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Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

The first solution that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as Mac OS X--without rebooting--on any Intel-powered iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook or MacBook Pro.

The killer app for Mac is now even better than ever!
Parallels Desktop for Mac enables you to run Windows, Linux, and more side-by-side with Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Mac, without rebooting. With Parallels' award-winning virtualization technology, you can run Mac OS X and your favorite Windows applications at the same time. You can even drag-and-drop files between desktops!

The latest release of Parallels Desktop for Mac comes packed with 50+ new features and enhancements, including SmartSelect, Snapshots, and 3D graphics. Learn more about the new capabilities in the latest release of our award-winning product.
Top 5 reasons to run Parallels:
Run Windows-only applications on your Mac.
Many of today's most popular applications are windows-only. Parallels enables you to run these applications on your Mac. Play computer games? Most PC games only run on Windows. With Parallels, you no longer have to sacrifice your favorite games!
Run Selected 3D Games and Applications.
OpenGL and DirectX support lets you explore a whole new world of 3D games and applications right on your Mac.
Use any phone, MP3 player, and camera with your Mac.
With Parallels, you can use your favorite devices, even if they're Windows-only. Connect your Blackberry, phone, camera, and MP3 player to your Mac!
Run OS X, Windows, and Linux at the same time.
With Parallels, you can run all of your favorite applications at the same time, regardless of the OS! No more rebooting to switch between OSes to use the applications you need.
No-worry migrations!
Parallels Transporter takes the hassle out of migration. No more losing valuable data, customizing your computer all over again, or reinstalling software. In just a few simple steps, you can move your entire existing Windows system to your new Mac.

With the latest version of Parallels, you can:

  • Use Windows and Mac OS X at the same time... without rebooting
  • Run Windows programs like native Mac applications with Parallels Coherence
  • New! Open Windows files with Mac programs and Mac files in Windows programs with Parallels SmartSelect
  • Share files and folders between Windows and Mac OS X
  • New! Browse through Windows folders and access files without launching Windows with Parallels Explorer
  • New! Run today's most popular PC games on a Mac with support for 3D graphics
  • Achieve maximum performance by leveraging Intel Virtualization Technology
  • New! Protect your Windows with Parallels Snapshots
  • Migrate your entire existing PC to your Mac with Parallels Transporter

With Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, you can run Windows applications like they were native to your Mac! Experience the new Coherence mode to enjoy the benefits of both operating systems, without managing two desktops. In Parallels Desktop 3.0, Coherence has been enhanced to make running both operating systems simultaneously even easier and more user-friendly.

Enjoy the benefits of both operating systems, without managing two desktops.

Using Parallels Desktop 3.0's Coherence, you can:

  • Navigate Windows using the Windows taskbar directly on your Mac desktop
  • Hide the Windows taskbar until you need it
  • Launch your favorite Windows applications and access the Windows Start menu straight from your Mac Dock
  • Use your Windows applications right on your Mac desktop, without resizing Windows itself
  • Manage your open documents and files on the Windows taskbar while enjoying your favorite Mac Dock applications at the same time
  • View Windows applications in Dock at your convenience! Choose your level of integration from Never, Always, and Only in Coherence.
  • Maintain seamless access to all of your Windows and Mac documents, files, applications, hardware, and devices, making your user environment truly hassle-free
  • Drag-and-drop files and folders instantly between Windows and Mac OS X
  • Choose the best application for your needs, without flipping from one operating system to another
  • Prefer Coherence over managing two desktops? Boot your virtual system to Coherence at startup, and truly avoid switching between operating systems.
  • Mount your Windows operating system directly on your Mac desktop and enjoy instant access to all of your files, regardless of their OS Enjoy two operating systems while managing only one desktop. Coherence eliminates your having to switch between operating systems to enjoy your favorite Windows and Mac applications. You can almost forget that you're running two OSes!

Transporter is a powerful tool that enables you to migrate your entire PC system to a Parallels virtual machine. Migrate your entire PC system, including operating system, applications, files, and personal settings--without losing data or reinstalling any software.

