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North States Auto-Close Metal Gate - Pressure Mount
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Product Description

This Auto Close Pet Gate automatically closes and locks. Featuring various extensions, this must-have gate can be used on stairs or in various room openings. Comes with a security latch and easy one-hand operation. Build with heavy-duty metal construction to withstand years of use. Measures 30"H x 29.5" x 38" and expands to 61".

  • Automatically closes and locks itself
  • A maximum of three extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11-bar extensions expand the standard gate up to 125"
  • Designed in a white powder coated metal construction
  • Pressure mounted and practically requires no hardware or screwing to any wall or doorframe
  • Locking hand wheel with mounting cup this gate is JPMA approved for top of the stairs installations

Customer Reviews:

  • Sturdy Gate, Auto-Close Hardware Immediately Failed
    This is a strong, sturdy and nice looking gate, that was relatively easy to install. However, the key selling point to me was that the gate automatically closes on its own and after about twelve uses (yes, only twelve) the gate failed to close on its own and I now have to manually lift the lever and then close the gate. I called the manufacturing company (not amazon)and asked if they could send me the replacement hardware (springs that go inside gate) and they said "no". I was informed my only resolution was to return the entire item to Amazon and I would be sent a replacement gate. We are a busy family, with two working parents and I am not going to spend the time re-packaging this very large item to ship back, then have to wait for another one to be shipped to me. Never mind the re-install job! Poor customer service. I decided to keep the gate as it is, although it is very over priced as a regular, manual gate....more info
  • This is a winner
    I love this gate. My dog doesn't appreciate it though. It is well constructed and comes with an extension in case I want to use it on my much wider back yard gate. He likes to watch me when I wash my car or something, so I just move the gate. I wish it came with more little white plastic things that I could permanently put in place in other locations. They aren't really necessary but it would be more efficient. Love it. Really, get it. You have to explain to new people how to open it, but that it is child-proof is a plus for me....more info
  • Great Gate!
    Don't have to drill into your walls to keep your kids (human or pet) in (or out) of a room...sturdy, closes itself, can buy extensions for wide complaints!...more info
  • Great gate
    This is the best gate yet. We have it at the top of our stairs and we purchased it because it is pressure mounted and easy to install. We have a 2 1/2 year old who he has figured out how to open other gates and other child-proofing items we have around our home. This gate is more challenging to open for a toddler, which is good. It is a strong, heavy and sturdy gate. The best. We will be purchasing another because it is the only gate our toddler cannot open....more info
  • Great Gate
    We have two now. They replaced flimsy old wooden expanding gates. This gate keeps the dogs(4) where I want them and looks good, too. The cat has no trouble jumping over it. The auto-close feature is a real plus....more info
  • OK Gate
    After a long search for a quality top-of-stairs gate, this is what I decided to buy. Although it works OK it could be better.

    Two things really bother me about this gate. First, Amazon is selling it as a pressure-mounted gate. This isn't exactly true. While technically it is pressure-mounted, you also need to use the cups that come with and either stick them on or screw them into the wall. This gate is not designed to have a firm mount, it uses hand wheels to adjust tension. As a result, it's not sturdy enough to use without the wall mount cups, meaning you won't be able to move it around much. The hand wheels are "tamper proof", basically meaning that they are a pain to loosen. Since this gate can't be set up in multiple places easily anyway, this shouldn't be a problem. Nevertheless, I would prefer wrench-adjusted tension for a more secure fit and the ability to mount the gate without the cups. This would require a redesign, as it doesn't take much pressure to close the gap at the top when installing (compared to true pressure-mounted gates).

    Second, I thought this gate was made in the USA. This statement is prominently displayed on North State's website today. But it is actually now made in China. This was a factor in my decision and I don't appreciate inaccurate websites.

    Now, to the details. This gate was easy to setup and did not require any tools. Previously I had purchased a Summer Infant Extra Tall gate but returned it because I was not satisfied with the gate mechanism. I couldn't get it to operate both smoothly and safely at the same time. The release mechanism on this North States gate works very well. The auto-close feature also works well. However, whether or not you will like that feature is another thing.

    It became immediately apparent that the auto-close feature can be a pain in a high-traffic area. Keep in mind this gate is not easy to remove, so once installed you will need to open it each and every time you go through it unless you rig up your own doorstop to hold it open. The main advantage is that it will always be closed, and that makes it safer. I prefer the safety, but I can see where some people might get annoyed.

    It also closes with a fairly loud clang, which can be a nuisance when you have a sleeping baby. The metal latch is pulled into place by a magnet so even if you manually close the gate, it will probably clang, although sometimes you get lucky and it doesn't. A little duct tape over the magnet helps.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that since this is a top-of-stairs gate, it will only open in one direction and it cannot be setup to operate in both directions at the same time.

    As with all pressure-mount gates, there is a steel bar at the bottom of the gate that you will need to step over.

