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Communicator Grey C100S USB Speakerphone for Skype
List Price: $121.99

Our Price: $104.97

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Product Description

Polycom Communicator C100S gives you the ultimate hands-free Skype experience. It enables crystal-clear, natural conversations when using Skype. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing your headset for hands-free Skype calls, or plug into the built-in stereo headphone port for private conversations.The Polycom Communicator delivers high-fidelity wideband voice quality that sounds like you are in the same room with the people you're calling. Two high-quality microphones provide excellent range for group conversations with up to four participants. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology eliminates echoes and feedback, maximizing your Skype experience.Polycom Communicator connects and powers through an integrated USB cable for easy installation and use - no extra cables to carry or batteries to charge. Its small size and carrying case make it easy to take with you. Plus, the high-quality speaker doubles as a great portable solution for CD-quality music and presentation audio. Unrivaled ease of use and Skype integration allow you to launch the Skype application and pick up or hang up calls without using your mouse. Convenient buttons and indicators for volume control and mute are also built-in.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Does not perform with Vista x64.
    I have had nothing but problems with this device since I purchased it. First, Polycomm has not release a Vista x64 driver for it yet. Through some research, I have found that they have a Beta program for a Vista driver. You have to email tech support requesting to be included in the beta. The current version of the beta software is 2.9 which is 8 months old. The bigger and the ultimate reason for this low rating is, the sound quality. I have used this device on multiple conference calls and almost every time I received a complaint about not being able to hear me. I have dug through sound settings, device settings, and the registry looking for anything that would allow me to increase the Mic gain and nothing worked.

    Perhaps this problem will be resolved with a new release of the driver software, but until then, do not use this device with Vista x64.

    Side note: I have not tried it on any other OSes and it is likely that it performs well under those that use the production drivers....more info
  • great device, but no drivers for vista
    I bought this in 2007 with hope that drivers for vista are around the corner. Still nothing, even though polycom promised them in 2008.
    Bad, very bad....more info
  • Great item
    Worked well the first time. What a difference to know the person on the other end of Skype was actually hearing all of us in the conference room. ...more info
  • Excellent product, well worth the money
    I needed a half dozen of these to set up an inter-office communications system for a client. The most important issue besides reliability and compatibility was sound amplitude and quality in a noisy environment, and this product is a winner. The Skype interface works flawlessly, and even on non-XP machines where the button functions and the enhanced audio processing of the Communicator software are not available it works very nicely. The fit and finish is superb and the quality obvious the moment you take it in hand, which came as no surprise to me because Polycom has been known for top shelf products for years.

    The only drawback I can think of is that the USB cable, which stows very nicely inside the case for portable use with your laptop, is only a tad over two feet long and as a result I had to purchase USB extension cables for every desktop workstation since at best the existing cable will get you from the front of the computer to the edge of the desk, and running from a USB on the back of the computer and up behind the desk with the monitor and keyboard cables is out of the question, so you'll need to budget another ten bucks to Amazon for that one....more info
  • Useful, solidly made, light, cheap, road-warrior essential
    One of the best devices I've ever encountered. ...more info
  • Good hardware, terrible software and drivers
    Be aware that this product will not work out-of-box with Vista, XP Media Center, or XP Tablet Edition. The hardware is great, but since the echo cancellation is done on the PC working drivers are essential....more info
  • Great for personal/small group use
    I am very pleased with the performance. My only negative feedback is that the volume does not go up as much as I'd like. When I tried to use it in a room with 10 people, the volume was insufficient...more info
  • This saved me a LOT of money
    I use the C100S with XP, so my opinion is based solely on that experience. Others have posted issues with Vista or other OS's so take it for what it's worth.

    I don't have a landline phone at home, I only use my cell phone. This worked out great until I started working from home a lot, and multi-hour conference calls for work were really eating up my cell minutes. Then I discovered Skype gives you FREE calls to toll free numbers (like my company conference system). The C100S gives me a excellent quality, noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for making free conference calls of unlimited length...exactly what I needed.

    Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot:

    1. The USB cord is permanently attached and very thin. when it breaks (and I'm sure it will), the unit is toast. I wouldn't be winding and unwinding the cord any more than is absolutely necessary.
    2. The USB cord storage compartment will never close after the first time you take the cable out. You will not be able to rewind the cable in the exact meticulous fashion required for the cover to close completely.
    3. Nobody is going to use this device as the default audio speaker for your PC, but the Communicator software will pop up an error message warning you it's not the default every time you use it. It's like having a warning that you're fly is up...I know and that's how it's supposed to be.