NEW! Now you can convert VMware Workstation/Server and Virtual PC virtual hard disks to a Parallels virtual machine AND migrate directly to your Mac using FireWire!

Transporter enables you to migrate your entire PC system to a Parallels virtual machine. View the demo.

Supported OSes
Transporter--the application that creates Parallels virtual machines:

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003
* Windows Vista
* Mac OS X
* Linux

Transporter Agent--the provider which enables online migration of Windows PC:

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003

Installation Assistant built-in tool
Thanks to Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac's Installation Assistant, installing Windows on your Mac is now even easier than installing it on a PC! This new built-in tool is already included in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac.

How does it work?
With a powerful, easy to use "Express Windows OS Installation Mode" for Windows Vista and Windows XP, the Installation Assistant completely automates the virtual machine setup and installation of Windows--with almost no user interaction.

Start taking advantage of running Windows on your Mac in just three easy steps:

  • Select which Windows operating system you want to install,
  • Enter your name, company and Windows activation key,
  • Click finish--and let the Installation Assistant do the rest!
You do not need to enter any additional information, select settings, or answer any potentially confusing technical questions. This built-in tool automatically completes the full installation in a pre-designed virtual machine.

After Windows is installed, the Installation Assistant automatically installs Parallels Tools, a free set of useful add-ons that improve networking, video, and sound support, syncs mouse activity and OS system clocks, and enables you to cut, copy, and paste of data, as well as file sharing, between Windows and OS X.

Need to run other operation systems on your Mac?
The Installation Assistant provides improved and user-friendly setup for other versions of Windows, plus any Linux distribution, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS/2, eComStation, and MS-DOS.

NOTE! If you are already using Parallels Desktop for Mac, updating Parallels Desktop 3.0 does not require a reinstall of any guest operating systems or applications. After updating, you should only reinstall Parallels Tools.

SmartSelect enables Mac users to open any Windows or Mac file with whichever software they choose.

View the SmartSelect demo!

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac's new SmartSelect enables Mac users to open any Windows or Mac file with whichever software they choose--regardless of its original OS! Now you can open Windows files with any Mac software and Mac files with any Windows software.

With support in both Windows and Mac OS X and deep document, email, and web-browser integration between the two operating systems, Parallels Desktop 3.0's SmartSelect frees you to choose the best software for the job, without interrupting your workflow.

Previously, Parallels Desktop users had to copy a file into either Windows or Mac OS X to open the file with the application they wanted. Now, in Parallels Desktop 3.0, you can open any file from either OS and view it with the software of your choice.

With SmartSelect, you can:

  • View and edit a file with any compatible PC or Mac software available on your Intel Mac
  • Set file-associations to open a file-type with specific Mac or PC software
  • Set SmartSelect software settings "on the fly" or as the default

Imagine being able to double-click on a text document in Mac Finder and immediately launch Microsoft Word in Windows. Or synchronizing your digital life by playing all the MP3s in your music library with Mac iTunes--even if the files are located in Windows.

Parallels Desktop 3.0's SmartSelect goes beyond document integration. It also supports email and web browsing. Immediately view a PPT file a colleague sent you in Apple Mail using Windows PowerPoint. Click on any hyperlink in an email or document and have your default web-browser--such as Apple's Safari or Microsoft's Internet Explorer--launch. With SmartSelect, the possibilities are endless.

Snapshots enables you to erase mistakes and recover your virtual machine from system crashes and viruses with the click of a button.

View the Snapshot demo.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac's new Snapshots enables you to erase mistakes and recover your virtual machine from system crashes and viruses with the click of a button. Enjoy peace of mind with Parallels Desktop 3.0's Snapshots.

A complete record of your virtual machine at the state it was created--OS, data, software, and settings--Parallels Desktop 3.0's Snapshots enables you to quickly and easily create and save multiple snapshots, even while your virtual machine is running.

In the event a virus or a Windows system crash, you can conveniently rollback your virtual machine to any previously saved state with all of your data and software intact. (As opposed to losing all of your data and reinstalling Windows and all your PC software.) Additionally, periodically creating a set of backups facilitates faster recovery time to get back on your feet, if disaster strikes.

