SVAT CV65 Outdoor Nightvision Security Camera (Color)
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Product Description

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  • Anodized aluminum casing provides extra durability and will not rust
  • 15 infrared LEDs turn on automatically to let you see in the dark
  • Weather resistant for all seasons
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
  • 60 feet of cable for greater camera placement flexibility
Customer Reviews:
  • good enough for short term
    I've had this for about 15 months. It is useless now. The field is completely washed out and software adjustments don't correct. It worked for a while, but being on 24/7 seems to have affected its ability to automatically adjust for varying light conditions. I must now buy a new one. . .darn. ...more info
  • Impressive
    This was my first foray into CCTV and I must say the functionality of this little camera was impressive. Prior to this, the only familiarity I had with security cameras was watching the grainy, B&W time delayed image from security cameras in commercial settings. The SVAT CV65 camera with color display, night vision and full motion video is splendid, at least to my perception.

    Installation was a simple affair with the mounting bracket fastened with three screws, and the 60' of cable being more than long enough for the job (the SVAT brand 60' extension cable is also available if longer reach is required). The output end uses RCA connectors so be sure your display device has those; I had to buy an RF Modulator to hook the camera up to my television set.

    In the daytime, the picture is crisp and clear with excellent color contrast. Another review said the colors were substandard, but on mine they were "picture" perfect. What's really a cool feature is the night vision. It's rather fun to watch the monitor at dusk and observe the display slowly changing from color to monochrome as the infrared LED's kick in. What I'm monitoring is only about 8-9 feet from the mounting location so the camera's purported 10-15' night range is more than adequate for my needs.

    Supposedly the camera also has audio capabilities, but there isn't much of any noise in the application I'm using it for so I can't evaluate that aspect.

    All in all, I'm impressed.

    For a CCTV system well under $100.00, you can't go wrong with the SVAT CV65....more info
  • SVAT CV65 Review
    This is an ok camera good construction,easy adjustment,easy installation.
    Down side,the glowing red led's are a dead give-a-way at night, not a very good camera for home use, because it does not have a wide angle lens, the included lens is a bit out of focus. For the price it should have a wide angle lens. ...more info
  • Monochrome
    During the day, the camera displays colors that are not the actual colors: Red is orange, gray is green. The display of reminds you of the first monitors made; green. People faces are greenish. The diplay is not clear--blurred. It was easy to install and adjust. Not good at night. You can't determine the features of a thief within 4 feet even with a floor light. You get a different shade of green. Audio is good. Setup is easy....more info
  • Sure BEATS Wireless!
    After a failure in less than 3 weeks with a NEW wireless ASTAK Multi Camera system I have learned a lot. Maybe I should list them as I found them.
    ----With the wireless, every foot away from the receiver AND the positioning of its antenna severely effects the performance. It is so important, it can cause complete loss of any usable bright daytime image from reaching your monitor even in a small distance of just 60 feet or LESS.

    ----If you have any type of wireless network in your home for computer with Cable or DSL, GOOD LUCK! If I ever wanted to view any cam, I had to 1st literally disconnect my network & unplug current to it to get the interference to stop enough to view any image I could recognize.

    ----Lines of resolution. Important or not? Well I suppose it is important but let me say this....This SVAT CV65 camera with its puny 330 lines is FAR more clear AND vivid outdoors than my Wireless ASTAK was with its touted 420 lines. And this is factoring in the BEST picture I could ever get with the wireless after I went around disconnecting and disabling my entire wireless internet network! I almost did not buy this unit as I wanted a clear image. Sure glad I tried this camera! I also have NO interference of ANY type no matter how or WHERE I place this camera. This is over 1/2 the battle already resolved.

    ----Audio. I see nothing here about this camera having audio capabilities but it DOES. I haven't found the microphone yet and it is NOT as clear or good as the ASTAK was but it is there and does work. I personally consider this as useful as the visual since I want to HEAR any audio at my front gate before wandering out to it unarmed/unprepared. If I hear something discussed by a seemingly harmless person, its just another layer of security.

    ----Durability? Brand new camera so I will update as time goes by. My Wireless Unit by ASTAK lasted under 3 weeks and the receiver failed! NO customer service info, I found them on the internet and got some person who barely spoke English telling me to "mail it all to them, they would try to fix it"....Sure thing. Luckily, I was able to return it where I bought it for a full refund. Exchange? Yeah right!

    ----Night Vision: I have this camera facing my front gate. It sits back only about25 feet from it so at this distance, I have EXCELLENT vision even in pitch black conditions. NOT tested at distances beyond that. As I have motion detected lighting that lights when called for, see no issues in this area if I were to add other camera's later to expand my views of other areas.

    ----Customer Service. After the above experience, I contacted SVAT by both phone AND E-mail. What a difference! PERFECT English, they knew what they were talking about, were helpful, and responded to BOTH my E-Mail and my phone calls. I have to admit, it was a bit unfair to test them this way but after my nightmare with Wireless and ASTAK, I wanted some security. It is just such a pleasure to finally find a company that I enjoy dealing with. For the record, the product states "MADE IN CHINA". So will it last? Will update the good, the bad, OR the ugly. Just don't dismiss a wired camera with 330 lines of resolution too quickly....more info
  • Outstanding in every way, easily worth the low price.
    I bought this camera for my store. Not only does it see & hear everything happening, it also picks up what goes on right out front. If can see patrons of the restaurant across the alley, and it also works well at night.

