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From This Moment On
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This album appears in the footsteps of 2004's The Girl in the Other Room but doesn't sound like a follow-up. Whereas The Girl saw the pianist-singer abandon the Great American Songbook for more personal pastures, From This Moment On sees her working out on standards done in traditional arrangements. Although the tracks here are by the likes of Cole Porter, Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, and the Gershwins, Krall sounds more at ease than ever before; perhaps digging deep inside on The Girl loosened her up. Backed by the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra on seven tracks, Krall sings off the big band with ease. On the title track, she keeps up with a galloping bass and explosive brass arrangements and even ventures into scatting toward the end of the song. Her voice has also acquired a wonderfully worn texture in the past few years, and it works wonders on the ballads (just listen to "Isn't This a Lovely Day" and "Little Girl Blue" for instance). When standards are done like this, there's just nothing like 'em. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

From This Moment On is an 11-song collection that captures the Canadian-born sensation in full swing, in great company, and at the top of her game. It could also be called her strongest, most cohesive release to date. Krall--for the few still unknowing--is the 41-year old sensation whose cool, heavy-lidded vocals and strikingly sensitive piano-playing has helped her transcend barriers of genre to become a popular artist of the first order who has carved herself a permanent position at the top of the jazz charts. In songs, mood, and delivery, From This Moment On reveals Krall's personal ardor for that golden era of song-making, when Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and (especially) Nat "King" Cole were in their prime. It's musical territory that Krall has often explored, but this album was certainly not a case of simply repeating past formulas: Krall's A-team of support--producer Tommy LiPuma, engineer Al Schmitt, and arranger/bandleader John Clayton--were on hand to ensure that inspiration was kept on an edge, unhindered by the studio environment.

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International Limited Edition version of her 2006 studio album features one bonus track, 'The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams'. Grammy Award winner and multi-Platinum selling musician Diana Krall returns to the standard songbook with a sensual, swinging set on From This Moment On, to be released on 11th September on Verve. Krall is joined by the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Anthony Wilson (guitar), John Clayton (bass) and Jeff Hamilton (drums), performing 'It Could Happen To You', 'Isn't This A Lovely Day' & 'Come Dance With Me'. Universal. 2006.

Customer Reviews:

  • Possibly the best new artist out there for jazz!!
    Diana Krall is amazing. Her voice is smooth and sultry, her technical abilities on piano surpass most female jazzers out there, and her groove with the different groups she performs with is always in the pocket. Pick up this album NOW if you haven't!! You won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Classic Diana Krall
    Excellent, More songs with that familiar voice and sound that can only be Diana. ...more info
  • What went on with Ms. Krall?

    Repertoire consists of rather expected standards. All broadly covered brilliantly by so many vocalists in the past. Ms. Krall and her arrangers adds nothing at all.

    Singing offers no surprise than a mainstream singer would do.

    Orchestra is currently the darling big band of the time being. Good players, rare good ideas, nothing impelling.

    There is an original and beautiful arrangement here: for the track 'How Insensitive'.

