SVAT CVQ1000 Color Quad Security System with 4 Nightvision Cameras and Remote
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Product Description

Color Quad Security System with 4 Nightvision Cameras and Remote - compatible with CVW62 accessories ISC100A, ISC200, ISC302, SGN100, SGN101. Now you can have a full monitoring system at a fraction of the cost and frustration. The CVQ1000 system comes with virtually everything you need to start your own home or business monitoring system. All you need is a monitor or TV. View your included 4 cameras in multiple multi camera modes (Quad, Full screen, PIP, Auto and Separate camera mode). Set up the system to sound an alarm with motion detection that will notify you whenever someone enters a restricted area. The system also allows you to customize each individual camera setting. Re-name camera 1 to read Entrance and even adjust the individu

  • Motion Detection feature sounds alarm (when turned on)
  • Quad screen modes let you see multiple locations at the same time
  • Remote control access for channels and audio
  • Manual and automatic switching of camera views
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent choice of cameras
    I purchased this set so I could post the cameras at my front door, garage driveway, and behind my home. I am able to view my entire driveway out to the road with one camera. The color is decent but not exactly TV quality or anything, but my main concern was just to be able to see. It works well at night but you will see an almost black screen until a person walks up. You shouldn't expect to be able to pick out bushes, fixtures, etc. I was pleased with the night vision. My only complaint is that the cords are not very long and each extra cord is about $16. You can't splice them because they have special connectors on each end. The cameras hook up easily to the console, which you can then plug into your TV, DVR, etc. I like that the cameras will set off an audio alarm if it detects movement. It's good for knowing when someone is coming to your door. All in all, I'm pleased with this product....more info
  • Find something better
    The night vision is just not there, there are times when the screen turns black you can't see anything.Sometimes the screen turns toatlly white with the same results.I wouldn't recommend this system to my ex-.I'am fully disappointed.DON'T BUY THIS CRAP! ...more info
  • Great product
    For the money you could not find a better system, it has features of a system costing hundreds of dollars more. Very easy set up. Clear picture.
    This system is used for a handicapped person to see what going on outside and to give peace of mind. Great....more info
  • It's OK
    Purchased these to have a little more security around my house. The intent was to eventually hook the cameras up to be recorded. However this will not be done, as I can only record one channel with these cameras. I have the choice of flipping between cameras or having all four on the screen at the same time. I will be purchasing something else in the future. For now, this are a good deterrent. I will note that when there is an electric storm, and one of the camera picks up the lightening, the alarm goes off because the system thinks one of the cameras has been disconnected. Pretty disturbing the first time it happened, now it just wakes me up. I should have bought the extra cables, I only have 3 cameras up because I did not have enough cable to put the fourth on up, and now that I am going to replace them, I'm not wasting the money. Oh, and don't count on the night vision. It works great indoors where there are walls to reflect the infra red light, but outside that infra red is absorbed and you see maybe 5 feet in front of the camera and that is all....more info
  • i expected a better product
    the resolution is too poor, i espected someting with more definition, and the timer never works, always show the wrong hour.

    this sistem only works for small, very small areas.
    if you want to ensure your house look for other options. ...more info
  • Very Good Product For the PRICE!
    Very Good comparable to the more expensive systems in performance. The camera mounts are the only downfall they are a little aggrivating to get set at the position that you want them in, but once you do the camera's give a great picture. The night Vision is a little low and needs some extra light so i installed some motion sensor lights near the cameras and that solved the problem for night time....more info
  • Buy These Cameras Now!!!
    These cameras (SVAT CVQ1000 Color Quad Security System with 4 Night Vision), though small, are OUTSTANDING! I am a manager for the Paranormal Private Investigator's Association here in North Florida. We purchased these cameras for the most reasonable price ever! I couldn't believe the price. I was very worried that they wouldn't work well or they would only go about 10 feet. Not So! We investigated one site, using the 60foot cables that came with them and these cameras picked up about 15 to 20 feet in the low light areas we were watching. In the pitch dark room it still picked up about 8 feet but that picture was very clear and I was amazed that they worked so well! I urge everyone that is searching for night vision cameras for the "inside" of a building, to get these cameras. We haven't tried them outside yet because Florida is very humid and I didn't want to risk moisture damage. The remote works fabulously as well as the control box. We get all 4 cameras to come up on the monitor simultaneously. We've connected it to a dvr so we can record the images and they even recorded with amazin clarity.

    Get These Cameras Now!! You won't be sorry.
    ...more info
  • SVAT CVQ1000
    I purchased the Security Camera System about a month ago and I am pleased with the quality for the price. They were easy to install.
    I would have liked to have some 100-foot cables but could not
    find out where to order them. Other than that I was able to use
    the 60foot cables that came with the SVAT CVQ1000 system.
    So far a good buy...
    Howard WV
    ...more info
  • SVAT CVQ1000 Review
    Great product. Very pleased. Each camera has a 60 ft. cable, picture clarity is great, simple male-female connections. On the down side...IR range is about 10 ft. or less, and You'll need some 90 degree brackets if You want to keep the image verticle. Processing was very speedy,payed extra for express and recieved it in 3 days.First time Amazon shopper and I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Great buy
    I bought this system over wireless systems because I'd heard an awful lot about poor reception , and interference . I installed this over a period of a couple days , running the wiring through my attic.I have two cameras inside and two out. I also hooked it up to two different monitors that I had.I got the splitter at Radioshack. After it was all done and hooked up I was really impressed with it's clearity. It's remarkable. I have had it up for a month now with no problems.I emailed tech support asking about an adjustment in setting up the cameras and I got an immediate response to my question. It's even clear at night.I can see what's going on in all parts of my house....more info