With Parallels Desktop 3.0's Snapshot Manager, you can manage and view all of your snapshots in a tree pane that includes screen shots for each snapshot. Snapshot Manager enables you to revert back to previous snapshots, delete snapshots, and edit description information for each snapshot.

Snapshots are excellent for:

  • Bulletproofing your Windows virtual machine from viruses and spyware
  • Creating a regularly scheduled backup to revert your virtual machine to any previous stable state
  • Rolling back your virtual machine after a software update, system crash, or software testing
In an unpredictable world, Parallels Desktop 3.0's Snapshots safeguards your data and creates a more reliable virtual machine so you can focus on more important things.

Access your Windows files and folders directly from your Mac desktop without even launching Windows using Parallels Explorer.

View the Explorer demo.

Parallels Explorer
Just need that one document? Where did that pdf go? Thanks to Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac's new Parallels Explorer, now you can access your Windows files and folders directly from your Mac desktop, without even launching Windows. With a deeper integration between Mac OS X and Windows, Parallels Desktop 3.0 makes it even easier to run Windows on your Mac.

Using Parallels Desktop 3.0's Explorer, you can:

  • Access your Windows files and documents directly from your Mac Desktop
  • Browse your Windows system directly on your Mac Dock
  • Maintain access to your important Windows documents, even if the virtual machine crashes
  • Drag-and-drop files and folders between Windows and OS X
  • Save time with direct access to all of your critical files, without having to wait for your virtual machine to start and Windows to boot
  • Create and delete files in your Windows system "on the fly"
  • Troubleshoot your Windows system for tricky file errors and deleted folders
  • ...all without even launching Windows.

Enjoy two operating systems while managing only one desktop. Parallels Explorer eliminates your having to wait for your virtual machine to start and Windows to boot just to access your key Windows files, folders, and documents. Running Windows and Mac has never been easier!

3D Graphics
NEW! Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac now supports DirectX 9 and OpenGL 1.5! No need to dedicate a separate Windows machine to running favorite 3D games and key graphics applications. Parallels Desktop 3.0 now brings the world of Windows 3D straight to your Mac like never before!

With Parallels Desktop 3.0, you can:

  • Play Windows-only 3D games, such as Half-Life, World of Warcraft, and Unreal Tournament
  • Render in complex 3D CAD programs such as AutoCAD 2008
  • Work with CPU-intensive video and sound editing software such as Sony Vegas
  • Run mission-critical 3D applications on your Mac
  • Enjoy your favorite Windows-only games and graphics applications directly in your Windows virtual machine at full native speed--without rebooting

By including deep support for both DirectX and OpenGL, Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac brings a world of Windows-only key productivity and entertainment software to Mac users for the first time. Now you can truly experience the best of both worlds on one machine!

  • Run Windows and Mac OS applications in a single integrated environment, or mount Your Windows File System and access its files and folders directly from Mac OS
  • Windows Start Menu Integration--Click the Parallels icon in the Dock to show the Windows Start Menu
  • Support for OS X Leopard--Full support for Apple's next generation operating system when it ships
  • Open documents in Mac OS or Windows using any available Mac OS or Windows application
  • OpenGL 1.5 / DirectX 8.1 Support--Run supported games and 3D applications at native speed in Windows

Customer Reviews:

  • Parallels Constantly Crashes my MAC/NO tech support for their product
    I've had Parallels 3.0 for about a year now. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

    Not only does running my Win XP virtual machine constantly crash my MacBook Pro (I have to do a hard reboot), but I also frequently get out of virtual memory Monitor PE error messages. I have 4GB of RAM!!!! I have to reboot my MacBook and restart Parallels to get it going again. I emailed Parallels' tech support when I first got the product and NEVER heard back from them. Finally, various manufacturers' drivers CD auto installers will not run in Parallels. I had to manually load printer drivers, etc.

