Quicken Personal Finances 2007 for Mac
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Quicken 2007 lets you track all your financial information and make the right spending decisions. You'll have all you need to know about your financial status right at your fingertips, and make informed choices in minutes. Quicken Basic works just like your checkbook, so it's easy to get started. You'll be able to see your complete financial picture in minutes!

If you're a Mac user, Quicken 2007 for Mac is exactly what you want to manage all of your finances. With Quicken for Mac, you can track, save and invest with the ultimate personal financial management software created for the Macintosh platform. Quicken for Mac now delivers all the most important features and benefits of Quicken Deluxe 2007 for Windows -- along with exciting Mac exclusives that leverage the full power of the Macintosh operating system.

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Track your expenses in minute detail so you can manage your budget more effectively. View larger.

Quicken 2007 for Mac helps you easily track and analyze the performance of your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA's and 401(k)'s View larger.

Use OSX's iPhoto to create a visual record of your home inventory. View larger.
The Ultimate Financial Management Tool
Quicken for Mac 2006 is the comprehensive personal finance software for the Mac platform. It's been designed for -- and by -- Mac users, and lets you track all of your expenses and manage your cash. By keeping track of your income and expenses with a Mac-exclusive iCal feature, you can easily manage your household cash flow and avoid unpleasant surprises. Visualizing exactly where you money is going will help you to more easily manage your spending.

Quicken can also help you pay bills, balance your accounts and reconcile bank statements more easily than ever. An improved access to all of your accounts from one place and with just one password, along with improved compatibility with more than 4,000 participating financial institutions, means that you'll have all the information you need about your balances at your fingertips at all times. And when April 15 comes around, the software will help you to organize your tax information so you can easily find the tax deductions you deserve. This makes tax time much less stressful.

If you need to track your investments, Quicken 2007 for Mac is designed to help by letting you easily track and analyze the performance of your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA's and 401(k)'s. By putting all of your investment accounts at the tip of your fingers, you can quickly compare your portfolio to market averages so you can see how you're doing. With the software's powerful investment management tools, you can define your goals and conduct your own research. Quicken Premier also sends you investment alerts. You can get the latest news on your favorite stocks and funds so you can make informed and timely decisions. Intelligent and tax-smart investing insights alert you to more tax-efficient investments, opportunities to offset capital gains or losses or when other taxable events occur.

Mac-Exclusive Features
While Quicken 2007 for Mac gives you all of the robust financial management features of the Quicken programs for Windows, it has the added advantage of offering features that you can only find on a Mac. For instance, you can use Mac's iPhoto to create a visual record of your home inventory. Using pictures of your home inventory from your iPhoto library is a unique and terrific way for expediting insurance claims and maintaining a visual track of your assets. Simply take digital shots of your rooms, furniture and valuables, then add them to your Home Inventory records within seconds. Quicken 2007 for Mac makes it unbelievably easy -- and fun! -- to track all your home valuables.

  • No rebate needed - not eligible for Intuit mail in rebates.
  • Schedule bills payments in iCal; never miss another bill due date again
  • Easily track and analyze the performance of your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA's and 401(k)'s
  • Use iPhoto to create visual portfolio of your valuables; ideal for insurance applications and claims
  • Keeps all your tax documents in one place; connect to your online accounts in minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • What a Disaster!
    Recently bought my wife a new Macbook and did not realize that converting from Windows Quicken to Quicken for MAC would be a disaster. The files do not convert properly. Ten years of transactions are screwed up. Intuit should be ashamed of themselves for selling this product as Quicken. There should be a warning label on the Quicken for MAC box that the Windows Quicken files are not compatible. What a waste of money. The only choice now is to run Windows on the MAC and Quicken for Windows....more info
  • JUNK
    The Mac version of Intuit Quicken is complete garbage. I used to use the PC version, so when I switched to Mac, I thought it was a no brainer to get the Mac Version. Big mistake.

    The best work to describe the software is clunky. Unlike its PC counterpart, it doesn't work very well--one of the rare instances of a Mac product actually being inferior to a PC product. It doesn't sort data columns, so it's very difficult to say, see what payments you made to the same payee. It also uses weird rules to categorize your downloaded transactions; if you don't watch them like a hawk, it will confuse all your inter-account transactions.

    The result is once a month I end up reconciling my checking accounts by hand, thus defeating the purpose of financial management software.

    I'm replacing this just as soon as I can find something better.

