 gives you the bandwidth you need for high-quality video streaming, gaming, and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), without the headaches of running expensive Ethernet cables all over your home.

Creating network connections is as easy as plugging these adapters into the wall. View larger.
With simple plug-and-play installation, this device turns any electrical outlet into a network connection. This compact, handy device delivers up to 200 Mbps to any outlet, and with no software required, you'll be ready to network your home right out of the box.

This is an ideal solution for connecting PCs, game consoles, digital media adapters such as NETGEAR's EVA8000 to your home network. Here's how it works: plug one HDX101 into your router and a nearby electrical socket, then plug the second HDX101 into any electrical socket that is conveniently located near the device you want to network. Each HDX101 has a built-in Quality of Service (QoS) that enables smooth streaming, awesome gaming performance, and uninterrupted VoIP telephone calls. The bottom line is, you get a powerful, seamless home network that runs on your existing wiring.

The Powerline HD Network Kit makes it a breeze to transfer large files to a network storage device, such as the NETGEAR Storage Central Turbo SC101 or the ReadyNAS NV+ RND4250. It supports up to 16 HDX101 units on one home network; and it easily coexists with a host of NETGEAR's HomePlug compatible products. Additional HDX101 units are available and can be purchased separately.

System requirements include a device for connection, e.g. an available RJ-45 Ethernet port, and Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 2000 to modify encryption and settings. Microsoft Vista drivers are available at

Note: Although the HDXB101 may coexist with HomePlug 1.0 products, it is not compatible or interoperable with NETGEAR's XE104, XEPS103, XE103, XE102, or WGXB102 Powerline products.

In addition, this device can deliver up to 200 Mbps of throughput. The actual data throughput will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors, such as network traffic volume, building material and construction, and network overhead.

What's in the Box
Two NETGEAR HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter, Ethernet cable, installation guide, setup CD, warranty card, and support and information card.

  • Delivers up to 200 Mbps* to any power outlet
  • Uses existing electrical wiring
  • Built-in Quality of Service for video streaming, gaming and VoIP
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Configurable Quality of Service for advanced users

Customer Reviews:

  • HD powerline adapters work ok

    I've been using these adapters now for about 4 months. The file server is in the basement and the media center is on the ground floor on the other side of the building. It's a rental and a brownstone, so there's no getting 'creative' with laying down cat6. My router is only 100mbit, so i've never expected to get the advertised amount. I just needed enough to stream video/audio. i've not tried HD content because the media device is not up to that task, but I've rarely had problems stemming from the adapters. About 3 times I've had to 'restart' the two adapters in 4 months, but it's possible those were more to do with corrupt content. Either way, unless you have substandard or incorrectly-installed wiring in your house, I think these have been useful so long as you don't expect to run multiple video streams and online gaming instances at the same time.

    ...more info
  • Great Little device!
    Can't be an easier internet solution for high speed internet around your home. Plug it in and you are online anywhere in your home....more info
  • Great if you have no other solution to a problem...
    I wanted to bridge two apartments on opposite sides and different floors of a building for the purpose of internet access, telephone extension over voip, and live tv streaming via xp mediacenter. There were too many walls and floors for wireless to even dream of working (tested with 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, and 900MHz phones and only the 900MHz signals got through). I couldn't run cat5 so all my bets were on this technology working.

    And they work. The two apartments are on different meters in the basement and it still works. For the best performance, I put each adapter on its own circuit in each apartment (just use the air conditioning outlets) to minimize interference from other local electrical devices. It may also help to use surge-protectors on everything else. I did have to lower the bitrate of my TV recordings to hide the delays that occasionally occur, but I may try bumping it back up since newer firmwares and other settings tweaks seem to have improved things (see the netgear forums).

    HomeplugAV came out way too late for me to try, but I hear that it's performance is close if not slightly less. I think HomeplugAV does not network bridge to their older standards much like Netgear's DS2-based technology, so no benefits there.

