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Rayman Raving Rabbids
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Product Description

Rayman Raving Rabbids brings you back to the world of Rayman, just as it's being threatened by demonic rabbits! With the help of magical creatures, Rayman must battle to save his world from the bunnies. It's a great way for Rayman to punch his way onto a next-gen platforms!

Rayman Raving Rabbids is the edgiest and most off-the-wall gaming experience in the history of the Rayman franchise. This new Rayman game features the funniest, zaniest, wackiest antics ever when hordes of nasty bunnies invade Rayman's world. They enslave him, forcing Rayman to participate in a series of gladiator-like trials. In order to win his freedom, Rayman must entertain and outwit these crazed, out-of-control bunnies.

Beat the bad bunnies and become a superstar!

Unlock mini-games to play with friends. View larger.

Innumerable uses for the Wii Remote allow for creative game modes. View larger.

How many Raving Rabbids can you take out in 30 seconds? View larger.

Multiplayer games are as fast as they are hilarious. View larger.

Welcome to a new generation of Rayman
You'd be hard-pressed to find a game with as much character as Rayman Raving Rabbids. From the creative minigames to the quirks of the bunnies, this game packs an immense amount of entertainment on one disc. It's rare in games that failing during a competition can bring you as much joy as actually succeeding, but Rayman Raving Rabbids does an admirable job of rewarding your failure with a large dose of comic screams, flying plungers and crossed eyes.

Of course, the point is to succeed and not let the bunnies laugh at your failure. Rayman Raving Rabbids may have a lot of style but it has very little plot. Each level consists of four minigame challenges and one "boss battle," so to speak. If you complete at least three of the minigames, the main gate opens, allowing you to take on a greater challenge. Once you play a minigame in the Story Mode, you unlock that minigame and can play it at any time and against friends.

Exercise your Wii Remote
Hand it to Ubisoft's development crew as they really took advantage of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers' capabilities. Some minigames are as simple as twirling the Wii Remote like a lasso and pushing a button to launch a cow as if you were in a hammer throw competition. Some minigames really test your coordinating, asking you to swing the Nunchuk like a jump rope and flicking the Wii Remote up to make Rayman jump.

Each level has one consistant challege, however: a rhythm game. As a song plays, the bunnies approach a spot on either stage left or right. When they hit that spot, you'll shake the Nunchuk (if the bunny is on the left) or the Wii Remote when the rabbid hits the mark.

When you take on the boss stages, you'll find yourself, more often than not, playing a rail shooter. The Wii Remote becomes your light gun, firing plungers at the horde of oncoming rodents. When your plunger supply runs out, shake the Nunchuk to reload. In recent years, the rail shooter (where you don't control the movement) has been forsaken for the first-person shooter and free movement. The Rayman boss experience will make rail shooter fans rejoice. If other shooters can perform as well as the plunger-fueled firing action of Rayman Raving Rabbids, the genre will come back with a vengeance.

Impressive replay value
There's extra incentive to play the many minigames of Rayman Raving Rabbids. When you complete a game in Challenge Mode, the game gives you a code that you can enter at the Rayman Web site which basically gives you access to special features on the site.

The minigames of Rayman Raving Rabbids skew toward a younger audience, and at first, an above-average gamer should find the games to be pretty easy. However, once the minigames are unlocked, a big challenge awaits you to get the highest scores and blast your friends in multiplayer challenges. That's when the real party begins! Rayman delivers exactly what the Wii promises: fun and lots of it. Here's hoping the bunnies come back for multiple invasions!

  • Tame Sharks, Eagles, Rhinos, Spiders, and Angelfish -- each with their own unique capabilities
  • Combat the ultra-crazed Evil Rabbits; there are several types with their own whacked-out characteristics
  • Explore the colorful, fantastic World of Rayman - huge, free-roaming environments and epic landscapes that mix reality and cartoons

Customer Reviews:

  • I like the TV party better
    I like the TV party better, but I got this one AFTER that game. This one is the beginning and has the variety and fun. I haven't been able to "save" if I don't get through an entire round of challenges so I need to figure that out. I'm partial to being a Rabbid character rather than Rayman (that is the character you are in this game) but overall, for the price, it's a great deal!...more info
  • So far, my favorite game for the Wii
    Of all of the games I've played on my Wii so far, this is easily my favorite. It does a great job of making use of the unique abilities of the Wii, moreso than most other games I've played. It is lots of fun to challenge yourself to complete all of the level games. The best part is the twisted sense of humor involved in most of the games. It is very much to my liking. So, this female geek in her early 30's approves heartily of this game.

