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D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
List Price: $218.99

Our Price: $157.97

You Save: $61.02 (28%)


Product Description

The D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure, when used with internal SATA drives enables you to share documents, files, and digital media such as music, photos, and video with everyone on the home or office network. Remotely accessing files through the Internet is also possible with the built-in FTP server. Whether you are allowing access locally or over the Internet, keep data safe by only giving rights to specific users or groups. When configuring the DNS-323, you can create users and groups and assign them to folders with either read or write permissions. This is ideal for an office environment with employee-specific sensitive data or for the home where you can ensure your children will only have access to age appropriate material. LEDs - Power, LAN, HDD 1 and HDD 2 System Requirements - 1GHz Processor, 512MB Memory, 200MB Hard Disk Space, Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4, CD-ROM Drive to view Product Documentation and Install Software Dimensions - Width 4.1 x Depth 7.8 x Height 5.2 inch Weight - 2.7 pounds

  • Secure and share your digital files
  • Insert one or two internal 3.5 SATA hard drives without tools or cables
  • Protect your important files with mirrored hard drives using RAID 1 technology
  • Access stored files over the Internet
  • Hard drives not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Serves its purpose
    The network attached storage (NAS) does all that it asked of it, only a bit slower.

    There are those who have reviewed the item and claim that it does not work OS X, but this is not true. The trick is to make sure your network settings are configured to match the same workgroup that the NAS is configured to. At the moment I am running the newest version of OS X (10.5.4) and it sees, recognizes, and easily read-writes to the drives in the NAS.

    My only gripe about the device is its latency issues. I was putting quite a bit of strain on its networking capacity by using it as the primary repository for an fairly large iTunes library (approaching 200GB). However, with the constant updating, downloading, and playback of both video and audio, iTunes would choke. I am forced into looking back at configuring a dedicated computer with a bit more horsepower to run my iTunes storage/server again. I was really hoping that the power footprint would be an attractive feature of the device, but the networking demands were just too much of a drawback to use it to it's fullest potential.

    The built-in iTunes server software limits the hands-on data control I need, so it has been left unused.

    I'll wind up using this only as backup. All my machines will be able to access the data if necessary. The hardware built in is just not as robust as I was hoping....more info
  • Use with Windows XP, and save yourself a headache..
    Ok, I bought this thing expecting it would be very easy to use and very easy to set up as a file server. This is true, to an extent.
    The first time I got it and hooked it up, it asked me to format my 2 500gb hard drives, and I chose to do it in raid 1, so I would always have a backup. I tried everything I could, but neither the firmware update, or the format went the way it was supposed to. The format would get stuck at 94%, and would never finish. I tried multiple things, even advice from some forums I found googling, but to no avail.
    Then, I tried it on Windows XP, instead of Vista.
    Everything went off without a hitch, and I was up and running within 30 min.
    So, when you buy this product, make sure you set it up through Windows XP, unless you enjoy frustration :)...more info
  • Customer non-support
    Looked like the perfect NAS solution, and the instructions were simple - until I tried to install t. The software did not recognize my drives, at all.

    Tried to call D-Link support, but hours on-hold is not practical. Three emails to tech support went unanswered.

    I will never buy a D-Link product again....more info
  • It's actually not bad but dlink tech support is AWFUL!
    So actually I think this unit offers a lot of bang for the buck. I have used it for nearly a year now and I haven't had any real issues with it. I do wish the SAMBA server wasn't quite so hobbled, and the way you assign access restrictions can be cumbersome, but it does work. The main reason for my review is to alert anyone who may care about it that dlink's technical support is certainly the worst I've experienced so far.

    I've dealt w/them twice. Both times they were essentially useless. Most recently it was to deal with broken downloads from their support site. I won't go into all the details but here's an example of their "customer service": I emailed dlink to say that I was having trouble downloading the newest firmware image. Their reply was basically, "...why do you want that, if you're not having a problem then you don't need it." It just got worse from there.

