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Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: R
Release Date: 26-SEP-2006
Media Type: High Definition DVD

After a two-year hiatus that included recovery from heart surgery, Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the big screen in November 1999 with End of Days, a Thanksgiving turkey if ever there was one. Overcooked and bloated with stuffing, this ludicrous thriller attached itself to the end-of-the-millennium furor that kicked in a year too early. A prologue begins in 1979 with panic in the Vatican when a comet signals the birth of a child who will, 20 years later, become the chosen bride of Satan, destined to conceive the devil's spawn between 11 p.m. and midnight on December 31, 1999. It's hard to decide who has the more thankless role--Robin Tunney as Satan's would-be bride, or Schwarzenegger as Jericho Cane, the burned-out alcoholic bodyguard assigned to protect the girl from Satan, billed as "The Man" and played with cheesy menace (and an inconsistent variety of metaphysical manifestations) by Gabriel Byrne.

With kitschy character names like Jericho and Chicago (Arnie's partner, played by Kevin Pollack) and lapses in logic that any 5-year-old could spot, End of Days is a loud, aggravating movie that would be entertaining if it were intended as comedy. But Schwarzenegger and director Peter Hyams approach the story as an earnest tale of redemption and tested faith, delivering a ridiculous climax full of special effects and devoid of dramatic impact. You're left instead to savor the verbal and physical sparring between Satan and Jericho, resulting in the most thorough pummeling Schwarzenegger's ever endured onscreen. Of course he eventually gets his payback, just in time for New Year's Eve. Perhaps he was touched by an angel. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy for 13 year old Schwarzennegar fans!
    I bought this movie as a gift for my nephew and prescreened it- thankfully. I was expecting cheesy action flick- but this went beyond to some pretty graphic sex scenes and language. I didn't really like the plot- Arnold vs. Satan? And Arnold wins? Not so believable.

    I bought this partly because there was big too do about it when I went to a catholic college. Nobody mentioned the graphic nature- it was all- wow- have you seen End of Days? Hmmm, must have missed something. These are the people who wouldn't see Dogma becaue the church forbid it. Seems a little silly to me.

    I think it could have been good- or a least better. The theology is pretty weak. I like to think of Satan as subtle. Not flamboyantly blowing up buildings and having group sex with half of New York. Really, besides the girl, Satan is the most interesting and human person in this film- at least there are a few paradoxes.

    Oh, and dragging a baby girl through a hospital so dark it looks like a funeral home, covering her with snake blood (in the hospital) then having the nurse and doctor adopt her when the parents die is a pretty thin plot line. Since this "chosen one" apparantly has no intuition to tell her that she is being raised by people preparing her for organized rape, she is really lucky to have Arnold to save her. In such a dark and graphic world, kinda makes you wonder what he was saving her for....more info
  • Arnold VS. The Devil !- NOT RECOMMENDED
    I'm revewing the HD DVD version of this movie. My rating is based on the movie itself.

    First let me start by saying that I love Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. If you have even some religious convictions, don't watch this movie. It seems to glorify the devil too much. Although it seems a little similar to the movie "Fallen" with Danzel Wahington, Fallen has far more suspense and the events are unfolded gradually as you watch the movie. The End of Days reveils the story (and possibly the outcome) from the beginning, and becomes very predictable. Religious people who believe in God might find some lines very offensive. Why? here's a quote: The devil speaking about God to Jericho (Arnold) "...And where was God? He could've stopped it. but He didn't. He f**d you. And then He made you feel guilty...etc..

    If the movie is NOT good, who cares how good the picture is?? Having said that, the quality of tranfer is AVERAGE in HD DVD standard. Most of the scenes where shot in dark places, or at night. If you must see this movie, rent it or buy the standard DVD version from a Walmart for few dollars.

    I think buying this movie is a waste of money, when we have so many great choices available.

    A Final note: Most of these reviews express the "opinion" of the reviewer, others might disagree. In my opinion, this movie is the one to avoid. ...more info
  • Great highly underrated thriller!
    Arnold Schwartzenger is former policeman Jerico Cane who is protecting a young woman ( Robin Tunney) on the last 2 days of 1999 before the new millenium from a dark man ( Gabriel Bryne) who is actually Satan that plans to plant his seed into the woman then take over the world in the new millenium, only Cane must stop him before it's too late.