    Other than those annoyances, it's excellent. It's nice to have a hard button for mute and volume control, the LED ring lights up green when you're online and red when you're muted...just like the big Polycom units, and most importantly it sounds great on both ends of the conversation....more info
  • Perfect tool if you use Skype a lot for business
    Easy to set up and use. Sound Quanlity is great, and I think it is my coneection rather than the device if there are any problems.

    Makes conference calls a breeze....more info
  • unbelievable sound
    I needed a high quality Skype phone to make calls overseas for my business and have tried a number of them. For one reason or another they were all less than adequate. But the Communicator is sweet! I cannot believe the sound quality. As other reviewers have mentioned it sounds as if the person you're talking to is in the same room with you. Far better sound than what my landline provides. I love the hands free operation and the simplicity. Now for the issues: I found the same problem as others reported with a worthless CD so went to and downloaded the Communicator software version 2.1 for Skype. That did the trick. The usb cable is too short so just get yourself an extension before the Communicator arrives and you won't be cursing. I was lucky in that I had one lying around ready to go. Their tech support is frightening. At first I mistakenly ordered the C100 (not the C100S) and called their support to ask a question. The guy I spoke with sounded like he just woke up from a bad dream. hey, sorry for annoying you buddy.... But with these minor issues aside I really do love this phone. At least with XP it works like a dream....more info
  • I take it with me everywhere
    I have been using Skype for almost a year and have purchased a number of wireless and cordless phone options. By far, this has been the most useful especially at my desk.

    The sound it great and it works well connected to my PC....more info
  • Best Skype device so far!!
    This is the third 'Skype certified' device I have bought to date. My Linksys home phone and Plantronics headset are incomparable to the Polycom unit. Out of the box this took less than ten minutes to download the latest software and start up. I live in the USA and make regular calls to the UK, Singapore and New Zealand. The volume level and sound quality from the Polycom are excellent from such a compact unit. Neither I nor my receipients have noticed any feedback or unit echo. (Included carrying pouch is a bonus). Highly recommended! ...more info
  • ommunicator Grey C100S USB Speakerphone for Skype
    The voice from the skype speaker phone sounds good, but limited with the current design. It would be better off if the volume can be increased more.

    -albert...more info
  • Simply the best on Windows XP
    I had been using an MVox MV100 and Skype as my primary work phone. I got it for only $9.99; it did an admirably job the last couple months. But the frequency range of 500-5000 Hz sometimes made it hard to hear everyone well. Even when I could understand them, they would sound unnatural. Since I typically spend hours on conference calls every week, I thought I would invest in a better device. The MV100 already does noise cancellation and full duplex, the main thing I looked for is a large range.
    Like many, I have had positive experience with Polycom conference phones. So after reading all the positive reviews, I ordered the C100S. Since my primary machine runs Windows XP, support for other platforms is not a factor for me. So far I must say that the 200-22000 Hz range is amazing! It sounds unbelievable if both ends use Skype. Even when the other end uses a regular phone, the improvement is still very noticeable. The microphone also works better than the MVox as long as the Polycom software is running. I also like the buttons on the devices; they are handy but not a big improvement over the Skype hot keys I was already using.
    I took off one star only because the software did not run on my machine at first; I almost returned the unit. But since I am a techie and since it did work on my wife's machine, I dug deeper into what happened. It turned out that the installer somehow failed where it should register the USB components. After I went through those steps manually, everything worked beautifully.
    I am using the "latest" software (version 2.1) released on 2007/9/17. This is the first version that is not specified to be for Windows XP only; maybe it does work on Vista now. Perhaps Vista users should give that a try....more info
  • excelent device
    Basically everything it purports to be. Worked out of the box on my Mac. Only downside would be that, as the s/w doesn't work on a Mac (yet), there is no way to tell how far you have adjusted the mike volume. Nevertheless, it seems to work fine....more info
  • worked great for a 7 person around a table conference call
    I bought this to use in a conference area where getting a phone line installed and purchasing a traditional Polycom would have cost too much and taken too long. Using Skype, the person at the remote location could hear all seven of us clearly (including me, and I was sitting behind the unit with my open laptop between me and it). We heard the person at the remote location just fine. It felt just like we were using a traditional Polycom over landlines. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • great purchase
    I got to test drive this product while in London, thanks to a co-worker. I fired up Skype and it worked right away. I didn't even install the program that came with it that integrates it.

    once I bought it I installed the Polycomm program and you had instant Skype integration and awesome sound quality. There are a couple usabilty things I modified (which made me give it a 4 stars instead of 5).

    I have now used this with Yahoo voice chat and Google with great success. You don't get feedback, the mic is pretty directional and the speaker quality better than good. You cant press it too far to get excellent.

    So a good purchase for the road warrior that wants hands free VOIP ability. It comes with a nice bag and even a Skype coupon...more info