    So, my $0.02 is that you are probably better off not buying anything from dlink - I'm not....more info
  • Great NAS, but Vista user watch out....
    Purchased this NAS about 3 weeks ago and it works exactly as advertised with two terabyte drives. Bit torrent software in the current build is particularly useful. Unit is whisper quite, but has big blue lights that I wish you could dim. Biggest issue may not be Dlink's fault, but Windows Vista's. My primary computer is a Vista laptop which does not want to log on to the mapped drives from sleep or remember passwords. My XP machines work like a dream in this respect. Units other limitation, so I've heard, it won't turn on automatically after a power outage. In all it was just what I needed. ...more info
  • Great NAS: I will list here the problems and the easy solution
    System: 1 XP laptop, 1 XP desktop and 1 Vista laptop
    DNS-323: is set up with 2 "1TB SEAGATE Barracuda 7200.11"
    Router: Dlink N DIR-655
    Speed from testing: 8MB/sec: ~125sec for 1GB
    Streaming seems to be good when I watch a movie with fast forwards and rewinds.

    Installation and connect steps:
    1) drive install was very easy. Just snap drives into the 2 slots.
    2) plug in power cord
    3) plug in network cable
    4) press the start button in the front.
    5) install the app or like me, download the latest app and install.
    6) run the app on the machine and click on refresh. The NAS will show up
    7) click on config button and it will launch a browser window to NAS
    8) it will as how you want to set up drive
    9) I set my NAS up as individual drives.
    10) it will try to format. (94% error, please see below on how to fix)
    11) once its formatted, restart NAS and you are ready to go
    12) you can access it by mapping a a drive, or use \\[IP_OF_NAS\Volume_1
    where Volume_1 is your 1st drive and Volume_2 is your 2nd drive
    13) set up network access by users if you want (user name problem and solution, please see below) (Note: you can not change the names "Volume_1")

    Issues and fixes:
    1) the 94% stuck in formatting issue. I try to reboot and with multiple tries, it was still stuck at 94%. The fix is to take out the one drive that was formatted and just leave the non-formatted in. Restart the NAS and go through with the formatting. This should work since DNS323 will think its a new set of drives. If this dont work, move the dive to the other slot and do it again. Once you are done... UPDATE the firmware ASAP.

    2) A lot of people had problems with user name being locked to your windows user when connecting to DNS323. So, you can't switch the user name. This can be easily resolve by creating groups. Create a group assign 2 or more users to the group. Then assign the group to the drive access. NOW, YOU MUST LOG OFF windows, or reboot windows. The next time you login and map to the NAS, you will see that the userID field is blank.

    3) Heat. I notice that the drive gets a big warm on by touching the NAS casing. The easy fix is to get a 5$ USB fan, I plug this to the usb port to the back and aim the fan TOP down, blowing wind from the top down to the NAS. This kept it cool.

    Its a good NAS so far. Will update after a few more weeks.

    ...more info
  • Network Storage
    Whisper quiet network storage device. Raid 1 works great. Very comforting to have it in the background. Whisper quiet....more info
  • Everything I need, plus a few small bugs...
    D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure

    I bought this product as a power/space saving alternative to a Windows Home Server. My main purpose for a NAS was to function as an UPnP server for my PS3 and and Itunes server for my pc's. After reading lots of reviews for other NAS enclosures this was the clear winner.

    Pros: The DNS-323 went from shipping container to fully functioning NAS in about 15 minutes including formatting and partitioning two 400GB drives, and FTP, UPnP, and Itunes servers! It also features 10/100/1000 network connection, USB port for print server or external storage, DHCP server, and many other options. Plus it also runs on a linux kernal and is extremely customizable because of that. Works easily as a media server (UPnP) PS3

    The configuration webpage has a tendancy to lock up in firmware v1.05, causing me to have to do a factory reset in order to access the NAS again! Later I found that as long as I DID NOT configure the Itunes server as the last option it worked fine....more info
  • Cheap NAS, works well
    Physically, the box is nice and small and is a perfect stand for my cable modem.
    Installation was painlessly easy. Just inserted a 750gb drive and off it went.
    You definitely want to upload the latest firmware from DLink to get the most functionality.
    The only other thing I'd recommend would be to get a gigabit router. Copying big files over 100baseT is awfully slow, compared to what the box can do at 1kBaseT. If you think the transfer is slow compared to your other external harddrives, upgrade to gigabit.

    As for functionality, it's awesome. We now keep our digital pictures there, so that anyone can upload new digital photos from their cameras from their own computer. I no longer need to keep my main PC on to serve that purpose....more info
  • Excellent small office NAS
    I purchased the DNS-323 for our office to use as a central repository for commonly used files and to archive a number of files that we infrequently access. We also added a pair of Western Digital WD5000AAKS drives to configure as a RAID 1 mirror set. After the drives and enclosure arrived I followed the easy instructions to install the drives into the enclosure. I then powered the unit up and connected via my web browser. This whole process took less than a half-hour including unpacking the unit and drives, installing the drives, and reviewing the manual.

