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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe DVD
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Product Description

Flight Simulator X will awe flight simulator fans and real pilots alike. All-new eye-popping graphics, actual missions to accomplish and a wider range of airports to visit recreate the experience of being a pilot, right down to the smallest detail. Complete point-to-point objectives and skill-based tests, or just fly around the world if you'd prefer that to ferrying passengers or cargo. Whatever you choose to do as a pilot, it's available here in Flight Simulator X Deluxe.

  • Fly 24 different airplanes, including Ultralites for when you don't want to deal with all the knobs and dials
  • Visit 24,000 of the world's airports, on all 7 continents
  • Authentic road layouts - fly over your home town and navigate by the streets below
  • Simulates advanced GPS technology
  • Deeply immersive world to providing more structured gameplay elements

Customer Reviews:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe - WELL WOTH THE MONEY!
    I purchased this game approximately 3 years ago and have had no problems at all with it. When I purchased it, I also purchased the Saitek X52 Flight Control System (joystick and throttle), plus, I increased some RAM or storage space or whatever to 400(?) in order to acommodate the flight simulators 'storage capacity' or something like that. Obviously, I don't know much about computers. I had Best Buy install/program everything for me as I didn't have a clue as to how to do this correctly.

    This cities are okay. Actually, I've been able to fly between the Tower Bridge (London) steeples, around the Empire State Building, past and around buildings in my city... This is a great product. You should enjoy it!...more info
  • Somebody Forgot To Optimize
    Upon first look this game clearly has major graphical improvements but unfortunately the developers apparently spent more time in making the game look good and not enough time in making it run as good as it looks. The game performs oddly in benchmarks as top-of-the-line systems record very similar fps on 1280x1024 with max settings and 1900x1200 maxed aswell. Resolution doesn't appear to affect fps which goes back to the lack of time spent optimizing this game. Overall, having a great computer will get you a maximum of 25-30 fps with high settings which some users can handle but for those who expect nothing but the best you will be disappointed.

    The new features in this installment are forgettable as the "improved ATC" isn't exactly improved, they just added more options but did not improve their logic. The online component is a miss as the integration of lobby browser within the game is nice but the functionality is completely lacking. Scrolling through the online menu is cumbersome and frustrating.

    If you're a Flight Simulator fan you will most likely be happier sticking to FS2004 for the time being. The performance decrease experienced when switching is not worth the "enhancements" FSX has to offer....more info
  • FSX
    Other than flight schools simulators o training devices, this is the best in the market...more info
  • Fantastic after you get the SP1 patch
    I'd be the first one to bash Micr$oft for this software but I really can't on this simulation. I held back for a long time purchasing this sim because of all of the frame rate and graphics issues I read about. I have a pretty fast machine (3.0ghz quad E6600 overclocked with 4GB memory and an ATI X1950 graphics card). I am running the game at 1680x1050x16 with almost everything maxed and I am really happy with the whole sim. The frame rate is adequate, the graphics are impressive, and the flight model is really good. From what I understand and have read, the SP1 patch makes use of multi core processors and really cleans up the graphics issues. Since I am starting with SP1, I can't comment on the original release. (Get SP1 !!)

    If you are an aspiring pilot, this is pretty close to the real thing. The flight instruction is good too, teaches you the proper scan, basic navigation, tuning radios, situational awareness, etc. etc.

    I can't believe I am saying this but....Well done Microsoft....more info
  • MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe DVD
    Great service; super product. I wish I had a more detailed handbook which would help me with "slips" etc.. ...more info
  • Excellent value and great game
    We bought this game for our 11-year-old son who wants to be a pilot. He LOVES it! The graphics are incredible, and the gameplay seems very realistic.
    We haven't had any issues with slow loading or stop-frames like some reviewers have. We are running Windows Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron 531 PC with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4400+ 2.31 GHz, 2064 MB RAM, 32-bit operating system (If that means anything to the technical types).
    Our son thinks his flying experience would be more realistic with a yoke and throttle. We agree that using the keyboard takes away from the flight experience....more info
  • Superb graphics!!
    My system: It ain't the latest-greatest "Duo" or "Quad" super fast hell on wheels box. In fact it's a Dell Optiplex GX270, 3.0Ghz Hyperthreaded P4. RAM is 2GB, video is ATI Radeon 9550 (Dual capable) w 256Mb DDR. Sound is Creative Audigy4, MS Sidewinder Precision Pro flight stick (USB driven)

