SVAT CVP800 Mini Portable Digital Video Recorder
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Product Description

Mini Handheld DVR With MPEG4 Compression - compatible with CCDBW, CCDCO, CMOSCO, CMOSBW. The CVP800 is a miniature, portable, and fully functional DVR that allows you to monitor and record camera footage in your home or business. It has a built-in card reader/writer that provides direct recording onto a Secure Digital (SD) card. This portable DVR features scheduled record and motion detect record, allowing you to record only when need be. Searching for recorded footage is a breeze with the time and date stamp feature. Simply search by day and time and the DVR will play back the corresponding video file. The CVP800 also has a audio/video capabilities enabling you to capture audio as well as video. The CVP800 is compatible with most SVAT

  • Removable storage (SD card recording. 128 MB SD card included)
  • MPEG-4 compression with audio
  • Motion detection and scheduled recording options
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Records at 12, 24 and 30 FPS
Customer Reviews:
  • Using it in my car for 1+ year...flawless
    There's no other DVR of it's type that I could find. I have it in my glove box wired to a forward seeing sony lipstick cam and microphone for insurance reasons. I set this thing to record at full frames full fps and to always record when powered. So it only records when I have the key in the ignition and save about 3 hours worth on a 2GB card. Hasn't failed me yet....more info
  • The best mini-DVR I found that would loop record.
    I purchased the SVAT CVP800 with the CCDCO camera. After some minor initial bumps, I am very satisfied. When first received, the camera had a defective video cable. It took a while for me to figure out the problem, but once done, SVAT customer service was very responsive and sent a replacement cable immediately. The only significant negative comments that I have are that the CVP800 does not include or offer as an optional accessory a 12VDC plug-in car power supply; also the instruction manual is not very helpful in several areas. On the positive side, the CVP800 is extremely small (easily fits into a shirt pocket), light weight and consumes very little power (under 1.5 watt). It has a powerful feature not found on other similar mini-portable units that I evaluated, specifically, the ability to loop record, i.e., continuously record, writing over the oldest data when it reaches the capacity of the SD card. This allows the unit to record 24 hours a day forever without any attention whatsoever. If an event happens that you are aware of and want to review and save, simply stop the recorder and selectively play back the last minutes/hours recorded, and if you want to, download the data onto your computer to save it or simply pull the SD card with the recorded data, and insert a new one in the CVP800. Overall, I have found this unit to be well designed - user friendly, easy to understand, and highly flexible in both recording and playing back. The only reason I gave the CVP800 a 4-star rating (rather than 5-stars) is the absence of an out-of-the-box way to power the unit in a car other than depending on the internal AA batteries....more info
  • Expensive but serves its purpose
    Once I figured out how to work it, it works well. The directions are really useless. I still haven't really got the motion detection thing figured out, but it does work. The pictures are not the best but they do serve there purpose. I think if I had looked around a little more I could have found something a little better, but all in all it does its job....more info