    And that's all. Let's wait for the next Krall album....more info
  • New To Diana
    As an 80 year old person, I enjoyed this CD as Diana sings the classic
    standards of the 30's and 40's. This is my third CD purchase since first
    listening to Diana on Tony Bennett's special for Target....more info
  • From This Moment On
    From This Moment On~ Diana Krall is easy listening jazz at its best. Ms Kralls vocal skills are remarkable and she sings these traditional jazz tunes with conviction and fortitude of a grandmaster of jazz. The book-let is beautifull if a bit sparse. The photographs are simply put it amazing and she looks stunning. The production value is right on the money and I like it since it so easy to listen to even for jazz beginners such as myself. Highly recommended indeed and I easily give this album 5 out of 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • phoning it in
    I'm a jazz fan. I like Diana Krall - the jazz pianist who can sing. I have a few of her earlier cds ("Stepping Out", "All For You") when she was playing the piano more. I sort of "checked out" of her later 'big hits' and then most definitely got back in synch with her "The Girl In The Other Room" project - somewhat of a collaboration with her husband (and one of my personal favorites) Elvis Costello. So when "This Moment On" came out, I was looking forward to more of the personal feel of "The Girl..." - but no. Not even close. It sounds like Diana was just fulfilling her contractual requirements with her record company on this one. Feels like she just phoned it in....more info
  • Not up to her standards
    Diana is not at her best. Seems to have breath control problems. Big band arrangements are unimaginative and seem to clash with Diana rather than enhance her performance. Not nearly as good as the other seven Krall albums I enjoy....more info
  • My new favorite artist!
    I love this CD. Diana's voice is like soften butter! It is great for entertaining or a nice quiet evening with your honey! This was the first Diana Krall CD I I own 5!...more info
  • One of my faves....
    I got this cd when it came out and instantly loved it. For me, it's got the perfect balance of sweet songs and upbeat and it just flows. There's nothing better than a cd that flows. The songs are wonderful, but some of my favorites were "Isn't it a Lovely Day" and "I Was Doing Allright". When I'm in a jazz mood, I'll put this on and it works every single time. If you have loved any of her other work, you won't be dissappointed!...more info
  • D. Fowler
    Thankfully, Diana has returned to what she does best and that is "the standards." This album is wonderful! To me, it's another testament to her distinct sound as a jazz singer. I hope she never ventures into the pop field......... she does jazz and standards so well....more info
  • Better than the last
    This is definitely better than "Girl in the Other Room." This one is closer to traditional Diana Krall....more info
  • Monotone
    I have seen Diana in concert as an opening act for someone else, and I was bored to death with every song she sang, she has no ups and downs pure monotone. Like Andrea Bocelli said let the song come from the pit of your stomach. This CD is the same, she has a nice voice but does not know how to use it, I couldn't feel the song, but as always the music is great....more info
  • Wonderful
    I love the music she produces. The phrasing the tone. Just love how she
    makes everything so jazzy. She is wonderful both as a musician and a lyricist....more info
  • Diana is back
    After a brief excursion (in The Girl in the Other Room) away from the American songbook which she does so well, Diana Krall has recorded another winner. Great, smooth vocals, backed with combo sounds that have been her trademark....more info
  • Big Band Sound suits Canadian Musician
    As others have rightly said, Krall seemed to come terribly close to falling into the banal and mainstream.

    Girl in the Other Room, a collaboration with husband Elvis C. is an easy listening little record - some really good tunes with a few insightful & skilful moments.

    Krall feels to have come into what she likes and does best - the genius of Berlin, Heusen, Porter and George and Ira Gershwin.

    These are incredible songs, lyrics like no other or since, capturing the sad heart, the troubled mind and the pure joy of love.

    My favourite composers of that era: Richard Rogers & Lorenze Hart with their cruel yet beautiful love song, Little Girl Blue.

    "You can count on raindrops that fall on you...

    We need little boy blue to cheer up, Little Girl Blue."

    Bloom and Mercer: Day in Day Out - a classic song wonderfully done by her excellent group of musicians.

    Krall and her producer, Tommy LiPuma, chose these tunes that suit Krall and also timeless in their composition. She feels comfortable with these songs, relaxed, right at home.

    This is a record that should be listened to at least a couple of times, absorbing the time and places they were written and first performed.

    American songbook tunes that will never ever be forgoten.

    A pleasure - Hey! -'Come and Dance with Me' seeing you across a crowded floor...

    Great record.

    ...more info
  • One of her finest
    As a jazz record reviewer, one of the plagues of my life is the proliferation of weakly talented white-chick jazz singers. Diana Krall is one of the more reliable antidotes for that malaise, and this album is truly one of her finest. Her version of Irving Berlin's "Isn't It A Lovely Day" is reason enough to pop for this disc; it's one of the most timeless jazz vocals I've ever heard....more info
  • Diana Krall Excells!
    Diana has one of the greatest voices in the jazz biz. She plays a great piano, sings as a song bird, and is truly a marvelous performer.
    (Cute too.)

    Buy this one. If you like jazz, it is a Must in your portfolio/collection.

