RoadWired Skooba Skin 1617 Convertible 17" Notebook Sleeve / Tote - Olive Ballistic
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Product Description

With a flip of the flap, the new Skooba Skin converts from a sleek, padded laptop sleeve to a handled carry bag, or vice-versa. The latest introduction from Tenba/RoadWired, the Skooba Skin is designed to protect a computer while carried inside another bag or suitcase, or to be used on its own for meetings, classes or other times when the laptop alone is all that needs to be carried. At first glance, the Skooba Skin is a study in minimalist design in its sleeve configuration it looks something like a padded, rounded envelope. In fact, there is not a zipper, buckle, rivet, clip, or hardware of any kind to be found on the bag. Instead, a unique, patent-pending flap configuration makes the Skooba Skin as versatile as it is understated. Once the laptop is slid into its protective interior, the mirror-image flaps overlap one another like folded hands one inside the case and one out and the outer flap fastens in place with a simple, concealed Velcro? tab to close the sleeve. Switching to "tote mode" is as simple as pulling the flaps straight up and mating them together, where matching, contoured cutaways line up to form the carrying handle. When not in use as a laptop transporter, the Skooba Skin works well as a slim briefcase for files and papers, or even as a trade show bag that can be used to collect literature, then folded up and packed in a suitcase orshipped home. Skooba Skin is available in three sizes, to accommodate virtually any laptop, and seven fabric/

Customer Reviews:
  • Skooba R725-301 Skin 1617 (Black)
    Skooba R725-301 Skin 1617 (Black)

    Excellent design. I own a 17" laptop, but the dimensions of it was a bit out of the norm, and finding a case to fit it was demanding. This case was just what I was looking for, it fit my laptop like charm....more info
  • Larger Laptops Rejoice!
    RoadWired Skooba Skin 1617 Convertible 17" Notebook Sleeve / Tote - Metallic Silver
    I purchased this as a present for my daughter, who is often on the go with her 17" notebook. It is stylish, lightly padded and has ample space. The convertable handle is great for anyone who wants added security when packing around a larger laptop....more info
  • very cool design
    It's harder to find an affordable laptop case for a 17" laptop than 15"...since I had an existing bag with a strap, I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ buying a new bag JUST for a laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 and it fits well. The beauty of this case is that it works as a sleeve as well as a tote. I have used this both on its own with the handles and inserting it into a bag I already owned. And it's really cool how the one handle slides in and the other flaps over and velcros to the other side if you want to use it as a covered sleeve instead of a tote. Please note that when you use it as a tote, the tops of the handles velcro together, leaving a little open space between the top of the laptop and the handles area, but although there's room to rest the power adapter on top of the laptop, there's nothing to secure it, so it would easily slide out the side. So as a tote, it really only fits the laptop....more info
  • not impressed with bag
    I ordered this bag and the smaller one (both in silver) because of the way they looked in the photos. When I package arrived, I disovered that eBags sent only 1 bag. The smaller one was listed on the packing slip, but was missing from the box.

    I was not impressed with the craftsmanship of the bag from the minute I took it out of the box (made in China). It looks a lot better in the photos than in real life. The stitching seemed flimsy and the padding is a lot thinner than expected, giving the bag a cheap feel. It is certainly not worth $32, in my opinion.

    I am returning this bag and requesting a refund....more info
  • skooba skin--attractive functional laptop sleeve
    the road wired skooba skin is an attractive, functional laptop sleeve. It works great in my larger carrying cases and as a stand alone bag for transport (using the fold out handle option). There is enough room in the case for additional items: AC power cord, usb port, or even a small usb or firewire drive. I bought it for its functionality, but was pleased to hear positive comments about its looks....more info