    The first thing I did was to update the firmware to the latest version. After restarting I went back into the configuration page. Setting up the drives as a RAID mirror set was very simple. The instructions were concise and accurate. If you are using drives you already own, be aware that any data you have on them will be destroyed when either the RAID 0 or 1 options are used (as specified in the manual). I created one volume for the files to go into since we don't need to set up different security levels for the people in our office. After that was done we moved about 200GB of files onto the NAS. This took most of the morning but we didn't have any problems whatsoever.

    Since I am familiar with Linux (which is the underlying operating system for this device) I opted to install the FunPlug option on the system before copying the files over. You do not have to be a computer wizard to do this since the FunPlug community has very easy to follow instructions to install these additional features on the system. Before setting up this enclosure you should investigate this wonderful add-on so you can decide whether it will help you by Googling "FunPlug" and reading the wiki for it. I think that the optimized network drivers in FunPlug made a difference in the time it took to move such a large volume of data to the NAS since my initial tests before installing this option indicated that we did achieve better throughput.

    I can recommend this product to anyone who needs a networkable storage device. Setup with basic functionality is simple and quick. If you would like to add additional features the FunPack community has great support and there are many add-ons for this device. Due to the short time we have had this unit I cannot comment on its durability or manufacturer support but comments from other users indicate that these will not be a problem. ...more info
  • Fantastic little Linux box
    I bought it to host shared media files on my home network. I didn't realize it was running Linux and would be so easy to hack into. It's quiet, fast, reliable (so far) and packed with cool features like Bit Torrent. Definitely worth the money. Be sure to download the latest firmware, and google "fonz fun plug" if you want to play with the Linux OS running on it....more info
  • Pretty good remote storage device
    I've had this unit for a couple months. I bought it to use as a large storage drive for media. I like that it is compact and very sleek-looking. The blue light on the front is a little bright for my taste. The fan is not whisper quiet, but you won't notice it unless you're sitting in complete silence. I've had trouble setting up iTunes & my photo software to keep the drive in recognition. It seems that about a day after I get them working they forget where all of the files are again. This could also be my D-Link router causing a dropped/time-out connection. There may be a simple solution to this, but I have not had time to explore possibilities yet. In conclusion, if you're busy like I am and don't have a lot of time to fiddle... This is a great back-up drive, but it is definitely not a plug-and-play remote hard drive extension....more info
  • Steer clear.
    Steer clear of this product. I purchased in December 2007 after careful consideration of options and features. Very long story short is as follows:

    1) Customer support stinks.
    2) Device does not stay connected to LAN.
    3) MS-Backup utility is prevented from setting archive bit (even after updating the unit) hence you cannot do incremental backups.

    This was the biggest waste of money, and even more precious, time!

    Steer clear. I stopped using this piece of junk! It cost me $180 for the unit and $85 for the drive for a grand total loss of $265. Thanks for nothing D-Link....more info
  • Best budget NAS for home use
    I have my unit with 2 X WD-500G RAID 1 setup for a month now and no any issue.

    -- Solid built
    -- very quiet (after upgrade firmware to 1.06,it shuts down the fan totally if temp is below 104F, great!)
    -- easy setup, I have XP, XP+SP2 and Vista, all work fine.
    -- great community (google DNS 323 wiki, check it before you buy!)
    -- speed is also OK. I don't have any other NAS to compare, but it's faster then my shared disk from my other PC.
    -- suggest to get a cheap APC UPS to protect the hardisk in case of power outage.

    So it's a great unit for the price. ( Amazon price is too high. I got it from local store for $140 CAD)
    ...more info
  • Best All-in-one NAS solution
    I have tried numerous NAS solutions, including a DIY NAS and the Simpletech NAS; conducted research at various websites including smallnetbuilder and tomshardware; and surveyed other NAS owners. In the end, I bought the DLINK-323 NAS and supplied it with two 320GB SATA hard drives. In one word...."WOW". It worked seamlessly and without any problems. Best of all, it is gigabit Ethernet ~ this makes a huge impact for file transfers and video streaming (assuming you have a gigabit Ethernet network - which I do). I would definitely recommend it. It is a little pricey considering that you don't get any storage space, but you pay for what you get and this is definitely worth the extra money if you want to do it right the first time. It is quiet, able to power-down the hard drives when not in use, and stays cool. ITunes server, ftp server, and a variety of other options work well. It is very user friendly and configurable. 5 stars!...more info
  • So far...So good
    I purchased this unit about a month ago from Amazon. The delivery was prompt and the unit arrived with no issues. I've purchased many things this year from Amazon and continue to be a loyal customer.