    Save your MONEY!!!! ...more info
  • Save your money!
    If you are a user of Quicken for Windows, don't even think of switching to this product. Spend your money on Parallels, and run the Windows version on your Mac. Quicken for the Mac would not be a good deal if they gave it away for nothing. Too many things, including conversion of your data files, just do not work....more info
  • Definitely Satisfied
    I had been a user of the PC version of Quicken for years. This was the only program left that I was still using on the PC as I've been trying to avoid putting windows on my MACBook for just one or two programs. Although there were a lot of negative reviews I went ahead and decided to try it. I have not been disappointed. I followed the directions for transfering my files and everything came over to the MAC seamlessly. I don't put investments on it, but I have all my checking, savings, credit cards, and loans on it. I had everything over in a matter of moments and was able to start inputing new information on the MAC right away.

    I can't tell you how it works for all the higher end features, but if you are tracking and balancing regular accounts it works just as well as the PC version. Of course things look a little different but I got used to it very quickly and am very happy I have everything all in one place. As I use it more I'm sure I might find out more I like or run across problems, but have not yet and would recommend this program for anyone that wants to keep track of their personal finances. ...more info
  • Very different than Windows version, but that's okay!
    Yes, like many others when I first bought this version of Quicken I had just crossed over from windows to mac. I had some difficulty adjusting to the different interface, and a few quirks when transferring my account data over, but now that I've been using it exclusively for about 5 months it is just great. If you're switching from PC to Mac, just think of this as a different product and don't expect the exact same features. I find this one actually easier now that I've used it. I was just used to where everything was in the windows world since I had been using that for so long.

    Here are the things that I think can be improved on the Mac version:

    + there's no way to sort the account register by amount. You can only sort by date and the check number field. I like to sort by amount sometimes so I can find a specific dollar amount (minor irritation)

    + the reporting feature is a bit cumbersome. If you're like me, you'll want to just click the buttons and get your report created without having to read the documentation. I managed to get what I needed without the help screens, but it was still a bit of work. Thinking back, I had this same problem with the Windows version, so this is not a Mac vs Windows issue - it's an overall Quicken issue.

    + I was really annoyed with the way it connected to my online banking accounts when I first started using this version. I think it can still be improved like the Windows version. With the Windows version, one click from inside Quicken and it's connecting to my bank and downloading the latest transactions for all my accounts. With the Mac version I have to login to my bank then download each account's activity file. Now that I'm used to it, it is less irritating to me, but it still would be nice to have that one click feature back.

    What I do like about the Mac version:

    It works. It does what I want it to do and it does it well. I don't need to keep a Windows computer around just to do my banking. When I switched to Mac, I switched to Mac - it's all or nothing for me.

    I don't do a lot of finance work with Quicken, never did. I just keep track of my checking, savings and credit cards. I know there are a lot more features should I ever need them. But I like simple, quick and easy. Quicken 2007 for the Mac works for me.

    ++UPDATE: I am using this on a MacBook Pro (Intel version) with OSX....more info
  • Do Something Else
    Quicken is currently incapable of supporting their products. Quicken destroyed my data and the backup while corrupting the application and making it impossible to load. Customer Service is third-world in every sense of the word. Their server has been down for weeks and they don't know if or when it will be working again. You cannot register your product or install the updater.

    Do not buy....more info
  • onwer
    I has a PC version where when you look at the calendar, you can also track monies spend day per day. Can not find this useful feature. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    First of all. I love my Mac. I switched over from Windows and would never go back. The only thing that I miss from Windows is Quicken. I bought Quicken for the Mac and it just doesn't work.

    It did a decent job importing info from my old quicken files but the problems started almost immediately. One day when I opened up the program and found out that I had a negative balance in my checkbook. Quicken had created multiple copies of some of my entries and deducted them from my balance. For instance, if I paid an electric bill, Quicken would report that I had paid it several times and deducted from my balance all of the duplicate payments. It did that with scattered entries - it duplicated some checks but not all checks and it duplicated none of the deposits. The end result was that it calculated a negative balance in my checkbook based upon all the multiple debits. I spent 15 minutes deleting all the multiple entries.

    It also could not download information properly. If I was going to reconcile an account - I had to edit it and do it by hand. What is the purpose of having financial software if you have to do the entries by hand.

