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Humphrey Bogart - The Signature Collection, Vol. 2 (The Maltese Falcon Three-Disc Special Edition / Across the Pacific / Action in the North Atlantic / All Through the Night / Passage to Marseille)
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Product Description

Contains: across the pacific action in the north atlantic all through the night maltese falcon special edition and passage to marseille. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 10/03/2006

The movie that made Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart anchors this second DVD box devoted to the mighty star. The Maltese Falcon gets--and merits--the deluxe three-disc treatment, and the other Bogie movies collected here are solid vehicles from his early 1940s Warner Bros. heyday. The essence of Bogart's world-weary yet mysteriously romantic aura is on luscious display, even if most of these films fall just short of classic status.

Bogart's letter-perfect incarnation as Sam Spade, the anti-hero of John Huston's debut film as a director, grounds The Maltese Falcon in a smart, sardonic groove. Even if Spade is one of Bogart's finest turns, it's hard to single out the film's best performance: Mary Astor as the mystery dame who trips off the case, Peter Lorre as the fey Joel Cairo, or Sydney Greenstreet as the massively erudite Kasper Gutman (the latter making one of the great debuts in film history). Dashiell Hammett's best-selling story had been filmed twice before, and both versions are included in the extras here: the 1931 Maltese Falcon, which has a fair amount of cheek and some near-identical snatches of Hammett dialogue as the 1941 film--but without the magic--and the 1936 Satan Met a Lady, which puts the story squarely in the realm of screwball comedy, with Warren William and Bette Davis acting as though they'd wandered into a Thin Man movie. Other extras include a commentary with Bogart biography Eric Lax, three radio versions of the tale, and a short documentary about the Falcon.

Huston also directed Across the Pacific, a fun and somewhat tongue-in-cheek picture that brought Bogart, Astor, and Greenstreet back together. After being drummed out of the military, Bogie finds himself aboard a ship sailing toward the Panama Canal--and as the date of Dec. 7, 1941, looms on the horizon, we suspect intrigue. Also from 1942 is the wisecracking All Through the Night, which is set entirely in a Damon Runyon NYC but nevertheless unearths a nest of Nazis (Conrad Veidt among them) planning a homeland attack.

WWII figures in the other two features. Michael Curtiz's Passage to Marseille (1944) burdens itself with too many flashbacks, but otherwise presents a nicely atmospheric tale of Devil's Island escapees trying to get home to fight for France. Lorre and Greenstreet are back, with Michele Morgan snuggling Bogart in the Casablanca-inspired love story. Action in the North Atlantic (1943) is a more conventional picture, with Bogart and Raymond Massey fighting the war in the Merchant Marines; the topnotch action sequences and crusty supporting cast keep it going. Bogart's covert socking of a loose-lipped bar patron gives us the vintage Bogie. Bartender: "Did you hurt your hand?" Bogie: "Never do." --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Bogie Know Best
    Bogart isn't the best actor in the history of film, but his attitude and feel rank make him one of the most memorable and admirable in film. All movies in this kit show off his skills as well as those of the other actors that often worked with him. Great stuff....more info
  • For the Bogart Fan
    What a great collection of films and some of the best bits are the "extras" on each DVD. The films are typical Bogart as a detective, spy, mercenary etc. ...more info
  • bogart 2
    how many actors can do so many different roles like Bogart. item received as described....more info
  • Thats a Man!
    The signature collection Volumne 2 was a trip. The only issues I have are
    1. Why is "Satan met a lady" included. I see a lot of parallels in this film with other Bogart movies.
    2. The original Maltese Falcon was included for what reason? Those who want to see Bogart, want to see Bogart.

    I think most customers would prefer if two other Bogart films were substituted for the above. Just my opinion.
    Across the Pcific, Action in the North Atlantic, Passage to Marselle and All through the night, are priceless.

    ...more info
  • Bogie Nights
    Wednesdays are "Bogie Nights" in our household. We put on a movie from one of the Signature Collections or the Bogie/Bacall collection and it's Warner Night at the Movies. What's not to like about these movies? You've got Bogie, Bacall, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor, Sidney Greenstreet, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, John Huston, Howard Hawkes, and other great directors, and to top it off, selected shorts, newsreel bits, and WB cartoons!

    And didn't I mention Lauren Bacall? Watching her in her screen debut in "To Have and Have Not" at the tender age of nineteen, the first thought that came to my mind was: "She's only 19! That woman was 19 going on 30!" Bacall at that point in her life possessed far more talent, far more mature sex appeal than any of the current run of actresses today.