    A thrilling, exciting, and gory action horror shocker mixing occult themes with detective themes to it with great special effects, decent acting, interesting plot and thrills all the way. It's definitely not bad as some critics say, it's an enjoyable kind of suspend your disbelief movie just like any Arnold movie.

    The DVD is good with sharp picture and nice sound, the extras are fine such as featurettes, music video by Rob Zombie, trailer, commentary, and DVD-Rom features.

    Also recommended: " Rosemary's Baby", " The Exorcist", "Demons", "An American Werewolf in London", " From Dusk Till Dawn", " Bram Stoker's Dracula", " Underworld", " Se7en", " Evil Dead II", " Commando", " Total Recall", " Vampire Hunter D", " Child's Play series", " The Omen", " Making Contact ( a.k.a. Joey)", " Freddy Vs. Jason", " Demons 2", " Cemetery Man", " Silence of the Lambs", " Manhunter", " Hannibal", "Red Dragon", " Kiss The Girls", "Suspiria", " The Craft", and "Dawn of the Dead" (remake)....more info
  • Oculus Deum
    Being that 1999 has come and gone pretty uneventfully, END OF DAYS, many cynics will argue, isn't really worth watching. Of course, that's not true. Yes, since this reivew is being written in the last days of 2005, everyone is probably looking back on the 1999 New Year's event and laughing heartily (the same I cannot say for the 2001 New Year's crowd, or any period during George W. Bush's "Presidency".) Whether it was a suspected terrorist attack, the Y2K mumbo-jumbo, or the anticipated return of the Messiah, we were all being a liitle paranoid.

    I am a deeply spiritual but fairly unorthodox Catholic, so I don't consider the Bible either infallible or without merit. END OF DAYS is an apocalyptic action-horror movie for people like me.

    END OF DAYS has Arnold Schwarzenegger giving one of the best performances of his career before becoming the governor of CULL-LI-FORN-NIA. He plays NYC cop turned bodyguard Jericho Cane- whose name, by the way, is the name of a city in Israel; END OF DAYS is full of Biblical references like this- who contemplates suicide and drowns himself in alcohol to escape his guilt for the murders of his wife and daughter, who died at the hands of criminals he testified against. He and his partner Bobby (Kevin Pollack) are protecting a nameless Wall-Street socialite (Gabriel Byrne) during the New Year's fiasco. After an attempt on the Man's life, by a priest no less, Jericho is puzzled why a religious man would want to take a life. A series of clues leads him to Chritine York (Robin Tunney), who has also just survived a hit by Vatican troubleshooters. Soon, she and Jericho learn the true about the attempted murders, and the Man himself from Father Kovak (Rod Steiger)- Every 1,000 years, Satan comes to Earth and takes possessing of a male body- The Man's in this case- and serachs for the woman with whom he will father the Anti-Christ. He has chosen Christine to mother his child, who must be conceived between 11 and Midnight on New Years Eve. Though Jericho is reluctant to believe in this scenario- he has lost all faith in God for allow his family to be murdered- when Satan tempts him with the joys that will be his if he leads him to Chritine, and after almost being killed by Satan for refusing, Jericho agres to protect Christine.

    END OF DAYS is probably Arnold Schwarzengger's best movie, even better than his powerhouse TERMINATOR franchise. It's certainly his most dramatic. And while I can't say that I am pleased that Arnold has been such an avid Bush supporter in his political carrer (read past reviews I have written on Bush), I think that END OF DAYS may be the one time I or anyone else can honestly say Arnold gave a truly Oscar-worthy performance.

    I have been wondering though, has anyone in Hollywood been considering making a What if? sequel to END OF DAYS? You Know, What if Jericho couldn't stop Satan's plot. What if Christine gave birth to the Anti-Christ? What would the world be like? How accurately would the Book of Revealations have had it? (I personally think Book of Revealations is so bizarre, it's almost impossible for anyone human to interpret it correctly.)

    In this time of war and religious bigotry in the United States, END OF DAYS is the perfect movie to escape it all....more info
  • Under-rated and Very Creepy
    An oddity, Arnold playing against type as a drunk. The possessed priest is very creepy, the scenes in his basement squat are NYC disgusting, and it just rants and rolls from there. ...more info
  • Arnold Vs. Satan
    I have watched this movie, "End of Days", twice now, the first time I didn't like it due to the fact that I am a Christian and approached this movie as if it should be Biblically and Theologically accurate. Of course, this movie is far from that and due to my mind set I didn't like it. Though I didn't care for it the first time I did like some elements to the movie and thought some things were done nicely and Arnold's journey of finding his faith in the film is a nice touch. When I decided to go back and rewatch this film I approached it as a normal film with religious overtones and viewed it like I viewed the 'Prophecy' films or "Constantine", which is it's not Biblically accurate but it does get some stuff right and is still entertaining.

