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6ft USB Type A Male to Mini B (5 Pin) Male Cable
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  • USB2.0 certified
  • Works with most digital cameras, digital camcorders and other digital devices
  • Fast data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect!
    These are exactly what I needed to charge up my Playstation Controllers. Very affordable and worked perfectly....more info
  • It Could Work
    USB cables are actually quirky cables. Depending on the quality, they work well for some applications but fail miserably for others. If you use this cable for printers and most MP3 players, you will probably have no problems.

    But switch use it on a universal card reader, digital camera, digital camcorder, or hard drive and you may be disappointed. At best, your device may occasionally dismount/disconnect. At worst, your computer may not properly recognize or connect to your device. This is when you'd have to spend a few extra bucks for some really premium USB cables....more info
  • Good Cable - Unbeatable Price
    I needed a cable for my new WD Elements portable HD longer than the 6 inch one supplied with the drive. After recovering from a heart attack from seeing what my local Staples wanted for a 6 ft cable ($21!!!) I decided to look elsewhere. I found these for a cent each + 2.98 each shipping. I figured for less than 3 bucks each it was worth the "risk," so I ordered three.

    The arrived today and I have to say I am pleased. They look like they are well made. There is no indication of where they are made, but I would bet it's not USA for this price.

    At first I thought they wouldn't work for the drive when I plugged it into a connection on my monitor-based hub. The light on the drive came on and flickered on and off, but was not recognized by the computer. Then I switched the cable to a connection on the computer and it powered up and was recognized by the computer, so I guess there is just enough power loss in the former setup. (This would be a problem with any cable of this length.)

    So if you need an extension cable, you can't beat this deal. They shipped promptly from a third-party supplier and came in less than a week....more info
  • Great
    These cables are wonderful and for the price, I could not beat it. They give great flexibility and we use them for our GPS devices. Not a single problem!...more info
  • Works with Garmin nuvi 200 GPS
    I bought this for my Garmin nuvi 200 GPS. This is the right cable. It fits the back and plugs into computers to download new voices and vehicles. It works well and saves a bundle on "brand name" usb cables. I highly recommend it....more info