    I got so sick and tired of Paralles crashing that I finally tried VMWare Fusion 2 for the past couple of weeks and so far, so good. I've been able to use CDs' auto installers, and so far, I've had no errors - that's after loading 3 VMs (XP, server 2008, and Ubuntu)....more info
  • I love this application
    I've used Parallels since v1.0 and this new v3.0 is just great. There are a few custom applications in our office that only run on Windows XP and Parallels lets me use them right along side my native Mac applications. It's stable, reliable, and easy to setup and use. It's even better than having a PC on my desk next to my Mac, because I can copy/paste info between applications!...more info
  • Probably Worthwhile in the Long Run
    I recently installed XP on my Intel Mac using both Bootcamp and Parallels. Bootcamp was a very straightforward procedure and I've had very little trouble with it. Parallels on the other hand is a much more finicky program that seems to look for new reasons not to work (and more often than not, finds them).

    I suppose that I will eventually get it running properly. But it is a shame that a program with so much potential is such a pain to get going. ...more info
  • I should have waited for VMWare Fusion
    The tech support for this program is deplorable. Parallels has a lot of serious problems, like conflicts with other software programs, including device drivers, that will prevent Parallels from working correctly. If you remove these drivers and reinstall Parallels, you might get Parallels working, but you lose the use of your software, including the associated hardware in the case of device drivers. Some of these issues have been known, and reported, for over a year now, and the company has stopped responding to questions about them in their tech forums. Maybe they think that their problems will go away if they ignore them. I don't think they will, but their customers already are.

    My recommendation: Take advantage of the current $20 discount on VMware Fusion. If you've already bought Parallels, try to get your money back, but they probably won't even respond to your inquiry. If you haven't, stay far away from this product.

    If you're still interested in Parallels after reading this, I'll sell you my copy as soon as my copy of VMWare Fusion arrives....more info
  • parawhat?
    Want actually working USB peripherals? buy VM Fusion
    I bought parallels 3.0 in November
    I was thoroughly disappointed in its performance, I felt cheated because almost none of my usb peripherals worked, it didnt begin to live up to expectations.
    My USB GPS or USB broadband modem or my USB Game controller didnt work, making parallels almost entirely useless to me, I could have saved my money and simply used boot camp.
    Parallels release 4.0 supposed as a free upgrade to new 3.0 purchasers.
    I submitted my proof of purchase receipt on the 1st of Dec 08 its now January 2009 and till this date I still haven't received a 4.0 activation key for the Parallels Manufacturer.
    I bought VM Fusion and imported my VM machine and instantly every one of my usb peripherals worked perfectly.
    Do not waste time and money on a product or company that cant or wont even attempt to deliver what it claims.
    I dont own stock or interest in either company. but with VM fusion I do have a Virtual windows machine on my Mac with working USB peripherals....more info
  • Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac
    The Product I ordered was delivered in time,works very good,also I
    definetly recommend Amazon...more info
  • Parallels Works
    I am a dentist and I have this running my office managment softward on my Mac and it works great. It took some effort to install the Practice Management into Parallels-as a Mac user, I didn't realize how difficult it is to get set up on a Windows network. I had to get our IT guy to come in and take care of that. However, now that he has, it runs great. Just as I hoped....more info
  • Excellent product with poor support
    First the good -- I've been using Parallels for over 1.5 years now, primarily with Windows 2000 but also with XP, under both Tiger and now Leopard. Excellent integration with OS X makes using it virtually seamless, although normally I run it full screen on one display and OS X on my second display (iMac with additional display). No stability problems or crashing, except as noted below.

    The bad -- best support is their user-to-user forums, which they keep fairly hidden. They are slow to repair problems. Early versions had problems with some of my USB devices, although now they all work. Linux support of Parallels went from poor to great back to poor again as they have failed to keep up with advances.

    I am happy enough not to switch, or even try, Fusion. I'd suggest that anyone starting out download the 30 day trial versions of both and compare. Start with Parallels -- Fusion apparently will import a Parallels VM which may eliminate Windows re-licensing problems. (I don't know for sure though).