    Once I got past that problem it was an enjoyable film, I know it's received some bad reviews but I thought it was well done for what it was trying to convey. The basic premise of the film is that in the book of Revelation in the Bible, Satan will have been bound for 1000 years and would then be released, now the writer has interpreted this to mean that Satan had been bound for the last 1000 years and that in 1999 he would return to earth. However, this is where things go away from the Bible, Satan comes back to look for a bride who will bear his child, The Antichrist, and kick start Armageddon.

    Arnold's character is interesting for him to play because he's always the action hero, whereas in this film he's playing more of a dramatic role and actually is forced to act and does so convincingly. His character, Jericho, is a former cop and believer in God, whose wife and daughter were murdered and now he's a suicidal alcoholic who works for a major security firm. His newest client just happens to be the man Satan has picked to embody for his new quest on earth. Satan is played by Gabriel Byrne, and he is definitely enjoying himself in this one, unlike his toned down and slightly bored looking performance in "Stigmata" (the other religious thriller he starred in this year).

    The supporting cast is also great, Robin Tunney was perfect as Satan's would be bride. Kevin Pollack played Arnold's partner at the security firm and provided some very timely comic relief and Rod Steiger as a priest was nicely played.

    As I said the movie is not Biblically accurate by any means, but if you don't approach it as such, it is enjoyable. If you're a fan of the 'Prophecy' films, "The Devil's Advocate", or "Constantine" then you will enjoy this film.

    "End of Days" is rated R for violence, language, and brief sexuality/nudity....more info
  • Arnold's worst performance
    Every movie Arnold has made has been good.....except this one.
    I watched this DVD with a girl who wasn't very pretty to look at...so I was looking forward to keeping my eyes on the screen. That didn't happen either!...more info
  • This movie was good
    In the year 1999 Satan arives back on earth in New York City. He is tring to fine this girl who was choosen to bare his child in the 11:00 hour before the year 2000 hits if that happens the devil un-locks the gate of hell and planet earth will be doomed. Vatican knights try to kill her cause if she's dead the devil can't for fill his duty and that stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger had to butt in and keep her alive making matters worst and for that he died in the end. This movie was good how can people give it three they just don't know good acting, stories lines, horror, and action....more info
  • Entertaining horror-action film
    Not so much a horror film as an action thriller with horror icons, End of Days is yet another Lethal Weapon/Die Hard variation. A buddy cop movie with the ultimate villain: Satan himself.

    If that's not high-concept enough, here's another twist: the buddy cops (actually, buddy bodyguards) are assigned to protect a prominent Wall Street yuppie from assassins. But unbeknownst to them, their charge is Satan in human form, and the assassins are a hit team from the Catholic Church. So the bodyguard heroes are inadvertently defending Satan against holy assassins.

    As an actioner, End of Days is paint-by-numbers excellent. Nothing extraordinary, but replete with Hollywood's usual first-rate production values, inventive stunts, extravagant explosions, and breathless high-speed chases. Thrilling while it lasts, forgettable when it's over.

    The film does flirt with some appropriate supernatural horror themes. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Jericho Cane (two Biblical names in one, neither clearly symbolic of anything; nor any reason for the spelling). Cane was once a good cop. Then he testified against the mob, and the mob killed his wife and daughter. Cane did his duty, playing by the rules. But where was the NYPD for Cane's family? Where was God?

    Unable to bear the guilt, Cane quit the NYPD and went private. He's lost his Faith, in both the system and in God. When we first see him, he's contemplating suicide.

    Gabriel Byrne (a priest in Stigmata, also 1999) is Satan, made flesh to impregnate the unwilling Christine York (Robin Tunney, The Craft). This must occur the hour before the Millennium, AD 2000, because ... well, just because. Naturally, York will then give birth to the Antichrist.

    (One film critic pointlessly sneered that Satan should know the Millennium wasn't until 2001. I'm sure he did. I'm sure the ENTIRE PLANET knew the Millennium wasn't until 2001, seeing as how EVERYONE was informing EVERYONE else of that irrelevant factoid throughout the latter half of 1999).