    Granted, the highest speed the Netgear utility gave me for the connection is 25Mbps, which is probably much lower if I actually measured it, but it gives me a solution that no other technology can. 802.11n runs on 2.4Ghz as well so I doubt that will do anything for me with all these walls and floors. If you're looking at these to drastically improve your existing connection speed, then you may be disappointed. But if you're deciding between no connection and a connection, then you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Update: as of 4/2007, there has been two firmware/software updates, so Netgear is still providing support, with the latest adding vista compatibility. I have no experience contacting Netgear for support, but I always have low expectations of that from most companies....more info
  • Forewarned and Still Disappointed
    Going in I knew this device would have issues, I needed to run network to my second floor and was not ready for wireless nor ripping old dry wall apart to drop new Ethernet.

    I anticipated getting at least 10Mbps from a device that advertizes 200MBps. I used the internal tool to check bandwidth and found a location on my second floor that provided approx 40Mbps. Ideal!

    However in use I experienced patchy performance, even though the internal diagnostic tool consistently reported 40Mbps. Using some third party IP test tools I found that while I did get instantaneous 40Mbps, that under regular load the speed dropped dramatically, to the point of connections being dropped all together. I guess there is a huge difference between speed and bandwidth.

    The devices have been disconnected and I ran Ethernet instead.

    These devices are definitely not ready for primetime.
    ...more info
  • Very easy + one easy tip to make it even better
    These are very easy to setup and are a really great (though expensive) solution if you have wireless and you need better transfer rates for your machines. One thing that we noticed though was the transfer speeds still weren't that great. After some playing, a friend we stick a switch between the router (linksys) and the powerline ethernet adapter, and that did it - transfer speeds went through the roof (at the advertised speeds). I guess it makes sense that the router would probably have a hard time doing both routing and being a switch, but it was still a bit surprising.

    Bottom line, if you need fast transfer speeds and you are using a router that shares a processor for doing routing and switching (I think all "home network" routers will), I recommend buying a cheap switch (got mine for $10) and inserting that between the router and the "main" powerline adapter and you'll be pleased.

    All that said, these devices are mega awesome.
    ...more info
  • Powerline HD works right out of the box
    I had been using wireless to connect my media servrer to my media player but streamning video and other highband files was too much of a strain on the network. There was no simple way to get an Ethernet connection so I chose to try Powerline. There was nothing to configure to make it work just plug in the units and everything came uo without any problems. The bandwidth seems to be fine and I have not had any problems....more info
  • Poor Performance
    While this product did provide connectivity, its performance was quite bad where I needed the connectivity -- the other side of the house. If plugged into the same room, it was pretty good... but I was solving for a remote location in the house that does not get great wireless signal. It did cross across circuits but I think there's quite a bit of signal depredation when that happens. I returned the product to Amazon for a refund....more info
  • Works, but a little overrated
    The modules I bought worked just fine right out of the box, but they are pretty fussy about the power line environment. I don't have a big house but the wiring is 25 years old, and some of the wall plugs are the same age.

    These modules needed new wall plugs installed before they could reach their best performance, which never measured up to anything approaching their advertised limits of 100 Mb/s in either direction. The best I ever saw was about a quarter to a third of that, and in the location I needed these, only 10M finally. So, if you think you will get wired-Ethernet speeds out of these things, think again.

    That said, they were a much better and more stable solution than the WiFi G link they replaced. The eventual maximum speed, while way lower than the ads, was still higher than what my cable modem provides, which covers most of the uses I can think of for these. Running HDTV from the computer to the basement entertainment system is still out of reach, though. Maybe if I installed new wiring, but then again that's the whole point of powerline modules - you have already decided not to do that.

