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NETGEAR HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter
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Product Description

NETGEAR's Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter (HDX101) with high quality video and gaming, is an ideal solution for connecting a PC, DVR, X-Box 360, PS3, or other game console to the home network. Simply plug one HDX101 into an AC outlet near your router and the other HDX101 near the device you wish to network. Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) ensures a high-quality, consistent performance for things like real-time HD video and audio streaming for a digital media adapter (DMA) like the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer (EVA700), or for Internet gaming, and VoIP calls. With data rates up to 200 Mbps, large file transfers to networked storage devices like NETGEAR's Storage Central (SC101) can be up to 12 times faster than previous powerline networking products, all with encrypted security. Up to 200 Mbps data rates for faster file transfers Predictable and dependable network speeds Configurable QoS for advanced-users Powerline friendly?coexists with NETGEAR's Wall-Plugged and HomePlug compatible products Requires RJ45 Ethernet Network port Windows 2000 and XP friendly

The NETGEAR HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter offers:
  • A way to turn any electrical outlet into a network connection.
  • 200 Mbps bandwidth for high-quality video streaming.
  • Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) for optimal gaming performance, and uninterrupted VoIP calls.
The NETGEAR HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter turns any electrical power outlet into a network connection. If you're looking for a fast, easy way to provide Ethernet connectivity to just about any device in your home, then this handy adapter is an excellent solution. The HDX101 gives you the bandwidth you need for high-quality video streaming, gaming, and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), without the headaches of running expensive Ethernet cables all over your home.

Creating a network connection is as easy as plugging the adapter into the wall. View larger.
With simple plug-and-play installation, this device turns any electrical outlet into a network connection. This compact, handy device delivers up to 200 Mbps to any outlet, and with no software required, you'll be ready to network your home right out of the box.

This is an ideal solution for connecting PCs, game consoles, digital media adapters such as NETGEAR's EVA8000, or a Skype cordless phone such as NETGEAR's SPH200D to your home network. Here's how it works: plug one HDX101 into your router and a nearby electrical socket, then plug a second HDX101 into any electrical socket that is conveniently located near the device you want to network. Each HDX101 has a built-in Quality of Service (QoS) that enables smooth streaming, awesome gaming performance, and uninterrupted VoIP telephone calls. The bottom line is, you get a powerful, seamless home network that runs on your existing wiring.

Please note that this product comes with only one HDX101 adapter. You'll need to buy at least two adapters to start your network, or you can purchase the NETGEAR HDXB101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter Kit which comes equipped with two HDX101 adapters.

The Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter makes it a breeze to transfer large files to a network storage device, such as the NETGEAR Storage Central Turbo SC101 or the ReadyNAS NV+ RND4250. It supports up to 16 HDX101 units on one home network; and it easily coexists with a host of NETGEAR's HomePlug compatible products.

System requirements include a device for connection, e.g. an available RJ-45 Ethernet port, and Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 2000 to modify encryption and settings. Microsoft Vista drivers are available at

Note: Although the HDX101 may coexist with HomePlug 1.0 products, it is not compatible or interoperable with NETGEAR's XE104, XEPS103, XE103, XE102, or WGXB102 Powerline products.

In addition, this device can deliver up to 200 Mbps of throughput. The actual data throughput will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors, such as network traffic volume, building material and construction, and network overhead.

What's in the Box
One NETGEAR HDX101 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter, Ethernet cable, installation guide, setup CD, warranty card, and support and information card.

  • Powerline Ethernet adapter turns any electrical outlet into a network connection
  • Delivers up to 200 Mbps to any outlet, with no software required
  • Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) enables smooth streaming, awesome gaming performance, and uninterrupted VoIP calls
  • Ideal solution for connect PCs, game consoles, and digital media adapters
  • At least two adapters are required to start your network; sold separately

Customer Reviews:

  • A great product if you have bandwidth issues
    I have been using Wireless-G for my home network for the last 2 years. As far as connecting to the Internet, Wireless-G works great (including playing online games like World of Warcraft). However, the weakness of wireless started being apparent when I bought a SlingBox so that I could watch my Digital TV on my computer. Wireless-G was alright for this, but I could not use some of the more sophisticated features because of the bandwidth.