    I just received my copy of FSX-Deluxe + Accelerator Pack. They installed flawlessly in under 30 minutes, total. Just got through "test flying" it. Stunning! I just selected "free flight", Cessna 172, and I selected my local small air field, which should be located just to the east of Nashville, TN. Cornelia Fort air park. Got flying, quickly located Berry International just where it should be. Went looking for Nashville's skyline - hmmm, kind of generic looking. Oh well. I'm not picky about that type of detail anyway. That said, the graphics and dynamic graphic details were none the less stunning. Everything from the city traffic to other aircraft in flight was displayed quite well. I encountered no reduction in frame rates nor did I encounter any "stuttering" of the display. All played smoothly. I checked the simulator settings and they are all at 3/4 full. I intend on playing with those settings to see what my box can do. I haven't "played" FS since FS98. I have CFS3 which plays well on my system except when there is a lot of other things going on, then it may stumble a bit, but not enough to make it unplayable. It doesn't have near the graphic detail of FSX, and yet FSX beats it hands down in function. I am impressed. I definitely recommend FSX. Just be sure to either download the Service Pack when you've completed the install OR get the Acceleration Pack. You do not need to download the service pack if you have the Acceleration Pack. Activation went without a hitch - no problem at all!...more info
  • Great graphics, but too much of a systems hog!
    I am a pilot and long time user of the long lineage of microsoft's flight simulator. It has always been a great program, and this latest edition is jaw dropping. But no one tells you that you need a high end gaming computer to play this game smoothly. I have a new iMac with a 512MB nvidia 8800 graphics card and an intel duo core 2.8 ghz processor. yet, there are times, especially on landings when graphics are high, that the frame rate is choppy. otherwise, an awesome program with real life flight detail. I routinely use fsx to plan and fly routes to airports I have never been to before. When I fly the real flight in my cessna 182rg, it's as if I've already flown it. this makes the program worth a lot more than $40. ...more info
  • Best flight simulator for PC?
    I recently bought this game. As you will notice, most reviews are from 2006-07, shortly after the game was released, and they are negative because it needs a powerful PC. These concerns are no longer valid mid-2009. I have a relatively new PC, a small Dell, and it manages to run the game fine in high HDTV resolution. My graphics card is basic Intel integrated, nothing special. I do however have 4GB of RAM, which I believe is key for this game and the reason why all those old reviews are negative -- people did not have much RAM back in the day to keep all the textures loaded in memory.

    About the game itself: it is a lot of fun and approximates real flying. In that sense, it can also be boring if you are on a long flight and not much is happening :) Plenty of planes and airports to choose from.

    Hint: if you buy this game, get yourself a joystick. Playing only with the keyboard is hard and unpleasant, and also less realistic....more info
  • Total trash.
    I have a 2.16GHz dual core machine with 2GB of ram and a Ati x1600. With the lowest settings I get maybe 10fps. With Flight Sim 2004 I get 60fps at the MAX settings. With the lowest settings FSX looks HORIBALE and unacceptable compared to 2004. FSX is a step backwards compared to 2004. I'm going to stick to X-Plane from now on. X-Plane gets faster with each new release. I've been a Flight Simulator fan since Flight Sim version 5 that cam on two floppy disks....more info
  • Excellent graphics, BUT very slow
    Even with a fast chip and 3GB of memory, you cannot choose the high settings, as the game becomes impossible to play, due to the slow speed and very jittery motions. Too bad, it could have been an amazing experience, otherwise. Given the slowness, I actually enjoy FS 2004 more than this one, as this version can be quite frustrating, despite the very detailed and beautiful graphics. I use Windows XP, service pack 3....more info
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    I do not look at Flight Simulator X as a game as such. I look at it as a wonderful teaching and learning tool. The graphics are very realistic and the product is terrific.