    ...more info
  • Not as good as some of her earlier stuff.
    I much prefer Diana with a small group, and without the strings and full orchestra. Her voice is not that great... it's the piano playing and licks that make her albums worth listening to....more info
  • I loved it from the Moment I heard it
    This is my first Diana Krall CD. I heard her do a duet with Tony Bennett and I loved her voice so I bought this. She is amazing. I love every song. They are rich and entertaining. She has a wonderful voice and I love her song choices. I will definitely be buying more. This was a perfect first choice. ...more info
  • Dianna at her best
    I love big band arrangements, and Dianna's departure from simply working with a jazz trio, and doing arrangements with a band backing her up makes some of the greatest new jazz I've heard in years. I hope she does more work like this....more info
  • Thanks for giving new life to old evergreens!.
    Time is on their side. The Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hart songs have proven that they are some of the most intelligent and sophisticated tunes in pop history. I'm happy to see Ms. Krall give these tunes due respect with lush arrangements and great singing and phrasing. I think she works well in either a small jazz combo or with a full ork. She should consider doing the entire songbooks of each of the great songwriters just like Ella did over 40 years ago. She can bring the entire songbooks to new generations. You just can't beat a good song, and Diana does them so well. I love rock and roll, but most of the songs only work within the confines of the original group because the songs don't lend themselves to different personalities or are not really that melodic. Can you imagine Tony Bennett singing "Honky Tonk Woman"? If you're a fan of Krall or love high class won't be dissapointed with this CD! Thanks again for giving new life to old evergreens.
    ...more info
  • Average
    Her performance was not up to the high standard I have come to expect....more info
  • excellent choice and a wonderful performance. I love it.
    The disc is excellent as always and I highly recommend Dianna Krall to those jazz lovers as I am....more info
  • Another Great CD from Diana Krall
    While I liked Diana's previous album ("The Girl in the Other Room") of songs that she wrote, I am glad she got back to covering Jazz classics with this new album. I play my music in the background from iTunes while I work, and listen to my iPod while at home doing yard work, and Diana's music is relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. I usually play in "shuffle mode" so it is a pleasant surprise when one of her songs comes up. I highly recommend all of Diana's music. If you see her in concert, the concert hall will need to be quiet so that you can hear all of the nuances of her music....more info
  • Great Voice
    Put this music in your computer room and relax a little between surfing the net....more info
  • Diana Returns To Classic, Jazz Standards
    Another great recording from Diana Krall. After being presented with some original work (from both Diana and her husband, Elvis Costello) in her 2004 release "Girl In The Other Room" it's nice to again hear Diana at her best with classic, jazz standards....more info
  • "From This Moment On" ~ Diana Krall
    Listening to my CD of Diana Krall, "From This Moment On," is so relaxing.
    Diana executes her songs with her strong, yet mellow voice.
    The "back-up" band is a great asset to this CD, so between Diana singing and the band playing, you feel like you're "In Concert!"

    Everyone HAS to hear it to believe it!

    Mike...more info
  • There's no one like her
    What is there to say? Diana Krall is simply the best. This album is another fine example of consistently high quality musicianship....more info
  • From This Moment On
    For Diana Krall fans and new comers a like...some mighty fine listening....more info
  • Another fine jazz album from Diana Krall
    I became a Diana Krall fan a few years ago when she performed at the Newport Jazz Festival. It was so nice to hear the great standard songs done with such class and contemporary style, accompanied by excellent jazz musicians. I have her other albums, "The Look of Love" and "Live in Paris." "From This Moment On" continues in this tradition, and Diana and her group sound terrific! These days many pop singers are recording the standards, and that's okay because it introduces this great music to new generations. Diana Krall, however, is the real thing -- a true jazz artist. ...more info
  • Warm, cheery and classy.
    "No more blue songs/ only whoop-de-doo songs". In the words of the Cole Porter title track, Diana Krall is in upbeat mode on her 10th album. Domestic bliss with her husband Elvis Costello has contributed to her cheery state.
    While she has recently covered contemporary artists such as Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell and co-written with Costello, she has reverted here to the previous era of American songwriters such as the Gershwins, Rodgers and Hart and Sammy Cahn.
    This might seem a retrograde step, especially as thousands of jazz singers everywhere think they can sing songs like "Day In, Day Out" or "Come Dance With Me".
    But, apart from her distinctive, low, sultry voice, what they haven't got is Diana's big band of first-rate musicians, who are here impeccably recorded in the totemic Capitol studios in Hollywood, where Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole recorded, and whose ghosts seem to haunt this record.
    Diana Krall has a rare awareness of her capabilities and uses her voice like an instrument, which she blends perfectly with inventive arrangements from long-time collaborator John Clayton.
    She does a superb job of co-producing -- from a delicate brush on the drums to the stabs of the brass, you can hear every precise detail in living stereo. If at times a little knowing, this is a truly sophisticated (before that word was diluted through over-use) record of tenderness, intelligence and humour....more info
  • Best Jazz singer around

    You can't go wrong if you purchase this cd. Diana Krall at her best!!!...more info