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The Backyardigans - Mission to Mars
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Product Description

"Mission to Mars" will be a day/date release and is tied into a TENTPOLE event on Nick Jr. The main episode takes the Backyardigans to outer space and an underground Martian city. The main program of the DVD will include 4 episodes, each approximately 24 minutes in length, for an approximate total runtime of 100 minutes. This DVD release also features the voice of Grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys as Mommy Martian. Alicia Keys also sings one song titled "Boinga" on the main episode.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ya gotta love those Backyardigans
    I have to admit it, I actually like to watch the Backyardigans. And sing to the Backyardigans (we have both CDs in my car, I am actually worried that they might wear out from use, if that is possible!). This DVD has a great selection of episodes - currently my daughter loves to watch the "Scared of You" episode, most likely as it is the one we hadn't seen before. These characters are cute and the stories are imaginative. Even Grandma, Grandpa and the Aunts and Uncles have come to love them after watching them here!

    We love all the DVDs (don't own them all, yet, but have most on TiVO...) and this is one of the best!...more info
  • Yoko's Mom
    My 14 month old daughter loves the Backyardigans! My husband and I enjoy the colors and songs, not to mention the creativity and imagination used to develop an episode! This DVD has loads of cute songs and episodes for everyone to enjoy!...more info
  • Great entertainment and gets you dancing
    My children love the Backyardigans. They sing and dance along with great pleasure. ...more info
  • Mission to Mars - A Great Hit!
    The DVD came delivered to me in excellent condition within a week of my order. How's THAT for service! Very pleased with the seller. I would definitely by from seller again. ...more info
  • Brilliant!
    The creativity that has gone into the creation of the Backyardigans is spectacular. The songs never get old and are a lot of fun to sing with my 4 year old daughter, the cast talent is amazing, the stories never lack for originality. I have to leave the room when my daughter watches Dora the Explorer - annoying, no matter how "educational" the program is. With Backyardigans, I find if i walk through the room while its on, I'll sit down and watch it with her - over and over again....more info
  • Backyardigans: Mission to Mars DVD
    I expected it to be longer than the usual half hour episode, which it wasn't, and my kids had already seen the other episodes on the DVD several times. So, there was a little bit of a let down, but ultimately, Backyardigans is entertaining....more info
  • Instant classic
    Mission to Mars is a just instant classic. My kid is loving it, and I do too. ...more info
  • Great music
    What I love about the backyardigans is that the music isn't just good, it's great: interesting, challenging and funny. The story lines are great unlike some of the thomas the tank or bob the builder scenarios which are truly banal. My son loves these and we often find ourselves in our living room, playing that we are on our own personal mission to mars....more info
  • The BackYardigans Are Fantastic!!!!
    I am totally in love with the backyardigans. I bought this for my sons 2nd birthday, but now I'm hooked. I would recommend this to any parent who wants their child to learn while watching animation. To me the backyardigans teach children how to use their imagination and children today need that instead of video games or cartoons with violence.

    ...more info
  • Mission to Mars
    Both of my daughters ages 10 and 3 love the Backyardigans. Each DVD is more enjoyable than the last. Keep them coming! ...more info
  • Great Collection of Backyardigans shows
    This is the newest DVD of Backyardigans. In fact, we saw them new on the DVD before they were even on Noggin or Nick Jr, though we have seen a few new ones not on this DVD since then ("Swamp Monster", "Volcano Sisters", and one about snow, which I've already forgotten the name of.) I can tell you from watching those three new ones that Nick Jr. definitely offered the best of the new series out first on "Mission to Mars."

    My 6 year old son suddenly got "into" Space after watching "Mission to Mars", which we originally borrowed from the library in November. He absolutely loved "Scared of You" and "Sumurai Pie" as well. His favorite is Tyrone (while I love Pablo), and we laughed all through the shows at their facial expressions (his serious Master Pie-Maker face)or costumes, particularly Tyrone the Mummy King, with his funny hieroglyphic drawing in his moose-shaped Sphinx-style pyramid. I grew up on Agatha Christie books and Sherlock Homes stories, so I was happy to see the spoof "Whodunit?" which really combines the two well. We were both laughing again at the Moose-antlered shadow of the mystery thief of Lady Tasha's jewels.

    Altogether my favorite collection of Backyardigans so far, as each of them are very funny, and as usual, the songs are always catchy, and I find them stuck in my head long after we finish watching the DVD. ...more info
  • Backyardigans Mission to Mars
    As with all the Backyardigans DVD's this has fun music and my son just loves the Backyardigans....more info
  • Backyardigan Fan
    My daughter is a huge fan and at 4 she easily memorizes all of the words and signs along with all of the I know them by heart info
  • high brow culture for the kids
    OK, I'm bias here, I play saxophone on the recording sessions for this show and write the occasional underscore (mission to mars is mine). So I'm quite proud of it. But the thing is, these shows are really cool; they introduce kids to many genres of music (50!), dance moves and promote a healthy imagination. There isn't any pandering, it's not preachy and the stories are fun. My niece (2yrs) loves to copy the choreography and my son (3yrs) likes the stories. The backyardigans are nice kids and they are well defined and smart. ...more info
    This is an excellent DVD for children. My grandchild sings to the songs & know this movie inside & out. She loves the Backyardigans. Great learning DVD. This is a must buy for young children....more info
  • Love the Backyardigans!
    We love the Backyardigans! Mission to Mars was a huge hit with both my kids (5 & 3). They get up and dance along with the songs. And after I turn off the DVD, we have our own Backyardigan adventures together....more info
  • Game marketing mars Mission to Mars. Beware!
    My kids love Mission to Mars just like they love the other Backyardigans they've seen (and I rather like the Backyardigans as well), but the "game trial" seems like an infuriating scheme to get kids crying and their parents spending two to three times the price of this DVD just to finish a game that their little ones get involved in.

    The way it works is as follows. The kid watches the episodes, which are very enjoyable, and then they want to play the game on the computer. The parent installs the game and finds out that the game is only good for 30 minutes as a trial. Fair enough, you think. So you get involved in this cute kid-friendly arcade game that has 10 episodes (for lack of a better term) and you complete about eight of them and abruptly your time is up, and your kid is crying with this "quit or buy" screen staring them in the face.

    Then, you click they "buy" button to see what tribute must be paid to Nickelodeon to get the kid happy again, and you find the game is $32.00! (This is about what the latest Command and Conquer costs.) This so you can play a few more minutes and finish the game, and most importantly, get your kid to stop crying.

    Well, I decided not to give into this scheme for extracting money from me, and instead I let my five year old cry, and then explained what had been done to him. My slightly older son watched this all unfold as well. They both now say, "We'll never obey them again!". So, this DVD was educational in a way I didn't quite imagine it would be. Ruthless Marketing 101, you might say. Welcome to the real world, boys. ...more info