SVAT VISS7500 Hands Free Video Door Phone Intercom System w/5-Inch LCD & Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera (Color)
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Product Description

Handsfree 2 Wire Color Video Intercom System with 5" LCD Screen compatible with VISS7500M - Do you get uneasy when you or your children have to open the door for a stranger? With the VISS7500, you can see who is at the door before you open it and you can even communicate with them without having to open the door at all. The VISS7500 is an ultra thin system (1-inch thick) that provides a clear image of your visitor. It is artistically designed for home or business use. This unit provides an extra measure of security and convenience with its two wire connection and electronic door opening button. The monitor is wall mountable for convenience and versatility. The tilt able camera adjusts the camera angle depending on your system installation

  • Two wire connection for audio, video and power
  • Tiltable camera lens gives more flexibility when installing.
  • Door strike capabilities (door strike not included)
  • 5-inch TFT-LCD screen
  • Maximum wiring distance of 300 feet
Customer Reviews:
  • Very bad performance product
    I was very disappointed with this product. Everything feels cheap, and it also functions that way.

    Maybe it's just my specific product, but the picture quality is really, really bad. You can hardly say it's a color monitor. Even dark blue colors look white. It makes me wonder how they created the product images...

    The angle of the camera is ridiculous. The camera must be placed in front of the person to see him right. I thought I could place it aside the door, but then you will not see your guest. They say it has tiltable camera lens, but actually, you can tilt it only vertically. Changing the position horizontally ends up with a picture of your guest profile.

    There is no option to change the volume of the doorbell or to disable it.

    To make it worse, when you turn on the camera, it makes a sound on the outside unit, making sure the person know that you are looking at him...

    It is so bad that I've decided to put it aside until some other use arise.

    ...more info
  • Requesting a repair
    This is a nice unit and easy to install. We have been using it two weeks at our small business and the talk/video button is broken. We just contacted the support dept. requesting a repair or exchange as it does hold a 1 year warranty. I'll post again to let you know how the service/support department handled our problem....more info
  • good product
    works fine, even at night. the screen could be a little bit more crisp, but it's not HDTV ! Good to see who's ringing, and if he has a riot gun ! I have a second monitor near of my bed. It's extremely easy to plug. I live in a very big town, and sometimes I use it to see how is the traffic, just for the pleasure !...more info
  • Pretty good
    I had been searching to get a video door phone intercom system for more than a month. I found the price for this product attractive considering the specs. I have to admit that as long as you stay within the limited length between the camera unit and the display specified in the manual, the picture and sound quality are flawless. Doubling the length of the cable will cause loss of sound but the picture is still reasonably good.
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  • Easy installation over existing doorbell wires
    This was easy to install using our existing doorbell wires (2 wires).

    The video image is color and good quality. The doorbell is loud and sounds good, but not "beautiful" or "elegant." Importantly, the audio quality and level between the outside and inside if very good.

    I've only had it connected for a few days and can't say it's durable or long-lasting.

    The "alarm" feature makes a pseudo siren sound to scare away the "Bad guys" but is really just silly.

    We had doubts about the performance and ordered one camera / one monitor, but then ordered a second monitor (you can connect up to three monitors to a single camera) so that we can see who is at the front door from both the basement and the second floor.

    Camera angle could be wider for our set up, but it's sufficient. Also, the camera lens can be adjusted up and down (but not right or left).

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  • This is great product for easy home security
    This product is easy to install and operate. Great product for easy home security....more info
  • Works well over regular doorbell wires
    The product works well over the standard doorbell wires. No new wiring necessary. The DC power adapter needs to be plugged in next to the unit which makes for an unattractive setup and for some logistics problems. The camera is situated to the side of the door. We have problems with the camera facing straight ahead and not towards the person pressing the button. ...more info
  • Not made for new construction
    Nice unit, but was disapointed that it is not made for or able to adapt to new construction. The unit has a DC power outlet on bottom and requires transformer to be plugged into wall outlet. Would be nice if it had an option to conceal wire....more info
  • safety first
    Great picture, sound is good too. When I am working in the back of the house, in my office, this is the perfect product to make me feel safe.
    Hard wired is a bit old school, but where safety is concerned I don't trust batteries....more info
  • Great way to see who's there
    We bought this over a year ago, installed it, and the unit was defective. We repacked it, then I came down with a severe stomach problem for three months, and the unit sat there for 10 months before sending it back. The company gave me NO hassle at all, and sent another unit to us. It works like a charm. The old "peephole" thing just wasn't good, and this new system works fine. With just the porchlight on at night, I can see clerly enough. Much better than a peephole! My husband feels like I am being much safer. No one has come to the door yet, however I can see my husband clearly when I "try" it out. A more secure feeling........Now, if only I could try it out with a visitor! I like it....more info