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Easy Sprout Sprouter
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  • Great Product
    This sprouter works exactly as described. I am growing sprouts much more successfully since I purchased it. I will be ordering more when I have a chance....more info
  • Best Sprouter but BEWARE
    From what I've heard and read this is the best sprouter around and so cheap! The capacity is large and includes an insert for very small seeds. The plastic is very durable and easy to clean. No complaints about this product. It comes with a sprouting guide but I used the instructions on [...]m and came out with great quinoa sprouts! Beware: When shaking out the water be sure you use a cover. Once you get to the second or third rinse you start getting a little lax and I've accidentally dumped my second day sprouts TWICE. Trust me, you won't regret it if you use the cover when shaking the water out....more info
  • Not a Happy user
    I used this product for couple of months. I bought it because it looked like a easy way to sprout seeds. But only 60-70% of my seeds sprout even after using high-quality germinating seeds and following their instructions. I was better off with my previous method of using a bowl/sieve to sprout where I was able to sprout 80-90% of my seeds. ...more info
  • Great product
    I've used this to produce batch after batch of great sprouts with no issues. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that the instructions are confusing and contradictory....more info
  • This is great now that I know what I'm doing!
    I'm new to sprouts and others were right about the directions--they are confusing. I went to the company's website and that helped a little, then I did a google search and found wonderful step-by-step directions on how to grow sprouts. Now that I know what I'm doing, this product is great for growing sprouts! It's really easy and you have all the parts you need right here. If you know how to grow sprouts, buy it! If you don't know how to grow sprouts, buy it and do a google search to learn how!...more info
  • Incredible Sprouter
    I had been searching for a sprouter that would be simple and easy to use, and the Easy Sprout Sprouter is everything I had anticipated and more. So far, I've sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds with incredible ease. It's also great for simply germinating grains or nuts as well. I use it everyday, and I'm going to buy a couple more. It takes up virtually no space and it's great for sprouting or germinating while on the road. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great for sprouting in humid or dry climates
    I've been sprouting for 2 years now. I love my Easy Sprout Sprouter.
    To get the best sprouts from it...

    In a HUMID CLIMATE, leave the LID OFF while sprouts are growing.

    In a DRY CLIMATE, leave the LID ON while sprouts are growing.

    Delicious, crisp sprouts every time!

    ...more info
  • Convenient -- get two!
    This is a very convenient sprout maker, making more than enough for two people to use in salads etc. It's made of lab-grade Nalgene, so maybe it won't leach plasticizers into your food. The inner container has a coarse screen (coarse seeds, like mung beans, use 1/2 C per batch) built into the bottom; just lift it out of the outer container and shake it a few times over the sink to get out ALL THE WATER YOU CAN. The sprouts have never been soggy for me with a little shaking. There are built-in notches to allow the inner container to be suspended in the outer container for extra air-flow. For fine seeds like alfalfa(2 TBS per batch), it has an extra plastic screen to put in the bottom. For VERY fine seeds, I recommend you soak them first before rinsing them the first time. This will swell them enough that they won't go through the fine screen when you rinse. Rinse your sprouts morning and evening every day, and you'll get a crop that can be eaten starting around day 3 depending on what you're sprouting. Buy two sprouters, start one every few days, and you'll always have some sprouts. I alternate fine and large-seeded crops. ...more info
  • E-Z if you know how
    The parts in this item are not clearly identified and the instructions are vague. Although it seems simple, you can't readily figure it out. ...more info
  • Nice - but the directions do stink
    The product is good; but good thing I saved on my DVR the episode of "Gardening by the Yard" where a California man explained the procedure for sprouting broccoli sprouts.

    ...more info