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The Office - Season Two
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It s time to clock in for Season Two of The Office the hilarious and witty TV-mockumentary starring Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) in his Golden Globe Award-winning role. From sexual politics to performance reviews to email espionage the employees at Dunder-Mifflin are there to get the job done or not. Join earnest but clueless boss Michael Scott (Carell) Assistant to the Regional Manager Dwight (Rainn Wilson) receptionist Pam (Jenna Fischer) sales rep Jim (John Krasinski) and the office temp Ryan (B.J. Novak) as they make the daily grind a lot more laughable. Fully staffed with 22 outrageous episodes and hours of side-splitting bonus features it s the must-own collection that caused Time magazine to declare "Never has a lousy job been so much fun!"System Requirements:Running Time: 127 MinutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025193037824 Manufacturer No: 30378

Thank goodness for second seasons. While the first season of The Office started dubiously with a pilot that was just a poor copy of the original British version, it did manage to provide enough good material to stay on the air and hint that better was yet to come. And here it is. The second season of The Office finds its own footing and manages to do the near-impossible by not only breaking free of the gravity of that excellent BBC version to stand solidly on its own, but establishing it as one of the best comedies on TV. Season 2 starts out strong with "The Dundies," where Regional Manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carell, The 40 Year Old Virgin) hosts the company's annual office-awards event with his signature less-than-perfect grace. Things seem to only get worse for him this season as he bumbles a potential affair with his boss, Jan (Melora Harding), angers his employees by reading their emails ("Email Surveillance"), cooks his foot ("The Injury"), and accidentally destroys the warehouse with a forklift in "Boys and Girls," one of the season's highlight episodes. Always at his side is the clueless paranoid Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), the Assistant Regional Manager ("Assistant to the Regional Manager," Michael always reminds him in one of the show's running jokes).

One of the reasons for the show's improvement in the second season is increased focus on Dwight's character, who's becoming something of a pop-culture icon right down to having his own bobblehead. He in turn provides so much good material for Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinsky) to play off of, to their own amusement. But of course, Pam and Jim's simmering relationship is the real meat of the show, as their compatibility becomes more obvious, Jim's feelings for her continue to grow, and Pam struggles with the impending marriage to her less-than-caring boyfriend, Roy (David Denman). Things have to come to a head, and they do nicely in the final episode, "Casino Night." As strong as the leading characters are in The Office, it's the excellent peripheral characters that really make the show hilarious, especially dimwitted office-slug Kevin (Brian Baumgartner), long-suffering intern Ryan (B.J. Novak), office-ditz Kelly (Mindy Kaling), and ultra-conservative Angela (Angela Kinsey). As with season 1, this season contains excellent bonus features to give you an excuse to spend more time at The Office, including the fake PSAs, commentaries, Michael's The Faces of Scranton movie, the ten stand-alone webisodes, and deleted scenes. --Daniel Vancini

Customer Reviews:

  • My New Favorite
    I was slow getting on board for The Office. I remember reading a creative writer, one time (can't remember who), saying that the most important element for writing a successful story was to have a likeable narrative voice. I think the reason it took me a while on this show was that the first season just didn't have that sort of voice. It was biting and harsh and a little dark. I didn't hate the show, but I certainly didn't like it enough to make the time to see new episodes.

    But then, a couple of years later, I saw part of one episode, `The Dundies,' where Pam was accepting her award, and she was so charming, and the tone was so different from the previous season (you seeing such compassion displayed toward Michael) that I was hooked. It's been such a rewarding show since then. Especially in Season 2, there's not a bad episode. Everything is so smartly written and so well acted. This sense of humor is new to American tv. And it's a meaningful show, too.

    My favorite thing about the show is how it's not conceived as just a bunch of single episodes. For most sitcoms, the season-long and multi-season-long story arches seem so episodic (no pun intended). There's always a big finale, but the plot wasn't developed such that the ending is logical, and the viewer is rarely emotionally prepared for whatever big even happens. I think this so hampers sitcoms, even good ones. They so rarely are conceived in a way that allows them to be anything beyond amusing.

    The Office, of course, is the opposite. The Pam and Jim storyline is realistic (I've been Jim before, I know) and heartfelt. The characterizations (what acting by both of them!) are of such depth (two sitcom characters who are actual adults!) that we can see this as a truthful situation and feel for them. And there are no hasty movements. The story arches have been orchestrated expertly, and the wonderful season finale, `Casino Night,' makes for a perfect climax.

    Of course, I love everything else, too. The childishness of Michael, the zaniness of Dwight, and the eccentricities of the other characters provide the perfect counterpoint for the more serious aspects of the show, and the show still succeeds as satire (as Season 1 wanted to be), albeit a less bitter one.

