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The African Queen [IMPORT]
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Customer Reviews:

  • A classic
    A movie featuring 2 of the greatest stars of all time. A pleasure to watch and enjoyable throughout....more info
  • The African Queen
    We received the DVD in a timely manner, but when we went to watch the movie the disc was defective. It kept stopping and skipping. We were unable to watch the whole thing. I sent it back to the sender within a week after receiving it, but have not heard back regarding replacement or refund. ...more info
  • African Queen - Hong Kong Import
    I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this version of the classic African Queen. I had been waiting for Hollywood to release this movie and had trepidations about buying a "foreign version". This turned out to be no problem, and I don't have to wait for Hollywood to get their head out of their ... well you know....more info
  • Bogie and katy, aces a pair !
    Bogart, Hepburn and the African Queen, an adventure and boat ride ranks as one of Hollywood all time great movies. For those who may never have seen "The African Queen" are in for a treat you will not soon forget and for those who hav viewed A.Q. many times as I have, its an enjoyment to be repeated over and over. Great luck to have this classic available on current DVD's If you liked "Casablanca" you'll love the African Queen...more info
  • African Queen : Bogart & Hepburn - a perfect match
    I love Bogart & all of his movies are great - so many to choose from makes naming a favorite difficult! But, I have to admit, African Queen has to be close to my favorite because of the chemistry between Bogart & Hepburn. Great story line, great action and cinematography for it's time and two huge stars. It's hard for me to believe that this is the only one of his films that Bogart won a best actor oscar for! ...more info
  • A jewel for the Queen.
    African Queen is a jewel. It is always wonderful to watch this exciting classic movie....more info
  • Jackass, the movie
    Casting a horse in the lead was a bold move on the studio's part, but ultimately ineffective. Outside of the breathtaking scenes in which the horse whinnies through the rapids while steering a steamer, I found myself distracted, bored, thinking about taking up macrame. I just can't identify with another species in a leading role. Hey, I didn't say I wasn't open to the idea of a female president, OK? And the hyperactive beaver cast in the female's role was downright sadistic. I hear they skinned natives alive and torched their writhing bodies during filming to keep them away from the set....more info
    Bogart and Hepburn are at their best in this movie about two symbiotic characters (Charlie and Rosy) who, despite being from opposite ends of the social spectrum, link up to achieve a common goal--to sink a German gunboat lurking in Lake Tanganyika during WW1. To me, the film is an egalitarian love story. During the voyage to reach the German ship 1) Charlie and Rosie fall in love with each other; 2) the audience falls in love with both of them; and 3) everyone except the Germans fall in love with the lovable Tub That Could, the African Queen. Under Huston's masterful direction we experience metamorphic character developments: The scampish Charlie becomes domesticated and the prissy Rosy becomes a "regular" gal. At the same time, we enjoy watching them both become British heroes as they instill in each other the courage and determination needed to fulfill their objective: Rosy persuades Charlie to rig up the African Queen as a home-made torpedo boat and, after overcoming many hardships, they finally meet up and clash with the German warship. (That Bogie sounds as British as my uncle Louie from Brooklyn is forgiven in this saga--he won an Oscar for his performance, anyway--Bogie, that is, not my Uncle Louie. I believe Hepburn was also nominated but did not win--too bad.)
    With its minimal cast the movie is fast-paced and riveting. The photography is superb. The screenplay and music are wonderful. The acting is top drawer.
    I can watch movies (and actors) of this calibre again-and-again and find something new with every viewing. This is wonderful entertainment for all ages.
    ...more info
  • Great Film
    I bought the African Queen here at Amazon recently as an "All Region" film, and we are Region 1. Is All Region the same as Region 1? Don't know. Many people are writing they bought Region 1. I haven't seen any films of "The African Queen" marked Region One.

    The film was fine. We called the TV store first and they told us that "All Regions" would be fine on our TV screen which is a Sony. As to subtitles, like most films, you had a choice, and could click any one on including English. I tried it, and the English subtitles were clear and on target. You could choose from other languages as well. The film was clear and the sound was fine. No problems at all.

    I'm so very glad I bought it! Been waiting for it for a long time. Some people are writing that they bought Region 1. I don't see a Region 1 in the ad. It says "All Regions". There were no sub-titles on my version unless you wanted them. Like most other films with subtitles, you could turn them on. They had several to choose from. The English subtitles were fine. As to a wide screen, I rarely buy wide screen, though I have 2 wide screens TV. But usually we watch on the screen in the den, which when measured is about 30" wide. which it's quite wide enough. I prefer full screen in most DVDs. I have another TV that is 40" wide and new. But it's out on the porch, and the seating is more comfortable in the den. I sometimes buy 2 versions. Wide and Full, depending on where I'm watching it. I can watch wide or full on either screen.

