Toshiba IK-WB15A IP Security Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
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Product Description

The IK-WB15A is one of the first IP Network Cameras to leverage the full potential of the next generation Fuji Super CCD with its unique 45? diagonal angled pixels. When compared with "megapixel" cameras, the Super CCD delivers 60% better horizontal and vertical resolution, fewer jagged edges, faster video processing, and broader dynamic range in an ultra-compact form factor. Plus, the Super CCD's higher sensitivity means you can use the IK-WB15A in more lighting environments.

  • Toshiba IK WB15A IP Network Camera
  • PTZ
  • 1/4' x 2.6
  • 10/100
Customer Reviews:
  • Error in Vendor Description
    This camera Model (IK-WB15A) does not have wireless like the vendor claims. The previous model to this the (IK-WB11A) which is now no longer made, had wireless.

    All in all not bad cameras, I have both, the WB11a and WB15a. Hunt around with the model number for the best deals....more info
  • Don't be fooled by this one - Toshiba cut corners.
    This camera has a sensor that is 1/2 the size of the previous model (IK-WB11A) and it shows: The video quality never really escapes being pixelated, even at the highest resolution settings. Toshiba's rigamarole about it being a "Super (Honeycomb) CCD" sensor can't escape the fact that sensor size and number of pixels is the bottom line and the tiny sensor in this camera is a big step backwards.

    This camera also regrettably sheds wireless networking, but does have optical zoom and marginally faster responsiveness. However, if you're looking for really clear video, keep shopping. Haunt eBay for an old stock IK-WB11A and you'll probably be much happier. (Note: I have several 11A's and 15A's in use side by side.)...more info
  • The Great Blur
    I have the IK-WB15A camera, hardwired with a POE network connection. I got this camera with plans to record the cars passing by my place 24/7s. I figured with the high resolution that this camera has, it should take great pictures, but while it takes nice large images, this images are not sharp. Spoke with Toshiba's tech support and we both looked at the camera online and made adjustments. But it came down to the fact that the camera cannot take good clear images of moving vehicles or people even during the day time, they are just a blur. My Panasonic cameras BB-HCM531A does a far better job with just a 640 X 480 image then the Toshiba with it 1280 X 960 image can.

    Motion detection options are poor and limited.
    Audio I/O connection cannot be used if you use the sun shield, the jacks on on the side of the camera and not protected from the weather.
    PTZ is slow to move.
    Limited Alarm settings.
    White Balance is also not great, I have very blue skies and brown grass.
    Camera is large about a 5 x 5 x 5 box.
    Low light level images: dark unless you really SLOW down the shutter.
    No day/Night or auto setting of the slow shutter speed. One setting for all light levels. If you set it slow for night, it will be slow for day time too.
    Low light level listed as being very low, but that is only if you take in to account that it also takes 4 seconds per frame. I would say more like 4 lux min.
    Firmware needs to be written better IMHO.

    Okay, the now the good things about this camera:
    Optical zoom is GOOD, about a 2.6X zoom, no digital zoom!
    Image size is GOOD, 1280 X 960
    Tech Support, fast to answer, and tried to help and honest about the limits of this product.
    Has a very nice low noise image at night with super slow shutter speed (4 seconds)

    Now I use it for a weather camera, since that is about all it is good for. See for yourself, live, (Bridgeland station).

    For a security camera, this is NOT a great camera to go with due to blurry images. IMHO My Panasonic BB-HCM531A, day and night time images are better for security. Smaller too! ...more info
  • Nice little unit
    We wanted to be able to check the front and I did some digging and the Toshiba IK-WB15A IP Security Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera looked like it fit the bill.
    I would have liked more zoom... but for the price and how clear the picture is, we can live with it.
    Oh, even thou they tell you it is for outside, in the instructions it states you should keep it like under the eve or build some type of bigger hood. That was not a problem for us.
    Would have been nicer if it supported Firefox, since the o/s of the camera is built on linux... I will be looking at open source to see if I can interface the output of the camera to stream... down the road, too many projects, not enough time and the wife "always" has something. ;)