    The real problem occurred when I recently bought my XBox 360 Elite. I was all excited about the XBox 360 because you can watch things from your Media Center PC on your XBox 360. From the moment I tried to run Media Center from the XBox 360, I noticed that performance was horrible. Media Center itself ran sluggish. When I tried to watch a program I recorded on my Media Center PC, I noticed the picture was fuzzy and that often the sound and picture were out of synch. Sometimes, the picture froze for a moment. When I ran the performance tuning utility on Media Center, I was only getting 2 bars which was way below what was needed to stream standard TV.

    I started to look for solutions. At first, I considered Wireless-N, but dismissed it since I could not find any Wireless-N to Ethernet Bridge products available. I noticed the Netgear HDX101 Powerline HD at the store. It claimed that it could possibly reach 200Mbps. That rate intrigued me, but I knew that I probably would not get that (my Wireless-G with Speedboost never got beyond 54Mbps even though both the router and the card in my computer from the same company had that feature). I checked online to see reviews. They were mixed. I was especially concerned since I live in a home built in the 1930s with older wiring. I decided to try the Netgear product figuring I could return it if it didn't meet my needs.

    Installation couldn't have been simpler. Plug the adapters in a power outlet. One adapter I connected to my router. The other adapter I connected to my XBox 360. When I went into Media Center, I noticed that it worked normally (no sluggishness). I watched the video and it played back perfectly. The picture was much better. I was even able to watch Live TV from Media Center and it worked perfectly (something I couldn't get to work when I was using Wireless-G). When I run the performance utility now, I get all the bars which mean I can even stream HD videos. Now that I get such excellent bandwidth in my house, I really enjoy using Media Center on my XBox 360.

    Also, I am now able to use all the fancy video feature on my SlingBox. It looks great!!!

    An added bonus to this solution is that I do not have to worry about security like I did with wireless. My Wireless-G to Ethernet bridge supported only WEP security (which I don't trust anymore since I read an article that said WEP can be hacked in minutes). Only people inside my house can connect to my network now.

    I am so very pleased with this product. Thank you Netgear for making a product that is easy to install and works right out the box. I would highly recommend this to anyone who does a lot of streaming inside their home network....more info
  • Great if you have no other solution to a problem...
    I wanted to bridge two apartments on opposite sides and different floors of a building for the purpose of internet access, telephone extension over voip, and live tv streaming via xp mediacenter. There were too many walls and floors for wireless to even dream of working (tested with 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, and 900MHz phones and only the 900MHz signals got through). I couldn't run cat5 so all my bets were on this technology working.

    And they work. The two apartments are on different meters in the basement and it still works. For the best performance, I put each adapter on its own circuit in each apartment (just use the air conditioning outlets) to minimize interference from other local electrical devices. It may also help to use surge-protectors on everything else. I did have to lower the bitrate of my TV recordings to hide the delays that occasionally occur, but I may try bumping it back up since newer firmwares and other settings tweaks seem to have improved things (see the netgear forums).

    HomeplugAV came out way too late for me to try, but I hear that it's performance is close if not slightly less. I think HomeplugAV does not network bridge to their older standards much like Netgear's DS2-based technology, so no benefits there.

    Granted, the highest speed the Netgear utility gave me for the connection is 25Mbps, which is probably much lower if I actually measured it, but it gives me a solution that no other technology can. 802.11n runs on 2.4Ghz as well so I doubt that will do anything for me with all these walls and floors. If you're looking at these to drastically improve your existing connection speed, then you may be disappointed. But if you're deciding between no connection and a connection, then you may be pleasantly surprised....more info
  • Be Very Careful of this Product - Mileage will Vary Greatly!

    This product sounds too good to be true, right? And it is. For some people, it will work very very well. For others (like me), it won't work at all.

    The reason is that the two adaptors need to be on the same circuit, else you will see very poor (or zero) performance. This piece of critical information is conveniently omitted in NetGear's product description.

    In many houses, the chances of two rooms at opposite ends of the house being on the same circuit are pretty slim. This was how it was in my case - I had a specific need: to connect a PC in my living room to my router in the study at the far end of the house. Wall outlets on different circuits, therefore no joy.

    Like I said, this product might work extremely well for you - I know people who have these adaptors and love them - but be aware that it's just as likely it won't work at all.