    The quality of the dvds is generally good and I was pleased with the delivery time. About the only thing I can suggest is that it would have been nice to have had a bit more newsreel footage than the snippets they provide in the dvds.

    I definitely recommend purchasing both volumes in the Bogart Signature Collection as well as the Bogart/Bacall Collection and then have your own weekly Bogie Night at the Movies....more info
  • Bogart Collection Vol. 2
    Good plots with wonderful dialog. If these were books you'd call them real page turners....more info
  • War Films
    With the exception of The Maltese Falcon, this set is a bunch of war films. The War films are not of the same quality. However to appreciate the War Films, you need to watch them knowing they are a piece of Propaganda. By doing looking at them in this light, you realize the purpose they had.
    If you are just getting into classic films, do not get this. Rather get Humphrey Bogart - The Signature Collection, Vol. 1 (Casablanca Two-Disc Special Edition / The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Two-Disc Special Edition / They Drive by Night / High Sierra) or Bogie and Bacall - The Signature Collection (The Big Sleep / Dark Passage / Key Largo / To Have and Have Not). These two collections are by far the best. Get these two first, then if you really like Bogart get this collection....more info
  • classic bogart
    great films from a great actor
    highly satisfying for your bogart fix...more info
  • What a Bargain!
    I was searching for a DVD of "All Through the Night" when I stumbled upon this collection. My eyes opened wide as I looked over the selections on offer.

    This treasure chest of films and a generous supply of extras made me feel like a kid who just got an expensive gift of Lionel trains.

    You could spend an entire weekend savoring this collection. If you like Bogart, action, adventure and some fun, don't hesitate to add this package to your DVD library....more info
  • A Humphrey Bogart espionage love feast

    HUMPHREY BOGART: THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 has, as its set piece, a remastered studio print of John Huston's incomparable THE MALTESE FALCON (1941). Also included for a comparison is the very good 1931 Ricardo Cortez/Bebe Daniels THE MALTESE FALCON and the mediocre 1936 Warren William/Bette Davis SATAN MET A LADY. But the spotlight is on Huston and company in terms of bonuses that include a brand-new documentary and vintage radio adaptations that offer the fun of the same plot with a different cast.

    This DVD boxed set is a love feast for Bogart fans. It also includes ACROSS THE PACIFIC (1942), ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (1942), ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC (1943), and PASSAGE TO MARSEILLES (1944). All sparkle in brand-new prints and, since is from Warner Home Video and movies made during World War Two, all include a generous array of patriotic wartime dramatic and musical shorts, documentaries, new interview featurettes, cartoons, and theatrical trailers.

    ACROSS THE PACIFIC reteams director John Huston with FALCON cast members Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sydney Greenstreet. It is an adventure potboiler that goes from eastern Canada to the Panama Canal, without going near the Pacific. Its climax has espionage activities at the canal, and no one is who they seem.

    ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT has an incredible cast, led by Conrad Veidt and Judith Anderson as Nazis. Bogart battles the Gestapo over his right to have the perfect cheese cake in this tongue-in-cheek wartime adventure that is great fun. A 99 year old Vincent Sherman, who directed, helps out on an audio commentary with Bogart scholar Eric Lax.

    ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC is about the Merchant Marine in the north Atlantic when it was made (1943). Lloyd Bacon, who directed some wonderful 1930's musical romances, shows his versatility in this exciting adventure that stars Bogart, Raymond Massey, and Alan Hale. The box says the Merchant Marine used this rather downbeat movie as a recruiting tool.

    Finally, we have Michael Curtiz' underrated PASSAGE TO MARSEILLES, with seemingly half the cast of CASABLANCA, including Bogart, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Helmut Dantine, and Sydney Greenstreet. This one is infamous for flashbacks within flashbacks, but with this cast, who cares? Max Steiner did the music, James Wong Howe did the brilliant photography, and a ten-hankie final scene sends the movie into the stratosphere. This one must have really packed a wallop for 1944 audiences torn between good Free France and bad Vichy France.

    I highly recommend HUMPHREY BOGART: THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 to the millions of Bogart fans, as well as fans of wartime intrigue movies. And special kudos to Warner Home Video for the generous bonuses and putting each film in its own slim envelope inside a larger box. That shows a lot of class, in comparison to the "don't give a damn" people at Universal Home Video.

    ...more info
  • Bogie
    My husband loved this gift. The DVD viewing is excellent and, of course, the 'Bogie' movies are great....more info