    I installed two 1Gb drives in this unit. My initial intent was to use it in a mirrored configuration but I ended up configuring it where it offers 2Tb of storage. I'm still 'playing' with this unit and still in the deciding mode as to what configuration I will ultimately settle with. I have a massive mp3 and photo collection that this device will for. I have a handful of 'ripped' DVD movies on this unit and experimented as well over wireless and wired network. I noticed no delays or any sort of issues (video or audio) while watching the movie.

    The unit itself was a breeze to setup. I had it up and running within minutes. It has a pretty small footprint, the picture makes this unit look bigger than it really it. I purchased 'green' hard drives so they spin down if there's no activity. The unit is fairly quiet and gets warm to touch after being on for a while.

    I currently have 7 pc's (5 using XP and 2 using Vista) around the house (4 desktops and 3 laptops) Each PC can access this unit with no issues. I have a 1Gigabit speed network so the throughput seems fast, at least for my use. I haven't tried accessing this unit simultaneously from two pc's (for example, streaming mp3's from on one PC and doing a photo slideshow on another pc) I'm hoping it won't be an issue but thats something I would rarely do anyways. The sole purpose of this unit for me is to have the music/photos available, not matter what PC I use. I'm currently configuring yet another desktop which will have the Red Hat Linux installed on it. It will be interesting to see if I can make this unit work with the linux installation.

    Prior to buying this unit, I had researched other similar devices. My decision was based on the positive reviews at other sites, the price of the unit, and the rebate that was available for it at the time when I purchased it. Overall, I'm very satisfied with its performance and recommend this to anyone who has similar needs as mine....more info
  • Greate DNS so far
    I likes this DNS so far, no problem are all with latest firmware update. Here are my pros/cons:
    + Bit torrent included
    + Expandable (you can customize the unit with third party apps)
    +Updates really fix issues and they are often
    + The hard drives are shut down when not in use. Great functionality (need to update to latest firmware version)
    + Works great with 2x1Gb drives
    + Price. You won't find anything so robust for the price.

    + A little slow with 1000 mb connection
    + Naming the drives. The drive names are hardcoded and cannot be renamed.
    +iTunes app shows weird characters on mp3s. Don't know why, but in windows they look fine
    + Not a con, but a limitation of using linux: An exact copy of files is not possible, because of the difference handling of files by the OS.
    ...more info
  • Data loss due to lack of support for non-latin character in file names
    I'm greatly disappointed with this device. I experienced a data loss caused by inability of the device to support non-latin characters in files and folders names. Non-latin characters are simply replaced by _ (underscores). And I am using the latest firmware revision available at the time (1.05).

    Searching different forums revealed that this is a known issue (known to the users but ignored by D-Link) caused by incorrect Samba configuration file inside the device. There's a workaround but it is associated with tweaking with the device to gain a telnet access to it and manually altering a samba config.

    That's definitely not something an ordinary user without any Linux experience is capable of reproducing. Not to mention the fact that the file names that have been screwed up have to be recovered manually. In other words I classify this as a data loss because I have to recover my files and folders names manually.

    Nothing about this bug is mentioned on the D-link Web site or their FAQ pages.