    Anyway, I can't think of a better season for any show. This is a real can't-miss, clearly (to my mind) the best show on tv right now.
    ...more info
  • awesome!
    it was good. the girl i gave it to LOVED it and i was really glad that it came in time otherwise i'd still have it and be really tempted to watch it hahaa...more info
  • Hilarious - My favorite show
    This is definitely my favorite show on TV right now. Before I start, I'll let you know that its comedy doesn't appeal to everyone. While I laugh at loud at most episodes, I have friends who just don't like the more subtle sense of humor.
    If you've seen Season 1 and thought it was just ok - keep watching! Season 2 is by far the best season yet! It's hilarious, heartbreaking, and just fun to watch.
    The commentaries are enjoyable and the fake PSAs are pretty funny, too.
    If you don't want to buy it, you should at least rent one of the discs.
    Some of my favorite episodes that I would recommend are:
    The Dundies
    Drug Testing
    Casino Night
    The Injury
    Check out this awesome TV show....more info
  • That's What She Said
    The Office is just plain and simple the best show on TV, AND on DVD! Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica, The Office!...more info
  • The Office Season 2 - Awesome!
    I love this show so much! I don't know why everyone isn't hip to it. The writers and actors are brilliant. None stop laugher! It's one of those situations too where it's funny while you're watching it and then reflecting back on it - it's even funnier and you can't wait to go watch it again. ...more info
  • Eggcellent
    This season gave me an apiphary that this is the best show ever. There's bears, beets, and battlestar galactica- but nothing compares or bets The Office...more info
  • Hilarious!
    The funniest TV show on earth. It will have you laughing over and over again....more info
  • Funny !!
    This is a good, fun show.

    I was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to the original (British) production written by the genius that is Ricky Gervais. However, I actually think I prefer the acting in this American show, which has been very well cast.

