2CG920IR - 1/3 Sony CCD High Resolution NIGHT VISION IR Surveillance Camera w/ 6.0 mm Lens
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Product Description

MyStore4u proudly carries High Quality CCSG, Corp. Surveillance Cameras, DVR's, and other CCTV Equipment! All cameras are BRAND NEW & CE & FCC approved products!! Retails for 189.99! ** Power Adapter sold separately. **

  • Genuine PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CCSG, Corp. Day / Night, Weather-Proof / Water-Proof Camera.
  • 18-24 Infrared LED, IR Range: 20M (60 FT), High Resolution: 420 TV Lines!
  • 0 Lux (IR on) night vision camera for NO light conditions.
  • Built in ORIGINAL 1/3 Sony CCD, Sony DSP!!
  • **3 YEAR Manufacturer Warranty for items purchased through MyStore4u** - Please Contact support@ccsgcorp.com for Tech Support Issues
Customer Reviews:
    these cameras are great. EXCELLENT customer service. EXCELLENT night vision. i could not believe how clear and how far you can see at night.
    i bought 2 of these cameras. 1 didnt work though but CCSG was considerate enough to replace it. and this was after i cut the power cable..

    i didnt like how it took 8 days top get the cameras. im so used to 2-3 day shipping. hehe but its great. MS4U and CCSG are great companies and today im going to buy 2 more cameras and it is gonna be through them since they gave me excellent service. i think my nexty 2 cameras will have a 4.0mm lens or smaller. this 6.0mm lens means i have to place my cameras further from the target so i can get a wider view.

    i RECCOMEND this camera to anybody out there that wants a high quality camera for day and night and doesent want to pay over $100....more info