    But although End of Days features horror icons and themes, its story is structured as an actioner. When Cane realizes his employer is Satan, he turns his security skills to abducting and protecting York. Still lacking faith (despite witnessing Satan's powers), Cane rejects assistance from the Catholic church, preferring to battle Satan with testosterone-charged gunplay.

    Yet as one may expect, the Prince of Darkness is indestructible, even more so than the metallic terminator in T2: Judgment Day. No matter how often Cane shoots, burns, and bloodies Satan, he'll be back. It's lowbrow, comic book entertainment. No cerebral horror. Nothing atmospheric or profound or chilling.

    See Satan punch a minion so hard, his fist exits the back of the man's skull! See Satan hurtled down a subway car, knocking out poles like bowling pins! See the subway car crash and collapse, the heroes racing down the car as it folds up accordion-like behind them! See Arnold dangling from a helicopter as it speeds after an elderly priest/assassin, the priest plummeting several stories, crashing through a glass awning, then arising and racing down the street with Arnold in hot pursuit!

    In both T2 and End of Days, Arnold protects a naif from an indestructible, relentless killer. Imagine T2's terminator having a supernatural, rather than a scientific, rationale, and you'll get a flavor for End of Days.

    Apart from his name, there's some religious symbolism when Satan crucifies Cane. Here, Satan commits the silly mistake of many supervillains: allowing the hero to live so he may suffer a slow death, hear the villain's diabolical plans, and fully realize his defeat at the hands of the brilliant villain. Of course, this allows Arnold a chance to escape...

    End of Days resembles director Peter Hyams's previous horror film, The Relic (1997). Fast-paced action, much gore, little atmosphere, style, or darkness. Still, Hyams's characters have grown. Arnold is a better actor than he's usually given credit for. Cane is a standard buddy cop clich?, almost to the point of parody, yet Arnold infuses Cane with depth and sympathy.

    However, the stand-out performance comes from Gabriel Byrne. His role is written as pure evil, a Satan without doubts, ambiguity, or sympathy. Yet Byrne's Satan projects nuances, while always maintaining an evil core. His Satan is one- dimensional, yet deep. That sounds contradictory, but it isn't. His Satan's evil is remorseless, undeviating, and unhesitating. Pure evil. But an evil coated with superficial, yet brilliant, veneers.

    Suitably dressed in hip yuppie black, Byrne's Satan exhibits casual cruelty to his loyal acolytes, a simmering vindictiveness, and a sense of frustrated entitlement over losing Heaven. Sometimes cool, even playful, then lashing out with lethal savagery. His warmth and sympathy are almost convincing as he tempts Cane with the return of his family. Satan's arguments are reasonable, his mannerisms gentle. Yet always, however vaguely, we perceive the evil and deceit beneath whatever veneer he wears.

    A minor caveat. As in many films, the Catholic Church turns out to harbor a secret Order. In this case, a renegade faction of priests trained over the centuries to identify and halt the coming Antichrist. Either by killing Satan's mortal form -- or by killing the innocent mother-to-be of the Antichrist (York). Naturally, Arnold pulverizes these priests in his attempts to save York.

    Now, I realize the Catholic Church has a near-monopoly on Antichrist films. But I doubt all religions would have had their clergy brutalized with such flippant glee. I'm not saying don't portray evil priests. I just wish the nasty cinematic portrayals could be spread a little more evenly across all faiths.

    It's difficult to judge End of Days because: What standards does one apply? Do we measure it against actioners or horror? It's a first-rate action film. But as horror, it lacks the innovative style or thought-provoking profundity of Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, or Lost Souls. Gabriel Byrne is a noteworthy Satan. Arnold is a fine action hero. His buddy, Kevin Pollak, is decent but forgettable. Likewise, Robin Tunney. Udo Kier has a briefly interesting role as a Satanic minion.