    I struggled with Quicken for Mac for a couple of weeks and then just deleted it off my system. Now I run Windows on a virtual computer on the Mac - using Fusion Software - and run Quicken for Windows inside the virtual machine. It is the only Windows program that I still use. This works good as a workaround - but I would prefer a Quicken for Mac that actually works....more info
  • The single worst program EVER writter
    update 4 months later...

    this review will be especially meaningful if you're coming from a PC... if you're consider this program for the first time, you'll be better off buying a blackboard and a box of chalk...

    there is no doubt in my mind this is without question the single WORST program i've ever used... it's clumsy and difficult to use.. there are only two ways to sort while you reconcile your account... date and number... and if during the reconcile process you find a missing check or deposit there are no live updates... so should you go back into the registry and add a new item, there is no update in reconcile(but this does happens in the PC version)... so instead you have to start the WHOLE RECONCILE PROCESS OVER... you're going to need to be in a world of hurt before you order this program... take the money you plan on spending for this program and buy lottery tickets... i don't support the lottery, but it's got to be a less painful way of wasting your money than buying Quicken for Mac...

    for years i've been working off of two laptops... a pc for my money and a mac for everything else... after ten years i finally got tired of going back and forth (i've moved to several pc's and different versions of quicken over the years without a single problem) ... i read all the reviews for quicken for mac (i don't have a single bad thing to say about the PC version. Couldn't have imagined life without it) and really didn't find a whole lot of users happy with the mac version, but i figured how bad can it be?
    simply put, it might be the single worst piece of software i've ever used... it has practically none of the features you find in the pc version... it's clumsy, hard to navigate and is just one step above using a paper check registry...
    i could go on forever about how much i dislike everything about the program, but i hope you don't make the same mistake i did... if you're only using it as a check registry, you're fine...
    bottom line, it's just awful
    ...more info
  • Attention Mac Users
    For the love all that is good in this world...run, do not walk, RUN away from this software. Where should you run to? A copy of parallels, VM ware, or bootcamp and get the windows version of this program. Since switching to the mac I have been frustrated with this "software". It had been sometime since I had used personal financial software and the first time on a mac. I thought man....this program seems worst than my 2002 version on windows. After trying the usual suspects, liquid ledger, ibank, icash etc. I went to the windows 2008 version of quicken via parallels. Oh my god! the feature set is night and day. The windows version has about 15 essential features that the mac shows no signs of ever attempting.
    Until Intuit gets serious about the mac version stay away from this nonsense....more info
  • Horrible! Crashes every time you open it.
    This program crashes way too often, sometimes so much so that I can't use it at all. Would not recommend this for anybody....more info
  • Can I give it Zero Stars?
    Absolutely no relation to the Windows version except in name. A complete disaster that is both a visual and physical mess. If you like the look of the Windows versions, be prepared for a shock - Mac's version is completely different. Claims to convert QIF files from Windows to Mac which it does -- too bad the end result is nothing like what you previously had. Loses figures and accounts quicker than you can blink an eye or will mistake one entry for another because the entry code is different from Windows to Mac (for no apparent reason).

    Fortunately, I had 60 day money back guarantee. Took me all of a week to figure out what a disaster this was before I got my money back....more info
  • Quicken 2007 Mac Fails Like Other Versions Before
    My Quicken Mac 2005 data file was acting strange when I would download security updates. After updating security prices, many of my security prices would disappear altogether making a mess out of my data file. I tried all the fixes as per the help file and nothing worked. I decided then that I should upgrade to Quicken Mac 2007, the latest version as surely Quicken in the two years since, would have fixed whatever the problem was that was occurring with my old 2005 version. After purchasing the 2007 version and installing it, I was having the same problem. There was no difference in the 2007 version. I then decided to call Quicken Support. They explained to me that they would help me, but that there was a substantial charge for telephone support and that I should utilize their no cost email support. I tried that and they explained that the support I needed could only be done via their telephone support. I telephoned again and they refused to help me without charge. I guess my ten years plus as a loyal Quicken customer is not important to them. ...more info
  • Woefully incomplete, incompatible
    If you're considering switching from Windows to Mac, you need to either cross Quicken off your list or forget about your old data. I have years of financial data that simply disappears or becomes corrupt when attempting to convert it from Windows to Mac Quicken. The best Intuit will do for you is charge you to reset your balances (seriously!). We decided we'd just start with new books, but then found the Mac version so be so short of features compared to the Windows that we simply abandoned it and now run Windows Quicken on XP under Parallels. When we can find a Mac product by *anybody* that can import the Quicken data, we're kicking Intuit to the curb without regret....more info
  • Really bad product. Bugs. Poor Design. Not Mac Friendly.
    It's as if the designers of this program have never used a mac. This is not intuitive compared to the windows version. All the accounts are clumped together. Worse of all, however, is that it crashes all the time and good luck trying to reload -- sometimes it just won't and if you haven't backed up an older file, you have lost everything. Quicken dumped their worst designers on Mac users for this one....more info
  • Such a bummer product. Makes me dislike my MAC
    I've used Windows Quicken comfortably for years. It was good enough. I've changed to Mac because of a crashed Windows computer and this has been truly painful. The data importation created 3 versions of some entries but not others. With no ability to sort by amounts I've had to tediously remove the duplications. It has different names for capital gains/ dividend etc and doesn't explain what these new labels mean.
    At this point I'm ready to just use my Windows laptop. I've never rated a product this lowly ever before....more info
  • Very Disapointed
    I am very disapointed by that software. You cannot use other ccy than dollar. Same for stocks only US ones.
    It is useful if you have only US assets or accounts, but not if you have multi-currency accounts, and assets overseas....more info
  • New Mac Users Don't be Duped into getting this product!
    I recently decided to move from Windows to the Mac.. A move I'm glad I made.. But Moving to Quicken For Mac is a move I regret. For Years I've been using MS Money on Windows.. When I moved to the Mac I wanted to have a native app to use for managing my finances. I thought Quicken would be a good choice.. Boy was I wrong.. Quicken says that it was designed for the Mac, by Mac Users.. I would like to know what users they are talking to.. The interface is horrible, nothing like all the other well thought out and designed applications I have on my Mac. The software is buggy, slow, and the automatic downloading from my Banks isn't working.