    ...more info
  • Great concept, but too buggy for regular use.
    This program is the reason I bought my Mac. I was thinking it would make the transition from my PC software painless. When it works, it works great. In theory, the Mac & PC are integrated almost seamlessly. The problem is that the installation keeps breaking. Parallels makes my late model Leopard based iMac just as buggy as my PC. It's capable of freezing up the Mac and forcing me to do a power-off to get the thing to reset. It also does not integrate well with my USB printer. After using it for two months I've finally given up on it and purchased the Mac versions of all my must have software....more info
  • VM WARE is much better
    This product would not successfully run windows on my Macbook in anything but "safe mode". I tried both the "transporter" install option (this is the sole reason for purchasing the product as I wanted to run my Thinkpad as a virtual machine within my Macbook Pro) and I also purchased a brand new copy of windows and tried to build a new virtual machine from scratch - on both attempts Windows would not boot. I downloaded the most updated build of parallels as required for use with Leopard...I attempted to resolve the many hardware and driver conflicts... I tried to get tech support from parallels with no luck at all. Eventually I downloaded VMware Fusion and it worked on the first try - no issues. Parallels was a complete waste of time and money....more info
  • Unbelievable to see Windows and Mac side by side
    This is, without a doubt, one of the best-conceived applications ever. I recently bought an iMac computer, but still have several applications that run on Windows. I bought Parallels and a nice, clean version of Windows XP Home. Both installed without a problem, and now I have a version of Windows on my Mac that is not laden down with mysterious programs in the start-up routine. It runs better, faster and with fewer glitches than Windows ran on my PC. What's best is that in coherence mode, Windows programs can run right next to Mac programs. You sometimes forget what programs go with which operating system.

    Windows, however, is still Windows, so at start-up, you have to wait a few minutes before launching a flurry of applications, since Windows is still grinding away at something mysterious in the background. Thus, I start Windows, and let it run for 5 minutes before opening my first application, and from that point forward, no problem.

    I highly recommend this duo to anyone who loves working on a Mac but still has Windows-based programs that must be used....more info
  • In case you need to visit the dark side
    Works beautifully - fast, reliable and flexible. The only thing it won't do is write DVDs, but everything else is just as advertised. A much more flexible tool than Boot Camp, and lets you keep your Mac up when you need to use Windows....more info
  • Work great! When it works...
    I use parallels pretty heavily. I work as a computer technician and there are certain things that just need to be done on a PC. Parallels makes this extremely easy. Before I had parallels I was using bootcamp and had to reboot every time. Parallels made it easy to take my bootcamp partition and run parallels on it.

    The only problem is that after a couple weeks of it working perfectly... My Macbook Pro froze and I had to power it off. Parallels has no safety feature to prevent this type of thing from corrupting your bootcamp partition. Long story short, The complete windows partition didn't work anymore and I had to uninstall parallels, wipe out my Windows partition, and do it all over again. There are some tweaks you can use to protect yourself from this happening... but parallels didn't mention this at first. Since I spent the money I decided to stick with it, but in the middle of getting everything working again (which took me about 3 days of troubleshooting) I was very tempted to go with VMware, which does bootcamp differently so this doesn't happen. I have now been using parallels for close to a month, again working and running perfectly. I'm just always frightened that the crash will happen again. It feels fragile. ...more info
  • Parallels 3.0
    I am a recently converted Mac user, but there are still many Windows programs I am either not willing to give up or are not available for Mac, thus I purchased this software to be able to run Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously.
    I must say I am very happy with it! I simply click on my Windows Taskbar that sits quite nicely above the Mac's dock and I can go anywhere in Windows I want.
    ...more info
  • Virtual Machine - Yes - Virtually No Techncal Support - Beware of 4.0 Upgrade
    Have had Parallels for six months. Love my Mac but just based on reviews of Quicken for Mac, I decided to try Parallels so that I could keep Quicken for Windows (over a decade of use and files). Parallels installed fairly well but I never could get Coherence to work so I powered up Windows separately from MAC when I needed it - a few times a week. Not ideal, but my Windows programs loaded and worked fine. I had a few issues with Parallels after install and discovered (Buyer Beware) that they provide ZERO free phone support even for installation problems. Parallels telephone incident support is $29.99 per incident. That puts even Quicken's lack of technical support to shame. I would wait for days for an email from Parallels technical support. Sometimes I would get multiple emails from different techies for the same issue. All with tortured syntax (I believe tech support is in Russia) and rarely helpful. I found better help crawling through the forums and Googling.