    And by the way, warthog racing is really hard in cemeteries no matter which way you go....more info
  • Rabbids deliver
    What a hoot. Even my wife enjoys the shooting action. She is a better shot than I! My 11 year old enjoys so much, I forced her to shut down at 1 am nightly over the Christmas holiday. Too bad the later versions are not up to the task....more info
  • The best wii party game by far!
    You can choose around more than 50 minigames, with a lot a no-sense humor, but extremely funny.

    Before starting to play, you only can Story Mode, This one is just an excuse to make Rayman unlock every game, don't expect to much about the story at itself.

    After unlock all minigames you will really see the cheese of the toast.
    You will be able to play all minigames on Score Mode. Maybe playing alone is a little bit boring, but with a least one friend is really fun. Specially the Dancing games, throwing a cow, peeking a boo, among others. All of them fully explote the caracteristics of the wii motion and the nunchuck.

    Also breaking records on Score Mode will unlock challenge games and bonus videos, mostly game tv advertising.

    O...more info
  • Excellent Game for all ages, excellent value for Wii
    I bought this game for my 10 year old son as it was highly recommended at GameStop. My whole family (7,10,28.43,78 & 81) love this game. It is hillarious! The challenges are all a little different. The plots are so funny. It gets you off the sofa and has you splitting your sides laughing. I stongly recommend this for ages 6/7 and up....more info
  • Pure enjoyment from start to finish
    Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii is a wonderful game, with mini-games ranging in quality from good to great. It easily makes the short list of games I'd recommend that anyone should own for the Wii.

    It's also a game that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Wii controller, in ways that feel intuitive and immersive. I know the game is available on other systems, but I can't imagine what the point would be; it would lose far too much without the Wii controller.

    The mini-games themselves are creative and unique, and the quality is very high. In my opinion, there are no duds in the bunch, and many of them are excellent. There's a generous assortment of mini-games and there are a number of variations on many of the games, so replay value is also high. And even setting aside the multiple modes, the shooting sequences are enjoyable enough (and funny enough) to play many times over.

    Finally and most importantly, the entire game is shot through with a sly, playful sense of humor. It's so pervasive that even the littlest things in the game are fun. Something as simple as watching a slack-jawed rabbid demonstrate the proper Wii controller technique for a mini-game is enjoyable--and that's before you even start playing.

    "Instant classic" is an overused phrase, but in this case it really does fit. If you have a Wii and haven't played this game yet, you're missing out.
    ...more info
  • Love it!!
    We love to play this game as a family. There are some parts that I am good at other my husband and others that only my kids can pass. Favorite game so far....more info
  • hysterical but a little disappointing
    Santa brought this game for my 7 & 8 year old sons. We had seen the commercials and thought they were hysterical. Rabbits screaming with bulging eyes, who wouldn't love that? The game however, a little boring. a little hard to navigate & really not much to do. We were expecting a Spyro-type game and this not it....more info
  • A Must Have for Wii!!
    This is really fun game that takes advantage of all of the unique Wii movements. My husband & I stay up and play this after the kids are in bed! Great, cute game!...more info
  • love the raving rabbids
    How can you go wrong with Rayman and the raving rabbids and all this has to offer? The whole family loved Rayman and now this game is a must too...My husband and I bought this for our married daughter and son in law, and we havent seen them for a while... they are playing this and having so much fun. ...more info
  • I'll get you, you rascally rabbid!
    This game is a crowd pleaser. It's so much fun playing this with a group of people or by yourself. You get to be mean to rabbits and do crazy things like milk a cow or race on a bull-hog looking thing. The games seem endless and the fun is non-stop when you're shooting crazy rabbits with plungers...