    I mounted it on the ceiling using my own clip and only had to position it where I wanted. Definitely worth the low price and easy to use & install....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Setup and mounting was easy, it comes with plenty of extra wire. Daytime picture isn't so great and there is no focus so what you have it what you will always have. Night vision is ok at about 10-15'.

    I have a cheaper Q-see camera that takes a much better picture and has focus....more info
  • good for the price
    the camera installs easy enough.. and the picture quality is very good even the night vision... but the only down side was the it doesnt give wide enough picture... its good for one car or over door to see the the whole front yard... no way, but for the price its a good starter ....more info
  • Great and economical product!
    Bought this camera for our barn so that we could keep an eye on our pregnant does. It is a great product for the price. It does well in low light and the sound is an added bonus. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great Value, Good Price, Nice looking
    I have this monitor my front house. Daytime works great the night vision is limited, I bought another one for my backyard....more info
  • Great for night time observation
    I have used this camera for about a month with my Swann DVR card, and it does an excellent job for my use, which is monitoring the activities of feral cats on my back porch, primarily at night.

    My distance needs are minimal, and I am able to see the animals movements very well.

    So far at least 4 cats, 3 raccoons and 2 possums have been spotted.

    The only issue is that with my Swann card, the motion detection will be triggered occasionally when the camera seems to have a tiny glitch which is seen as a line across the screen.

    I have not hooked it up yet, but based on limited testing, the Swann camera that is a little more expensive provides a better picture at night, which I assume is because of the larger number of infrared LEDs....more info
  • O.K. for the money, Low Range
    This camera would be adequate for 10-15 foot range max. I use 3 Swann Bulldogs and one of these. The bulldogs cost twice as much at time of purchase, but are worth it. They have longer range, better resolution and detail at range. The night vision on the SVAT is only about 10ft max and the image quickly falls off.

    For outdoor use, when night vision and range is important spend the extra and go for at the minimum a swann bulldog....more info
  • good value
    I have this to monitor my driveway. It provides a really clear picture for the money, faces are easily recognizable and color comes through well. At night when my own security lights aren't on, I can easily see vehicles parked near the house, but can't see anything by the street. Once the security lights are triggered, however, the camera picks up most things, even those far away, with ease. Plenty of wire to go through attic and around the roof, etc. The only downfall I have found so far after a few months is that the viewing angle is pretty narrow. It is difficult for me to get the whole of my front yard, even when on the very corner of the house. does best when up high and far away, though this is not always possible. From where you position it, it always seems like it is somehow zoomed in a little. A wider viewing angle would be nicer. Still, all in all, a really great value -- I have been impressed and will be getting a few more in the near future....more info
  • Excellent Camera - Great MPEG's = Easy Setup
    The CV65 is an excellent buy for the bucks! Ordered 1 to try, then a sceond and now have 2 more on the way! Works great with SAA7130 Capture card and Active Webcam Security Software. Great motion detection, excellent mpeg video and snapshots! Color is awesome in daylight, night vids in B&W are very good. With the IR on snapshots and videos are very clear in my usage. If your looking for a great camera and a great price then this is the one to buy!...more info
  • A good deal , but not without limitations
    This is a good camera for $50 but it does have some limitations that more expensive cameras do not suffer from. The picture is decent, nothing special, and the night vision is OK for about 10-15'...but the lack of a wide angle lens makes this camera not very usable for monitoring areas like your front door. You need to mount it at a far distance to get a wide field of view and since its nightvision is only fair that kills its performance.

    All in all, decent unit for $50, but the nightvision performance and narrow field of view really hurt when compared to CCD cams like Topica's. Good for a CMOS camera but no match for a slightly (OK..over twice the price) more expensive CCD camera....more info
  • Solid Construction & Easy to Install
    This is my first security cam purchase. Installation could not have been easier. The 60 feet of cable was more than enough to pull through the attic and through a 1/2" hole for the connector to pass through at the installation location. Video quality is great, and the sound quality is much better than would have expected (I can even pipe in bird songs from outside). The little camera feels very sturdy in its machined aluminum housing. No problems with the adjustment.

    Night vision range is okay if you install within about 10 feet of the subject.

    I'm very happy with it, especially the price.

    ...more info
  • Abdullatif Khalid
    I bought this camera for outdoor purposes and was impressed with the picture quality (given the price). The down side is the quality. I can't for the life of me get the camera to point to where I want it to point. The screw does not fit well enough into the base. I will need to find a way around this, but otherwise, it's a decent camera.

    EDIT: I've given up on this camera and orderd a Q-See which is much better built. ...more info
  • Great buy!
    This has to be one of the best deals for a color camera that has night vision capabilities. I am completely satisfied with this camera. Very solid housing, plenty of cable included and good quality for the price. Worth every penny, plan on purchasing several more....more info
  • Great day camera, terrible night vision unless it is really close
    Daytime, this thing works great as a multi-use camera. At night, the night vision part is not good at all unless you are practically right up to the camera....more info