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Quicken Home & Business 2007 [OLDER VERSION]
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Product Description

Plan and save for today and tomorrow with Home &Business! Product Information Life just got easier for small businesses and self-employed professionals.Quicken Home & Business 2007 now gives you even more control over both yourpersonal and small business finances.? Quicken Home & Business 2007includes all the personal budgeting and investment management features ofQuicken Pr

Things just got a bit easier for small businesses and self-employed professionals. Quicken Home and Business 2007 can offer you unprecedented control over both your business and personal finances. By simplifying the tasks of managing your payables and receivables, and providing you with easy-to-read graphs and charts at the tips of your fingers, Quicken Home and Business makes it easier than ever to run your business efficiently and profitably.

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Quicken Home and Business helps you to produce, and customize, valuable business documents and reports. View larger.
Customizable Estimates, Invoices, and More
Adding your own personalized touch to estimates, invoices, and business reports can set you apart from your competitors. Quicken Home and Business helps you to produce, and customize, valuable business reports, such as invoices, Schedule C, cash flow, P&L and others quickly and easily. You can place your company logo on invoices and forms for a more creative, professional look.

Instant Overviews of Your Business
To succeed, every business owner must have quick and easy access to information. With Quicken Home and Business, you can see how your business is doing by offering an instant overview of all your unpaid invoices, upcoming bills and more. By letting you create reports and graphs quickly and easily, you'll always have a visual picture of sales, profits, and expenses at your fingertips for any given time period. You can even print or save PDFs of cash flow reports, balance sheets, P&L statements, and more.

And as every business owner know, cash is king. By helping you to manage your cash flow more effectively and monitor your expenditures, you'll gain more flexibility to allocate funds where and when you need to. Quicken Home and Business helps you to do just that providing you with the information that you need, when you need it.

Keeping Your Personal Finances Personal
Quicken Premier Home and Business 2006 delivers all the personal budgeting and investment management features of Quicken Premier 2007 -- plus it gives you the power to easily separate business and personal expenses. Quicken Premier Home and Business makes it easy to track and categorize expenses, with tools and reports like the Schedule C tax form.

Get detailed income and expense reports, as well as other valuable business information. View larger.
With over 4,000 participating financial institutions -- and more being added all the time -- downloading your banking, credit card and investment information directly into Quicken lets you manage your finances quickly and easily.

When it's time to check in with the tax man, Quicken Premier Home and Business 2006 will take care of you. By letting your transfer you data directly into TurboTax software (sold separately), you'll avoid hours of headaches trying to gather all the information you need for the IRS, and you'll greatly reduce the possibility of losing important data that could save you money in taxes. (Depending on your tax deductions, you might want to consult the chart on the right to determine which Quicken product is best for you.) Quicken Premier 2007 will help you to optimize your returns and avoid April 15th surprises by putting all your tax documents in one place and attaching receipts and other tax information. The software will seamlessly help you to use Schedule A, B, and D Tax Reports to help you stay on top of your investment tax situation throughout the year.

  • No rebate needed - not eligible for Intuit mail in rebates.
  • Easily track supplies, telephone, vehicle costs and more to monitor your P&L, budget and spending
  • Business Center gives you instant overviews of all your unpaid invoices, upcoming bills and more
  • Connect with over 4,000 participating financial institutions to download your bank and credit card information for easy reconciliation
  • Creates visual picture of sales, profits and expenses for any time period; prints or saves PDFs of cash flow reports, balance sheets, P&L statements and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Sloooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
    Been using Quicken for years, and this is by far the worst version ever. On my 2GHz PC I can see the screen redrawing because of all the fancy stuff they are trying to do with the interface - stuff that BTW adds little value to the overall application. It's a total dog!

    I'd stick with the 2006 version if I had the opportunity to go back. Unfortunately now that I've upgraded I believe I'm stuck. ...more info
  • Don't upgrade to this product.
    I purchased and installed the new version of Quicken Home & Business. The first thing I noticed was that some software design genius decided that it would be a good idea to put black text on a dark background in the account bar. Also when the balance amounts are checked to not show in the total they a light grey color and become almost invisible. I searched everywhere for a place to change the color and after contacting Intuit I found out that you can't change it.