    Good luck!

    ...more info
  • Good for basic connectivity
    I've used this product in a variety of home applications. It is very good for reaching rooms where Wi-Fi doesn't reach and the self-configuration works as expected. The status lights are helpful. These nodes do not require IP addresses so they are relatively invisible to the routed network. Compared to rewiring my home with Cat 5 or 6, this product offers very good value.

    On the other side of the ledger, in my home (built 1990) I'm unable to achieve more than 9 Mbps peak node-node throughput with these products on a WinXP-based LAN. More importantly, average performance is approx. 2-3 Mpbs with high variability. This performance doesn't support the advertised application of watching DVD-quality, let alone HD-quality, video over a PowerLink HD LAN. Music and light file transfer works just fine. The diagnostic tool is very rudimentary and not quite ready for use by anyone without technical background. Seems like more of a released lab tool than an end-user application.

    I'm not quite ready to give up trying to make these products work for high quality video over a LAN. If successful, I'll amend this review with the good news....more info
  • Simple, easy, fast but issues when it rains
    Very simple to setup, plug and play. I have an old house approx 50yrs old and I get 120-140 Mbps and yes it is fast. This is much better than WiFI and the dropouts I get with that. The only issue I have is that when it rains, the one down in the TV room goes out and loses connectivity.

    I guess they work well for me apart from the rain issue. ...more info
  • Solid linkage and reliable performance, even when slow
    This is a "powerline" ethernet adapter, so the actual data transfer rate depends heavily on wiring integrity and noise levels in the host powerline system. I found that the connection and data rate are solid and reliable even over longer, noisier links operating at reduced speeds.

    For example, I can get steady 80Mb/s rates from my router room to my family room but have never seen better than about 20Mb/sec from router room to kitchen. I bought two of these adapters and enjoyed so much improvement over WiFi-G that I bought two more to link to the other household sites needing Internet access. The primary advantage is reliable linkage; my Wifi could link up OK but it tended to drop connections and reconect every few minutes (when the microwave fires up, etc), creating headaches for anything more demanding than simple web browsing (like file transfers, etc). "Reliable" and "stable" wins out over "fast," in my view.

    Highly recommended for noisy homes....more info
  • Works great with TiVo
    I've had three of these for about two years now. I specifically bought them to use with my TiVo Series II boxes. They have been working really well. I can watch a show from another Tivo box without any lag. I have also used them in 4 different houses with no issues whatsoever (I take my Tivo with me when I travel)....more info
  • be careful
    I purchased this product on the advice of a tech support person at Netgear as a second replacement for one of thier units. It turns out it is incompatible with my other Netgear unit. After over 45 days of trying to work it out with Netgear, (which included being hung up on twice, lied to, and given the wrong phone numbers twice) I have become completely frustrated and returned the unit back to Amazon. I can not honestly tell you if this unit functions as promised or not, or if this unit outlives the 1-2 year lifespan the other two units had. I can tell you that thier 24/7 tech support is as frustrating an experience as I have ever had with a company. Buyer beware....more info
  • Works Great!
    I bought two of these units to replace an older pair (much slower) home plug devices. The install was a snap and the configuration utility is easy to use.

    I am getting reliable 55 - 60 M bps across circuits and completely on the other side of a 2500 sq ft house.

    I recommend this product.

    ...more info
  • Works as described
    The system works exactly as described. It's not as portable as wireless, and not as fast as wired ethernet, but does a great job....more info
  • unacceptable
    Was unable to get more than ~300Kpbs download speed, despite advertised "up to 85Mbps". Home wiring and distance may be worse than average, but still, this sub-megabit performance is entirely unacceptable. Unlike WiFi, there are no obvious "tricks" (antenna location, etc.) to fiddle with to significantly improve performance - it's pretty much take it or leave it....more info
  • Poor performance
    I purchased these hoping to upgrade my powerline network, which uses the older Netgear XE102. Using XE102s, I get about 500 Kilobits/sec - way too slow. So, I anxiously plugged in my HDX101's, hoping to get at least 10-20 Megabits/sec. Instead, I get about 600 Kilobits/sec. :( Perhaps it's a problem unique to my electrical wiring, but...needless to say, I was very disappointed....more info