    I would love to see Microsoft come out with a steam engine train Simulator with many of the Union Pacific routes especially those over Sherman Hill in Wyoming where the Big Boy's were used. That would be awesome.

    I would also highly recommend an automobile learning DVD whereby it would take one through all aspects of auto operation and safety. This could even be expanded to include skiing, snowmobiles, skateboarding , skydiving, surfing, sailing, etc. etc.

    Please include me for free copies when they come out.

    Best regards,

    Bill ...more info
  • flight simulator
    Son and granson enjoyed using it and believe it is a strong simulation for flight. eeh...more info
  • Wonderful
    Out of all the games I played, FSX is the most wonerful game I have ever played! It is a must have. You will want to play this game again and again. I love this game so much.:)...more info
  • Good...
    Pros:Great graphics
    Cons:Memory Usage is high,Disk space is big
    This game is very good,but is good only if you have a gaming computer....more info
  • Pretty good but not as intuitive as prior versions.
    I'm not very happy with trying to use Flight Simulator to configure the SAITEK controls (primarily flaps). It would be nice to find some example setups for common aircraft like a Cessna 172 for flight controls that include a yoke and levers. I'm sure I'll get there but have already spent a few hours trying to figure it all out. Older versions of the software seemed to be easier to figure out and navigate, but it's still fun and I've only scratched the surface as far as capabilities.

    ...more info
  • simdeluxe
    I give this item as a gift, and my son thanked me twice for it. He is enjoying it a lot, says " it is a lot more realistic". Considering he already has a pilots license, I guess that's a pretty good statement....more info
  • Flight Simulator X deluxe
    The Game is awesome, the graphics are real good, and there are lots of aircraft to choose from, with lots of different versions of the aircraft. I think it's better than all the other Flight Simulators, by a longshot....more info
  • extremerecluse
    I have not purchased this game yet. I want to know if it will work on my system. I have a dual core, quad 6.6 processor, 4GB RAM, and a 8800 GT video card. I will not make the purchase until somebody can tell me if this machine I built will allow it to run without hickups.
    ...more info
  • Pretty great, funky bugs, but worthwhile.
    I was one of the people that had the dreaded error 1935 on the install [this is due to MSXML SP2 being funky, especially on Windows Vista, untested on XP]. You might have to google around to find the solution, there's many different ones that work for different people.

    But as far as other reviewers have said, you don't need a $3000 comp to play this game. Prices on PC's, vidcards, etc. have dropped so much. I have a $1200 HP machine with an Intel 6550 dual core processor, widescreen monitor [I play this game at 1280x720 widescreen res, 32 bit] and everything at ultra-high with my GeForce 8500GT 512 MB [they cost less than $100 these days, go with an 8800 if you can, they're heaps better even with less memory], and I get over 30 FPS. You don't need 70 FPS to play games, that's crazy.

    The motion picture [movies that you'd watch on a DVD/VHS] runs at 29.97 FPS [25.something for PAL]. The human eye, AT MOST, can see 60 FPS, but 30 is suitable for normal vision [60 is a softened moving image, looks great though]. This game is really fun, and worth getting. I need to get FSX Acceleration, and I need to install SP2 [which promises DX10 detail levels]. I'm looking forward to all of the amazing features, and this game is VERY deep. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer, in which you can be an air traffic controller [deluxe only! and all the extra planes and missions are in the deluxe, don't bother with standard edition].

    If you have the extra dinero, you might want to get X-Plane instead [it's about $80, but the FAA has approved it for pilot's training, so that's the REAL DEAL, it also requires a whopping 70 GB HD space]. But for quick fun, I think this is the way to go.