    I don't know why so many people got poor versions of African Queen, but it maybe because their TV didn't fit the film, or possibly it was just a poor film copy. I don't know. The film was fine for us. We watched it on a Sony screen which is about 4 years old. ...more info
  • DVD - The African Queen
    Product arrived on time, in a hard case and was as advertised. An excellent movie!...more info
  • Confused
    So many different opinions. The film here says Region 000 That's not exactly Region 1 as many are reporting. Also some say you cannot turn off the sub titles and other say you can. I can usually turn sub titles off or on on my computer. So which film is anybody watching? Are they getting it here at Amazon or some place else?...more info
  • Bad - Subtitles
    I was led to this product by a title search in Amazon. When I receieved & opened it I discovered that it was a subtitled version for Chinese. The subtitles can't be turned off & are very distracting. To add insult to injury, it is badly subtitled, with wording that is clearly wrong....more info
  • The African Queen
    We received the DVD in a timely manner, but when we went to watch the movie the disc was defective. It kept stopping and skipping. We were unable to watch the whole thing. I sent it back to the sender within a week after receiving it, but have not heard back regarding replacement or refund. ...more info
  • A successful mixture of comedy, character and adventure...
    "The African Queen" was Bogart's fourth film to be directed by John Huston and his performance in it was very likely the best in his career as well as one which finally won him an Academy Award... He beat out Marlon Brando, who was heavily favored to win for "A Streetcar Named Desire."

    The screenplay by Huston and the celebrated movie critic-writer, James Agee, matched Bogart with Katherine Hepburn in what amounted to a two-star tour de force in a deeply touching romance linked to adventures and heroics...

    Bogart and Hepburn were delightful as they infused their personal conflict with a warmth, humor, and tenderness rarely seen in films... Mixing comedy and adventure, it was a two-character film, in which Hepburn gave a fine demonstration of her ability to develop within a role... The sensitive interaction between her and Bogart (in an unfamiliar guise) undoubtedly benefited from her many films with Tracy...

    Bogart was given a rare opportunity to demonstrate his range as an actor, more than holding his own opposite the formidable Hepburn... He played many scenes with maximum effectiveness, down impossible rapids, where he becomes covered with leeches and suffers a severe fever attack, his drunk scene where he rebels against Hepburn and mocks her high-blown speeches, and the tender moments in which he realizes he's fallen under her bewitching spell...

    "The African Queen" was not an easy film to make, most of it being done on location in the insect-infested, suffocatingly hot and humid African Congo... But the result was a brilliantly entertaining film, a successful mixture of comedy, character and adventure...

    ...more info
  • African Queen
    DVD was good til the last 5 minutes or so, then it started to skip. I reversed for a few minutes and restarted and this time it went all the way to the end without a problem. I will watch it again and if the problem occurs again, I will send it back for a replacement or refund....more info
  • The African Queen
    This movie is perhaps one of the top best 20 movies ever made by Hollywood.
    Let's face it no one will be able to take Bogart's place or Hepburn's either.

    They were two of the very best actors to ever come out of Hollywood....more info
  • Great actors, classic movie
    Katherine Hepburn is an English missionary in Africa at the beginning of World War I. As the Germans take over the village and force the natives into service, she and Humphrey Bogart, a working class Canadian steamboat pilot, must try and escape down the river and get out of German occupied Africa.

    This is half an odd-couple unlikely romance story, half an African adventure story. As such it doesn't really do a good job of either. Hepburn and Bogart must deal with rapids, waterfalls, leeches, biting bugs, and German forts, but it really pales by the standards of today's action films. In fact even by the standards of the time there isn't near as much jungle adventure as there is in say a Tarzan movie. (In this day and age of CGI sets and backgrounds, however, it is nice to see a film from back in the days when they actually used real scenery. A lot of the African jungle shown in this film is stunningly beautiful).

    The real attraction of this movie is just seeing Hepburn and Bogart paired up together, and they do a great job. Particularly Bogart, who is playing against type as a bumbling steamboat pilot. A big contrast to the smooth talking roles he plays in "Casablanca" or "The Maltese Falcon".
    ...more info
  • African Queen
    We really wanted a copy of African Queen and couldn't find one. This copy is colorized which I think reduces the originality of the film. However, if the choice is this or nothing, this works fine. There are no special features or interviews, just the film....more info
  • A Classic
    One of my all time favorite movies. Youngsters may not get it but so what. I have seen this movie over 20 times. I still enjoy it. Of course the stars are among my favorites too. The cinematography was pretty cool for those days. No "animitronics" here - just real live African animals.

    I understand Ms. Hepburn wrote a book called something like "How I Almost Had a Nervous Breakdown Making Aftican Queen."