    I've started using VMware Fusion to run MS Money.. It's not native, but Quicken Mac is so horrible there isn't much else I can do.. If you just switched to the Mac, or are planning to.. Save yourself the hassle and just get VMware or Parallels and run your old Windows app of choice for now.. Sadly it's a better option then this product....more info
  • Save Your Money
    This product is junk--difficult to use. You are working for the software instead of vice versa. Clumsy handling of data and poor screen presentation. Sorry I wasted my money. ...more info
  • Smooth Transition To Mac
    I am very happy with Quicken 2007 for Mac. I had read many reviews on this software program, and was very reluctant to purchase the software based on what had been said in the reviews. Finally after not seeing a lot of other choices, I decided to ignore the reviews and purchase Quicken 2007 for Mac. I had been a long time user of Quicken on my PC's and was afraid of what would happen if I switched over on the Mac. Simply put, the switch was very easy to accomplish. Now I am mad at myself for waiting so long to switch. Just Do It!! the program really works. Ordering from Amazon made it very simple and quick. I love the quick delivery and the pricing at amazon....more info
  • Work's GREAT!
    I have used Quicken on the PC. The interface is a little busy but once you get used to it - it works extremely well. I love the WIDGET that you can use so you can enter payments and deposits without actually having to open the program - nice touch!

    Again when anything is new to people they start bashing things as NEGATIVE. Take the time to work with this program and you will be very happy. You can import you PC version data file in no problem.

    ENJOY and NO MORE PC headaches (viruses, sluggish machines) the iMAC is the best COMPUTER I have owned in a very long time. Yes it was expensive but it's worth every penny!...more info
  • quicken for mac 2007
    I am very happy with this product. It works great and I was able to easily transfer over my old 2001 files. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    We had been using Quicken on my wife's PC laptop. When that laptop died a death, we decided to move our finances to my Mac. Part of the problem is that the interface simply doesn't look as professional as it did on the PC. I could get past that, except that the program seems to crash at least once a session. I've only been using it for a few weeks and am still trying to see if I can figure out the cause for the crashes. But, so far, it's been a pretty frustrating program....more info
  • cumbersome
    Like much software made for your computer, this one caters to the pc world, not the Mac world. You will not get any support from Intuit, so you are on your own. The "chat" you might be able to get for support will be "offshore" chat, so be prepared for that. If you have used Quicken in the past, you can probably work around this version. I have found some calculation errors, beware. The "back up" feature is a bit cumbersome, too. Depending on your system (Mac), your most recent back up will be hard to find until you develop a "system."...more info
  • Attention Mac Users
    For the love all that is good in this world...run, do not walk, RUN away from this software. Where should you run too? A copy of parallels, VM ware, or bootcamp and get the windows version of this program. Since switching to the mac I have been frustrated with this "software". It had been sometime since I had used personal financial software and the first time on a mac. I thought man....this program seems worst than my 2002 version on windows. After trying the usual suspects, liquid ledger, ibank, icash etc. I went to the windows 2008 version of quicken via parallels. Oh my god! the feature set is night and day. The windows version has about 15 essential features that the mac shows no signs of ever attempting.
    Until intuit gets serious about the mac version stay away from this nonsense....more info