    NOTE: You will need 16 GB of HD space to play this, and apparently 30 GB if you install SP2 for the directx 10 graphics....more info
  • Excellent sim with typical Micrfosoft issues
    FSX is great fun, but with all the hassles and poor performance, my conclusion is that Microsoft released it about a year early and without sufficient testing. If you just install it right out of the box, it barely runs. Only after installing the two service packs does it work the way it should. Some of the features seem to be a step backward from the previous version. For example, the camera movement in "spot view" is too erattic to use. Also the ATC text box does not go away automatically when you make a selection, as it did in Flight Similator 2004. Once the issues are all fixed, it does have a wealth of outstanding features and versitility. As I said, it should have been perfected prior to release instead of with service packs retroactively....more info
    This game is very fun but there are some serious problems that hinder it's performance. There are many types of aircraft and different places to fly. There are even about twenty-five missions that you can beat. The detail that they were trying to accomplish is great in this game but even the best pc's don't have the power to run this program with the settings on high without lag. We have 4 gigs of memory and it eats that up and asks for more. In a couple years they will be probably be making PC's that can run this flawlessly but not at the present time. These are the requirements for you PC to run this program.

    Microsoft? Windows? XP SP2 / Vista
    PC with 1 GHz equivalent or higher processor
    256 MB of system RAM for Windows XP SP2 / 512 MB Vista
    14 GB available hard disk space
    DVD-ROM drive
    32 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card required
    Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
    Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
    56.6 Kbps or better modem for online play...more info
  • Needs a fast computer, but overall a great Flight Simulator
    I recently purchased Flight Simulator X Deluxe, and I am pleasantly surprised by it. I think it is an overall good update to the Flight Simulator series, and its performance is actually not bad on my PC. One downside is that you need to download and install service pack 1 for best performance, since the service pack includes improvements to make it perform better.

    Detail is excellent in this game. Aircraft, scenery, and weather look great. For the past several versions of Flight Simulator, I have been impressed at the detail. The airplanes, for example: Animated moving parts such as landing gear, rudder, and flaps; realistic aircraft shadows, aircraft windows letting you see interior detail, realistic-looking propellers that actually look like spinning propellers. Also, the scenery is good: Flight Simulator X can dynamically generate other aircraft, ships on the water, cars on the ground, etc.. Land textures look good, and although there are trees that add a bit of realism, the trees look 2-dimensional up close. Also, as others have noted, detail is great in big cities but a little bland and sparse in the country.

    As far as flight control, airplanes are fairly easy to control. Engine speed, flaps, and controlling the airplane are all at you fingertips. Aircraft cockpits are fairly well detailed, giving you views of all the important gauges. Flight Simulator X also has a "virtual cockpit" view mode, which looks a little bit more like you're actually in the cockpit - more view out the window, but a little bit less view of the cockpit gauges and controls. One of my favorite view modes in Flight Simulator has always been its Spot view, letting you view the aircraft from the outside from various angles. Flight Simulator X lets you rotate the view all around the aircraft from front to back; however, I'm not sure if you can zoom in and out (that would be a nice feature).

    On the performance note, I have to set the detail 1 or 2 notches below the maximum in order to get smooth frame rates, but it still looks very good. That was surprising to me - In the past, I have been used to Flight Simulator running fairly slow with high detail settings. My PC currently has an Athlon 64 X2 4800+ processor, an Nvidia GeForce 7600GS 256mb PCI-Express video card, and 2gb RAM. I use a screen resolution of 1680x1050. Flight Simulator X also runs similarly well on my laptop (Intel Centrino dual-core 2.0ghz, GeForce 7600 256mb, 2gb RAM). On my laptop, I use a screen resolution of 1440x900, which is the laptop screen's native resolution.