    L.S....more info
  • The African Queen
    Received the wrong CD Rom/DVD. Was sent The Jacksons instead of what I ordered....The African Queen.

    Have not heard back from the merchant and it has been 3 weeks. Very disappointed. Will not purchase any other DVD's.

    Judi Feldman...more info
  • some helpful info about this release
    I'll spare the review of the movie itself. If you're reading this, you probably already know this movie is an absolute classic.

    There's been some confusion about this release, so let me clear things up.

    Because of some of the things I read, I waited for a long time before finally ordering one of these for myself. Now I see there was no reason to hesitate.

    This is a "just fine" print of the movie. There's nothing "wrong" with the picture or sound--aside from simply being a dated production that has not been "remastered" in any way.

    It's basically the same thing you would get if you carefully dubbed a very good copy of the VHS tape to DVD (which may actually be what they did!).

    The picture and sound are basically as good as what you would have seen on your TV set back when this was first broadcast on network television. In other words, there are no "flaws" that would in any way distract from the enjoyment of the drama.

    Contrary to what another reviewer reported: Yes, the Chinese subtitles are on by default--BUT THEY CAN BE TURNED OFF. It's easy to do.

    Someone was wishing that this release was "wide screen." Sorry, but this would be IMPOSSIBLE. The movie was ORIGINALLY FILMED IN 4:3 RATIO. ("Wide screen" ratios did not exist until a few years after this movie was made.)

    I'd gladly give this title SIX STARS! But since I'm reviewing the technical merits of THIS SPECIFIC DVD RELEASE (rather than the artistic merits of the movie itself) I gave it four.

    Is this version a Chinese bootleg? I suppose it's possible. These are put out by a small company in Hong Kong. But I took a chance, because unfortunately, it's the only REGION-1 version of this movie on DVD right now. So until they come out with a better version, I'm glad I've got this one.

    Before Hollywood starts b****ing about bootlegging, they need extricate their heads from their collective ***es and get classics like this back in print. Until then, they should expect to get bootlegged, and it's their own d*** fault....more info
  • african queen import
    Because this was an import, it turned out to have Chinese subtitles, which made the video unwatchable because they were distracting and annoying. I had to return it to Amazon for refund....more info
  • Import Format Problems?
    This DVD may not be compatible w/ your player - I tried two different copies, but niether would play on my DVD player. However, both copies would play on a PC w/ DVD playback software (and it was possible to copy the contents to a recordable DVD which then would play fine on my player). The problems are likely related to this being an "import" DVD - the good news is Amazon refunded the purchase price, no questions asked.

    Otherwise, the video quality seemed fine - no special features or extensive indices - just the good old-fashioned, unadulterated Huston movie w/ Bogie and Hep....more info
  • African Queen : Bogart & Hepburn - a perfect match
    I love Bogart & all of his movies are great - so many to choose from makes naming a favorite difficult! But, I have to admit, African Queen has to be close to my favorite because of the chemistry between Bogart & Hepburn. Great story line, great action and cinematography for it's time and two huge stars. It's hard for me to believe that this is the only one of his films that Bogart won a best actor oscar for! ...more info
  • The African Queen reigns supreme!
    'The African Queen' is an acknowledged classic of the first order.

    How does one review perfection in cinematography? How does one review superlative acting by the three main characters? I say three main actors because, of the 'extras', Robert Morley deserves mention for his excellent portrayal of the 'out of his depth' missionary.

    Bogart and Hepburn have a film chemistry that film makers must have drooled over. They are magnificent together. When one considers that the two of them - confined, as they were, to a boat in the middle of nowhere - managed to produce a movie that grips the mind and keeps one on the edge of one's seat for the duration of the film, only 'boggles the mind'.

    This film deserves every award it received along with the actors. It is, simply, a marvellous movie!...more info
  • We Need a US/North America DVD NOW!!
    It is unconscionable that one of THE Greatest Films of all time is STILL not available on DVD in North America. What in the world is the problem??

    BTW, for the reviewer who mentioned that Bogey "didn't sound British"; you need to pay attention--early in the film Bogey's character (Charlie) is clearly identified as CANADIAN. Eh? But of course, during the era depicted (1914) Canada was a Dominion of the British Empire, and still used the "Union Jack" as their national flag. (The Canadian "Red Ensign" was adopted in late 1943; the "Maple Leaf flag" in 1967).

    Nevertheless--bring us THE AFRICAN QUEEN!! Say "NO" to Bootlegs!!...more info
  • Great Movie
    The African Queen is such a great movie. The lead characters just seemed to be so real. I waited a long time for this movie to be distributed in DVD format. This import version had subtitles that were somewhat annoying....more info