    November 14 2008 - I've upgraded to Parallels 4.0 based on rave reviews (I should really know better by now to wait a little while before installing new release software - sigh...) and alas - it won't install to virtual machine. I cannot launch Windows and thus cannot access my Windows programs. I'm grateful the installation did not affect my MAC OS. I sent a trouble ticket through the Parallels support website (the Website states that they are working night and day to help with customers with the new release - wish I'd looked at that before purchasing and installing) and now I wait....and hope..... I see an additional $29.99 charge coming in the near future.

    My advice - wait until 4.0 SP1 comes out before purchasing. ...more info
  • no support
    I bought this from Amazon not realizing that Parallels Desktop 3.0 was an old version. I wanted to run DOS 6.0 on my macbook but could not install it from floppy disks and could not get advice on how to achieve the installation with CD-ROMs or floppies. No response from the company. Now I have to buy a complete version of Windows XP, install it and run DOS under the command prompt. I could have done this without Parallels. It was a total waste of money for me....more info
  • Two computers for (almost) the price of one
    After having delivered my faithful old home built Windows 2000 computer to the recycling station, I found myself searching for its replacement still needing to run a few important 'legacy' apps. Learning of Parallels Desktop, my strategy was to recreate the Windows machine on an underused MacBook Pro. The software was on sale with free shipping so I bought a copy.

    My first installation failed on an upgrade notice that popped up while I was entering the activation key. The machine locked up hard but luckily I was a able remove the corrupted install. The second attempt went well after dismissing the upgrade notice. With Parallels running, I subsequently executed the upgrade.

    I created a virtual machine for the 'guest' Windows 2000 operating system and installed it and the legacy software from the original distribution media. That process was wrought with glitches and lockups but eventually everything worked. Still, the feel wasn't quite right.

    Fortunately I didn't write this review then; a Leopard compatibility release has been issued and this software now provides a performance level very much comparable to what you would expect with a native hardware machine.

    I also have a Windows XP virtual machine running. It installed from a bootable CD with no issues. It's response is excellent and it actually boots and shuts down faster than my native hardware machines. It's networked with my home WiFi connected Work Group. Email and Internet works properly and even a USB device works through it's Windows installed driver.

    I attempted interfacing Bluetooth device but haven't found a way to connect a Parallels serial port to the virtual Com port that OSX creates from the PowerBook Pro hardware. I'm thinking a USB Bluetooth dongle with Windows installed drivers might work.

    Parallels is developing into a slick program and I admire the intellect behind it. There are still some rough edges present but the Leopard patched version gets good marks and my recommendation.

    --- CHAS

    ...more info
  • not happy
    The product was installed by a professional computer store and has been working intermittently since. Half the time it won't start which is very annoying. I am considering replacing it with Fusion....more info
  • Parallels 4 a hit!
    I have been a saisfied Parallels user for about two years. I am participating in the Parallels 4 beta review and am pleased to report that this new software is great! Stable, very fast, new user interface, 3d directx 9.0, open GL, DirectX shaders, 32 and 64 bit operating systems, 256 video,8 gb ram, partition resizing FAT 32 support, are just some of the improvements. I think that this version will be available to the public within a few days.0

    The install procedure is much improved and should go smoothly (occasionally Windows install acts up, but that is usually a Windows problem). (Follow the instructions exactly!) Parallels Tools take a while to install but should work well. If you have problems installing, rebooting the Mac seems to solve most of the problems.

    I think that many more games will now work in Parallels (my Roller Coaster Tycoon now runs flawlessly and fast compared to several problems before). Other beta users reported a lot of applications that will now work. I still do not think that every game will work, so don't be disappointed if your doesn't.

    The configure tab is much improved over previous versions and there are lots of things you can configure. My computer worked well with the default settings. You can right-click on the mouse and configure the menu bar on the startup screen.