    Overall, Flight Simulator X is a nice game and would be enjoyable for professional pilots and enthusiasts alike. If you like R/C planes, you should enjoy this game....more info
  • Try FSX Demo before you buy the full version...
    Ok I am a simfan since 2000. I played MSFS2000, MSFS2002, MSFS2004 and the FSX demo. I believe that MSFSX is
    a) either very badly programmed
    b) or very early released and not extensively (actually not even moderately) tested on current hardware.
    It is in my belief that this product shouldn't have been released as a commercial product in 2006. It should have been released as a free beta in order for people to try it first, post comments, offer constructive criticism, etc, etc... For goodness shake Microsoft has the ability to do that! They have done betas for other products like Office2007 and Windows Vista!! Anyway, I definitely don't recommend this at the moment. Best advice is to wait for Service Packs to come out and for Hardware prices to drop so that hardware specs mature. And also for Microsoft to release Direct-x 10 for Windows XP64 bit because Vista is probably sucking too many resources on the 1st place.
    The problem I think is with the windows PC-platform in general. It is designed to do so many different tasks and there is the internet security issue which sucks up resources (firewalls, security patches, antivirus, so many backround services running in windows which are useless if you need to play something like MSFS-X. And then its the PC-hardware issue: so many different hardware manufacturers of mainboards, chipsets, memory modules & types, Graphic Cards, Graph technologies (SLI, crossfire). You know something? If you go out and buy the most expensive high-end Graphic card(s), the most exp. Motherboard, memory dimms, CPU, etc in order to build the most powerful PC, you will probably get disappointed. Because it's not just the hardware and it's not just the software. It's BOTH. And we, the flight simmers are in the middle of a commercial battle between the IT companies who want to suck our money from our pockets. Ok I'll leave it there. My blood pressure has risen again... ...more info
  • As Expected....Solid flight sim capabilities!
    This is a simulator, not a game; as such, the controls, weather, topography, aircraft performance and more are all realistic enough and appreciated. This could be a frustrating simulator experience without a full-on investment in some flight-sim controllers, namely a yoke, pedals and a throttle quadrant. Combine a 3D graphics card, 2+ monitors and a some controllers and you have an excellent representation of the skills required to control a simple airplane. The variations in the skill-levels (e.g. Hard, Easy, realistic, etcetera) make for the difference between a game and a simulator; turn the settings to 'Hard' or 'Realistic' and you do, in fact, have a simulator! This software is only for those interested in flight, not entertainment....more info
  • Excellent Game of Flight Enthuiasts
    I've been a fan since FS 98 and the game just keeps getting better and better. No disappointments in this one....more info
  • Flight Simulator
    My husband loves this computer game. I bought it for him. Does not interest me at all but he LOVES it. Very Challenging and he was a military jumper....more info
  • Flight Simulator X or X-Plane 9?
    I'm not a pilot, just someone who wishes they were. So, I bought Flight Simulator X Deluxe Addition and the Acceleration expansion...and I bought X-Plane 9 since it seemed like the only competition out there. So, I figured I'd write a review since I could make comparisons.

    If all you care about if flying from point A to point B and want a large variety of differing aircraft, then you may very well want to get X-Plane 9. If you want to get an idea of what it's like landing the space shuttle or flying on Mars (I was bored after 5 minutes), then get X-Plane 9. If you want to install 60 GB of data onto your hard-drive only to find that the Seattle and San Francisco skylines are GENERIC buildings instead of real models, then X-Plane 9 probably won't disappoint you. You CAN download mods (additional GB) to get more, accurate scenery, and there are a lot of cool planes on X-Plane 9...however,

    For all other people, definitely get Flight Simulator X. Flight Simulator X installs more easily. It takes up less space on the hard-drive (only 2 DVDs instead of 6 or 7). Has a wealth of information on learning to fly. Has "Flying Lessons" with, granted, a guy who has the corniest sense of humor I've ever heard...but humor aside...still really cool and as far as I (a non pilot) can tell, seems like the tests are fairly realistic with the exception that you "can" bypass startup, mixture, rudders, etc., so that it's less realistic if you choose to. FSX also has a wealth of missions that give you more things to do than just fly from point A to point B. You can take off from the San Francisco airport, see models of real buildings in the city, and fly under the Golden Gate Bridge in great can fly over Seattle and see Qwest field, Safeco field, the Columbia Tower, Space Needle...etc. If you get the Acceleration pack you can also fly a military jet and try your hand at landing on an aircraft carrier (X-Plane 9 does aircraft carrier landing too, btw).