    If you think of buying these, I think they are worth considering, but keep in mind that the 200M speed is for duplex operation, and it is really only achievable under lab conditions. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

    They lose a second star for being a tad on the expensive side.
    ...more info
  • ethernet over power?
    this is an easy to use networking device. anyone can do it. just plug it in. ...more info
  • Made in China / Customer Service in India
    Considering Netgear products? DON'T! Does not perform as advertised and most importantly the customer service is in India. Cannot communicate and they will not transfer you to an American customer service department.
    Buy from a company with American customer support or you will be sorry!!...more info
  • Just doesn't work - get the AV modules instead!
    The Powerline HD modules never really worked well. Occasionally we would get a couple of hours of reasonable bandwidth out of them, but generally they just barely squeezed out a connection between them, and our house isn't large. I was considering rewiring the walls for Cat5e cable, but instead I gave the Powerline AV modules a try. Way, way better! Don't waste money on the HD version, buy the AV type because I think you will be much happier. The Powerline AV modules are standards compliant and apparently more sophisticated than the HD type, based on the night-and-day bandwidth difference. Now I get 45Mbit (one test) where with the HD type I got 4, and not even consistently....more info
  • Easy solution for difficult networking situations
    I can't praise this product enough: It is literally a 5-minute job to install it. Just plug in the two HDXB101's, connect the Ethernet cables and then it works. I have a bedroom with wireless issues that have been a pain for years. I've gone through several wireless units: none of which worked reliably. Now the problem is solved. Sure, the HDXB101 is expensive, but what is cost of multiple failed solutions or arguing with your wife about drilling holes between floors for cable runs?...more info
  • Flawless video and music streaming!
    Here is my setup:
    Vista Ultimate Media Center extended to Xbox360. The wireless adapter for the 360 is just too slow and I don't have an ethernet port near the 360 so I looked for other options. 1 HDX is plugged into the wall in my office (straight into switch), another in the wall behind the 360 (ethernet direct to the xbox). Via the 360 I stream wma/wmv, mp3, and even avi with the 360 transcoder loaded in Vista. EXCELLENT performance once the bits are output through the A/V system. Movies/TV streams a strong and uninterrupted, music plays with no interruptions and online gaming on xbox live is exceptional. VERY glad I bought this kit despite the price.
    The only con I have is that these adapters tend to run pretty hot to the touch, not a detriment just an observation....more info
  • It works
    My wireless router wasn't working in my downstairs, even though it was only 1 flight up. I bought a pair of these, they work, a little slower, but they work....more info
  • Works well
    I have a D-Link DSM 320 media player. For over a year I have been trying to use it wirelessly. It never worked consistently. I purchased the HDXB101 about a month ago and it has been working great since. Uninterupted video streaming with no dropped connections.
    Although I have not seen a transmission speed above 80 mbs (200 is advertised), it does what I need it to.
    ...more info
  • Get Connected
    I am no technical wizard. There's nothing I hate more than a piece of technology that comes out the box that you need to configure and spend a lot of time setting up before it works. I always end up doing *something* wrong. I had no such problem with the Netgear HDXB101 Powerline HD Ethernet Kit. There was no set-up required at all. Just plug it in!

    Man, I can't say how happy I am. I have two 60GB PlayStation 3's in my house. One is about 10 feet from my Netgear Wireless Router, which wirelessly connects with 100% signal strength. My second PS3 is on the same level of the house, but through some walls and around some corners...apx 60 feet from the router, so I only get about 10% signal strength at best; hence, my wireless connection to my second PS3 fails regularly.

    Therefore, I could never go online with the PS3 that was far from the router, and when the second PS3 needed a System Update, I'd have to go through the inconvenient process of disconnecting my modem from the router and setting it up near the second PS3 to do the download.

    Not anymore! I unboxed the Netgear HDXB101 Kit today at 10:00 a.m. At 10:10 a.m. (yes...the same day!) my second PS3 was online. Talk about plug and play!

    The Kit comes with two HDXB101 Adapters and two Ethernet cables. Plug one HDXB101 in near your router, then connect the router and the HDXB101 with one of the Ethernet Cables. Then plug the other HDXB101 in near your PS3 (or whatever it is you're trying to get connected) and use the other Ethernet cable to connect the HDXB101 to your PS3. If the Power light is green on both HDXB101s, the blue connectivity light is lit on both and the data light is blinking're connected!