    ...more info
  • It's ok but just ok
    We thought this would be a multi-player multigame and bought it for that reason. It does have some multiplayer modes you can unlock but we wanted it for a party game. Overall it's challenging enough and pretty fun but we will be buying Raving Rabbids 2 since we really want full multiplayer mini games....more info
  • Sometimes a challenge for younger kids
    Rayman Raving Rabbids is a fun game. Lots of laughs. The game is very creative. There are some tasks that are harder for younger kids when they have to shake the nunchuck to run or reload. Our 6 year was frustrated a few times. If you can play this in multi-player mode we haven't figured it out yet or gotten to a level that allows multi-player. It would be even funnier if several people could play at the same time....more info
  • Very fun game!
    My children received this game as a Christmas present. Is so much fun, they love it, and I even had a try at it! I don't know how, but this game attracts like a magnet, and before I knew, I was with the controller in hand, drawing food for the little crazy looking rabbit, which would fall to one side many times for my failure to feed him right, to the hilarity of my children and husband! Hey, I never play video games, and this only once I considered very important to "help" my daughter to play the game right... (yeah, my husband's broad-from-ear-to-ear grin told me he didn't believe me about my sudden "helping" outburst, either)....more info
  • Fun so Far...
    We haven't ventured very far into the game but are having lots of fun playing. I would recommend the game. Its a barrel of laughs as long as you have a lot of people to play with. Definitely not something I would sit and play with by myself. ...more info
  • Different but FUN
    I bought this because it was only $20 and all the good reviews. We have had the game for little over a week and it has been a big hit with the whole family. Our boys are 4 and 6 and they love this game. There are a good variety of mini games that they can play with no problem. My oldest especially likes the plunger shooting and cow toss. I like how it shows the motions you need use for the controllers as well giving very good written explanations. It does have some rather immature and in some cases gross humor that my wife feels is a little inappropriate for the younger kids but nothing worse that what you find in Saturday morning cartoons. Some of the games really give your arms a workout and there are only a few of the 70 mini games that we don't care for. I would say this is one of the better Wii games and can't wait to try the other two Rayman games....more info
  • Crazy Wii fun for all!
    Raving Rabbids is great, it is a fun game and a mini work out all in one! It is super kooky, but really a BLAST to play for all ages!...more info
  • Can't stop playing this game
    My whole family loves this game since it has levels from the down right simple for the younger crowd to the tough to conquer for the advanced skills of the most practiced gamers. Love the rabbits and all the funny stuff included in the game. Even the people in the room watching us play got a big kick out of it. You can always go back to previous levels that you really enjoyed without losing your top skill level or creating a new profile. Great fun and great laughs....more info
  • Hysterical!
    Ha or Lol! Any way you say it this game makes us all laugh! ...more info
  • Nephew loved!
    I purchased this for my 11 year old nephew's birthday present. He loved it. It has the silly humor that boys his age like. He enjoys the slapstick humor and crazy antics. My daughter who is also 11 did not enjoy it very much; it is not her type of humor she said it was really dumb.
    You must know the person you are getting this for to know if they will like it. It was a perfect gift for the person I gave it too!...more info
  • Annoying as heck after a while
    When I first started playing this game I thought it was hilarious and a blast to play. After about a week I made it through about half the game and my enthusiasm and fun began to wane. Why? The screaming rabbits quickly become quite annoying and you will find that many of the games are repeated over and over again (albeit a little harder as you advance). Don't be surprised if you find yourself screaming at your television from sheer frustration. Make sure your remote is on tightly before starting the game. There are several games that I got past by luck more than anything. What is surprising is that I was determined to finish the main game despite my frustration. Once I finished it off I couldn't sell this game fast enough so that my kids didn't accidentally put it in and I heard that God awful screaming rabbit again.

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to play anything by Story mode. ...more info
  • bought it as a gift
    Bought it as a gift, the kids enjoyed the game and find it very fun. Great party game for kids of all ages....more info