    That's a serious flaw not addressed by the manufacturer. Obviously the device has never been tested by the manufacturer with files and folders names containing non-latin characters. Poor attitude......more info
  • Very Good NAS
    Bought this NAS after doing quite a bit of research. Settled on this one because of price, and features I could use. The NAS is currently setup in Raid 1 mode, and I use my own backup software SyncBack which schedules all backups. Every computer in the house has access to the "Shared" drive, even some Windows 98 machines with no problems. Power save feature is a big plus on this device. The NAS sits in a corner behind my desk so I can't ever hear the thing running except when it is awaken from power save and the hard drives spin up. I use two Western Digital 500GB GP (Green Power) hard drives and is connected to a D-Link 8-port "Green Ethernet" Gigabit switch.
    So far this NAS has exceeded my expectations. Full DVD ripped movies play on network without lag, and file access is up to par with the internal Hard Drives on my PC as far as performance goes. I don't use the USB Printer Server because I have a standalone Linksys PrinterServer which works good as is.
    Had a few hickups after setup but not the NAS' fault. There was a conflict with static IP address on the router. After all was corrected it has worked like a charm. Still haven't tried the FTP or DDNS for remote access but setup of free DDNS account with D-Link was very easy.
    So far so good, highly recommend this product.
    UPDATE!(1-1-09): The 323 now has a built-in BitTorrent client with the latest firmware version. Set this baby to download, and you don't even need the PC running. This NAS just keeps getting better....more info
  • Worst Item ever purchased
    This product is, without a doubt, the worst Item I ever purchased.
    It often takes several minutes to change directories; it frequently reboots PC attached to the network; since this has been attached, the DHCP gives out duplicate IP addresses. Wait until someone designs and makes one that works. I'd rate it less than one star, if that were allowed!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    It's performance is fantastic if compared to others NAS, but it's a little bit noisy....more info
  • D-Link-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosre
    I purchased I am very happy with the D-Link NAS, it has done a great job of backing up my files and using the Raid 1 option I don't have to worry about losing any data as the drives are mirrored so if one fails the data is still on the other one. I have been using it for several months now....more info
  • Great product - works as expected
    I bought this unit and filled up with 2 x 1.5TB drives.
    With the latest firmware upgrade - this works like a charm. RAID 1.

    Will be back for more soon

    ...more info
  • Good, cheap, starter NAS - terrible web interface and config tools
    I have been looking around for an NAS for almost a year, and was put off by most of them being in the $300+ range. I have collected half a dozen 120-250 GB external drives over the years and got really fed up with plugging and unplugging them, so it was time to buy a network hard drive.

    Why I chose this product:

    Mainly because it had 2 empty drive bays. I have no shortage of spare drives lying around the house, and it didn't make much sense to pay for pre-installed hard drives like 2x500. I didn't want anything less than 1TB on a drive, and since I already had spare HDDs around, I could save a few $$. I stuck in a newly purchased 1TB in 1 slot, and a spare 250GB in the other.

    The price was right, and I was expecting a barebones file server only. What I got was pleasantly more. When this thing arrived, I was pleased to learn:

    1) how easy it was to set up: No tools are required at all... literally takes 30 seconds. Lift off face plate, stick in drives, push down locking levers on back, replace cover, plug in cables. Configuration is thru the web interface of the unit.

    2) was made of solid steel, so this thing dissipates heat better, and stand up to physical abuse. also has a fan. (but almost useless due to its weak rotation speed.. i may try to mod it w/ my own fan)

    3) most surprisingly: allows you to install your own software, like a telnet server and BitTorrent. firmware 1.05 comes with BT. Google "funplug" and you'll be able to telnet to it and open up the unit to modifications and hackery.

    4) bonus points for being eco-friendly. the unit is packed in an egg-carton type of recycled paper material instead of styrofoam.

    Being my first NAS, i didn't know what to expect. I was surprised to learn that this actually has Linux inside, but this may not be much of a surprise to others. If you know what you're doing, this feature is a huge plus. I somehow managed to install a telnet server on it by monkeying around, and if i knew more about Linux, I could configure this better.

    One major gripe is the terrible web control interface, which has two buttons on the login page: Configuration and Downloads. I don't know why Dlink branched this, and there's no way to get to the other section without logging out. I am going to try to edit the .asp files that control the configuration pages and merge the two buttons, as right now, it is extremely annoying.

    Configuration is self explanatory. Downloads is where you manage your BitTorrrent downloads, and scheduled downloads. You can tell it to download some enormous file from a client's server overnight, for example, or download multiple torrents. This is great because you don't need to have your computer on. The unit will do it for you. It uses a lot less electricity to run this rather than keep an entire computer on all day and night to download something. I am most impressed by this, as having multiple downloads running on the Dlink doesn't kill my router. It has its own internal routing. If i tried to download even a few torrents at the same time through my Netgear router, it bogs down the entire network and the resulting bottleneck makes the connection almost unusable (i've had similar problems with other routers in the past). The Dlink has no problem doing this, and I've consistently gotten 150-200K/s or even as high as 300 without affecting network performance (this speed is considered good for my area (urban setting with many residential cable customers)). If i did this through the Netgear, even 80k/s bottlenecks the connection, as it tries to manage all the incoming packets.