    X-Plane 9 has "situations"...where (for example) someone flew to an aircraft carrier and saved the game on approach so that you wouldn't have to do the "flying to" part. However, this doesn't really compare to FSX's Flight Lessons and Missions. Overall, XP9 simply lacks the polish and "little details" that are in FSX, which makes FSX much more interesting for people like me who want to be given flight lessons and missions...and want to see real scenery....more info
  • Where hes Flight Sim gone???
    After about three years without Flight Simulator I decided to invest in the latest one, "X." Unless I have missed some addons that are crucial to making this interesting, it's DISAPPOINTING! Scenery in minimal, action is slow, manual is nonexistent. I'm going to look for addons, but I'm not too hopeful. I think Microsoft has lost interest or misjudges FS flyers. If you have no experience flying and are willing to be happy flying in a (for example) Manhattan environment with about twelve skyscrapers, you will probably enjoy the experience for about an hour. Are you listening, Microsoft?...more info
    I'm not a pilot or expert pilot or nothing but do truly enjoy playing this game. It actually for me gives me the impression of what it would be like if I was actually in the cockpit for a flight. I would recommended that you have a good joystick to use with it one that can pivot left to right in the handle which makes it easier to control the plane on the ground. I gave it a 4 stars overall as most of the time when I play it the terminal where I start at is see threw and I can see the other side of the terminal when there should be a building in the way. (I do have a great Video Card so I know that's not the problem). If you want a great simulator this is the one for you! ...more info
  • When it works, it works well... You better have a killer computer though!
    I am a pilot... I fly Cessna 172 and 182's as my "normal" plane. This version of Flight Simulator when it is working is phenominal but if you dont have the latest and greatest hardware to run it, buy Flight Simulator 9 instead until you happen to buy a new computer that has the guts to make this fly.

    I own both Flight Sim 9 and this new version 10. I have also built a simulator for it to run as a dedicated system. For you non pilots out there listen up... If you can land using flight simulator, you can land a real plane! That is why I love practicing with this so much. I find it more difficult to land using simulator than my real plane. I can also safely practice inflight emergencies. This is a great tool to keep my skills sharp inbetween my $150.00 per hour hamburger runs! So play with this, but think about becoming a real pilot too!

    The graphics are fantastic (when its running) but again, better have a very good video card to run it. When I run this on a basic computer it is painfully slow, prone to lockup and not a lot of fun (more frustrating than fun).

    Now that I have a proper computer I can see that it runs well, although still very slow to load.

    Moral of the story, Buy Flight Sim 9 if you have an old puter, buy 10 if you have a new puter with fast processor and really good graphics card. I do find running it on XP Pro to be better than Vista but isn't that just true with everything? Vista sucks, XP Pro is stable... (but thats for another review!).

    Cheers!...more info
  • Still As Real As It Gets!
    Flight Simulator X is a giant leap forward. Many people initially reviewed this simulation without giving it a fair shake. Yes Microsoft went overboard and this offering, but what they created is pure gold! Yes the simulation is beautiful, but yes it also will bring a computer to its knees. There are ways to calm the beast though, and getting to know FSX takes time.
    First off, you should be aware that this is not the last item you will need to buy for this simulation. It might be hard to accept, but Microsoft overdid it by not giving enough! How is that? The aircraft in this simulation are stunning! Maybe it's buggy initially, but there are ways to fix it. First, the artificial flights you will see while flying are beautiful airplanes too. They are too beautiful actually. By purchasing an add-on traffic package you can make your system run the simulation faster with aircraft that are slimmed down for that purpose. The same goes for terrain, weather and even communications.
    Thankfully, there are many many companies producing add-on packages for flight simulator. Do some research on google for Ultimate Terrain, Ultimate Traffic, and check the reviews for other packages too! Aerosoft, Abacus, Flight1, Just Flight, and many others have excellent add-ons that will boost the performance of FSX. I believe Microsoft did this to save on packaging costs and to deliver a product that we could afford. That is becoming a very lofty goal!
    Hopefully, the soon to be realized release of FS11 will have some new solutions. Knowing that you will want to spend more money won't make it easier to initially purchase this product, but it will make the product more enjoyable and more appealing to the eye as well once you do make those purchases and see how real flight can really be!
    Enjoy!...more info