SVAT CVP403C High End Indoor Color Camera
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  • Semi-cheap and not bad at all
    I got a couple of these, and one was damaged in shipping (BNC connector bashed in). They were definitely under-packed. Amazon replaced it VERY promptly, though, with no hassle whatsoever (truly excellent service).

    While this camera really is "High End" compared to the $50 low-res "bullet" cameras, it doesn't really compare to the camera/lens combinations that you would actually pay $300 - 400 for. It's rather tricky to focus it clearly, and even when it is focused (as well as I could get it in about 20 minutes), the picture just isn't as sharp as you might expect for VGA-quality resolution. And, it's quite small: about a handful.

    Color rendition and contrast are good (not great), and it's a little finicky about power: I accidentally put it on a slightly under-powered power supply (12v, but only 300ma) at first, and it would work for a few minutes, then go black. (You can imagine how much fun THAT was to troubleshoot.)

    But don't think it's not worth the money: the installation has two of these and a few $50 cameras, and looking at a composite view (with all on screen at once) it looks like there's something wrong with the cheap cameras by comparison. Clarity, color and contrast are all obviously better with these; they're just not as good as the blurb might make you expect.

    In a nutshell:

    It's a definite step up from "bullet" cameras (for about 2-3x the price), and a definite step below "professional" cameras (for about half the price). For under $200, you get a good camera with a lens that you can focus and zoom (manually). It's a good deal if you're looking for an in-between product, and a year later they're both working fine....more info
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto electronic shutter and auto iris
  • 480 TV lines of resolution
  • Auto white balance (AWB) and Back light compensation (BLC)
  • Standard BNC connection