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Though None Go with Me
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Its 1951 & elizabeth leroy longs to escape her small town life & pursue a career but the promise of true love forces her to stay. But when her new love decides to go to korea to do gods work elizabeth is heartbroken. The events that follow alter her life forever & test her faith & resilience as well. Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 09/05/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Uplifting and entertaining
    I read the novel this film is based on years ago and I've never forgotten it. The movie stayed true to the novel's themes and is a wonderful, uplifting story that refutes the idea that bad things never happen to Christians. But it also shows how God can carry us through when tragedy happens and even use our lives as an example and an encouragement to others. Very moving and memorable, and a movie I wouldn't be ashamed to recommend to family and friends of any age. ...more info
  • Very Depressing
    Someone needs to mention that this story is about death. Every time she turns around - the one she loves - dies. It is a very depressing movie. She has one death after another to deal with. Yes, she keeps her faith with God. That does not take away from the fact that she has a very hard life to live because of all the death that follows her....more info
  • True Life
    There are no villains in this movie. There are two nice men who are interested in the same wonderful woman. It is true to life. It is inspirational. It is an excellent movie. I recommend it to all persons and all ages....more info
  • Cheryl Ladd Has Gone From Being Charley's Angel To Being God's Angel
    A truly realistic Christian movie about a 'real' Christian....A beautiful love story about three people who know how to love in the spirit....The grandaughter is almost a double of Reese Weathersppon...
    So very few films are about commitment to something higher than one's own abmition or pleasure....A true treasure...
    To anyone who loves this film may I suggest A Man Called very favorite Christian movie......more info
  • simply the best.
    This is one of the best movie i have seen thus far. I recommend this to all, family, friends, ladies church group. I really gets inspired and lifted up when i watch this movie. Bravo....more info
  • Mixed emotions
    Having read the book, the movie was predictably disappointing, and I am surprised that Jerry Jenkins would allow them to stray so far from the original story. In addition, the book was based, very realistically in Three Rivers, Michigan...a small town of about 7800, where I've resided for more than sixty years. Of course, the movie doesn't mention the state (not that I heard anyway), and I suppose that was omitted to increase appeal for the general public. In any case, it definitely wasn't filmed here, and as a long time resident, I found that part sadly lacking. However, had I not read the book first, nor had any knowledge that the story was based in Three Rivers, Michigan, I would have given it five stars. It's a beautiful story, well done and well acted, heartwarming and uplifting, and illustrates perfectly, the inner peace and security derived through a true walk with God. ...more info
  • Christian Family Friendly
    This was a movie the entire family enjoyed watching together - no sex, violence or swearing. Good message for everyone about not giving up even when everything seems to be falling apart all around you. I was hoping for another outcome in the movie but this was more like real life which made it still good because it wasn't all fairytales. My two young children also sat through the entire movie glued to the screen. Will watch many more times....more info
  • Powerful
    This movie is excellent for families. It has the emotions of loved ones going off to war, and the ones left behind to go on with their lives. All the cast are very well suited for their parts and the movie is a refreshing change for what is on TV....more info
  • Good family film-great story!
    I really enjoyed the story line of this movie.I haven't read the I wasn't dissappointed in them changing the story line. Sometimes that is a plus. I was sorry to see a swear word in it...which I felt was totally uncalled for in the movie and just didn't fit. I just add that for those who prefer to buy movies without them. My mom even loved this movie...has watched it about five times. THis is a really good movie with a nice story. Enjoy!!...more info
  • Though None Go With Me
    This was a defective DVD. The colors were horrible. Sent back to Amazon for a refund....more info
  • Well worth watching ... !
    I took a chance with this movie, not knowing what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was! Such a touching and moving story ... I have to admit the acting was not the best (excluding Cheryl Ladd of course who's always wonderful), but actually, the script is so good it really didn't seem to matter ! Highly recommended for everyone ! ...more info
  • A Mixed Review
    I thought the acting was BAD; no one was believable. But, despite that, the story line was very moving. I will be thinking about the message for a long time to come....more info