RoadWired Skooba Skin 1617 (Large)
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RoadWired Skooba Skin 1617 (Large)

  • Same as above but holds mediumsized laptops from 16 to 17
  • Screen size (Max. laptop size: 11.75 H x 2 D x 16.25 L)
Customer Reviews:
  • Larger Laptops Rejoice!
    RoadWired Skooba Skin 1617 Convertible 17" Notebook Sleeve / Tote - Metallic Silver
    I purchased this as a present for my daughter, who is often on the go with her 17" notebook. It is stylish, lightly padded and has ample space. The convertable handle is great for anyone who wants added security when packing around a larger laptop....more info
  • A great laptop case!
    This is a beautiful case for a laptop. I'm very pleased with it, and the service was outstanding. I had the case two days after I placed my order. The blue color is very appealing and it's nicely lined in a darker blue. I wanted something to carry just my laptop and power adapter, and this does the job. My laptop is a bit smaller than the case, so I have room for the adapter and can also carry cd's/dvd's inside the bag. I like the velcro closure, and the handle design is very useful. I would recommend this case to anyone looking for an attractive, functional way to transport a laptop....more info
  • very cool design
    It's harder to find an affordable laptop case for a 17" laptop than 15"...since I had an existing bag with a strap, I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ buying a new bag JUST for a laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 and it fits well. The beauty of this case is that it works as a sleeve as well as a tote. I have used this both on its own with the handles and inserting it into a bag I already owned. And it's really cool how the one handle slides in and the other flaps over and velcros to the other side if you want to use it as a covered sleeve instead of a tote. Please note that when you use it as a tote, the tops of the handles velcro together, leaving a little open space between the top of the laptop and the handles area, but although there's room to rest the power adapter on top of the laptop, there's nothing to secure it, so it would easily slide out the side. So as a tote, it really only fits the laptop....more info