    Another gripe is that while most things can be configured via the web interface, some options NEED you to run a Windows program to configure.

    In summary, I bought this mostly to consolidate all my files and share movies and music in my home network, and stream things to my PS3 (and possibly XBOX360). Because the Dlink is not DLNA compliant out of the box, you'll get an error. I did some digging around and hacked the box to install Twonky Media Server. Now my PS3 can see the files. This isn't for the faint of heart though, as it requires some technical expertise and command line hackery.

    I'm on a small home network, with no need for elaborate security or robust user permissions, so for me, this is perfect for my needs. I download a lot and this having its own internal download manager is a big plus. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it strongly to people with needs like mine. if you are looking for a DLNA server right out of the box, you might consider the 1TB Linkstation Pro Duo Nas Gbe 2X 500GB Raid 0 1 Web Access
    ...more info
  • Amazing for What it's meant to do!
    This product works great as a NAS. The BitTorrent feature is really handy but doesn't give you as many options as a desktop BitTorrent client (like the ability to choose where it saves the file to) but it still works very well. The UPnP Media Server support is absolutely, utterly broken (at least this is the case with my Xbox 360).

    Other than that, this is a great product. It functions very well as a NAS back-up solution and a great way to host media on a home network (as long as you have another computer do the actual streaming)....more info
  • D-Link DNS-323
    This unit has finally met my needs for large file storage and RAID.

    After looking at the more costly solutions like Home Storage servers and FreeNas(costly?), I decided to take the direct approach.

    Added 2-1TB WD Greens, Mirrored-RAID(1) and haven't looked back.

    Very easy to setup and configure.

    ...more info
  • it's what I bargained for
    After reading the reviews I decided on the DNS-323 to replace my backup PC so my wife would have a PC to use. When I received it and the two drives I set it up and started copying data. It set up quick and easy with no surprises and in the six weeks we've had it, using it has been seamless. The thing my wife and daughter like best are that we can have the printer hooked up to it and not have to have two computers on to be able to print.

    I haven't intentionally tried hooking up the i-tunes server, but I needed to rebuild my computer after I hooked it up and it provided a nice repository for my data and when I loaded i-tunes, it found everything that was on the DNS-323 on its own.
    ...more info
  • D-Link DNS-323 Easy to use, reliable, but kinda slow
    I installed the D-Link DNS-323 NAS a week ago and have moved about 200GB of data onto it by now. It has been completely reliable. It was easy to install and setup. The Group/User setup is not very flexible because a user can only be part of one group, I think. But setting up shares and defining the network security setup is great and works fine. The printer server works with no setup at all, very convenient. Copying data onto the NAS is kinda slow compared to copying from PC to PC on a gigabit LAN but all-in-all it does what it is advertised to do very well. The memeo auto backup software works very well too. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and think the product is a great deal for the money....more info
  • Overall a great product
    Overall this product is great, I replaced a Netgear SC-101 that I had for several years, and was immediately impressed. The old Netgear had problems with the mirrors become un-synced, the only fix was to copy everything off the box, reformat everything and copy it all back. This was especially a pain given the dog slow interface of the Netgear product. This box on the other hand is lightning fast!!! I had some initial problems setting the box up on the 1.03 firmware it came with; however after obtaining the latest firmware, setup went smooth as silk. I highly recommend before you do anything to the box, get and install the latest firmware. I have really hammered this box, doing things I know would have muddled the mirrors on the Netgear product and this D-Link never missed a beat. The many features are incredible, an iTunes server, UPnP server, FTP server and more. While I did not buy the box for any of these features, I did setup the UPnP server and it works as advertised. Be advised though that it does not provide any transcoding capabilities. Having said all that, I am very impressed and happy with the purchase. I have since found that the box runs on a Linux platform, and there are devoted sites on the net that provide tips on improving capabilities and adding new features that I will be pursuing at some point. Thanks D-Link, a great product at a more than reasonable price....more info
  • Great Network Drive - very reliable
    I have had my DNS-323 up and running for well over a year. I have two 500 GB drives in it but I wish I had two 1 TB drives in it :)

    When I started using this drive I had 4 PCs on my network. I had no problems with XP or Vista. I was able to map the drives and everything worked wonderfully. On one of the drives I used GoodSync to keep all of my computers in sync and loved it. On the other drive I put all of my movies, tv shows, and music. I connected this to my DSM-520 media lounge and was able to access everything on the other side of the house.