    I think it you got this unit, you'd be happy, but remember, not much of a zoom. But very great pictures....more info
  • I have 17 of these and love them.
    I have 17 of these cameras at 4 locations across the country and I think they are fantastic cameras. They are very easy to setup and use. If you have more than a couple you can set up one exactly how you want it and then back up the configuration and restore it to the others, make a few minor changes and you done. I use the PYsoft's Active WebCam at each location. One of them gives me problems but the others work fine. I use Firefox every day to connect directly to the cameras. Yes, you have to have JAVA but it's free and not an issue.
    The only issue that I have had, is that they don't stand up well to being hit by lightening. I had to replace one. Everyone here is amazed by the quality of the picture. I highly recommend this camera.
    ...more info
  • Good camera for the money; 1GB limit on SD card.
    Its a good camera for the money. Records motion well and has a good resolution. I was not impressed that the SD card has a 1GB limit and Toshiba has not released any new firmware to fix this. Also, the camera's speed is faster than other in the same price range, but still produces blurry images in dark lighting....more info
  • Awesome Cam
    First, try to find a cam that works over POE and you can move for under 600 dollars. Toshiba nailed it.

    I love the auto patrol mode, does a great job of uploading pics to my webservers for the world to see.

    Haven't messed with the alarm recording but if i did, i would use active webcam to caputure and alert me, use it on most of my cam setups. and you can see cam in action.

    ...more info
  • Toshiba Network Security Camera
    This camera arrived when promised and in working order. I am using a total of 9 of these cameras for video security at our offices, although 1 camera was dead on arrival. The camera has motion detection that initiates an FTP file transfer to our server - this is an indispensible feature for video security. Power over Ethernet makes the hardware installation very easy. Note I've found that only 2 of these cameras can be connected to Netgear FS108P 8-PORT POE Switch simultaneously.

    Network configuration is straightforward if you enable automatic DNS. The camera settings are confusing and sometimes daunting. It needs a good context sensitive help file. This being said, the hardware itself is excellent.
    ...more info
  • Camera works with Linux
    I posted extensive comments before for this camera complete with URLs referencing documentation and helpful web sites, but Amazon saw fit not to allow my comments to be included on the product page.

    This camera does work with Linux. For instance, you can use the open source "motion" program to develop it into a full-fledged security system. One net personality also wrote a simple javascript-enabled web page for Firefox which allows continual viewing of images from this camera. The image format is "motion jpeg" (mjpeg).

    There are several other open source programs I've not had a chance to evaluate for this camera, but I would be surprised if they didn't work, since all of these net cams seem to use mjpeg.

    On the whole I like this camera, have in fact bought 2 more, and am considering buying more....more info
  • Keep Looking
    Camera is actually a nice package and does exactly what I bought it for. Comes with a nice feature set. It can act as an intervalometer and ftp or email snapshots. Motion trigger. Good image for what it is. The problem I have is that the viewer requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer and ActiveX controls. YOu can't view images using Firefox or Netscape or Safari. IE 6 or later, only. Stupid. Probably to support the feature where you can click anywhere in the image and the camera will center the image there. Not worth it. I'll find another product and this one will go on ebay....more info
  • Has a few issues to work out
    Overall this camera rates middle of the road with me. Picture quality is great but night time motion recording is poor. The camera seems to lack some common sense functions that the company said they're aware of. First of all the camera is promoted as an indoor/outdoor camera. Since the camera has a CCD image sensor it is very suseptable to damage from sunlight, however the camera lacks the ability to schedule automatic setting changes. For example during the night the slow shutter and max gain control provide excellant images (motion however is blurred or nonrecordable) but during the day these settings may damage the sensor if exposed to direct sunlight. No timer exsists to automatically change these settings or change direction of the camera to prevent sunlight damage. The second issue involves recorded files, since the motion sensor is active all the time with no time out option, alarm recordings are in several small file entries. I've seen up to 5 seperate files recorded for a single event with some of those files containing just one image. At the end of the day you can have over one hundred alarm recordings for just 20-30 events. The company has said over the phone they're aware of these issues but hasn't indicated if they will correct them. Company did indicate that the camera will interface with third party software such as Active Webcam. Since installing the third party software the recording issues are no longer a problem. Actually caught a thief the other night when the motion lights came on and he was face first in front of the camera. The Police were able to make out the image. ...more info