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Combo Pack of 40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Early Pregnancy Tests
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Product Description

Our Combo Value Pack (40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Early Pregnancy Tests) is the ideal way to purchase our highly sensitive (and FDA-Approved) tests - at a highly discounted price! Our ovulation tests allow you to determine when your "LH Surge" occurs - the brief rise in luteinizing hormone in urine right before ovulation. Our ovulation tests are highly sensitive to the LH hormone in urine (they detect just 25 miu/ml LH), and provide easy to interpret results. Our early-detection pregnancy tests provide you with an easy, reliable means of determining if you are pregnant - sooner! Sensitive to 20 miu/ml hcg, you are able to begin testing as soon as just 6-8 days after conception occurs - well in advance of a missed period.

  • Value Pack of 40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Earliest Detection Pregnancy Tests
  • All Tests FDA-Approved and over 99% Accurate!
  • Allows you to pinpoint when ovulation occurs - the time you're most likely to conceive!
  • Provides earliest detection of pregnancy - more sensitive than drugstore brands!

Customer Reviews:

  • Best for the money!
    This is a great product. Definitly easy to use, easy to read and very very accurate. You get 3 times as many tests then you would if you bought ovulation tests over the counter and the best thing about it, they cost a lot less too! Love it, would definitly recommend this to anyone needing a little help getting pregnant!...more info
  • no positive result!
    I was thrilled with the price, and had no problems with the online instructions. However, I had two cycles where my temperatures suggested I was ovulating, but the test was negative - the color of the test line wasn't even close to dark. I switched back to the name-brand ovulation kits this month and compared the positive from that side-by-side with this strip, and this still read as negative....more info
  • Good Value, Quick to Ship!
    If it is one thing that stuck out from my experience with this place is that it is FAST! With regular (free!) shipping, I got my order in a few days flat. For those out there who use these tests, this is not really something you want to wait around for weeks to have it arrive!

    The test were good quality and you can't beat the price! The extra pregnancy test are definitely a bonus, since those are usually quite pricey at the store!

    While using this stuff doesn't guarantee that you'll get pregnant immediately, it is good for tracking your schedule and knowing for (fairly!) certain when you ovulate!...more info
  • Cheap and efficient
    The seller is extremely trustworthy and when the shipping was delayed immediately mailed me assuring me delivery soon.As far as the product is concerned,its packed very well and i recieved the instructions along it.Great value for money.Havnt used it as yet so will update this review as soon as i use it.

    Its been 2 months of testing with these OPKs.They very accurately predict the LH surge and are very easy to interpret.A light test line usually beens that the actual day of ovulation is right around the corner so get busy!!!!Oh i still havnt gotten pregnant as yet..guess some ppl just take a longer time...i will have to pick up another bunch nxt month and i will def go with this seller...more info
  • Cheap and Good Tests but still waiting...
    I only used Ovulation Strip so far. Easy to use. Strip showed positive result for ovulation. I will write an additional update if something happens. :) ...more info
  • Simple and effective
    Both the ovulation and pregnancy test strips were easy to use and easy to read. Great bargain, and it arrived quickly. Also very accurate -- we got pregnant the first time we used the ovulation predictor! Guess we don't need all those extra strips now, but it was nice to have them just in case. Great product!...more info
  • Never a Positive..
    I used these for 2 cycles and never got a positive sign...might have to test with the more expensive ones to see if they were giving me a false negative..
    Directions are fine and easy just not sure if the product works for me....more info
  • works great
    This product does what it claims to do. The instructions are online and it's easy to read, easy to follow....more info
  • Valuable product
    I am staying in Singapore. The shipment reached me much earlier than it has promised. :)
    The test result is clear. But, i got the 2nd line only lighter to the control line for the 1st month trying. After done some research, i learnt that LH surge only last for about 24 hours. So, i should use it at the same time everyday to get more accurate result. The surge period is different from one to another, so we might need to test twice a day to confirm the result.
    Anyway, i think it is very much cheaper as i only can get an ovulation test more than SGD20+ in Singapore.
    I would recommend it to my friends. :)...more info
  • great value
    I thought I would give this a try because I wanted to know when our best chance was without costing a fortune. The O tests were great and did exactly what they were supposed to for me, the pregnancy tests I tried 4,2 & 1 days before my period and got a really faint line and really took between 5-10 minutes to appear so i wasn't sure what that meant, but it did seem to get a little darker each time, turns out I'm PG first time round trying these products, so I'm a happy customer!!!...more info
  • Great price
    If you're obsessive about trying to conceive, like I am, you probably want enough OPKs to test multiple times a day for at least a week (just to be sure). This combo pack had enough OPKs for me to test for 2-3 cycles. I had no problem reading the results of the OPKs - in fact, by testing twice a day, I could see a darkening pattern which gave me extra notice. I also like having 10 HPTs because I can start testing earlier (at 9DPO) without worrying about wasting tests. Make sure you always read the results within the time window, because the pregnancy test strips tend to develop evaporation lines (gray shadow that may look like a slight positive but are negative) if they are read after the maximum time (I think 10 minutes) has passed....more info
  • Inexpensive, but need a back up
    These are super-cheap and allow me to test as often as I want without feeling guilty. The only problem I have is that I am never 100% sure if the test is positive. The lines don't show up as solidly as some of the more expensive brands, so you have to look for the darkest part of the test line to compare it to the darkest part of the control line (usually the left 1/4 of the line for me). I keep some digital OPKs to use when I think I have a positive with these strips. The two together seem to work great! ...more info
  • cheap for a reason
    Good: Order arrived VERY quickly, was well packaged and no issues w/ order.
    Bad: This brand of OPKs are extremely streaky. The control line and the test line have varying levels of dye within the line. So some parts of the line could be darker than the control, other parts are lighter. A positive should show as dark or darker than the control line but how am I supposed to tell when it's so streaky and varied? I will not buy again. I liked the strips from Early Pregnancy Tests much better:

    Combo Pack of 20 Ovulation Tests and 5 Early Pregnancy Tests...more info
  • Good price and works well
    These are very easy to use once you understand the instructions and the results. It's hard to figure out at first if you have a positive result, but once you see one you know what you are looking for. I did receive them about 1 week later than the estimated shipment date though. ...more info
  • Value for money!
    These products work the same as the other expensive test products that are out in the market. It is not fancy! So if you want fancy, this may not be it....more info
  • Easy to use... once you know how.
    I've used these for my last 3 pregnancies and they've been extrememly accurate with the timing of ovulation. They do not come with instructions though so I had to search the web for them. Once I knew how to test/read results accurately it was a cinch. ...more info
  • Great Price, Great Product
    It has the exact same function as the expensive ones in CVS stores, while much cheaper. My wife got pregnant right after using this to monitor the ovulation. I would like to recommend this to everyone....more info