SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color)
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Product Description

Pocket Sized DVR with Built-in Color Pinhole Camera - 64MB - Want to take surveillance and recording capabilities wherever you go? You can. The UC1700 has a built-in high resolution camera and has two recording modes: continuous and manual to be sure you dont miss a thing. The user friendly design and on screen display make it easy for you to set the recording mode and to play back the video. The flash memory is built in and this device has auto electronic shutter, auto white balance and auto gain control for quality covert surveillance. Also contributing to the portability of this unit is the ability for it to operate on four AA batteries (not included) or with the included AC adapter. The option of selectable compression image qualitie

  • Built-in VGA resolution CMOS digital video capture camera
  • Motion detection or continuous recording (Adjustable motion detection sensitivity level )
  • Three-level image quality recording
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
  • Built-in 64MB Flash Memory
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for nursing homes and problem areas
    Our customers have used this in situations where putting an elaborate recording device was out of the question (nursing home. the customers were worried about elder abuse). In the 3 cases, they worked flawlessly from the start, and captured the evidence they needed to confirm their worst fears. Clear picture, easy to use and outstanding overall. Only thing we hate is there's no way to clear out the video memory short of recording over it....more info
  • Works well
    For such a small, portable device this Color Digital Video Capture camera gives a pretty good picture. Colors are rendered accurately, and the video resolution is good - not exceptional but good. It has a couple of external switches for selecting continuous or motion-activated recording and trning the power on and off. Most of the controls are in the menu, where you can select the amount of motion to trigger on, level of quality of the recorded video, etc.

    I just wish that it used a removable memory card rather than its own 64 MB hard-wired flash memory, as you need to connect it to a TV or similar device that has an RCA-type video input connector in order to program it or view the recorded video. And having more memory would be helpful (more on that later in this review).

    It doesn't have sound ***sigh***. You can set it to record continuously or only when it detects motion. If you select the 'Motion Detection' mode, the sensitivity level in the menu has a wide range (1 to 99), but it takes a lot of experimentation and changing of the sensitivity level to get it right. (And you have to have it connected to a TV the whole time you're experimenting because that's the only way to view the menu for changing the sensitivity level.)

    There aren't any guidelines for what number to set the Sensitivity level to for a given situation. I find that a level of 10 to 14 works like I would expect motion activation to work. You can set it so high (99) that you have to walk within inches of it to trigger the recording mode. It seems to trigger on the movement of heat sources as well as changes in the pixels of the monitored area, as I have had it record a few times during the night in my living room when no movement was occurring.

    You can set it to record only until the memory is full or start at the beginning again and automatically overwrite. The frame rate is adjustable, from 1 frame every 10 seconds up to what its menu calls MAX (about 15 frames per second, although it seems to depend on what level of video quality you have selected). At 1 frame per second and at best-quality settings, it can hold slightly more than 30 minutes of video. It can run on 4 AA batteries that, according to the user manual, will last about 6 hours. It also comes with an AC adapter. It has a wall bracket that allows you to set it for any angle. If there's an interruption in electrical power when it's using the AC adapter it automatically powers back up in RECORD mode again, a feature that ALL security video hardware should have.

    I see there are a couple newer versions out now that have up to 1 GB of memory. Prices for the 1 GB version vary from about $340 to about $450. I find the cheapest to be at DefenseDevices dot com....more info