    I was shocked (no pun intended) that this process went so effortlessly. Especially when the electrical outlet near my router and the electrical outlet near my second PS3 are on two separate circuit breaker boxes! And amazingly, the speed of downloading is way faster than my wireless connection on my first PS3 that's connected wirelessly.

    The only thing that I don't like about the HDXB101 is that it doesn't want you to use it with a surge protector, and nowhere on the box or instructions does it say that it's guaranteed to prevent a surge to your devices. So for now I'll be disconnecting it when I'm not using it.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that I live in a house; if you live in an apartment, using the HDXB101 without configuring the security might provide your Internet Connection to the rest of your building for all I know. Heck, now that I think of it, maybe now I'm providing Internet to my whole neighborhood???

    The HDXB101 comes with a CD that'll help you get through any custom configuring that you might need to do (and Netgear Customer Service is one of the best that I've ever had to call...I called them about 6 months ago to try to get my router wireless connected to my second PS3).

    So while surge protection and security remain unsolved by this user, I'd say that I'm a lot more happy than I am worried that someone might try to borrow a little bandwith or that I'll get struck by lightening.

    Connect this item to your cart is my recommendation.
    ...more info
  • Not so good.....
    but one cannot expect much from any powerline ethernet product. The stability is poor at best and your home circuits optimally configured for a decent connection. It works but I found greater success with buffalo's wireless products....more info
  • Good performance, not a great price, runs hot
    This product solved my wireless signal problem and gets better throughput than a strong 802.11g connection. I get somewhere around 15Mbps in practical situations. As another reviewer commented, these units do run very hot, but the heat doesn't transfer to the wall noticeably.

    A reviewer commented about the supposedly superior Homeplug AV products. Fact is that the Homeplug folks horsed around for years on this standard, even though market demand was high. So Netgear and others, including D-Link now, have gone with a different solution. Haven't heard if the Netgear and D-Link are interoperable, but they do use the same chipset.

    I'd recommend this product for anyone with a difficult wireless situation. The price seems high, but actually was much cheaper than the few Homeplug AV products that were available at the time I bought these.
    ...more info
  • Netgear HDXB101
    I purchased this because I wanted to set up internet access to a computer in my basement. My DSL router was on the second floor of my house and wireless didn't work well at all. I did not want to cut through walls to run patch cables so this was the next best option. I was sceptical at first but the HDXB101 worked like a charm and to my surprise was much faster than I expected. I am very satisfied with this product. Keep in mind that this works better if you have newer wiring in your home. ...more info
  • Best home networking product I've ever purchased
    I purchased this hoping to address an issue with my Linksys-N router not having enough range to cover the distance to my PS3. I upgraded from an older router hoping the N router's claim of better signal coverage would make a difference. I tried range extenders with no luck. Just lots of frustration.

    I was about to run ethernet across my home when I tried this product. I expected to have to spend hours getting it to work, just like all the other network products I've purchased.

    It was amazing. I just plugged in the adaptors (one to the router and the other to the PS3) and it worked. No config issues, no rebooting of anything, it just worked.

    Best home networking product I've ever purchased....more info
  • The age of your home wiring will impact Netgear's Powerline
    Products using your home's wiring have been under development for several years. Netgear's Powerline HD Ethernet Kit is one of the products that has undergone a few revisions. The net-net of using Powerline devices boils down to the age of your home's wiring and the use of other adaptors within the home. My house was constructed in 1970. The wiring has been updated twice - There are three electrical panels providing more available power than I can use. This is good for the power consumer, but it is a non-starter for Powerline devices. Powerline devices work best when there is a single electrical panel. I love the concept, but returned to Netgear HD Powerline devices because they were not effective in my current situation....more info
  • Device is promising, but technology isn't ready
    I was really excited to give this technology a try, as I wanted to get Ethernet from the basement up to the second floor of my house.

    My home is less than 15 years old, and I wasn't able to get a network connection going from one side of my basement to the other. I found that even having a halogen lamp on the same circuit affected throughput -- turning the lamp off increased the reliability to some degree.