    I use Windows for Quicken, EWallet (synching with Iphone), Microsoft Publisher (all 2007 products work well), and several Coffee Cup web applications, and several other applications that aren't available in Mac versions. All of these applications work well. If you sync with Ewallet, be sure you use default networking.

    I particularly like the Coherence mode. It has been improved over Parallels 3 and integrated fine with Mac. I have lots of clip art on the windows side and I can access it on the Mac side as fast as Mac files (was much slower in previous version.)

    The integrated help user manual is great -- and explains most that you need to know.

    The supporting applications (Compressor, etc.) are much improved and there are lots of ways to back up -- including an automatic one similar to time machine.

    I have also beta tested a new iphone application which will eventually integrate with Parallels 4. As of now it will turn on and off, suspend, and pause the VM. I think the uses will eventually be expanded.

    I am using this in my Imac 2.16 gb 4gb memory machine with Windows XP home. I would recommend that you use Windows XP (less problems than Vista) and with the coherence mode you really don't need to see an interface -- use the superior Mac one!

    I only have one minor problem with the application. Commercial videos will not display in Coherence mode but work fine in Windowed mode and Full Screen mode. Hopefully, this will get fixed in an update.

    I think they will still have a 30 day free trial (so no cost to give it a try). You won't be sorry.

    And, no, I am not connected with Parallels in any way. Just like the product....more info
  • doesn't work
    i cant get it to run. went back to boot camp for now. also manual was hard to follow....more info
  • Stay away
    This is a disaster....get fusion instead. I have had nothing but difficulties getting it to load and function. ...more info
  • Be careful
    I'm not sure how good this product is, because I am still having installation problems. After installing the program, I was then told my product key was expired (Unless the store gave me a pirated version - which I doubt from the apple store.) I attempted to uninstall the current version and now can't reinstall. after exhausting my web and user guide resources, I attempted to call ANYONE at parallels and spent an hour being frustrated before calling apple and asking for help. they somehow got someone on the line. So now, finally I have a person to talk to. To add insult to injury - the "tech support" has a decidedly heavily accented english and is talking on a static filled internet phone such that he can barely understand me or I him.

    Keep in mind that if I hadn't called apple, I would be paying 29.99 for this wonderful service PER INCIDENT!!! I sincerely hope that I never need customer service again, because if I do it will likely be for a refund....more info
  • Does what it says and makes it easy
    I was going back and forth over whether to buy Parallels or VM Fusion and just tried the free download. The product worked so well I didn't even bother with a comparison test when the free demo expired; I just bought it....more info
  • Two operating system in one
    I really like to be able to run some Windows programs in my Mac. The only con I find is that sometimes it falls, so you have to force quit Parallels. I hope they solve this soon....more info
  • Great Price!
    I'm a new MAC user so I do not know of many applications out there other than Parallells or Fusion that lets you create this virtual machine. All I do know it is serving its purpose and purchasing it from Amazon saved me over 20 bucks!...more info
  • Half-baked - don't waste your time
    Parallels Desktop works marginally when running a Windows XP in a virtual machine. If you are planning to use your Boot Camp installation as a VM (as advertised by Parallels), however, it's really not ready for prime time. There are quite a few issues:
    - many features described in the product literature do not work if you are using a Boot Camp installation (including some of the most exciting, such as snapshots)
    - You can very easily corrupt your installation of Windows XP by doing something "wrong" - for example, hibernating XP inside Parallels and then booting it natively through Boot Camp
    - errors that occur when running your Boot Camp installation inside Parallels can easily (and often) prevent you from natively running your boot camp installation. A time-consuming Windows re-install is required.

    In summary, this software shows promise and some interesting features, but is not stable enough to trust with anything more than casual use. I would certainly not trust it with any business-critical data again.

    Do yourself a favor and read the Parallels Desktop support forums before buying and see what you're getting in to, especially if you intend to use your Boot Camp installation both natively and inside Parallels....more info
  • Not that great
    OK to run Linux on a mac, but VMware for windows is much better. When you use parallels to run windows you still only get the OSX functionality of an IPOD and cannot even run minesweeper. My copy could barly handle XP SP1 on a macbook pro.....mac's are junk....more info