    As a horror film, End of Days is adequate, but no more. Its chief pleasures derive from its stunts and pyrotechnics. ...more info
  • Arnold saves the world from the devil in 2000
    The 1000 years has past since Christian people thought the world would end in 1000 AD. Again it is predicted that the devil will spawn a child on
    an human woman and a new reign of evil will result.
    The cycle of the rings seems based on that same sort of legend
    in a world where superstitions ruled:
    The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy - Special Release: Tolkein Month Movies Poster Print, 27x40
    Instead of swords and arrows Arnold has an over and under grenade launcher
    machine gun.
    The special effects are pretty good, but the plot has been done several times before and after....more info
  • Ah-nuld fights valiantly in FX driven sci-fi nightmare
    End of Days is one of those action thrillers that one day will wind up on a wonderful list known as Bad Movies We All Love. But it takes a few years to achieve such cult status, and, so, I am left to deal with today. I don't intentionally have it in for this type of picture, but the genre today has a lot in common with pop music, because they both have such specific target markets. In the case of action thrillers, it is fourteen to twenty-five year old males. There's nothing at all wrong with having a particular audience in mind. The problem is that, by limiting the appeal, you tend to crystallize the subject matter. You fall into a pattern of rehashing the same material, because, as one group outgrows your genre, there's a fresh one to take it's place.

    I suppose that End of Days would have been more interesting ten years ago. That was when CGI and other digital effects were new and fresh to the eye. Today, it's just another costly FX driven movie. Compare it to another Arnold Schwarzenegger picture, the much better Total Recall [1991], and you'll see what I mean. ...

    Then there are the special effects. They are spectacular, but predictable. Some are a bit weird. In several scenes, such as a restaurant's blowing up, the street traffic just keeps moving. Even New Yorkers are not quite that jaded. In another, The Man falls twenty stories and lands on a SUV. Its alarm goes off, the vehicle is totaled, but no crowd gathers. The movie is especially prone to defying the laws of physics. There is a chase scene aboard a runaway subway train. Jericho manages to uncouple the car he and the girl are in. The rest of the train jumps the tracks and wrecks. Moments later, their car plows into the wreck. Do they jump out of the car? No, they just run to the rear and grab hold of a support pole. Not only are they not hurt, they remain standing. Give us a break!...more info

  • A Twisted, Evil, Mess
    I wouldn't give this any stars.

    This film is offensive, indecent, and harmful, and shows a disgraceful lack of knowledge and understanding.

    Anyone who has any respect for God or for goodness should avoid watching this film. The explicit scene where Satan is having sex with a man's wife and daughter at the same time, whom he has possessed to lie with him, is just one example of what you shouldn't allow yourself to suffer seeing.
    ...more info
  • We won't never forget you, Jesus. We always believing you.
    This movie is bad, But is still good alittle bit. I hate those demons. Satan is so far of these people turn to evil. arnold can handle those suckers in new york city. He is so smart to kill demons. We will never forget what Jesus farther say about the truth. But don't worry, Arnold will kick Satan ass....more info
  • Another exceptional release from Universal
    This is how an exclusive studio should do it. The picture quality is great throughout, with great depth, excellent shadow detail and solid blacks; the colors are also spot on. Where this title really excels is in the audio department. The TrueHD lossless track is absolute reference quality. This title is worth the purchase for the aural experience alone. The extras are decent, most likely a port of everything that was on the normal dvd release, and the movie is a very fun "bad" movie.

    All in all a great disk that is well worth the money....more info
  • End of Days (1999)
    Director: Peter Hyams
    Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Bryne, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollak, C.C.H. Pounder, Derrick O'Connor, David Weisenberg, Rainer Judd, Miriam Margolyes, Udo Kier.
    Running Time: 121 minutes
    Rated R for intense violence and gore, a strong sex scene and language.

    Hyped to the heavens when it first came out as Schwarzenegger's comeback movie, this 1999 film steers the Governor away from his attempts at comedy and collaborations with Danny Devito and back into the sort of action packed carnage that made his name in the first place. However, where the likes of Commando had him portraying invincible supermen with a neat array of guns and one liners to hand, "End of Days" is considerably darker. Set in New York on the eve of Millennium, the film shows a version of the Austrian Oak previously never witnessed. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Jericho Cane, an alcoholic ex-Cop in charge of a security squad who finds himself embroiled in a battle to save a young girl (Robin Tunney) from being raped by the devil (a sadly, rather ineffective Gabriel Byrne) and bringing about Armageddon. Cane himself is not the best sort of man for saving all creation either. He is mired in deep depression, has abandoned any faith in God he may have once had and when we first see him, is contemplating suicide. However, saving the girl gives him a drive and determination even when faced with some conflicting views from the Catholic Church about how best to go about this. All of this takes place in a very grim and gritty vision of New York where the rain never stops falling, urban decay is rife and pillars of steam rise from manhole covers. It is a fitting location for the end of all creation to begin and cast a dark veil over the flick.