    In February of this year I began my migration to Mac (yeah!!!). I connected my mac book pro to the network and boom... there were all my files. Eventually I did start to have problems with the drive sometimes not showing up immediately but then I realized that I could Command K and add the drive by typing smb:// (it took me all of 10 minutes googling for the solution).

    I have had zilch, zero, nada in form of problems. I now have both drives full of media and use it to serve the media up on my network.

    I really like having the USB print server built in. I had no problems configuring that in xp, vista, or OS X 10.5. On the Mac you have to add it in but the entire setup took less than 2 minutes after googling the problem.

    I would absolutely recommend this product. I am looking to pick up another one.

    I started out by adding only one 500 GB drive and then I added another one later. It was no problem and painless.

    All of the admin tasks are done by typing the drive ip address into your web browser. I never bothered using the disk that came with the driver. I am sure it is good but I never needed it....more info
  • Good device once you update to 1.05 firmware
    I have had this device for over a year now. At first, I really disliked this device. It shipped with the 1.03 firmware and was very buggy. Now, with the 1.05 it appears to be very stable and the built in bit torrent client works great. It is very simple to use and very fast.

    I think this device is worth it for the low price once you get the 1.05 firmware on the device.

    One complaint is I did have it die on me and had to get a replacement sent and I had to pay for the outbound shipping. This may be normal, but in my opinion if something is in warranty, I don't feel I should have to shell out any money to have it fixed/replaced. ...more info
  • Good hardware, maddeningly unpolished software/admin tools
    Bottom line: gets the job done (although not very gracefully) for a decent price.

    Great hardware, smaller than I expected. Physical installation nearly idiot-proof. Quiet. Relatively low-waste packaging. Probably the best value for a multi-bay NAS right now, all things considered.

    BUT the admin tools are very version-1. Critical and basic oversights include inability to rename the shared disk (you're stuck with "Volume_1" like it or not) or configure email alerts for modern mail servers (no way to specify SSL or non-standard SMTP port, required by most spam-conscious ISPs). A host of other small but annoying head-slappers like that take a big bite out of the otherwise positive impression I have of this unit.

    Clunky user interface reminds me of the early days of small routers before they hit the consumer mainstream and companies realized they had to hire someone to make things look right and work for average folks. Since more and more 'average' folks are indeed looking at NAS products, these admin/UI problems really need to be addressed.

    The vibrant community of linux geeks/gurus out there with sites dedicated to hacking and enhancing this device is evidence of the 323's versatility and potential...and the shortcomings of its out-of-the-box features. Maybe D-Link should hire some of these talented people to exploit its potential.

    Macs see and use the shared disk fine, and web-based admin tools are platform-agnostic. D-Link's Quick-Start CDROM and printed instructions are Windows-only, however, so if you're setting this up with a Mac you will have to take a few leaps of faith to get things up and running. It's do-able, but you're on your own.

    iTunes server is fun in theory, but not sure it's worth the effort to set up and manage an additional music library when iTunes on my laptop shares itself just fine.

    Not sure if drive mechanism would be readable in a standard USB/Firewire drive enclosure now that it's been formatted in 'EXT-2' format. That slightly concerns me should I ever need to abandon the Dlink box for some reason.

    I thought this unit was unique by featuring "WAN" access. Turns out this functionality is by way of an oh-so-very-1993 FTP server. If you're going to open a port on your router to allow FTP access anyway, you may as well direct inbound SMB or AFP traffic to your NAS and access it as a shared drive. That technique will work with any NAS.

    Prior to this purchase, I experimented briefly with an Apple Time Capsule and found both the admin tools and Finder/Desktop integration to be smoother for both Mac and Vista workstations. The D-Link box clearly has more features (not the least of which is a dual-bay enclosure), and I know RAID features are important to many NAS consumers. But since I already have a reliable offsite backup solution in place, if I had it to do over again, I think my modest home storage needs (and a desire for fewer electronics, cords, power bricks, etc) would be better served by the all-in-one TimeCapsule product....more info