    All-in-all a great purchase. My only concern is that this is such a good show it's bound to be cancelled in the near future (like so many great American shows) by some networking idiot whose finger is definitely not on the pulse........more info
  • The Office - Season Two
    Well, worth the money. You can watch this over and over and never gets tiring....more info
  • Awesome
    I love the office and season two was quite a refresher since season one only had about 8 episodes on it. I strongly recommend all three seasons of The Office....more info
  • Best tv show ever!!
    As I wrote in a previous review of the first season of this tv show, this is the best tv show ever. It mixes comedy with romance and drama, giving a great show to the viewer. The actors are great and the writing is absolutely hilarious. With each season of this show, I grow to love it more. I am anxious every Thursday to see where the Pam/Jim story line will go, and to see what funny things Dwight and Michael will do!...more info
  • See yourself too
    Great show. Hilarious real comedy. Unfortunately, you can see yourself reacting very similarly in many many of the situations. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I LOVE my order. I have been looking for it for a wile. THen chose to use Amazon. Thank you very much....more info
  • The Office is amazing
    This product was great. It got here on the day that it said it was to be delivered and I was not disapointed with the disc quality at all. Factory sealed and everything. The Office is a different kind of funny then most are used to. The use of pauses and silence only amplifies the humor intended. I recommend to all people who have a good sense of humor and are willing to sit down and watch such an amazing show. BTW after watching seasons 1 and 2 I was compelled to order 3 and 4 immediately after as I could not stop watching....more info
  • Office at its Best
    If your an Office fan this is a must have. Some of my favorite episodes....more info
  • A modern TV show that's sure to go down as a classic
    I must say that I'm shocked it took me so long to get into "The Office." But after a few viewings the show grew on me, and now it's one of my favorites. All the characters are interesting: the rude, clueless and awkward Michael Scott (played with great gusto by Steve Carell), the neurotic sycophant Dwight (my personal favorite), the earnest and polite Jim, and you-feel-so-bad-for-this-character-and-love-her-to-death Pam. So many of the jokes that transpire on the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch are so amazingly funny, but in many different ways. I believe this show isn't for everyone; you either love it or hate it. I, on the other hand, love it, and I say to the makers of the show, "Keep the seasons coming." Because I love this show a lot more than a home-made oven mitt's worth. ...more info
  • The best season by far
    There is no point in comparing the NBC version of the Office to the BBC version. At this point in the show they are very dissimilar. However, this season contained some of the funniest episodes and moments of the show, and perhaps some of the funniest moments in "mockumentary" type humor. The show excels at awkward situations and "did he really just say that?!" lines. In addition, one of the sweetest and most popular television relationships of our time- the tale of Jim and Pam- is particularly interesting this season, as Pam and Roy finally start pinning down some wedding details and Jim makes a big choice in the season finale. Held back by trying too hard to emulate his BBC counterpart in the previous season, Steve Carrell is really given the opportunity to shine in this season as his character, Michael Scott, blossoms- or should I say, explodes. All in all this is a fantastic DVD set. The special features, including deleted scenes, outtakes, and commentaries, are a wonderful bonus....more info
  • Working in an office has never been so funny . . .
    I'll confess: I usually watch "Ugly Betty" on Thursdays. That's how I ended up buying the first two seasons of "The Office" on DVD. Damn, those TV networks for putting two such great shows up against each other. But that's the way it usually goes, unfortunately. Anyway, I'd caught an episode or two during "The Office's" first two seasons--and really enjoyed them. So I began watching the DVDs and fell in love--with the hysterical laugh-out-loud writing and especially the wonderful and kooky characters that work in "The Office". I don't know which one is my favorite--Angela with her pursed lips and evil glare, Jim and Pam (whose close friendship is so well-acted by actors John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer), Ryan the temp whose relationship with the annoying, self-centered Kelly (who is a joy to watch despite her personality) is hilarious, the lovable Phyllis, the alcoholic single mother Meredith (who is a very sad character whom you just can't help but adore as played by the talented Kate Flannery), Michael and Jan (whose volatile relationship is a hoot), and--well, I could go on and on and list every last character but I'll stop here. You get the picture. As for the DVD, the show really comes into its own during this second season as each and every character gets a chance to shine in at least one or more episodes. It's truly an ensemble show--one of the best currently on television--and one of the only great sitcoms still remaining (at least in my opinion). The DVD has too many terrific episodes to name them all, but a few of my favorites are "Christmas Party", "Booze Cruise", "Drug Testing" and "Casino Night". There are a lot of great extras, including tons of deleted scenes from each episode, lots of funny, interesting commentaries, 10 webisodes starring the accounting staff of "The Office" and some bizarre Fake PSAs that parody NBC's "The More You Know" messages (I LOVED them). So if you want to bust a gut and nearly wet your pants, this is the DVD for you. I can't wait to buy Season 3!...more info
  • Funniest Show EVER!
    I am a huge fan of the office! It's by far my most favorite comedy. Season 2 DVD is full of great shows! A must have....more info
  • One Word: Excellence
    While the first season took a little while to ramp up, the second season of The Office is comedic gold all the way through. The second season expands upon many of the supporting characters and makes the main cast really shine. This is a show that's not to be missed....more info
    this is the funniest season!! i got it for my birthday this year. it's around 944 min. in all and i finished watching the whole season in 3 days, i oved it soo much. so if ur a die hard fan like i am(hey that rhymes)get this!!! long live Jim and Pam!!...more info
  • Very Addictive!!
    Loved it! I had to sit and watch the entire DVD in one night. I just couldn't stop!!
    We are huge fans of the show, so we can hardly wait to get the next season. After watching the show you just can't help but be very thankful that you're "boss" isn't Michael. Enjoy, laugh, and keep watching....more info
  • I love this show!
    I bought this for a friend. I have seen every episode of every season. I normally wouldn't recommend buying a TV show on DVD if you have already seen it but the DVD includes the full 40 minute episodes that include scenes not included on the TV show. It always manages to make me laugh and forget the every hectic things in life....more info
  • Wicked FUNNY to the scary degree!
    Darn show is way TOO similar to REAL office life! It is GREAT! EVERY episode is WORTH the watch! LOOOOOOOVE it!...more info
  • Season Two gets into stride
    The show works out some of the first season jitters. Characters and actors are meshed a bit better and we have an idea of who they are. The writing maintains the high standards and each show contains several good laughs....more info
  • Steve Carrell is the best
    The Office is arguably the funniest show on television right now. The deleted scenes on the DVD are incredibly funny and add to the enjoyment value. This show is so well written....more info
  • What a disappointment!
    I am a huge fan of the original British version of "The Office". I had serious doubts the American version could be anywhere near as good (I am American, by the way), simply because when you do a remake, it has to breathe and have a life of its own, not merely copy the original. This is not easy to do. But I was swayed by the glowing reviews of fans on Amazon. To my immense disappointment, I could not tolerate more than a few minutes of any episode of Season Two. Hard to say why... Probably it's because I've seen it all before. There is nothing new here. I was hoping for a fresh creation from the same source, not merely a copy of the original (and a less funny one, at that). For example, it's weird that the characters have so many of the same gestures, tics, and even appearance as their British counterparts. For heaven's sake, couldn't the writers take the idea and run with it? Did they have to slavishly copy the original? If you have already seen the British version, watching this is like seeing the same thing over again, but not as good. It is NOT like seeing an additional season of a show you already know and love. ...more info