    Of course, that isn't to say the film is all doom and gloom as there are a few glimpses of just how seriously the makers weren't taking their project (the argument between Arnold and Kevin Pollack in the former's apartment is hilarious). Plus, while the story and characters are all developed to match the atmosphere of impending dread during the first hour and a half, the last twenty minutes are made up of the kind of explosive action that strangely doesn't jar against the grimmer nature of the rest of the film, though the CGI devil at the climax is pushing it a little. As a photographer, Director Peter Hyams (fresh off his unacclaimed, yet deserving "The Relic") demonstrates actual ability, displaying some good frame work and movement, but it is nothing above solid work. Screenwriter Andrew Marlowe is the film's greatest enemy. At parts, the script actually shows the makings of good religious thriller, and at times it even shows some quasi-intellectual thought (the Temptation scene between Arnold and Gabriel Byrne), but these small pluses are choked out by a river of negatives. Generic dialogue/characters, gapping plot holes, and convenient plot points that just happen to point all the characters in the right direction are just a few of the standard Hollywood black holes Marlowe's screenplay falls into. The shadow of the good movie it could have been faded very quickly.

    The film surprisingly has a good cast. Arnold, still possessing that larger than life attitude, tries to play a depressed, on the edge cop with no more than average results. Stick to be the invincible hero Arnie, it's what your good at. Gabriel Byrne is the strong point of the ensemble, bringing a nice air of cynicism to the role of Satan. In a villainous role ripe for overacting, Byrne restrains himself and it adds a bit more menace to the character. Kevin Pollak, as normal, is able to bring at least a few chuckles to the movie, but he's done better. Also look for a stellar small role from Rod Steiger. Hyams looked like he was trying to separate this from the faceless mass of Hollywood action films. He was heading in the right direction, but had neither the script or originality to take it there; nonetheless, "End of Days" is a suitable venture if you are looking for an action-packed, special effects romp and a devil of a good time....more info
  • "... sometimes Hell comes to YOU!"
    This isn't a difficult film to get your head around. Take Rosemary's Baby, update it for the end of the Millenium, give it a lot of noirish atmospherics and you have the basic premise -- A young woman, Christine York (played by Robin Tunney), is marked at birth as Satan's bride. At the end of the millennium he is to impregnate her, and the child will bring about the beginning of the end. As 1999 draws near Satan (Gabriel Byrne) walks the streets of New York trying to give folks a very unhappy New Year, while Jericho Cane (Arnold Swarzenegger) races time trying first to figure out what is happening and then to keep Christine's virtue intact.

    Surprisingly enough, what keeps this film from going down is a wave of d¨¦j¨¤ vu schlock is Schwarzenegger's performance. Jericho Cane is not a heroic figure. He is an alcoholic freelance security specialist whose loss of daughter and wife a few years back has driven him right to the edge of suicide. Bitter, rejecting religion, and more than a little bewildered, he is the antithesis of the typical Arnold hero, and Schwarzenegger pulls him off perfectly for most of the film. Robin Tunney holds her own as the film's premier victim.

    Unfortunately, the part written for Gabriel Byrne is a hokey display of infantile diabolic nastiness. Random acts of cruelty are all the character is allowed, giving Byrne very little to work with. Had Satan been been a more fearful character the film would have been that much stronger. In addition, bad writing and directing marred the ending as well turning what could have been a great moment of catharsis into something cheap and predictable. The result is an 'ok' film that you really want to be better because this time Arnold's acting really merited to notice....more info
  • creepy,, moving, chilling and freaky all in one
    I freaked out when I saw this with my grandpa in theatres
    then the next day I freaked out even more when I got to see it with my aunt.

    both times I was moved, lauging and scared beyond reason
    the creepiest scene is the one where the guy in the hospital is hung above on the ceiling like Christ and he's either bleeding to death or already was. that's from freaky stuff. very creepy. the whole movie is phenomenal. we should all be greatful Satan didn't destroy us all and we're still here with God on this Earth trying to live each day of our lives the best we can. if you like Schwarzenegger then see : Last Action Hero, the Terminator movies, the running man, total recall, and many others