    Unfortunately, since I wish to stream media the last thing I can endure is a network connection with spotty results.

    It's too bad really, I would try this again in the future if there was any improvement - it's a shame that existing powerlines cannot be used....more info
  • Wonderful product
    This product is invisible in the best sense of that word. I set it up in less than 5 minutes and never thought about it again. It delivers very high broad band speed to my home office (much higher speed than wifi and much better security). I use it to run a vonage phone line, a separate vonage fax line, and a router. Highly recommended....more info
  • Whole House Networking Without All The Cables
    I've been looking for a way to avoid running network cabling around my entire home. I tried the wireless route, and did not find the technology quite there yet for VoIP, Online Gaming and HD Streaming. When I stumbled upon the new PowerLine HD products. While this technology has been around for a while, this was the first time it looked mature enough to be "acceptable" in my network. After a little research I settled on the NetGear HDX101's.

    This product has performed marvelously. I am using them to bridge various local LANs (PC/Gaming, 360/Entertainment Center)I have in my home to the broadband router. At each HDX101 I am getting at least 100Mbs tx and rx. I then use a switch for each local network to connect all of the networked devices at that location. VoIP, online gaming and normal web surfing all going on at the same time worked great. Streaming media to the 360 from the PC, flawless.

    I heartily recommend this product to anyone who wants a fast network and doesn't want to bother running cable through the house.
    ...more info
  • Works great for me. Highly recommended
    I'm using these for connecting my XBOX360 in a room where my wireless signal was too weak. Even using a brand new 802.11n router, I could not get a reliable connection there.

    These netgear adapters really solved my problem. The connection between my XBOX360 and my Media Center PC at the other side of my home is perfect. I can even use the XBOX to watch TV shows that I have recorded in the Media Center PC.

    The netgear utility reports 175 Mbps, but my tests with "iperf" report between 80 and 90 Mbps of real throughput (much better than with older powerline adapters, that never got more than 3-4 Mbps).

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Works Great
    I bought these to get network access to a couple of PC's that were on the second floor of my home. Wireless just couldn't get enough signal there due to walls etc.

    Installation was fast and easy. The through put is over 100mbs with very negligible latency. ( every network has some latency )

    I see others who say that they have had issues with this product, but I can assure you that the issue is not with the product, it is with the user trying to utilize them.

    I'm a Network Security Professional with over 25 years experience and I also fully understand electrical circuitry and design. The number #1 thing you must do BEFORE you purchase these devices is to perform a complete site survey and evaluation. You need to understand the difference between a "Main Circuit" and a "Branch Circuit" as these devices rely upon the circuit as the transmission path. You must also understand 'phase' as these devices must often cross from one phase to the other in order to complete the transmission of data. For the common household user, these devices may present challenges to install and get working properly. In some homes the use of a 'phase coupler' may be required.

    Over all I am very pleased with the product and its abilities, and would recommend it for use when used in an appropriate scenario.

    ...more info
  • It works, but not nearly as good as described.
    I just received this kit and it is extremely easy to set up. These definitely work better than my old wireless-b adapter (no surprise there);however, the performance is nowhere near as great as netgear advertised. while it is supposed to reach speeds close to 200mb/s, it only reached a MAX of 6Mb/s in my home. The average speed was around 3.4Mb/s. I'm going to keep them because I got such a good deal, and The speed I get from these is enough bandwidth to take full advantage of my 3mb/s broadband connection. I suggest netgear slash the retail price on these dramatically because 200mb/s is more than an exaggeration. This unit should be priced at a max of $50 but should really be about $30. A price tag of $127 is ridiculous.

    I managed to get a peek speed of a little over 16mb/s. Oddly enough, the room in which I was able to attain such speeds is well over twice the distance from the room I originally conducted the test, and I'm sure they're circuit breakers in the way. I wasn't even able to attain that kind of performance even when I tested the devices in the same room. Very odd indeed. ...more info