    All in all, this is still the best top-of-stairs gate I have been able to find. It does the job I need it to. But obviously it isn't the most flexible gate and there is a lot of room for improvement. If you don't need a top-of-stairs gate, I would recommend The First Years Hands Free gate, which we use in our kitchen. But please remember that if you need a gate at the top of the stairs, there are only a handful available that are designed for this, and they are all hardware mounted.
    ...more info
  • Nice gate, but had to return it
    This was a nice gate, but we had to return it. The auto close feature ended up being annoying. My wife also did not like the loud "click" when lock engaged after it was closed....more info
  • Wonderful gate
    I bought this gate for the top of the stairs and for me its been money well spent.Its easy to install and quite sturdy.The auto close feature works well though it is a bit loud when it closes.The opening is a bit narrow but overall it is doing what it is supposed to....more info
  • Sturdy, but noisy
    Much sturdier than any plastic gate we tried. Make sure you measure the space and get the correct extensions to fit. There is very little leeway in terms of the width, you have to have the right extensions to fit. Makes a pretty loud noise when it closes, which is an issue for us as it's right next to the nursery at the top of the stairs. Doesn't require drilling for top-of-stairs use which is nice. The opening isn't real wide so maybe not good for older or wider people....more info
  • A little noisy, but does the job!
    Installation and adjustments took a little while, but it's a good gate and very secure (we used the screws to attach it to the wall and banister since we're using it at the top of the stairs). I like that it swings closed by itself (helpful when you have your hands full with laundry and/or a baby!), but the CLICK it makes when closing is very loud. Since the gate is right next to my daughter's door, we try not to let it swing shut by itself when she's sleeping - we ease it closed - but even then the click is very apparent. Oh well, it hasn't woken her up yet! All I know is that she won't be able to open it by herself anytime soon, which is the whole point, right?...more info
  • good product, but delivered broken.
    This may have been a good product, but the boxes arrived damaged and the gates broken. (I bought two) Absolutely not the carriers fault. Amazon did such bad packing, there was no way it could have survived the trip. And since the delivery box was damaged, I would have to pay the local pack and ship to return the damaged gate and then wait for replacement.

    With a new puppy in dire need of gating, I went to the local PetSmart and bought this product off the shelf from them. Should have done that in the first place and saved myself the hassle. The Amazon extension is headed to the trash.

    As a side note, I also bought the gate extensions, and those arrived not damaged, but destroyed. An even worse packing job by amazon....more info
  • Quality gate - works with baseboards
    This gate is superbly made and has a feel of great quality. I agree with one of the other reviewers that you need to figure out how to configure the extensions for your opening, but the company's website and customer service will help you. My application was between two walls, both of which had oversize 3/4 inch baseboards. Therefore, the distance to be spanned at the top of the gate was a full 1 1/2 inches more than at the bottom. This gate is made to handle that variation easily and securely. As our new puppy's visitors come in, they always comment on the great quality of the gate. The gate will gently close automatically provided you install it in a level manner. With our previous gate, we had to insert a book on each side to compensate for the baseboards. Also, since the bars are vertical, puppies cannot climb over the gate. ...more info
  • Perfect for a large space!
    I love this gate! It is perfect for a large opening. It is easy to assemble and is very secure and stable with the added extension bar. It is also easily manipulated using one hand (while you're holding your child in the other). Or if you need to step over the gate, you can do this easily also (just in case your child is asleep and you don't want to wake them with the 'click' sound that the automatic closing gate makes). This is a great buy and a great price for this item. It definitely won't break the bank. Great product!...more info
  • stairway baby gate
    Very sturdy and safe gate. Pricey, but worth it for the security of not having your child falling down stairs....more info
  • Great for stairs
    We bought this gate to go at the top of our stairs. It works great. After many months, it no longer closes by itself, but we have used it quite a bit.
    I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent, Smithers
    used product for nearly a year. no injuries. no gate failures. Took my 4 year old 4 months to open. 2 year old still can not open it. IT IS solid, even with the largest available extension.
    Had to attach bungie cord for times I wanted gate to remain open, but am VERY thankful I bought this truly self closing gate.
    I used the gate with extension at the top of my stairs, along with a homemade wall protector and a board to transform my rail spindles into a flat surface.
    I also own a plastic gate from a department store. My 20# dog, 2 and 4 year olds displace it easily, but not this one. Andy Griffith would be proud....more info
  • best baby gate
    We got this gate for our front door which leads to a couple of steps. Now that our daughter is crawling/cruising and almost walking and with summer temperatures rising we wanted to be able to let her explore the house safely and be able to keep the door open.
    The gate is easy to install and fits very tightly in our door frame (so much so that we didn't have to screw in the cups to make it a permanent gate. The standard gate extension that is included with the gate will make it work for pretty much any door frame so you only need to order an additional extension if your door or opening is extra wide.
    The bars are close enough your baby can't go through but still leaves you with a view.
    We love the auto-close features, very handy when coming in/out with both your arms full.
    The downsides:
    1) you have to watch your step when using it so as to not trip over the floor bar
    2) you'll have to show everyone how to use it, the opening mechanism is easy to operate once you know how it works and kids will never figure it out, but it will take an adult some time too if you dont show them.

    I would recommend this gate, well worth the price.
    ...more info