    This movie was watched by me 2 times when it came on tv
    and I now have it on dvd
    the extras on the disc are astounding too

    see this movie
    it will creep you out more then you can imagine
    and teach you valuable lessons...more info
  • Amusing and entertaining, to say the least.
    It's Arnold vs. the Devil! That's all you need to know plot-wise in this big and dumb action/thriller that pits Schwarzennegger against the "ultimate" villain. Yes, this one's as stupid as you'd expect, but there's a certain acknowledgement of its own inanity, the action's fast-paced and exciting, and there are plenty of good, intentional laughs (The one-liners and an unforgettable fight between Ah-nuld and an old lady!). Not necessarily better than what the critics say (at least in terms of the script), but it sure is entertaining (for mostly the right reasons, I assume)....more info
  • Unholy Mess
    First of all, I had assumed the movie I was seeing was the film rendition of Dennis Daver's fine novel of the same name. Alas, it was a hokey, rambling, unrealistic journey about prophecies and the Catholic Church and a lot of mumbo jumbo psychobabble.

    Arnold was...well, Arnold. He can occasionally shine ("True Lies") but usually one gets a stilted, linguistically challenged portrayal of the same type character. In this he falls somewhere in between...as does the movie. You know from the first five minutes how it will end and while it is easily as good as most of the other tripe that passes for cinema these days, it is typical fare. Best time to see - when snowed in with nothing to do all day. ...more info
  • I Turned It Off And Put Pornography On Instead
    At least some of our greatest pornographic films have a more interesting storyline than this boring attempt at a religious action thriller.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will always have his name be synonymous with cheesy over the top action adventures. Some of them are absolutely perfect, such as Predator, Total Recall and those other ones where he's a robot but nobody seems to be able to remember. This is another action film in his hefty catalogue of shooty shooty action films, yet attempts to be a bit different from the rest by bringing Satan into the picture. Satan being about the only good part of this entire film makes me feel a bit blasphemous making that statement.

    The story focuses around the millenium and Christine York from New York, get it? They do that joke in the movie too so don't take my lame joke as something original. The biggest part in history is about to break but Satan is ready to crash that party, but one thing stands in his way, Arny and his bulging masculinity. It turns out that satan isn't just turning up to be the venerable party pooper, he's looking for a wife and a bearer for his son to continue to the family line which will trigger the end of days. To do that he has to kill a lot of people who get in his way and torture the girl with visions before he comes face to face with her (God just sent angels).

    Throughout the film we are forced to suffer some ridiculous word play and religious stories that some turn out to simply not be true. These are used to scare the viewer that a possible end of days may happen in reality, but it's not going to happen in the ways of Satan wanting some sex. Arnold is his usual self in regards to being all bang bang shoot 'em up, no caring attitude. He even has a go at beating satan with his fists. Priests play the usual righteous part about how faith in god will get us through, and we have to fight satan ourselves while god sits and watches the TV.

    Possibly the only redeemable feature of the entire film is Gabriel Byrne as Satan. If ever you could cast a person as satan and you didn't have the money to get Al Pacino, Gabriel Byrne is the man to get for the role. He put across the pure evil image perfectly and at one point even had me soiling my pants. Other than that messy episode, this is a film chocked full of terrible clich¨¦s ridiculous cat and mouse chases and a pointless fight between a mortal and the most evil creation known to modern day religion.

    I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone, but if I had to I would probably recomment this to my enemies as I hate those guys....more info
  • Lovely, But Sadly Lacking
    This was a wonderful movie, but I have to agree with most everyone. It sadly lacks a few things, mostly in the crucial plot catagory. There are definitely some things left to be desired.

    While the story is a full one, it seems to be missing something. Like, why does Satan totally rewrite the minds of everyone but Jericho? Or if Satan is so powerful, why doesn't he just take Christine, round up his followers, and do the dirty deed while the ceremony is being said? It makes no sense.

    The characters are pretty good. The Albino, as few seem to notice, is terribly creepy. The priest and Christine are good, but seem to lack the substance I expected from charcters like that. The best, of course, is Gabriel Byrne's Satan. That's the only reason why this movie diserves all 5 stars.

    Gabriel's Satan is one of a kind. His voice is soft and melodius, with just the right touch of accent. Satan comes across as a soft-spoken, smooth-talker that always gets the point across. And he shows you that it's not safe to screw with this smug, Irish-born Satan. Even Mandy Patinkin's Satan (which lacked Gabriel's style) from "Touched By An Angel" can't compare....more info

  • One Of Arnold's Most Entertaining Movies
    Despite the hokey theology and overdone action, I still enjoyed this film and found it to be astounding in certain parts, thanks to some incredible special- effects, at least when it came out in 1999. They still look pretty cool. I also enjoyed the nice oveerall visuals and excellent sound.