    I have use Quicken for over 10 years and have always liked the product but this time I'm sending it back and reinstalling the 2006 version so I can read the screen. If you're thinking about upgrading to the 2007 version don't! Keep what you have. The upgrade isn't that different than the 2006 product....more info
  • So how long before the patches are released to address bugs?
    OK, so I bought 2006 back in July, because I'd previously been at 2003, and needed to upgrade so that I could take advantage of the online banking and account download, which was going obsolete with 2003 (Grrr.)

    But then I found out that 2007 was going to be released in just a couple of weeks. I contacted quicken and they told me they would send me 2007 for free since I just purchased 2006. So I figured I'd just wait and use '07.

    Installed '07, and things generally seemed to go OK. For the first few weeks.

    But then I started having problems with downloading from some accounts. At this point, I'm baffled at why I can't get some of my automatic web update working on accounts that it used to. I have one account that each time I go into, it tells me that "my bank requires me to change the password the first time I do a web connect". So I type in the old password, and then a new one... and it fails to do a web connect. So then I do it again. Says it wants me to change the password again.

    Then I see a new "Checking2" account that shows up. Where did that come from? There's nothing in it.

    At this point, I'm "into" 2007... So I'm probably not going to uninstall and go back to 2006, but at the same time, I'm "afraid" to even go into 2007 to do things with my accounts for fear that it's going to corrupt my file and leave me stranded.

    I've been loyal ever since I used Quicken on my 16MHz Macintosh LC back in 1990. The product rocked back then and was so easy to use, and it was good on the PC when I switched over a few years later... I think even Quicken 98 was decent, but started heading in the wrong direction. Then with Quicken 2003, I started being disappointed with how they changed the interaction. What happened to the MDI style interface? I liked being able to have more than one account register up at a time. Now with 2007, they don't introduce any more important features... just bugs.

    There is a big difference between products that are created by enthusiastic visionaries, and those that are produced by the bloated corporations that follow, who end up hiring large teams of people who don't have much in common with the original founder(s).

    So which nimble, intelligent visionary is going to give us the next great money management product that will take over where Quicken and MS Money should have gone?...more info
  • Easy to Use for Home Finance Records
    We purchased this to keep track of our home budget and our small business accounting. It is easy to use, lets you see where all of your money is going, allows you to forcast your budget surplus and shortfalls. My wife uses this daily and she has no formal training in business or accounting....more info
  • Bugs and unwieldy
    I had been using Microsoft Money 2003 fr quite some time and decided a change was needed when Money kept hassling me to update. The final straw was when Money stopped updating my stock quotes.

    I had read about Quicken, but wasn't sure what to expect. After using this version for three months, I feel that both Microsoft and Quicken's products are awful. Reviews from PC World indicate that both of these products had they heyday in 2003-2004... but have been going downhill ever since.

    My biggest problem with Quicken is that it's very hard to use, organize and has TOO many options. Plus, the stock quote function is buggy as many Quicken users have already mentioned.

    Now I am using Mint (from and, so far, I'm really enjoying its simplicity and design. I would HIGHLY recommend Mint for those looking to keep track of personal and family finances. ...more info
  • Quicken Slow
    I have been using Quicken 2000 for seven years and only bought Q2007 H&B after upgrading my OS from WinME to XP. Q2000 cannot now be registered and quickly timed out. Q2007 converted the Q2000 files even on my backup hard drive. Not good!
    Although Q2007 works the help files just come up as Java script files and Intuit has not been able to sort this out although they have tried hard to do so.
    The user interface screens have become far to fussy and not easily customisable. The only gain I have found is better customsation of reports. ...more info
  • Strangling on its own success
    A software publisher like Intuit can't leave well enough alone. They'd go out of business if they did that, so they keep releasing new versions of products that have already reached perfection or something close to it. Or, as is the case with Quicken, the older versions simply worked.

    Now I finally got around to upgrading to Quicken Home & Business 2007. It runs without crashing - but most of the new features seem to be advertising for Intuit products and services.

    What used to be transparent features, such as downloading credit card transactions and importing them into your accounts is given a fancy name ("web connect") and obfuscated. Try looking up "qfx" file in the Quicken Help system. Nothing really useful. Try looking up "importing credit card data" and you get hundreds of results. It appears that they scooped up everything from their online forums and dumped into their help file. It doesn't work well.

    I finally found the answer I needed: don't fix it if it ain't broken. Once I thoroughly learn this version of Quicken, I will not update again until there is absolutely no choice. If anything, either Intuit should bring out a version with fewer "features" or someone should seize the market opportunity for a product that simply works.

    Jerry...more info