    You just can't take the story seriously, but how many films can you, especially Arnold's wild movies? They are just there to be enjoyed, to get a couple of hours of escapism entertainment. Among the baloney, however, are a few profound statements of truth. Rod Steiger provides them as a priest in the film. Unfortunately, the devil (Gabriel Byrne) has some, too!

    Overall, the story is very involving, so much so that it that at 125 minutes it can wear you. About 15 minutes of less action would have been best. Still, it's one of Arnold's most entertaining movies.
    ...more info
  • Good Stuff
    Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Jericho Cane, a burned-out ex-cop with the world on his shoulders -- literally! Satan has taken over the body of a Wall Street banker (Gabriel Byrne) and has one goal in mind: mating with an innocent woman (Robin Tunney) before the end of the millennium (thus setting off Armageddon). Can Arnold save her -- and the world -- in time?...more info
  • End of Days
    This is an excellent movie with themes that run deeply into the fabric of today's declining moral and ethical society. This decline is hastening the end of days as we know it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor who admirably carried this role to perfection....more info
  • Governor of California V's the devil
    Arnie actually does a good job in this film of at least trying to act.

    The plot is a little ludicrous, the devil returning every 1,000 years to mate with a human to have diabolical offspring. But somehow it is still engaging.

    The special effects are good, especially the church scene at the end of the movie.

    Crucifixions abound and there is no shortage of blood splattered scenes for the more horror minded.

    There are absolutely no subplots involving any characters other than Arnie. Arnie's friensdhip with his co-worker is tokenistic and somewhat cliche.

    It could have been a very good film but ends up being a good "b" grade film - not the the huge comeback "A" grade block buster it was designed to be....more info
  • GNR is the only reason this movie is good
    GNR is the only reason this movie is good beacuse they're on the sound track/....more info
    In college,I was going out with a guy who wanted to see this simply because Ahnuld mentions Thomas Aquinas (and Thomas Aquinas was on my college's reading list!)

    This is NOT a date movie by any stretch of the imagination. Arnold plays Jericho Cane,an alcoholic ex-cop in search of redemption.He faces many temptations--and Gabriel Byrne overacts as the Devil.Byrne's haminess is hardly kosher,considering the character.In the end,Jericho Cane sacrifices himself&saves the day.There's an odd "crucifixion" scene.Plenty of heavy-handed allegory,but please,don't take girlfriends to this to get them in the mood...it's total schlock......more info
  • I'll Take This "B" Movie Over A Coma Anyday
    I've seen hundreds of Sci Fi/Horror movies over the years. This is one of those you'll wonder whether you've watched it or not a few years down the road. You just can't remember.

    All in all, I figure it's still better to watch a so-so Sci Fi/Horror movie than "Dances With Wolves" or "Evita". This movie will end up being non-memorable, but it's preferable to being in a coma.
    ...more info
  • Great entertaining and fun movie
    I really hate reading critics reviews of movies. Typically they are always wrong in their evaluation of a movie. What is a movie anyway other than entertainment, its not life, it is merely there to take us away from our daily life and have some fun. If you come out of a movie entertained then it has done its job.

    If you go to see an Arnold movie you are going to see an action movie. That being said this was more than an action movie Arnie did a fine job of acting as well as play the hero.

    I came away from the movie entertained and I enjoyed it. If you try looking any further into it then you just keep missing the point of a movie.

    Everyone reading this do me a favor. Never ever read a review and never ever see or don't see a movie based on a review. If you like action movies, if you like Arnold then see the movie and decide yourself if you liked it or not.

    Later........more info

  • Not great, though not bad either
    End of Days brings to the screen the story of an alcoholic, down-on-his-luck, former cop who joined a private security firm that offers wealthy people protection. Things become rather complicated when the client in need of protection is... Satan.
    There are slight hints of the Omen, Constantine, and Ninth Gate with a touch of the X-Files so the movie falls into the action/adventure/mystery/thriller/horror type of category.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, and most of the rest of the cast carry out their performances well.
    The plot, the setting, the dialogues, the music, and the special effects, are all good.
    In short, End of Days is a movie worth watching if you are in the mood for some good entertainment and/or you are a Schwarzenegger fan. 4 Stars

    ...more info